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PFF-Salguero study of Miami over Atlanta

Another Tuesday has arrived and it is time to look back, probably for the last time, at the Dolphins rousing victory over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.

My partners at ProFootballFocus.com have passed along their best nuggets based on their tape study and metrics and I will add insight and opinion wherever I can.

Here we go:


Daniel Thomas allowed one sack and three hurries in 11 pass blocking opportunities.

The Lamar Miller-Daniel Thomas timeshare is still close. Miller played 27 snaps to Thomas’ 24, but played exclusively on the game winning drive.

Salguero: Thomas is averaging 3.1 yards per carry so he is not exactly lighting it up running the ball. The reason he has value is because he pass blocks well, supposedly. Well, this was the second consecutive game he allowed a sack. So if he can't pass block well, either, where are we?

LT Jonathan Martin had his best pass blocking grade of the season (+2.3), allowing one sack and doing most of his work against Osi Umenyiora.

Salguero: As you know the Dolphins allowed five sacks on Sunday. But Miami's two tackles had their best days of the season. Tyson Clabo, who had given up three sacks in the first two games, did not yield a sack against his former team. He did yield a hit on QB Ryan Tannehill and a hurry. But all things considered, that's improvement.

LG Richie Incognito had his least productive day of the season. He yielded a sack and a quarterback hit. RG John Jerry, meanwhile, had his best game of the season. Yes, he also gave up a sack but for the first time in three games he comes away with a plus grade. 

Tannehill only attempted two passes travelling 20-plus yards in the air.

Tannehill was 13-of-14 when blitzed, but also was sacked four times and threw an interception.

Tannehill targeted Asante Samuel just two times on Sunday.

Salguero: PFF has Tannehill rated No. 8 among QBs overall. But if you boil it down to just passing, which in my estimation is what QBs are about, the ratings improves to No. 4 overall behind Peyton Manning, Phillip Rivers and Matt Ryan. Are there issues? Sure. Tannehill is still holding the ball too long at times and that's perhaps one reason he's been sacked 14 times this year -- more than any other NFL quarterback.

Brandon Gibson caught at least one pass against each of Thomas DeCoud, William Moore, Robert McClain, Robert Alford, and Joplu Bartu.

Lamar Miller was matched up against DE Jonathan Massaquoi on the play where he dropped potential TD pass.


DE Dion Jordan saw his first extensive action as a rookie. Rushing the passer on 20 out of 31 snaps, he tallied 4 hurries and a hit as the highest graded defender.

Salguero: PFF has Jordan rated the highest graded defender in the game -- for both teams.

OLB Philip Wheeler had rough afternoon with six missed tackles, repeatedly whiffing on Jason Snelling and Jacquizz Rodgers.

Salguero: The Dolphins missed 11 tackles this game. Safety Chris Clemons was the second-highest on the missed tackle scale with two missed tackle. MLB Dannell Ellerbe did not miss a tackle.

Wheeler was targeted nine times in pass coverage, giving up six catches for 68 yards and a touchdown.

Brent Grimes was targeted just two times by Matt Ryan.

Nolan Carroll struggled against Julio Jones, allowing 4 catches for 70 yards on 7 targets.


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Craig he has a point (through all of the vitriol). Seriously ignore those fools. None of us care what they think when they are calling people names or repeating themselves daily. I actually laugh at them because the posts are just so stupid. They seem to really only go after you or the team now. Stop acknowledging them and they will only have the team to go after. And who cares what they think about our team? Right? Screw em, just ignore their posts.

Gotta run guys, good talking to you all today. Peace!

Cuban, I agree beating Luck, Ryan, and Brees in succession, doesn't make Tannehill better than all 3. What it does do is lend great credibility to Sherman knowing what a future nfl college qb(Tannehill) looks like. Ireland/Philbin had to 100% trust Sherman to take Tannehill #8 overall.

Sherman was our inside track(A&M) to Tannehill, and Ireland being the Baylor alum, may have been ready to go all in on RG3. Now RG 0-3. Sherman's evaluation may have been the only thing causing Ireland not to enter into the RG 0-3 sweepstakes. Kudos, so far to Sherman.

I did Phin78 watch the game, Was Very impressed that the Mighty Aquatic air breathing Mammals won the game, Years past they'd lose this type of game, Think about it, Injuries are part of the game, This game is not a "SPRINT" but a Marathon, Lets just hope by week thirteen were complaining about missed tackles and not "How can you start 3 and 0 and have (Fill in the blank)Record"

Cheers, Phins78.

