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Pouncey getting help to stop Blitzland

Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Ray Horton began his career with the Redskins and coached in Detroit, and Cincinnati. But the stop that molded him most was unquestionably the seven seasons he spent with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

That's where he picked up the zone blitz. That's where he learned from Dick LeBeau, considered among the best defensive minds in the business. That's where he got his coaching philosophy of attacking 3-4 defense.

And that's the reason the Cleveland Browns the Dolphins will face on Sunday will try to come with the same snarling, angry, zone blitzing, pressure-on-the-quarterback approach as what the Steelers generally use.

Remember Blitzburgh?

Horton wants Bllitzland.

That means two things:

The Dolphins will encounter a major challenge up front to block for quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

But they will also have significant opportunities for big plays if they can get Cleveland's attacking front blocked.

So Miami center Mike Pouncey has to perform well before the snap as well as once the ball is snapped.

"No question, but that's how it's supposed to be," Pouncey said Tuesday afternoon. "The center is supposed to be the guy that sets the stage for the quarterback. You need a smart center against them to know what's coming.

"This is head on. We're playing a great defense. They have a big defensive line. They have good pass rushers. They got a good coach over there that tends to mix up a lot of different blitzes so we can't wait to see what he brings."

Horton is new to the Browns. But Pouncey nonetheless called his brother Maurkice Pouncey for help in figuring out what might be coming. Maurkice, a center for the Pittsburgh Steelers, has familiarity with some of the Browns personnel. And he does see a lot of the Pittsburgh defense in practice.

So did the call to Maurkice benefit Mike?

"A lot," Mike Pouncey said. "He plays them two times a year so I called him up and asked him how those guys play, their tendencies. It's good having a brother who plays in the NFL, especially the same position."

Pouncey might want to refer back to last year's Dolphins game versus Arizona. Horton was the Arizona defensive coordinator the last two years. If you recall, in that game, the Dolphins lit up the Cardinals for 480 yards.

So you see the opportunity for big plays against Horton's defense.

But the Cardinals also had two interceptions, forced and recovered two fumbles, and sacked Ryan Tannehill four times.

The Cardinals brought the A-gap blitz a lot so I assume Pouncey is ready for that this week. He says he's definitely ready for the zone blitz.

"What I do is I study film and watch the linebackers and safeties and how they roll coverages," he said. "That's how I know from where the blitz is coming -- where it's coming from so I can help my guys on the offensive line be a step faster."

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it is imperative that they pick up these different packages an allow the offense a chance to thrive.

Nahh, that's mostly on Tannehill. Recognition, adjustment, throwing where they ain't.

Just win the damn game period no excuses !!

Start of With a long ball to Wallace and they will back Down fast!

Did Pouncey call the Browns D "great"? Huh?

Did Pouncey call the Browns D "great"? Huh?

Posted by: Get Sense | September 04, 2013 at 07:35 AM

Pouncey isnt the brightest bulb in the closet. Remember the free Hernandez hats....

Dolphins should win, but the Browns can be tough at home GP FINS!

supposed to be GO FINS

You make a good point Armando the O line is definitely key to this season we should be pretty good everywhere else, we will see can't wait

If we can avoid the turnovers we should have a good day. If they are blitzing the short dumps should be good for big gains.

love pouncey, they should make him a team captain. Hopefully Lamar busts out this sunday against that blitz. GO DOLPHINS!!!

Tannehill was one of the best QBs in the league against the blitz last year...so bring it on...

Did Pouncey call the Browns D "great"? Huh?

Posted by: Get Sense | September 04, 2013 at 07:35 AM

Pouncey isnt the brightest bulb in the closet. Remember the free Hernandez hats....

Posted by: Monte | September 04, 2013 at 07:42 AM

Not trying to pick on people this morning and start a fight, but these posts show the limited knowledge of some posters (about professional sports). Part of being an educated fan is knowing how to read between the lines when "professionals" speak. Go listen to Belichick talk about the Bills (I'm sure you'll hear a lot of the same things), listen to other pros talk about their competition. Professional athletes are taught to respect their competitors in media training. Because taunting them (or degrading them) only serves to light a fire under them and give them a reason to want to try their hardest to beat you.

