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Pouncey getting help to stop Blitzland

Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Ray Horton began his career with the Redskins and coached in Detroit, and Cincinnati. But the stop that molded him most was unquestionably the seven seasons he spent with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

That's where he picked up the zone blitz. That's where he learned from Dick LeBeau, considered among the best defensive minds in the business. That's where he got his coaching philosophy of attacking 3-4 defense.

And that's the reason the Cleveland Browns the Dolphins will face on Sunday will try to come with the same snarling, angry, zone blitzing, pressure-on-the-quarterback approach as what the Steelers generally use.

Remember Blitzburgh?

Horton wants Bllitzland.

That means two things:

The Dolphins will encounter a major challenge up front to block for quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

But they will also have significant opportunities for big plays if they can get Cleveland's attacking front blocked.

So Miami center Mike Pouncey has to perform well before the snap as well as once the ball is snapped.

"No question, but that's how it's supposed to be," Pouncey said Tuesday afternoon. "The center is supposed to be the guy that sets the stage for the quarterback. You need a smart center against them to know what's coming.

"This is head on. We're playing a great defense. They have a big defensive line. They have good pass rushers. They got a good coach over there that tends to mix up a lot of different blitzes so we can't wait to see what he brings."

Horton is new to the Browns. But Pouncey nonetheless called his brother Maurkice Pouncey for help in figuring out what might be coming. Maurkice, a center for the Pittsburgh Steelers, has familiarity with some of the Browns personnel. And he does see a lot of the Pittsburgh defense in practice.

So did the call to Maurkice benefit Mike?

"A lot," Mike Pouncey said. "He plays them two times a year so I called him up and asked him how those guys play, their tendencies. It's good having a brother who plays in the NFL, especially the same position."

Pouncey might want to refer back to last year's Dolphins game versus Arizona. Horton was the Arizona defensive coordinator the last two years. If you recall, in that game, the Dolphins lit up the Cardinals for 480 yards.

So you see the opportunity for big plays against Horton's defense.

But the Cardinals also had two interceptions, forced and recovered two fumbles, and sacked Ryan Tannehill four times.

The Cardinals brought the A-gap blitz a lot so I assume Pouncey is ready for that this week. He says he's definitely ready for the zone blitz.

"What I do is I study film and watch the linebackers and safeties and how they roll coverages," he said. "That's how I know from where the blitz is coming -- where it's coming from so I can help my guys on the offensive line be a step faster."

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Regarding Chris Berman, the joke is on HIM. Not only have they stunk worse than the Dolphins, it's BUFFALO, folks.
As was sagely said, WIN, and ESPN and the NFL net will, as always jump on the bandwagon.
However, they will jump back off first chance they get, or if the Jets win 5 games.

Truth, I was on the record that said we should have paid both. however, many people here fought me tooth and nail to let both go. i believe you were one that said no way for jake.

However I can see how both left. Jake wanted the Dolphins best offer and after he got hurt again, ireland's price dropped to the applause of many here.

Bush, I thought should come back but as more of a gadget player and not the primary runner. I don't know how that would've played out give Bush's reputation around the league..

However, it can hardly be argued that the additions (at least on paper which is where the GM does his job - on paper - he doesn't play or coach) the additions heavily outweigh the subtractions.

Then again Brady is my QB in fantasy football so hopefully he stays healthy this season and only plays bad against the Dolphins! Ha


A significant portion of these tickets are given away every year. heck, I wona pair last year and couldn't be bothered to pick them up for free.

"or if the Jets win 5 games."


Mark, you have excellent memory, I didnt want anything to to with JL, if history serves us well he'll be injured by week 5

Something I don't think people take into account about Reggie is that his production dropped off big at the end of the year and he seemed out of gas for whatever reason. Too much dancing around imo. Older and way more expensive than the RB we have who has better upside as an all around back and not a gimmick player. Bush was surely a tough decision but one made easier I'm sure by all of the factors involved.

I don't know, the Jets are STILL plastered all over NFL network. Like really, who cares????

I'm still not convinced Richardson is anything more than a bulk-carry back.
And Weeden...He may very well have improved, but no-one will be confusing him for an elite-QB anytime soon.

