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Pouncey getting help to stop Blitzland

Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Ray Horton began his career with the Redskins and coached in Detroit, and Cincinnati. But the stop that molded him most was unquestionably the seven seasons he spent with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

That's where he picked up the zone blitz. That's where he learned from Dick LeBeau, considered among the best defensive minds in the business. That's where he got his coaching philosophy of attacking 3-4 defense.

And that's the reason the Cleveland Browns the Dolphins will face on Sunday will try to come with the same snarling, angry, zone blitzing, pressure-on-the-quarterback approach as what the Steelers generally use.

Remember Blitzburgh?

Horton wants Bllitzland.

That means two things:

The Dolphins will encounter a major challenge up front to block for quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

But they will also have significant opportunities for big plays if they can get Cleveland's attacking front blocked.

So Miami center Mike Pouncey has to perform well before the snap as well as once the ball is snapped.

"No question, but that's how it's supposed to be," Pouncey said Tuesday afternoon. "The center is supposed to be the guy that sets the stage for the quarterback. You need a smart center against them to know what's coming.

"This is head on. We're playing a great defense. They have a big defensive line. They have good pass rushers. They got a good coach over there that tends to mix up a lot of different blitzes so we can't wait to see what he brings."

Horton is new to the Browns. But Pouncey nonetheless called his brother Maurkice Pouncey for help in figuring out what might be coming. Maurkice, a center for the Pittsburgh Steelers, has familiarity with some of the Browns personnel. And he does see a lot of the Pittsburgh defense in practice.

So did the call to Maurkice benefit Mike?

"A lot," Mike Pouncey said. "He plays them two times a year so I called him up and asked him how those guys play, their tendencies. It's good having a brother who plays in the NFL, especially the same position."

Pouncey might want to refer back to last year's Dolphins game versus Arizona. Horton was the Arizona defensive coordinator the last two years. If you recall, in that game, the Dolphins lit up the Cardinals for 480 yards.

So you see the opportunity for big plays against Horton's defense.

But the Cardinals also had two interceptions, forced and recovered two fumbles, and sacked Ryan Tannehill four times.

The Cardinals brought the A-gap blitz a lot so I assume Pouncey is ready for that this week. He says he's definitely ready for the zone blitz.

"What I do is I study film and watch the linebackers and safeties and how they roll coverages," he said. "That's how I know from where the blitz is coming -- where it's coming from so I can help my guys on the offensive line be a step faster."

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Here's Bleacher Report's "Expert NFL Week 1 Picks" from their NFL Writers on Twitter:

Consensus Pick: Dolphins (7-5)
Vegas: Browns (-1)

Michael Schottey: Dolphins 16-10
Matt Bowen: Browns 17-9
Ty Schalter: Browns 21-14
Mike Freeman: Dolphins 21-9
Matt Miller: Dolphins 12-6
Erik Frenz: Dolphins 20-17
Andrea Hangst: Browns 21-17
Chris Hansen: Browns 24-20
Knox Bardeen: Dolphins 17-14
Brad Gagnon: Dolphins 24-23
Tyson Langland: Dolphins 21-17
Zach Kruse: Browns 23-20

Interesting that none of them think we can put up over 30 points against Cleveland. I think we will. I think it will be 31-10 with the Defence scoring at least one TD.

But remember LV, if we win by 10 it will actually be by 14. Right?

Sportscenter on ESPN:

Nothing on the Dolphins...

Posted by: Tracyh474 | September 04, 2013 at 01:20 PM

No one cares about the Dullfins.

Dashi, Will you be adding a Kicker for this weeks game???

It is interesting that most of these experts pick Miami to win while LV makes the Browns a 1 point favorite. Who do you believe will be right about the outcome of the Game between that panel of experts and LV.

Having Ross as the owner isn't all bad and, as mentioned, he's a fan who isn't afraid to spend. On the other hand we could have a J. Jones. Who's ego not only has been stoked due to his being the owner but he has (for the past+-15 yrs.) been the self appointed GM. With one playoff win in those 15 years you'd think he'd been on the firing block. But he probably needs that second job for the money he's put into his stadium. Which, by the way, has been a situation whereas it seems that he's printing money. Even Cowboy fans don't care much for Jones but strangely not too many will admit it. They've been brainwashed into thinking that each year things will swing their way and the old glory days will return! Not!!!!