So Pouncey is actually being very intelligent by stroking Cleveland. They won't be able to use his words as fuel to feel disrespected (which adds to the desire to win).

For the uneducated, sometimes what's said isn't really what's meant. Sometimes it's best not to stoke the flames for no reason.

m m better be ready.
no red shirt 4 thenne now, live ammo.
the phins o is sure gonna mixx that wop te out in kc.
he did everything before the snap.
ouch thenne.

j long.
the best he felt in 3 yrs.
f'ing irecorn.

jl wont last the season blah
don't matter homers.
u need him most and foremost the 1st q of this schedule/season.

f'ing cheap ross u pin head,
u give 200 m$ to mich u.
what about the joe?


c homers,
the owner doezn't care.
get that thru u'r dense skulls.

Tannehill was good against the Blitz last season.

Mike Wallace also played the Browns 2 Times a Season and played against the Zone Blitz at practice every week.

Daniel Thomas for Starting RB!!

Or at Least in the Red Zone.

The Browns don't have any talent up front and their Secondary is Suspect.

T-Richardson won't get 100yds. And B.Weeden will have a Tough Sunday.

17-0 Dolphins

I like the shutout...but I hope we put up 20+ points...shut some folks up for a week...

jet hater vs 2 watt in a cage match??

god please let this happen!!!

jet luver, i'm standing at my desk pulling down my zipper, assume u'r position bi.otch.

Looking at Sundays depth chart, We have the same Offense as last year less bush, Fasano and Bess. Who will be playing against us as clevlands #1 WR!!! We only have Mike Wallace and last years back ups filling key positions. The Dustin Keller injury is going to hurt us badddly. Cannot believe our back up plan is charles clay at TE!! 4-12 at best... Hopefully we see a big change next year as in a new owner!!! Really Really Really hope im eating these words by week 8. But I dont think so!!!


paul Kruger v Johnathan Martin is a huge matchup here. If the LT can control Kruger then that should nut this defense. Jabal Sheard is a good player but not really a pass rush fiend, more of a complete player. Mingo is broken....

ETF, interesting question on the spread. Well, they have this gambling show on local sports talk radio and the general NFL rule of thumb is that the home field is worth 3 points. So the pundits probably see the Dolphins as slightly better but Cleveland's home field maybe tipping the scale. First few weeks of picking NFL is treacherous though. I have no reason not to believe the Dolphins could/should/will win

eric, you neglect to mention that Gibson was just as productive as Bess and we have added Wallace?

Bush wasn't even a 1,000 yard rusher for us and Fasano was garbage between the 20s in the pass game. 200 yards over 16 games for a starter and a guy on teh field all the time? Pathetic. Sims should match that easily.

Come on man!

Its really a push...especially since home team usually gets 3 for being home...PK...but who cares...Phins by at least 10...

eric, you also neglect reality...and history. Owners aren't replaced like GMs and coaching staffs. Owners retire or move on to other things or die. Generally, Owners are there for a long, long time. We just had an Owner retire. Thinking Ross will give up the team because he had a few mediocre Seasons is very unrealistic. Also, the Owner has very little to do with the football operation (other than hiring the GM and HC). So if you think just replacing the Owner will do much to a franchise (see the Washington Wizards) then you really aren't very knowledgeable about professional sports.

Some owners like Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder are more hands on.
I'm not saying Ross should be, just pointing out different levels of involvement by different owners.

I know this might be off the subject, but we should go after John Conner as our FB in need. He does everything well at that position, especially from a blocking standpoint. He will also bring an added dimension of toughness that can only help our team. Just my 2 cents, especially since we still don't have anyone that can block consistently well back there.

MIT et al,
Either every 'expert' outside Miami is wrong, which is possible or we've been drinking too much of the kool-aid, which is also possible.

