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PFF-Salguero study of Miami over Atlanta

Another Tuesday has arrived and it is time to look back, probably for the last time, at the Dolphins rousing victory over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.

My partners at ProFootballFocus.com have passed along their best nuggets based on their tape study and metrics and I will add insight and opinion wherever I can.

Here we go:


Daniel Thomas allowed one sack and three hurries in 11 pass blocking opportunities.

The Lamar Miller-Daniel Thomas timeshare is still close. Miller played 27 snaps to Thomas’ 24, but played exclusively on the game winning drive.

Salguero: Thomas is averaging 3.1 yards per carry so he is not exactly lighting it up running the ball. The reason he has value is because he pass blocks well, supposedly. Well, this was the second consecutive game he allowed a sack. So if he can't pass block well, either, where are we?

LT Jonathan Martin had his best pass blocking grade of the season (+2.3), allowing one sack and doing most of his work against Osi Umenyiora.

Salguero: As you know the Dolphins allowed five sacks on Sunday. But Miami's two tackles had their best days of the season. Tyson Clabo, who had given up three sacks in the first two games, did not yield a sack against his former team. He did yield a hit on QB Ryan Tannehill and a hurry. But all things considered, that's improvement.

LG Richie Incognito had his least productive day of the season. He yielded a sack and a quarterback hit. RG John Jerry, meanwhile, had his best game of the season. Yes, he also gave up a sack but for the first time in three games he comes away with a plus grade. 

Tannehill only attempted two passes travelling 20-plus yards in the air.

Tannehill was 13-of-14 when blitzed, but also was sacked four times and threw an interception.

Tannehill targeted Asante Samuel just two times on Sunday.

Salguero: PFF has Tannehill rated No. 8 among QBs overall. But if you boil it down to just passing, which in my estimation is what QBs are about, the ratings improves to No. 4 overall behind Peyton Manning, Phillip Rivers and Matt Ryan. Are there issues? Sure. Tannehill is still holding the ball too long at times and that's perhaps one reason he's been sacked 14 times this year -- more than any other NFL quarterback.

Brandon Gibson caught at least one pass against each of Thomas DeCoud, William Moore, Robert McClain, Robert Alford, and Joplu Bartu.

Lamar Miller was matched up against DE Jonathan Massaquoi on the play where he dropped potential TD pass.


DE Dion Jordan saw his first extensive action as a rookie. Rushing the passer on 20 out of 31 snaps, he tallied 4 hurries and a hit as the highest graded defender.

Salguero: PFF has Jordan rated the highest graded defender in the game -- for both teams.

OLB Philip Wheeler had rough afternoon with six missed tackles, repeatedly whiffing on Jason Snelling and Jacquizz Rodgers.

Salguero: The Dolphins missed 11 tackles this game. Safety Chris Clemons was the second-highest on the missed tackle scale with two missed tackle. MLB Dannell Ellerbe did not miss a tackle.

Wheeler was targeted nine times in pass coverage, giving up six catches for 68 yards and a touchdown.

Brent Grimes was targeted just two times by Matt Ryan.

Nolan Carroll struggled against Julio Jones, allowing 4 catches for 70 yards on 7 targets.


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benz from last blog, I wanted Long back but since he deserted, I will rip him every time I can.

13 of 14 when facing the blitz - sounds like a Qb we used to have down here - that will help slow down the pass rush.

A little tough on Carroll to say that's struggling against the likes of Julio Jones. I think giving up only 70 yards to the likes of him is pretty solid. Carroll won 3 of the 7 battles - that's almost 50% not bad considering the talent discrepancy

Speeking of Clemmons I hope his ankles are ok since it look like Jaquizz Ridgers broke them coming theough the hole. The only thing Clemmons is good for is not giving up the big play other than that hes useless!

That is a nice job by Clabo blocking their second team DE


All I know is that Miami better have a SOLID gameplan in place for Jimmy Graham come Monday cuz TE's once again are killing this defense and now we get if not the best in the league, the best TE to try and slow down....

in all honesty i would say carrol did ok. jones has lit up star CBs for over 100 and multiple TDs. i hope we have patteson back monday night. with him starting and carol as the nickel and wilson as the dime we could do ok against the saints. i'm guessing shlby and jordon will hold down the fort while wake recovers.

of the guys out, while wake may be our best defensive player i'd rather have ptterson back 1st, then solai 2nd, then wake. i think of the 3 positions we have the best back-ups at end.

Nolan Carroll: 4/7 for 70 yds aint bad. It was Julio Jones. He money.

And Carroll didn't let up a TD. That's a win in my book!

Secondary wont matter much if Miami doesn't get a sustainable pass rush on brees....no sacks on Ryan sunday against a average O-line, and I think saints oline is one of the better pass protection units in the league...

superPhin, they discovered how to limit the TE last week against GOnzalez - smash his head off the turf...

That first running TD by Thomas was a thing of beauty, though. He compliments Lamar very well. But yeh, his blocking is putrid.