Then you have D. Snyder. Up until he hired Shanahan he was considered the 'joke of the league' where owners were concerned. Always paying over the going rate for any and all FAs. Giving up draft choices in bunches for players that were ordinary at best. Now it's Shanahan that's looking like the joke. Without Elway he just doesn't seem all that masterful. Now he's turning his 'valuable' QB into a RB? That's seemingly working out well!

Ross hasn't demonstrated that he's the answer to a maiden's pray but it certainly could be worse.

This game is a 9-6 snoozefest.

ETF, jax's owner is not white, he's Paki...

You guys can amrotize land for tax purposes? I don' think that's right. Building yes, but not land.

ETF, Geno is not a very good running QB - making judgements absed on skin colour??

And whatever yardage or TDs u have, a 3 INT game is stilla horrible game.

Mark, Gotta say that I wish Ross was a little more hands on, I mean we still have Ireland....

who took Geno I FF??

Dolphins - Browns is as exciting as a bye week LOL

Ross is like a used car salesman.

I'm probably as much in the minority as the Jax owner but I like Ireland. He has an aggressive yet repsonsible approach to running this team. I mean, if I told you a GM could add Wallace, Keller, Ellerbe, Wheeler, Grimes, and Clabo and still be 20m under the cap ... that's pretty crazy when I think about it.

Dolphins 22.3 million in cap space according to NFLPA through Mando. 4th most in the league. They can roll it over to next year.

Even Mando has the Dolphins winning this week. I think our secondary is far superior to the Browns WRs. I'll take Grimes/Patterson/Carrol over Little/Bess/Benjamin any day. Their TE Jordan Cameron is pretty decent though imo. I took a flyer on him in our fantasy league.

I see a 28-17 Browns win unfortunately. Browns offense looks REALLY GOOD. Word is that Weeden and Richardson are looking like Elway and Terrel Davis in their primes. Not a good way to start off the season on the road in a hostile environment against a really good up and coming team with solid coaching.

All this talk about our O-line being weak is just laughable.

John Jerry is very good at pass blocking, when healthy. Granted, not so good at run blocking.

Clabo is a perennial Top 10 RT.

J. Martin has looked very, very good at LT thus far now that he has gained strength and is back at his natural position.

Pouncey and Incognito are Pro Bowler caliber players.

Great O-line No. Above average? Yes.

CM....Wouldn't want to see any more 'hands on' from Ross. Re: Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys. If we don't like the hands that are on the 'football side' of the Dolphins then it's Ireland and possibly Philbin that need replacing. Ross has demonstrated his unique sense of football knowledge and the workings of the NFL. Granted he's learning but will never be a 'football' man. Not within his realm of experience. And he's way too old to learn!

Dolphins 22.3 million in cap space according to NFLPA through Mando. 4th most in the league.

Posted by: NeMo | September 04, 2013 at 02:23 PM

Ross spent LESS than last year! Could've kept both Long and Bush!!!!!

Ross is very hands on. He drafted Tannehill.

I love how our opponents looked good on offense during preseason so we should be scared, yet our first teamers were even better than theirs (on both offense and defense) but now preseason means nothing ...

It's 2013, nobody has LONG BUSH anymore!!!

MJZ.....have little disagreement with your assessment of the individuals on the OL. But the whole represents more then the individual pieces. For some reason the 'whole' isn't working all that well. Granted the first 'true' test comes up Sunday but......?

Philbin is 8-16 including preseason.

Many spoke of MIKE WALLACE as "A ONE TRICK PONY". In today's nfl you "NEED" a guy like Wallace to do that one trick "VERY WELL".

Just for the reasons stated in this blog topic alone:


Today's nfl dc's know that the name of today's nfl game is:


So, if this oline can become very astute at "PICKING UP BLITZES". Mike Wallace could easily avg 20ypc and 10 or more tds this season. Not bad for a one trick pony whose one trick he does very, very well. Probably best in the entire nfl.