If Cleveland is 'supposed' win 4 games this season, which 4 do you think that will be? They certainly will not be beating the likes of Bal, Cin, Pitt.

This is a dangerous game for us because Cle knows that we are one of the tems they can beat and it is thier home opener and they are without thier #1 WR which means they will blitz often to get us to try and match running games with them.

I think this game is shaping up as an 'Instant Classic".

I think the Miami Dolphins ahve the perfect owner. Hands off, die hard fan of the team. SPends and spends to acquire talent and wants only the best.

Try being Maple leaf fans were the owner was a skinflint then a pension fund and now a publicly held corporation. Only care about about profit and loss so as long as the team keeps the house full, they don't care. The Toronto hockey arenas have been sold out for eons. There's a 20 year waiting list for season tickets... leafs won't be winning anything any time soon...

Dolphins, at least they're trying.

I had a few Leafs on my fantasy team last season from time to time, I had to keep releasing them when thier production fell off.

Miami has only 4 receivers on the team, but let Devon Hess go for a 7th round pick. (Jones) who for Ireland's ego we have kept on the roster. There is not better options for that space on the roster. We let Marshal go and now have 11 DBs on the active 53. Not many on that list put any fear in any defenses. Miami has the cap space. We pick DE in DJ at a position of strength, but continue to be weak at the offensive line. Everybody knows that the TE is needed in today's NFL, but since Ireland has been here we cant find one ? When we drafted Jake Long, Atlanta had the 2nd pick, years later they are on top and we continue to be bad. Hope the changes will make a difference, but fear more of the same

Well I can see a lot of the negative nancys are out for a good time this morning. I think we are more afraid of the game than the players.

We will win this one.

Mark in Toronto,

I think losing Reggie hurts us more than people think. With Reggie, we always had a homerun threat, and while his numbers appear luke-warm from last year there was a moment in just about every game where we would unleash a big play and push our offense/team back into the game. In short, he was a playmaker and every defense had him on their radar as someone they had to stop.

Cleveland's a better team than people are giving them credit for. New coach, new attitude, lots of hopes and dreams. Think of us back in '08. I'm not saying they are going to go 11-5 this year but I do think they are thinking that way. The defence is improved and Weeden's playing to impress the coaches and to keep his job. Very dangerous team this week. I don't see them as a four win team but ultimately they will probably be last in that division.


Well said on the ownership situation. Not sure what else fans expect from their owner. He lets the people in the know make decisions and he backs them with the dollars they need. Some fans don't know how good we have it.

ETF, do you think these "experts' know the team as much as we do and what each player and coach's strength is as much as we do. I bet if you asked Brian Baldinger to name Miami's starting DTs, he would get it wrong. I bet if you asked him the name of our defensive co-ordinator, he would get it wrong. Not to pick on Brian but I think he's jsut like Mike and Mike and the rest of the clowns that get paid to do lazy analysis and just fawn over the NFL poster boy of the day.

OMG!!! Geno Smith is the new starter for my team!!!
I just blew a load!!!

Krillian, I think the Dolphins claimed a true FB on the weekend from Houston. Clutts .. don't know much about him but I hope his name doesn't reflect on his ability to lead a goaline offense.

Ross is a Great Owner.

Ross is one of the Few Owners who grew up rooting for the Team they bought. He is a fan of the Dolphins.

And as a Business man Ross understands hiring the right people for the job. Yes, Laugh it up. But Ireland and Philbin are the Right Choice. With Dawn running the Books of the Football Operation.

Needle is pointing up. This team is young and talented.

Yes, the Fins should Average over 24 PPG this season. But I expect the Fins to have some growing pains early.

Mark...Clutts is he perfect name for a fullback...we dont need this cat splitting atoms and writing theories on quantum physics...just need him to put his clutts head in the hole and clear a path!!!

ETF, fantasy hockey? Wow, ur hardcore - I don't know many Canadians who play that.