Daniel Thomas is used primarily for pass blocking and short yardage situations, so cmparing his YPC to L.Miller is not apples to apples. Lamar usually gets the ball in situations where a run or pass can equally be expected by the defense in hopes that he can break the big one. DT does not get as many of those kind of chances. Lamar Miller once again missed out on an important potentially game changing catch. I notice you fail to mention that about Miller. Had it been Thomas it would have been mentioned several time by now.

BTW, I'd rather Ryan Tennehille then RG3,Cam Newton,and the over-rated Douche bag from San Fran any day....Again JMHO....

Tannehill cleans up his pocket presence issue, and I believe he's ever bit as good as Andrew Luck. Maybe even slightly better.

I know this is a stretch to some, but, a 94.3 qbr and 66% completion rte is proof in the pudding. Only edge Luck really holds over Tannehill right now is pocket presence.

Tannehill has even thrown 1 more td than Luck so far this season. Luck has thrown 3tds, Tannehill 4tds.

I believe we'll lose Monday and quite possibly badly. I'm sure all the jerks will be out in full force on here and I couldn't really care less about that or even if we win the game. It's not an accurate assessment of where this team is right now. If we're missing Soliai, Wake and Patterson and Wallace isn't 100 percent, then we're not putting our best lineup out there. I want these guys to get healthy and rested for upcoming games. This isn't a game I expect us to win, and I'm sure everyone will be up in arms because it's on National TV. Let the clowns have their moment in the sun afterwards. What I'm more interested in is getting these guys back healthy and playing well against teams like Baltimore, NE and Cinci. Then let's see what we've got.

Craig, injureies were sure to build up - this schedule was brutal to start the season - as long as these guys come back, everything will be ok - contrary to what some believe the team has depth in defense. As long as the offense is intact - we are ok for now.

Can't wait for the big easy game. Will be Tannehill's first game going in, where the team TOTALLY BELIEVES IN HIM, and it's not just LIP SERVICE.

It's easy for teammates to be politically correct and say, "yes, we believe in our qb". But, if that qb hasn't done anything spectacular to earn that belief, it's all just lip service.

That 75yd 4th qtr comeback victory Sunday, was a sight to behold. Those are the type moments teammates want to see from their qb. Those are the moments that breed, "WE BELIVE". That's the kind of moment that live in "NO LIP SERVICE" zone.


It's funny, I haven't read too much of 'what an idiot Ireland was to draft a DL guy 3rd overall, when DL wasn't a need on this team'. Doesn't take long for guys to start getting hurt and we saw on Sunday what a guy like Ryan can do when there's no pass rush.

You're dead right...injuries were inevitable. It's a credit to the depth on this team that the team could not only stay competitive Sunday but could pull one out at the end. I think our luck runs out on Monday night but this team has been resilient and Tannehill and the offence may yet find a way to get it done Monday.

I disagree about, we don't have an accurate assessment of where this team is right now. I simply say this based on, "you're only as strong as your weakest link".

Our supposed weak links have been key contributors in all 3 wins. Carroll had a key int, Jimmy Wilson Sunday. Rookie Don Jones with the huge st's hit. Denny steals the fumble recovery in the pile.

Thomas with huge power td run. Clay seeming like Cassius at times. Rishard Matthews being key Sunday. Shelby with a couple unexpected sack thus far this season.

Should I go further? Because there's more.

What's really different about this team that we haven't see in the past. This year, we finally have what looks like a team, not a roster lightly sprinkled with a few individual stars.

That's the true measure of this TEAM thus far in 2013.

Please have faith I believe we pull this thing out in the big easy Monday night. This is a TEAM greatly believing in each other right now.

That may be all that's needed to overcome Saints team of stars. Right now we have a team that believes, believes in each other.

Besides, we have a Clay, Monday night we'll be Cassius like and "SHOCK THE WORLD". Believe fellas, we have a team that believes in it's self.

wake is a huge loss monday night. need somebody to step up


Guys, it's not just Austin's head that needs straightening, he's had numerous debilitating injuries, including his BACK.
As far as the other thing, he did not get on with Coughlin, and as Barry Jackson quoted a Giants coach "Austin can't disappear when the pads come on."

If Austin thinks it will be easier with PHILBIN-IS STRICT, he's deluding himself.
BTW, ANOTHER player with multiple injury history. I wonder if his agent haas a connection to any of our drafted players with previous/ongoing injuries?

As regards Billick's "list", he hates the Fins for basically getting him fired during our 1-15 year. The Raven's were our only win, thanks to the sadly departed Mr Camarillo.

Not shearing too much about how we 'should have given up the farm for RGIII' or 'drafted Weeden' these days. Where'd those guys go? Geniuses had it all figured out BEFORE LAST season even started. Guess that's why they're on a football blog and no front offices are seekig their opinions.