Im not reading too much into that mark, lets face it gonzalaz is a shell of his former self and is back on ATL for rep alone, but in prior weeks both Fleener and Cameron carved miamis secondary up for TDs and big gains, and jimmy graham is NOs leading receiver...just sayin


Gillislee hasn't been active 1 game. Maybe that could've been the roster spot they could've used for R.Marshall.

On the Running Game. I am not giving up on L.Miller. But hear me out. The Fins should take a run at MJD in the Off season. Have a good solid rotation between MJD, L.Miller and D.Thomas. Gives L.Miller more time to develop.

The O-Line is still the problem.

Yes we need at least 4 Good Healthy CBs against D.Brees. And right now we only have 2. But our biggest problem is that our O-Line can't pass block or Run Block. And the answer doesn't seem to be on the team this season.

Posted by: Dashi | September 24, 2013 at 12:34 PM

Both IND and ATL were using an inordinate number of max protect formations from which they ran a primarily short passing game in order to neutralize the Dolphin pass rush. You can count the big plays by both QBs on one hand. While this kept Luck and Ryan's jerseys cleaner, it kept their scoring down as well.

Will NO do the same thing???

Dashi no team is paying MJD the money he wants

nobody stops graham, hes gonna get his yards. just keep him out of endzone. there wrs arent impressive at all. its graham, sproles,thomas that will kill ya

so far miamis rookie class is mixed results thus far, Jordan played well at times, Don Jones made a nice hit on douglas to cause the fumble but everyone else seems either uninvolved or injured...

right now miamis BEST choice in the draft was........CALEB STURGIS???!!!! Not sure if that's good or bad...

Posted by: Bart DePalma | September 24, 2013 at 12:40 PM

that may change with wake out now, Miami has to get pressure on brees without question, becuz unlike matt ryan, brees will take advantage of his redzone opportunities if he runs his offense up and down on miamis defense

Truth, those MJD demands are a ploy to get out of Jax...

Disagree Dashi...No way I would go after MJD next season...one year away from 30??? Nah...if we need to go in another RB direction besides Miller/Thomas then it needs to get younger not older...and if Miller can't get his feet under him by seasons end...another year isn't going to help anything...but I personally think Miller is fine and will be fine...

other than AP in minny, the days of paying RB's top money are over....MJD just wants out of Jax, as do most ppl, owner included lol

#4 QB in the league. And people are worried about Drew Brees. PUHLEASE!

So much for Wheeler being an upgrade in the pass defense department. Burnett was much better in those regards. But that's not why he was brought in so I hope Coyle comes up with a plan to help him when he's covering.

Has anybody heard anything of the extent of Wakes' injury

Of all the games in Miamis "Gauntlet" run... this trip to NO is the one they are most likely to drop. I don't think Miamis going to just "give it up"... but as match-ups go, this one sucks... Super mobile QB who gets off on blowing up secondary's with tight ends....

But he's the thing... NO can be scored on. They are vulnerable against a team that plays a solid West Coast design. I'd really like to see Patterson playing (I still believe allowing Marshall to walk was a mistake)
Paul Soliai is a necessity. Miami has just got to have that push in the middle. Breese is short,have you seen the picture of Soliai & Odrick jumping up in front of Weeden in Cleveland? JEEEZUZ dude...!!! Those guys get like 3 feet of vert from a stand still... Breese throwing over that makes life a little more difficult.
I've noticed Miami looks faster on turf then they do grass. Marshall, Gibson and Hartline all seem to get deeper faster on turf... Hartline even made a point of saying the turf in NO was fast and he looked forward to playing on it on NFL AM this morning.
This season never gets easier.. after Baltimore it just keeps on coming. Gonna be a tough ride... but by the time this season is over this team will be as solid as they come... Years like this one are what mold future champions... Difficult and hard fought seasons are a team purifier.

MCL sprain, projected 2-3 weeks

Is Patterson out till bye week as well?

I wrote on this blog about the players in the NFL and the relationship to the law or theory of evolution.I would say in sports it is definitely a law.Back in the day when I began watching the NFL many moons ago the fast and elusive pass rushers carried a lot less weight.Almost all the TEs were big and slow.Not anymore now there are 250lbs plus players that play defensive end and TE and they are much faster,stronger and more agile than almost ALL of the players that played that role(position) a generation or more ago.There are ALWAYS exceptions when dealing with human beings.
The Dolphins are not the only team having issues with stopping TEs.The human athelete has just evolved into a bigger,faster and more agile being and carry more weight and still are faster than their predecessors.

Thanks Darwin or ah kingshula

Paterson still up in the air, but my guess is he'll be out Monday too with all the CBs their bringin in for tryouts


Are you crazy dude?? Wake is the best player on the team.You need him back first. When hes in the game dbs don't have to cover as long

On a side note;what does Jacquizz Rogers call his dad?"Pop" Quizz?? Just wondering.....

Youguysaretoads TEs are receivers so everyone needs to stop complaining about the Dolphins inability to stop them.
Shrewd coaches like Belicheck realized how much of a weapon they are and he had two good ones on his team before all that has happened to one of them.