But the leafs do have some good players - some of them American by chance. Kessel, Van Riemsdyk, Lupul (when healthy), Kadri are all offensive forces. They solidified their defensive lines this offseason - hopefully they can improve and wash away the bad tasate from that game 7 collapse in Boston. That was very traumatic for me.

The National Football League's objective each year with the draft and free agent systems is to obtain PARODY with all the franchises. There are few games that will be easy. It just does not exist anymore. The Chiefs and Eagles made coaching and personnel changes they hope to win with after losing last season and so did the Dolphins. So to make an assumption on a team being a sure win or a game the Dolphins should win is just delusional. Cleveland and Detroit have a history of losing and not making the playoffs but so do the Dolphins. I'm a Dolphin fan and hope just like the fan in Cleveland does....

Krillian, I don't think we lose that home run threat with Miller. We lose the name status and the kardashian banging ability but I don't think production will drop off. I fully expect us to match last year's 1800 rush yards from the team.

Now, considerign how they "could've but never really did use Bush", yeah we lost something but we never really did use him properly in the slot or out of the backfield as a receiver so what did we really use - opportunity but not actual production.

Clevelands coaching is light yrs ahead of the Fish. We got uncle Joe, and aunt Sherman.


Get a life and get back on your Jets blog. It's revisionist history man....stop playing it over and over again.

I think Ireland addressed the TE position with the addition of Keller (even though I wanted Cook or Bennett). Not his fault injuries happen.

I agree 100% with you. No one is actually 'watching' the Dolphins'games.

As far as I know we are way better than even we think we are.

That being said we are making a lot of assumptions and we are being fed a constant stream of misleading bs by Mando himself for example:
- Mike Wallace gets signed and everybody acts like Wallace would be in addition to last year's production when most of last year's production left.
- Dion Jordan will have major role against Cleveland: same thing Mando makes it seem like Jordan will be the 12th defender when in fact when Jordan comes on the filed either Wake or Vernon are coming off.
- Lamar Miller set to fill the void left by Bush: oh really, based on what? He never passed Thomas on depth chart last season; he still can't pass protect; he hasn't done anything this summer to earn that role.

We are going to have to grind out this game and every game this season.

I personally will be looking at our youngsters (not just rookies). Do they control their emotions? Can they focus and execute? Do we have any huge injuries at key positions? And of course can Tannehill play well in the 4th quarter when it counts. Those will be the things I look for in Week 1.

Clevelands coaching is light yrs ahead of the Fish. We got uncle Joe, and aunt Sherman.

Posted by: AR-15 | September 04, 2013 at 10:11 AM

It's so easy to make statements like the above without providing any factual evidence for your hypothesis. Wasn't Rob Chudzinski the OC of the Panthers last year? How'd they do (better than Philbin when he was OC of Green Bay)? Not downing Rob, I think he's a good coach, just saying "light years ahead" is hyperbole and hating just for the sake of hating and not backed up by evidence.

I'm very happy with Philbin thus far. I think he's doing a good job turning this team around. I can criticize this or that minor detail about him (or any of his coaching staff) but overall, I support what he's done. Did I want us to go to the SB last year, heck yeah. But that wasn't realistic, just a fan's wet dream. In reality, it takes hard work and a lot of luck to succeed in the NFL. I just want the team to continue moving in the right direction.

I could conter-point a lot of things you assume but who's to say until the games start. All just conjecture right now.

But one thing I would watch for is having Jordan, Vernon, Wake, and Odrick all on the field at the same time in obvious pass situations. Won't be a base defense but it can and believe will happen.

Jordan can either be an OLB in that package or Vernon who at 270 pounds and being a young, fierce, powerful and hungry young lion can be moved inside to DT in that package.

Coyle has a lot of wildcards to play. He can do whatever he feels like doing - no limits....