I guess there's always a chance Tannehill can turn into a pumpkin and it can all go to hell, but this is exactly the type of game that Miami had looked great in, even during these lean years.
It's a valid point to doubt that the offense won't top 30, as I predicted yesterday. But this defense traditionally excels vs. these types of teams - Teams that aren't really dynamic, mediocre QB play, want to run the ball...And I see no reason why that won;t continue Sunday

They're coming Mark, Bermann said they were circling the wagons. ;) Actually I can't imagine Buffalo letting them leave but the NFL is desperate to get a couple of teams in Canada and now are even exploring europe. Buffalo's market is horrible, they won't be able to sustain that for long so actually it's not up to Buffalo, it will be up to the new owner if Wilsons kids sell when he hands over the reigns.

Any Dolphins fan with Tom Brady on his roster should forfeit their season on principle alone. Just quit and try again next year. Then again I'm not sure any self respecting man should be playing fantasy football period. For men I rank that up there with facebooking and driving a volkswagon beetle. Its not good.

Mark remember that and watch how fast the NFL network turns on the Jets if they look as bad as everyone says they are.

I9 bet they're just still riding the wave of ignorant Jets fans who for some reason don't see the storm coming. I swear I have a couple of friends up here who actually think Sanchez is still the answer. Just clueless.

Yes self respecting men don't play fantasy football. It's just the biggest thing in the country during football season and most NFL players are also involved. So much so that they sit themselves in favor of other players before game day because they don't think they can put up the points another guy will.

It's okay being ignorant, but there's nothing wrong with educating yourself either. I suggest you do.


Well said on the state of the Blue Jays. It all starts from the top. I like the moves Ireland has made this year but unfortunately if it doesn't translate into wins he has a problem. My fear is we make all these good changes on paper, as the Eagles did a couple of years ago and it doesn't translate into wins. At that point the organization really has to take a good look at what's going on.

Ross donates 200 million to University of Michigan, and has donated a total of 313 million total to the university. There goes your stadium money you local nimrods. Yeah, Ross is such a terrible and cheap human being......


Well word is that the Wilsons want nothing to do with running the team in Buffalo for some reason. It's a cash cow like f4l said, you make a load of money hosting a team in Buttcrack, North Dakota - which is slightly smaller and less financially able than Buffalo by the way. But Rogers is waiting witha bucket load of money - interesting to see if the NFL would accept a)a team in Canada and b)corporate ownership. I hope they say no to both. Doesn't my city suffer enough being associated with the leafs, raptors, jays, even the MLS team is pathetic. Come on, stop picking on us already...

Would a self respecting man hide like a coward on the internet behind made up names? Hmmmm Nope! lmao

Posted by: ola | September 04, 2013 at 04:42 PM

You're a f%$#ing moron. Just so you know because I have a feeling you don't recognize it in yourself.

Why get so defensive guy? I mean really, I didn't say anything malicious to you at all. You blast others for their rudeness and disrespect but I guess its okay for you, right? Millions of men in this country also think its awesome to have sex with other men. Reckon that means its cool too, huh? You know, since everyone else is doing it. I mean what a copout...its cool because everyone else is doing it. Get real man.

Damn you ProGolf, you had me come here and now I'm back to thinking about the team too much...

Latest random musing.
The irony that comes from the fact that I can legitimately argue that every position-group on the Defensive side is stronger this year, but they've potentially gotten weaker in multiple spots on Offense.

Now that's not the worst thing in the world. I've always argued that you're better off creating actual positions of strength, as opposed to trying to be "solid" across the board, but it is a bit depressing since improving the offense was such a priority this off-season.
It still could improve, but the bulk of the responsibility will squarely be on his shoulders...With no more built in excuses.

And now I'm back to rambling posts...Okay, I'll shut up now.


We are all hiding behind made up names! Hahahahahahahahahahahah! Whew, thanks man. Good laugh.

Bwahahahahahaha! Jeez us what a twit.

You go reckon all you like. Is this the new character? I reckon? You're life makes me sad :(

I haven't called you one single name, you on the other hand have called me several. So you like to complain about the attacking that goes on around here. But right now, who's attacking whom?

Yeah but you know what I mean because you're only pretending to be stupid. Usually you're just f%$#ing stupid but for the purposes of your last post you're just pretending to be f%$#ing stupid.

What do mindless homers say after 4 consecutive losing years?