Well, I still think NO is ripe for the picking. Even with the injuries I think our D line is way better than NO O line right now. Pressure pressure pressure will win this game. Hurry brees and don't let him pick our secondary apart. Next man up please step up. Team game so keep playing as a team and we could steel this game as well

DC I was looking for the article and found this. It's an amazing explanation of our healthcare system in comparison to the rest of the world. Just the facts.


I suggest everyone read this after you're done contributing to the wonderful and awesome Miami Heralds Dolphins in Depth ;) It will both educate and enlighten the mind.

Whats going on with Odrick last game he was shooting the wrong gaps..How many sacks does he have 1?

That's funny Odricks girlfriend says he shoots the wrong gaps all the time.

The human athelete has just evolved into a bigger,faster and more agile being and carry more weight and still are faster than their predecessors.

Posted by: KingShula

Aren't steroids great?!

I don't know superPHIN. Sturgis has been awesome. But imo in the end we will be looking back at the Jordan pick. This kid is making leaps and bounds in his development every week. He graded out as the best defensive linemen for both teams AND had a positive rush stop percentage in a game where we gave up almost 200 yards rushing!

I'm keeping an eye on Jordan the next few weeks, something may be happening.

Phins78 I wont argue with the comment about steriods,but the human being has definitly evolved into a larger creature.
Have you ever been to Viscaya and tried to sit in the chairs and seats in that monument to that time in history.It seems those chairs were made for elementary children they are so small.

Is there anybody we are getting back from injury this week?

——————/´ ¯/)
——--('(———- ¯~/'--')

no coconut.

Phins, I'm leaving that conversation to last blog in respect of the other posters. But, this is the article I was talking about:

Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us
How outrageous pricing and egregious profits are destroying our health care

By Steven Brill Monday, Mar. 04, 2013

But I'm listening to the link you sent, the guy is speaking the truth.

Thanks DC I'll check it out. Enjoy

The Dolphins are 3-0 and somewhere in South Florida Charles Clay is secretly thinking about what it would mean to his career if he out gained his counterpart on the Saints TE Graham on national television.
If the Dolphins win the next one they will have to overcome a historic stat that is 80% of the home teams win on Monday night football,but you know something they are undefeated and I know they think that they NOW believe they can go into the bye week undefeated after a 3-0 start with 2 of those wins on the road.

King Shula I was half joking. I definitely agree that people have been getting bigger AND living longer. The facts are out there.

But the football players are out of control big. Some of that I contribute to the steroid era.

2Watt draw a Dolphin. That would be impressive.

Dashi, throwing the ball down field has risk/rewards. The risk is sacks/interceptions. The reward is winning.

Teams played max protect against us, they lost. Philbin says Tannehill is not getting "hit". I guess he does not consider a sack a hit. I think Ryan got hit harder Sunday than Tannehill did. I saw 1 "hit" on tannehill on a corner blitz, that had to hurt. I hope Philbin is right.

DC, when I typed in the first two words to that website the words "racial profiling" popped up. You think that site may be a little Liberal?????

Just the facts huh?

Oh god here we go, 2watt is going to enlighten us on negativity now. How bad is ireland today? Or how we are going to lose the next 2 to go 3-2. Or anything spewed from the last months of posts on how this franchise is crap or front office sucks or T hill is not a franchise qb. Have fun we are 3 and 0 and NOBODY expected this. Lets go phins.

I stand corrected I just googled that 80% of the home teams win on Monday night football and it no longer is such an overwhelming lopsided stat.
Check out the Seahawks against the spread at home in the last two seasons.
Going out to the West Coast and playing a good team in a vastly different time zone has always seemed to be a difficult task.One of the reasons is the routines of the players on the teams traveling east get so out of regularity that the internal body clock is affected for some of the players in terms of sleep and body rest that they could feel some fatigue or sleeplesness during the game.Remember what S.Smith used as an aliby when questioned about his play in the Thursday night game in Buffalo last season.

What's up with the run defense?

toad, it's thenne, get it right.

no coconut.

EK, what website? "Bitter pill"? That was the name of an article. Or are you just trying to make a joke? Either way, I'm happy to debate on the last blog if you like, but would rather not annoy everyone with our 'non-football talk' here.

Superphin at 12:44

2013 rookie class:

1. All of them are in the roster
2. Caleb Stugis was rookie of week 1.
3. Jordan best defensive player of last game.
4. Sturgis 2/2 in +50 yds fg.
5. Jones FF
6. Sims game winning Rec TD

Good start for this class. Its only week 3

I hope that will improve a lot, will see.

Happy for the 3-0 start, I'm really enjoying the team's season.

sorry but allowing Jones 4 catches for 70 yards wouldnt be "struggling" for Carroll--Jones is one of the best in the game.....that sounds like a pretty decent go of it for Carroll, honestly, plus he didnt allow any huge/game changing play--I mean, obviously he and almost every CB in the league is overmatched going up against Julio Jones, so thats the playing field, the reality--that aint struggling Mando, its actually pretty good

We still have a good pass rush.. Mat Ryan kept throwing 5 yard quick passes. He held the ball the last drivecand got hit while throwing the ball. Result interception.

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