Thinking Ross will give up the team because he had a few mediocre Seasons is very unrealistic. Also, the Owner has very little to do with the football operation (other than hiring the GM and HC). So if you think just replacing the Owner will do much to a franchise (see the Washington Wizards) then you really aren't very knowledgeable about professional sports.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | September 04, 2013 at 09:37 AM

Also due to revenue sharing it's a CASH COW of a business in a BAD ECONOMY. The NFL through TV contracts and merchandising is an 8 BILLION DOLLAR a Yr. industry. This CASH WINDFALL is the reason owners like J.Jones in a #2 TV market want to re-negotiate the Owners Collective Bargaining Agreement (yes they have one between them as well) Squeezing the smaller markets like Pitt., G.B. & Buffalo with revenue sharing based on their respective TV market. This would not be to benefit the players or League in any way just line the pockets of bigger market owners further and the real reason there is a scramble by some led by S.D. to land the Nations #1 market, L.A. The biggest winners in a CBA switch would be the Cowboys however given their the 4th largest Sports merchandising seller in the World behind Manchester United, Yankees and Lakers.

I don't know how anyone can challenge our coaching. Look at how much the young guys improved under this staff.. Tannehill, martin, Miller, Vernon, Odrick, all progressed under this staff. Even if Taylor and Davis don't do much this year, every reason to believe the staff can coach em up going forward. Last time we had a coach that could do that - JJ's staff.

Posted by: 2 watt | September 04, 2013 at 08:49 AM

When's the second show?

"ETF, do you think these "experts' know the team as much as we do and what each player and coach's strength is as much as we do."

Mark in Toronto

I just read one the "experts" at Yahoo sports power rankings. The rankings were fine but the write ups were embarrassing. For the Dolphins he said "Dolphins fans better hope the rumors of Daniel Thomas cutting into Lamar Millers carries are false."

YES! That's our biggest worry. Not how the second year qb will perform, not that we lost our only experienced tight end. Not that we are thin depth wise. Not that we have issues at RG. Better watch out for the 2 headed running attack THE ENTIRE LEAGUE IS USING.

The experts are idiots. If you really want to know something about a team ask a die hard fan.

Mark at 10:31 I agree with that . I see Starks being out there with them as well at DT and Jordan playing a joker role on some passing downs. Should be fun to watch.

Think I'm going to have to go and get myself a TShirt with the new logo before the game Sunday. I'll be in the minority on here but I'm a fan of the logo.

'Meg's' b-day is only 9 days from mine, so looks like she'll be getting some Dolphin gear for her b-day in November.

Twatt, j.martin has been extremely solid throughout the entire preseason. Most of the pressure has come from the right side, mainly through the RG. Or when tannehill holds the ball too long. Once Jerry gets back in playing form the line should be fine.

Also it's kinda tough to blame Ireland for the TE situation. Especially when if comes to fasano! Who would you rather have, fasano or Keller? I'd take Keller 10 out of 10 times! If you would not you are deficient in the smarts area. Injuries happen. I think dion sims is a future star. Clay is serviceable for now and egnew, from what I've seen so far, has really learned how to be a dominant blocker. He pancaked a DE! You don't see that happen much. IF he can get he college catching mojo back he can be very useful.

I think Ireland, in three years in charge has really churned the roster and upgraded a ton. In all honesty, the only glaring weakness during camp was o-line. As of now I'd add TE because of the Keller injury. Sims should have had time to get acclimated to the NFL. Now not so much. On defense we are stacked in the front seven. The starting 4 on the back end look better than last year for sure. Depth will be a problem at corner till the two rookies are ready. But overall the defense looks top 5. We have two great kickers. Fields may be the best in the NFL. I know Sturgis is a rookie but that leg is insane. 56 yarder at sea level!! 9 for 9 overall! All the touch backs. Plus all his kicks are straight as an arrow. The offense is a question mark, still. Can the line open holes and protect tannehill? Can miller at least come close to equalling bush? Can tannehill be consistent and make great use of his WRs? I think it could be rough the first few games but the will get it together. Til I do I do think the defense can help steal a couple wins. Creat turnovers and get some 3 and outs.

I don't get why you even come here. You don't seem to even like the dolphins. I could see not being super optimistic, but for a "fan" to be pessimistic to the point of sounding like a jet fan is ridiculous.

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