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Philbin: "We got a helluva team in the making'

INDIANAPOLIS -- Joe Philbin is a planner. He's a professor. He's logical. He's not big on emotion. Basically, he's a vulcan without the pointed ears.

He definitely showed the media no self-satisfaction in beating the Indianapolis Colts, 24-20, on the road on Sunday despite it being perhaps his best victory as a Dolphins coach. Indeed, near the end of an emtionless press conference, I asked him if he was even happy he won.

"Absolutely, yeah" he said looking away, "real proud of the guys. Can't you tell?"

His wife, standing off to the side watching the presser, was among those who laughed.

But just before that presser, in the confines of the locker room right after the game, Philbin actually said something that was interesting. Yes, he read his bullet points off his card to the players as he often does in his postgame speech -- told you he's professorial -- but when he turned away from his notes he announced to his players:

"We got a helluva team in the making!"

Read that again.

"We got a helluva team in the making!"

Now, it's one thing if that's outspoken Pete Carroll saying that because Carroll looks at a Kia and thinks it has a chance to be a helluva Cadillac. That also wasn't emotional Jimmy Johnson. That wasn't Rex Ryan bragging as has been his style.

That was understating, undemonstrative, stoic Joe Philbin going all bright future on us.

And that speaks ... No, that yells ... It yells volumes about what the coach thinks is the celing for his young team.

As I wrote for Monday's Miami Herald, the Dolphins aren't quite yet a certain playoff team. You shouldn't be buying Super Bowl tickets yet. But the Dolphins now are relevant. They are rolling and about to gain more attention because they finally have playmakers as the game-clinching sack by Phillip Wheeler (Courtesy a Joe Rimkus photo) showed.Luck sack

And they're growing and becoming a good team.

I'm an outsider and I can see it.

Philbin, on the inside, obviously thinks it.

This team is headed in a good direction. And by the time the journey is done, the Dolphins might indeed be "a helluva team."


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Don't talk to that clown, he's an ignorant PRICK! This is the jackass that thought it would be funny to say Philbin's son is s rapist' on here at a key moment in the 4th quarter.

The guy's a complete lowlife. Don't give him the time of day.


Just put Grimes on Julio, Dmitri on Roddy, Nolan on the slot and Ellerbee on Gonzalez.
Everything else will take care of itself.

It's been running smooth ETF, here's to keeping it that way. Either YG has been banned or he has been asked to tone it down because he went off the rails.

I only say the second thing because there has been a theory about blog hit trolls and it's hard to deny that it looks pretty right on. It seems that someone is either

a. Trying to drum up hits for the blog or
b. they're a fan of a rival team hiding their identity like a coward.

I can not and will not believe that there is a Dolphins fan out there who knows so little about his own team. It's a or b.


Is there a reason you keep saying that? Over and over gain. Is there a point you want to make?


Don't kid yourself, YG is still here. He's posting under a different IP address, as he always does but trust me he's here.

Woops, I lied too and talked about him again. That's it though, silence starts,,,,Neowww! (reminds me of my favorite Seinfeld episode where Kramer decides to stop talking but messes up and has to start over) "I just told Frank and Estel about your man love for the she Jerry".

Do you mean about Mando cleaning up the blog?

Craig , thanks for the heads up. I didn't know who it was because I wasn't here but I heard you guys talking about it. I'm going to ignore his posts under that sign in name. Same goes for anyone coming in here bashing our team while claiming to be a fan. Back to ignoring now.


Yep. I've seen you post that a number of times. What's the point you're trying to make?

Craig I figured that. I'm just wondering if he got out of control and Mando asked him to tone it down and stop using the name 17. Or if he really was banned and IS using a different address.

Either way he will expose himself soon enough, he's just not smart enough to stay hidden.

For 6 years I've been coming here for 1 or 2 5 minute intervals in the midde of the workday.
I like to take a break and chat for a moment with fellow fans of my favorite team.
But instead of that happening as soon as I post something people start leveling personal attacks on me and referring to things that I have no idea what they are talking about.

I guess my point is that I'm thrilled to be able to just post about the Phins with some Chad Henne updates thrown in.

We gave up almost 500 yds to Indy? Then, we must be a great Team.

Hey everyone -

You really want to stop all this bull crap? Everybody email Armando and pled with him to have the Herald put a flag button on the this blog, managing it will be easy for him also.

Someone rattles nonsense or insults, they get flagged for unnecessary roughness so to speak. Make the flag button look like a yellow penalty flag. This will control all the BS and let the real Fin Fans enjoy their blog, and will give it credability.

You get flagged enough times, Armando bars you from the blog. That will keep it clean and on football point.

FIRE ROSS is a fan of one thing, annoying other people.

The dude is completely clueless about the real world. I bet he has been unemployed for a while and he may even live with his mom.