Also not hearing too much from the 'Fireland' crowd. You know the guys. They'd prefer we have a CLEVELAND situation here, where the teamm is CONSTANTLY changing their GM, HC and starting QB. How's that working out for Cleveland these days? I'm confident a lot of the clowns that were calling for this aren't even Dolphin fans.

Posted by: Craig M | September 24, 2013 at 03:12 PM

YAWN! Who said this & when? Same ol` repetitive, boring, obnoxious Mouthy Craig. Who cares cept Mouth?

Show of hands? Perhaps we can eat some crow with your world famous Blabbermouth Hot Sauce?

Lookin back in his troll guest log. LAMO PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!


Well IMA, his measureables are fantastic ... worth a shot, no? Not like we are expecting this guy to hit the field..

I believe we'll lose Monday and quite possibly badly. I'm sure all the jerks will be out in full force on here and I couldn't really care less about that or even if we win the game. It's not an accurate assessment of where this team is right now. If we're missing Soliai, Wake and Patterson and Wallace isn't 100 percent, then we're not putting our best lineup out there. I want these guys to get healthy and rested for upcoming games. This isn't a game I expect us to win, and I'm sure everyone will be up in arms because it's on National TV. Let the clowns have their moment in the sun afterwards. What I'm more interested in is getting these guys back healthy and playing well against teams like Baltimore, NE and Cinci. Then let's see what we've got.

Posted by: Craig M | September 24, 2013 at 04:06 PM

Yawn worthy material here folks. Who cares what you think about what people think about you?

How old are you, 6? LOL YAWN! WINK WINK! Check your Troll Guest Book for past quotes!

Buuuuwaaahahahahahah! Valhalla!

I hope Ireland realizes that Grimes is a beast. He should be signed to a long-term deal.

Actually dyckwad,

There are lots of people who care. Just because you're not one of them won't cause me to lose a minute's sleep. You don't speak for the blog, so stop pretending you do.

Go back to your hiding under numerous names, and then when you feel like you're man enough to post under ONE name and are here to talk about FOOTBALL, then and only then, might somebody take you seriously.....

Until that time......go back to being a TWAT.....

fins rolling despite not really playing great football. thats a good sign. loving the development of thill. and gordon has been huge in big time situations. under the radar signing that is helping a ton

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Chris Clemons is afraid of contact. I saw him get blocked by a hand in the redzone. He is the least productive tackler that I can recall in recent history. I hope Don Jones comes along quickly. I want a physical FS as well as SS. clemons is NOT that guy.

D Thomas = 3 Irescum draft busts

I have to agree on Clemon's. The troll that keeps chiming in, was saying that Jones and Clemon's were among the top safety tandems in the league.

I think Clemon's is barely adequate. Either way, I believe he's the weak link or will be soon.

For all of you troll tards that want to call out Ireland for his "draft busts" please take your eyes off of the fat head poster of the offensive lines arsses and look at Belichek's drafting classes.. see how many from the past three years draft are still on the team..

From the other blog...Spot on post...Everyone Knows

"I will bet Philbin is not giving this game away. Every game needs to be played like the play-offs depend on it."

Any true competitor will want to win EVERY GAME. Don't think so?

Ask Shula, it killed him to lose a PRESEASON game. Philbin has the same mindset and why he is a winner. He's coaching to WIN, not to lose the game like Sporano.

To Sims, we like you and all but U can't be doing Matador blocks.
U almost got Tannehill killed, thx

I watched the replay this afternoon. I was impressed with the way the subs just came in and kept running the stunts and acted like they were the starters. Rashard Matthews acted like he was a five year vet. Simms so relaxed with the one handed catch. Don Jones so under control he had time to think about body-slamming that guy.

Somewhere a coach is doing his job. This is a well coached team. Two penalties in two games? Even Shula would envy that.

These players and these coaches have a chance to be great.

If we're so outmatched and outgunned and like some of you say, we can't win.........

Ya Think we should just "SIT" our starters and rest them up for Baltimore......?

Are you kidding me? I'll admit, we're playing a tough team, but Philbin isn't "Folding His Hand!"

Right now, Philbin, Sherman and Coyle are figuring out the best way to "Pull out all the stops". Nobody is expecting us to win and out backs are too the wall. Philbin's going to come out Swinging, You Watch!

It's "Gut Check" time, Viking Warrior style! On the first play of our first possession we roll out Tannehill and have Wallace going for the Home Run!

Put in some option reads and a little Pistol offense maybe just to keep them guessing! Run a Half Back Pass with Thomas, he used to be a Quarterback. Run a Double Reverse, Screen Pass back to Tannehill and let him Run With It!