Hartline/Gibson will be very key too. I believe when most defenses run these blitzes 90% of the time Wallace will be getting double coverage. So, it will be upon Hartline/Gibson to beat their man in one on ones.

However, like the blog topic states, it all begins in how well the oline can pick up these blitzes.

God forbids this oline is so shabby defenses can get to Ryan with 3 and 4 man fronts. If this happens, welcome to top 10 2014 draft status.......

This ends my contribution to the blog today. Im out now. Have a great day to both the good bloggers ands and trolls alike.

You all know who you are...........................

sukk a dikk loser

Yahoo said I was an idiot for drafting Brandon Gibson in my fantasy draft lol he's starting week 1. Probably a dumb move, but oh well

Oscar Ill bet a hundred bones that the Brownies lose their biscuits.

Gotcha Dog Ill cover that but I want the points since you are so sure theyll win.

Kitty its a pickem game as of today,no spread

I really wish people understood the difference in using, then and than. Morons.

How nice it would be if we all had to pass a NFL IQ test to post on this blog. I think it would get rid of about 80% of the fools that think this is where they need to be, perhaps they would go back to the jets blog so they can feel at home. Bill

thenne 23rd in ff week 1.

even on mr roarkes island thenne suxx.

I also agree with Mark that Ireland has done a pretty good job this year imo. Actually ever since Philbin stepped in for the 2012 draft he has done well. 2012 free agency was terrible though. I think both have been good in 2013.

Lots of new adds, a good draft, and tons of cap room for next year.

I think this game is shaping up as an 'Instant Classic".

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | September 04, 2013 at 09:51 AM
Perhaps, but ONLY to the fans in either Cleveland or Miami, depending on who wins.


I have Mike Wallace in FF, so I'm hopeful that he'll be doing a lot of streaking down the sidelines in those new unis.

Went looking for some Dolphins gear at lunch today. Nobody had anything in. Something about Nike shutting things down because of problems with their systems. What a crock!!

2 Watt over/under on Geno picks to Revis in week 1? I'm guessing Revis gets 2, and the rest of the team gets 3 for a total of 5.

Can we please win before we say Ireland has and Philbin has done a good job?

This season if the offense dosent improve the onus jumps off of Ireland right onto the back of Sherman.

Craig, i would recommend the fanatics link at the top fo the page if you get sick of looking elsewhere. They have a nice assortment. I used them and was quite happy.

Going to buy more in a couple of weeks actually (Dolphins and U of Miami) - after the wife forgets about the parcel that came in just a few short weeks ago ...

Truth, how can you say he hasn't done a good job? Wasn't everyone clamouring for another DE, TE, WR, OT, CB, LB etc etc and he got good ones everywhere... now if they don't play to their potential or career norms, can't really pin that all on the GM...and out financial situation is not exactly sold out like the NYJ did

How much are this years free agents going to count against the cap next year? I'm not sure but I thought that we got them cheap this year but the bigger part of their salary will be the next couple years. Was just wondering if that twenty million we are carrying over will be taken up by those signings.

Out of the coaches I think Coyle is more progressive and uses his own original ideas.Sherman reminds me of Henning(retired)still relying on what worked 2 decades ago.


Thanks for the heads up on that. I'll check it out.

Only thing I'd caution on Ireland is that this game is game is played between the lines. We all thought AA did a nice job with the Blue Jays in the offseason but the results haven't been there. I think the manager's a clown but at some point a lot of this has to fall on the GM. If we have a similar type season with the Dolphins then I think Ireland will have to be pay the price. I agree he's done a good job on paper, but you don't win on paper.

Posted by: Tracyh474 | September 04, 2013 at 01:20 PM

More of the same Tracy474. And yes it sucks! ESPN is located in Bristol Connecticut so for starters most of the people who work there are Jets and Patriots fans. And one of the most famous espn guys is Chris Bermann who is a HUGE Bills fan. So there's that.

Then take into account ESPN is a business first. They don't care about being fair or balanced because it doesn't mAke them money. They go where the ratings are and that means two things.

1. They cover the best teams because the bandwagon is always large.

2. They cover controversial stories (A-Rod, Favre, Hernandez, Vick) because our society loves the national enquirer type garbage.