Everything from his sign in name, his football knowledge and his personal beliefs are a big joke.

Look I made a comment earlier about this defense we have, IMO they are a good defense can they be great? Well these next three games will tell the story we win 2 out of the next three IMO we make the playoffs
If this team stays healthy, but I just hope Dion Jordan doesn't turn out to be
a Bust I'm tried of bashing Jeff Ireland
Ross lap dog, can't figure out for the life of me why he drafted DE/LB hurt damage goods when this team desperately needed OL help, but what can we do about it nothing! Giving up a lot of yards is going to happen to the top defenses once in a while, but great defenses bounce back from a poor performance give up yards, but this defense this year are making stops when they needed to, but can this D be great! Remains to be seen, OL that a whole page of comments. Not good comments either...Let's go get that win on Sunday fellas! I GOT PHINS IN A UPSET!

ETF please realize this is what the blog is now because of the moron idiot who ruined it for a while. Paranoia is rampant and I don't blame Craig or any other person one bit.

Just keep plugging along. If you are who Craig thinks you are just keep it respectful and start anew.

If you aren't just grin and bear it until everyone gets used to you.

I was wondering the same thing, you have posted multiple times about the blog being cleaned up and it seemed weird. Oh well, I hope you're being truthful and I will talk to you as long as you keep it cool. I'm starting over with everyone (except the 2Watt character that some regular has made up and uses to annoy the crap out of the blog).

Just to be clear. The only people I believe add nothing to this blog are liars. People who either lie about their fandom, or people who lie by using multiple sign ins while disrespecting people in the blog. I love talking with everyone else, especially the objective and rationale. You don't have to be a homer, just be honest.


All year dudes.

We were 9-7 last year but for missed chip shot FGs

4 pm is actually the hottest part of the day

Posted by: dusty bottoms | September 16, 2013 at 05:22 PM

There are alot of shadows at 4pm in the Joe. At 1 o'clock
the sun is on top of you. Almost smothering. I would much rather the game be at 1.

Seems a lot of teams have no D. I like how we're old school by current standards. We play D especially if our starting corners are healthy.


P-78 & Craig,
I agree 100%.
I come in here to talk about the Phins and within 1 minute people are talking about homosexuality, fellacio, sodomy, racism and which country is better Cuba or DR.

Who cares about about any of that stuff?

Slippery road madfin. I like the idea of policing the blog together but I don't think flags will be used properly. Still some pretty immature people in here that will just flag every post they see. I think it's got a good starting point though.

The best way to get rid of the nonsense is to ignore it but that has become impossible. I was the biggest fighter a little while back. I would argue with every nonsensical post and I'm sure I annoyed everyone who wasn't involved. I used to have regulars tell me to chill and ignore the idiocy and I finally listened to them.

lol Guess what happened? As soon as I started ignoring, the guy got bored with me and started attacking others. And they were the same people who told me to chill. But they forgot their advice because they started getting into it with him and FINALLY something seems to have been done about it.

Yes I'm a little bitter. I was pointing this stuff out to everyone a long time ago while everyone told me to ignore it. As soon as the attention shifted they did the same thing . Only when I used to do it no one backed me up. All of the sudden a month or so ago a big group of people finally had enough and all started fighting back. So bitter that everyone chided me and didn't have my back but happy that something seems to have been done to rectify the situation.


Didn't mean SO bitter. I meant so I'm a little bitter.

But I'll get over it ;)

Talk to you later people. Go Dolphins!!!!

The hard part of this Blog is discerning which post is written to augment the # of hits or which one has truly valuable information for free by its Poster. Difficult, but it can be done. You just have to get to know your People here.



ETF the point about Armando cleaning up the blog is that he understands that there are problem people here. Whether they circumvent his bans is not the point, the point is he doesn't want them here.

So to recap no one wants them here including the blog owner. So anything they say is of zero value as it is completely unwanted.

I KNOW Armando Salguero. I KNOW Miami Herald. Nobody else.


We know that you are a patient of the real Dr Canosa and that you use his name as an homage to him and your treatment progress.
Keep up the good work.


When you play top teams they are going to move the ball, put up points and sack our QB.

As long as we are doing the same then we are in it.

Let us focus on getting to the bus terminal and not worry about all of the stops along the way.

Hey ETF our defense doesn't score enough safeties, therefore we must suck. Lol


Man that would be HUGE. Beating the Saints in their house with a strong showing on MNF for all to see, that will earn respect!

Great point.

When's the last time u saw Burnett or Dansby actually hit the qb (on a blitz up the gut) like Wheeler did to Luck yesterday, to seal the deal?

Jeffrey Ireland.................winning!


For his career Keller was averaging 3-4 rec/game for 40-50 yds/game.
Clay has already exceeded that.

Since Keller never took the field in regular season he DOES NOT get a playoff share.