We are optimistic.

And this is the last one. I know you're lonely and I know what you're doing. I'm not going to be your toy. I guess you will have to use the one in your nightstand tonight. Have a wonderful evening.

Spoiled fans complain about 4 losing seasons in a row, when it has only happened TWICE in the last 47 years. Half the league would LOVE to have that track record.

It's sad that some of you give our coaches no credit for being able to judge talent.

You want to keep the same old players and whine that we don't win.

Phins78 says goodbye but doesnt leave. He lurks....

I'm done talking with you man. I simply stated my opinion about fantasy football, facebook and girly automobiles. You didn't agree with and attacked me like half the other people around here do. I got nothing else to say to you. Bye bye.

Sorry, I'll answer that one for you.

1. You're on my teams site.

2. You belittled me and questioned my manhood in your first post.

3. Then you attacked my teams owner in your second post.

4. And now you're acting like an innocent victim because I defended myself and my team and called you some names? wow

5. AND you're expecting me to treat you with respect? You really are a f%$#ing moron. lol

Dude you do this s$#t every day do you honestly think people don't see right through it? lol

TrymF.....your here and it's like a big pit you can't seem to get out of. It's like a horror movie but I guess it's better then being in Peoria.

Yes, we seem to be better across the board but will the individual parts be stronger then the team as a whole. That's not a good prospect. Look at Kansas City last year, 5 Pro Bowl players and almost no wins! That's why I'm looking forward to this Sunday.

And keep your answers long, it's still good reading!

Actually I was pointing out that Ross has donated over 300 million dollars to his alma mater (200M just recently) and that if the local yokals and politicians didn't have their heads up their azzes that 200 million would have went into the Miami Dolphins stadium and not to the U of Michigan. Then I sarcastically stated that a man who donates over 300 million of HIS dollars is really "cheap and terrible".


They've been talking about a team in Toronto for about 30 years. They built what used to be called 'The Skydome' with the idea that it would lure a team to Toronto but the dummies made it to small for NFL football.

I don't see a team to Toronto any times soon and to be honest, I couldn't care less. They'd only screw the whole thing up. I'm sure our American counterparts would be shocked to learn that the Government doesn't even allow for tail-gating as you guys know it. Backward thinking and Conservative Governments have been ruining the Country for a very long time.

Either way, you sir can blow it out yer arse. Our correspondence, is over.

Good luck on your next hunt. Later people and go Phins!!!!

Oh yeah, the Jets play in a stadium called Giants stadium. Not only did the owner refuse to use his own money to build them their own stadium 6 years ago but he asked the city to foot the entire bill and the people almost unanimously voted no. So the Jets get to use the Giants stadium but they're not allowed to have their names too big as per the Giants rules. lol What a franchise. Someday they might make it to a SECOND SUPER BOWL. Can you imagine? One Super Bowl in 47 years? That's gotta be some kind of record right?

What a bu8nch of losers! Its great.

I know what you were doing . You're not fooling anyone. You're the same guy not someone new. You say the same chit every day. Come on would ya, you need to find someone stupid to play with because it's not working on me. I know you want me to explain how your post is factually wrong, that's why you wrote it that way. Seriously just stop because you're embarrassing yourself. I'll look forward to never seeing that name again. Good luck coming up with your new one and have fun.

Hahaha okay bud nice try and seriously good luck with your next victim. If it makes you happy then have a blast.

The Jets have the look of the 'Phins of a couple of years ago. The coach, players and new GM all know that Ryan is toast! Should set up for some pretty high draft picks for next year. He's forced himself into starting Geno and that may not be all that pretty. Sanchez, on the other hand, can't wait to get out of town either. One thing is sure is that they won't be holding hands at their next job interviews.

Some people simply amaze me.

Me too. Some people stay in old blogs talking to themselves when new blogs are up. That's pretty amazing right? Hahaha

Ok...be back when someone wants to talk football.

Are you sure all these O line Players except both Tackles know what they are doing? On one play last Game, very clearly exposed on the Phinsider, Incognito, Pouncey, and Jerry all fukkkked up and went to block the wrong guys. Poor Lamar lost 4 yds on the attempt. Hmm...

People need to start including Rashad Jones in these analyses, we got one of the best all around safeties in the game and have him locked up for the forseeable future

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