So until the Dolphins become an upper echelon team we will get no coverage. Or we could wait for another Brandon Marshall gets stabbed on Thanksgiving or Chad Johnson clocks his wife type story. Those are the only two ways the Phins are getting recognized. By the way, they didn't even show highlights of the preseason game against New Orleans on Sportscenter.

Mark, if all the moves doesnt translate to wins Philbin nor Ireland has done a good job, what if Reggie goes on to catch 50 balls and rush for 1000 yards, and JL goes back to pro bowl form, we just have to wait and see before we declare Ireland and Philbin successful. Especially Ireland..

3 things that you will never hear in South Florida regarding the NFL.
1..We are the champions.
2..Which way is the parade route?.
3..and with the 32nd pick of the draft,the Miami Dolphins choose,

Al, Wallace's cap hit next year is pretty big. We have about 10 mil for next year I think. Plus the 22 mil from this year we can roll over. The 10 mil is a bit of a guess though.

Craig, the Blue Jays got good talent. But the team runs an obvious leisure resort for a franchise. manager is a clown like you say, GM is a clown for hriing him and fostering the circus atmosphere and in turn their "leader" bautista is also a clown (all or nothing swings, flexing his biceps like an idiot, arguing with umps instead of doing his job). The organization is rotten and needs new blood to take over. From players to head office.

Philbin has no room in his culture which gives me more hope than for what we saw out of our pathetic excuse for a baseball team.

Ross spent LESS than last year! Could've kept both Long and Bush!!!!!

| September 04, 2013 at 02:45 PM

Don't mind this moron he is mentally challenged. For some reason he forgot to mention that Ross spent more money than any owner in the NFL on his team this year. Obviously a jealous Jets fan. Which makes it so much sweeter that we get to watch that total implosion this year and laugh our a#$es off. Can't wait, the Jets blow, and the rest of the world will now see it. Geno Smith is a joke and that team is going nowhere. Not many have them ranked out of the last three in the league, dregs of the league for the Jets. AND they're about to waste a couple of years on a QB who will never pan out so your probably looking at another 5 years AT LEAST until the Jets make the playoffs

Thanks, I was pretty sure we were going to get hit with the big ones in the next couple years, hopefully they have them all staggered enough so that we can be players as far as keeping the guys we want and going for the FA's we want.


For the uneducated, sometimes what's said isn't really what's meant. Sometimes it's best not to stoke the flames for no reason.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | September 04, 2013 at 08:31 AM

Excellent post from Earlier DC!

It's very similar to when a Coach is asked about a Player that we all know is stinking it up. I mean, the Coach just can't very well be Candid now, not in those situations.

I remember SpOrano praising players while here, only to see them cut or waived the next day-LITERALLY.

Those facts notwithstanding, I guess some types here will jump on anything.......for the sake of jumping. I mean it's obvious they hadn't given it much logical, intelligent thought.

Thanks DC, again, Excellent Post ;)

LMAO at the Jets. And the Bills, I won't even go there, lets just say they're still thinking about moving the team to Toronto.

The Patriots

Here's a look at the mighty Patriots history.

1. 30 years of being the worst team in the league. So bad they earned the nickname "The Patsies". 2 division championships in 30 years. 30 f$#%ing years.

2. Then won a few super bowls but were cheating the whole time. Were eventually caught and haven't won since.

3. Treat their veteran players like garbage now, just ask Welker. That's not going to sit well with free agents after Brady is done in a couple of years, if he doesn't get injured first.

4. Cover up for gangsta thugs so they can win games. Belichick covered Hernandez's wrong doings and now three people are dead. Then he lied about the timeline even though Hernandez himself had tweeted he was in a meeting with the coach.

America's team? What a f%$#ing joke.

Now they have no receivers, their best one is injury prone and most likely won't last the season, question marks at RB (Vereen,,,,really,,,lol), An injury prone TE who dances like a butt wipe, An old a#@ qb who is one hit to the knee away from the retirement home, and a defense that is questionable at best.

Won't be long now, the Pats are falling from high horse and it's going to be fun watching them decline with the rest of the afc east while our Phins make the climb. Go Dolphins!!!!!

Hey Armando, if you see James Walker tell him I said thanks for todays practice update.

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