Long time no see.
The only thing that could've made it better would be if Jordan got the sack on the final play.

I've been saying ever since we drafted him to keep Jordan on the sidlines until the 4th qtr; then turn him loose.

He'll be like our own Mariono and he'll last for 15 years like that.

Tired of seeing Dansby and Burnett have a free lane to the qb only to come up just short (usually by a rb who had no business blocking them) and not make the play. Wheeler made the play. Ellerbe looks like a beast, all over the field. Definite upgrade at LB's. Jordan will bring heat as well, if the 2 corners we drafted turn out to be good (when healthy), this defense can be good.......for a long time!

People here, Larry, Jorge, Mike, others get rattled when confronted. Can't even spell their words right.

Oscar, all they have to spell right now is 2-0, papo!

What's your real name, PHILLIE Chirino, if I may know?

Papo is only used by the New Cuban white trash that is arriving here for some years. Are you associating with them, PHILLIE?

Are you Jorge, PHILLIE?


oscar slow down buddy.
We finally got the blog back to football and away from personal attacks.

Philbin is a novice HC and is 11-16. Even Sparano had some good periods.

Well, they attacked me first by saying I'm a patient of Dr. Canosa, the renowned Psychiatrist, ETF.

The same idiots that loved Sparano love Philbin. Its comical.

My granfather was old school cuban and to his dying day when he was 85+, he called me papo. It is a term of endearment in our language, especially between males. But since u are too endeared with me calling u papo (as evidenced by u asking for my name, and no it is not Jorge), then i shall not call u papo again.

And FYI, I associate con "el que me salga de los timbales."


We are all familiar with the work of the great Dr. Canosa.
Put yourself in our shoes for a moment: if an everyday blogger in here claimed to be a famous surgeon or judge or movie star would you accept that at face value or would you be suspicious?
It's nothing personal, we just feel as a group that the real Dr. Canosa is too good for us and would certainly not waste his valuable time in here with us.

Well, if the Dolphins are not contenders, then who is? Name me one team that could go to Indianapolis and beat the Colts at home? I have no crystal bowl to predict when the Dolphins will be in the Super Bowl, but they are 2 and 0 on the road…
PS look what happened to the 49rs last night on in Seattle and they were in the Super Bowl last year…

Philbin isn't 11-16 unless you include the preseason. Be smarter if you are going to troll. Philbin is 9-9 and improving.

Funny thing too Oscarito is I came to talk football and u went rogue on me. Look at my 3 posts....football, football, football.

Yo te perdono compadre, yo te perdono.

Anyone remember the Colts game when Griese was our QB?
We went for it on 4th down and Griese was sacked by Freeney. Game over!

Well...pay back is a mutha, lol

Wait...Mathis may have ended the game on a sack, not Freeney

Did you know we've only won two AFC east division titles since the Dolphins joined the league forty seven years ago? It's true, sad, but true.

uh oh...

Did you know we've only won two AFC east division titles since the Dolphins joined the league forty seven years ago? It's true, sad, but true.

Posted by: Only the Jets | September 16, 2013 at 09:29 PM

That is a fun fact, OTJ! Here's another one.
Joe Namath had a career completion percentage of 50.1, Threw 173 TD's and 220 INT's, and was 62-63-4 as a starting QB.
This man was inducted into the Hall Of Fame with those stat's! How is that possible? The world may never know.

Great win yesterday guys. I'm really on the coach Philbin bandwagon even more now. 0 penalties.

A lot of players who were pretty bad under Sparano have become good or at least serviceable under Phiblin and his staff. Clay, Carrol, and Hartline immediately come to mind.

Philbin is a novice HC and is 11-16. Even Sparano had some good periods.

Posted by: Tim | September 16, 2013 at 08:35 PM

At what point in time did Sporano go from novice HC to certified NFL caliber HC??

Tim, I'm pretty sure you're phishing, but at least get the facts correct. Philbin is 9-9 as a HC.

Well folks, it looks as if the Dolphins are starting to stir the national media a bit. Today on ESPN, Jaworski reiterated he picked the Dolphins to win the AFC East, and tonight on NFL Networks "Around the League," Warren Sapp called the Dolphins number during the segment about "most impressive 2-0 teams." Yes, Sapp gave the Dolphins some love, and Brian Billick was almost in agreement, but stated he wasn't yet comfortable putting the Dolphin and Champion together.

My how far the Dolphins have come in two weeks, and I look forward to a BIG win at home this Sunday!


Did you know we've only won two AFC east division titles since the Dolphins joined the league forty seven years ago? It's true, sad, but true.

Posted by: Only the Jets | September 16, 2013 at 09:29 PM

The Jets have the absolute number one all time blooper to their credit.....The Mark Sanchez Butt Fumble.

That will live forever as the ultimate blooper.

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