If we're supposedly going to lose anyway, Man Up on everybody and Blitz the Fvck out of Brees. Run some Jail Break Blitzes too!

If we're going to lose ANYWAYS(Dripping Sarcasm), we might as well have some Fun Doing It!

PS: I think Mark In Toronto is right. The best way to deal with Jimmy Graham is to slam his ass(or Head) off the turf **Early and Often**. It worked on Gonzales!

Go Phins!!!!

I guess we can officially declare that Tannehill was not a reach anymore?? Seems plenty worthy of that #8 pick, maybe even the #2 when you see Bob on one leg hobbling around.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto
Thanks Mark! Freaking spilled my bourbon reading that post, "when you see Bob on one leg..."

Hilarious...Totally reminds me when we had a Peg-Legged Pirate named Culpepper. Can't stop laughing my arse off. You funny dude!


Nice post at 6:59!

And mentioning Shula.........Excellent!

I can't help but wonder how Shula and the rest of the 72 Dolphin's would feel if it was Philbin's Dolphin's that were the ONLY undefeated Team Left?

We can thank Mr. MIsi for that head slam. I saw Gonzales stagger when he got up. What you doin treatin a future-hall-of-famer like that?

LOL @ Everybody Knows!

Bob won the division his ROOKIE YEAR!!! He'll be just fine... At least he fights thru pain.

West coast and sissy are not the same. That run by Thomas on the first touchdown was a brutal play. I knew we could win when I saw it. SMASHMOUTH!

We did not run anymore plays like it, but I saw it and I know we can do it.

Are these coaches holding things back and still winning? I hope we are that good!

really 2-watt? you have that much time on your hands? (pardon the pun)

Graham will be double covered all game, bank on it.

It's Game 4 and we really need our O-Line to put it all together.

In thwe first game I believe they passed blocked(sort of), but didn't run block. Then game two vice versa. Game 3 it was looking the sasme. Until the second half and then especially on that final drive.

Pro Football Focus graded them out pretty good, the sacks notwithstanding. So my theory is that this game will be their game. They know how bad we need it and they kbnow the scrutiny they will get on Monday Nights Big Stage.

With 5 pre seaswon games and 3 more with live bullets and thew games counting, I predict that they will show up just in time for a MONSTER Game!

Everybody has been contributing to this "Perfect Storm". Now it's the O-Line's turn. They hear the talk, they know people are considering them the weak link!

I predict that they put together their best game to date. They are going to take out all the frustrations of the past 8 weeks on the Saints poor D-Line!

And this is going to make all the difference in the world. This is going to be just enough to get us another unexpected Victory!

Ah Yes! The "Perfect Storm!"

PS: I just love being 3-0 and Talking Smack Again!

Life Is Good for US Dolphin Fans!!!!

It's been mentioned a couple times but must say, Don Jones special teams hit was the play of the game...I was in the stands and you could feel the momentum build after that and more importantly the Falcons wind slowly leave their sails...If Donald Jones is not in the "Brotherhood" you can bet he is now....


Good question what Shula and the 72" Perfecto would think and feel if this team was the last undefeated team...specially going into a Super Bowl (ok, I'm dreaming).

But they are a class act and I think they would feel that it's a "FIN Family" thing and would approve.

Another thing I like about Philbin is that he's a very cerebral type of person, smart and intelligent, and classy. I really don't think we have had "Class" with our HC since Shula, MAYBE JJ...but MAYBE a stretch. As much as I liked JJ, he walked out on us and was a douch at times.

I remember when Boss Ross and Ireland where looking for our new HC, Ross stated he wanted the Dolphins to have a coach similar to Shula (this includes having class). NO Rex Ryans.

I noticed something said in an interview that impressed me. They were interviewing Wallace about the game and asked him what he thought about the special teams fumble recovery. He said "Donny" made a great hit.

I love that the highest paid player on the team is calling the lowest paid player by a fond, brotherly version of Don.

Reflects a closeness to me. "Brotherhood" of the whole team.

Another thing I like about Philbin is that he's a very cerebral type of person, smart and intelligent, and classy. I really don't think we have had "Class" with our HC since Shula,

Posted by: MADFIN | September 24, 2013 at 07:58 PM

You could've ended your sentence right there.

JJ, for all the good he did, simply ended up being a quitter. You can't get around this fact. He not only quit, he left the Franchise in the hands of an idiot! He double whammy'ed Us!!!!

There's no contest, Shula just set the Bar Too High for pretenders like JJ.

Philbin is all the things you say above. But I think what balances him out is his quick wit and sense of humor. If not for that, he could be too dogmatic and domineering.

I believe in Coach Philbin. He has earned my respect IMHO. He's no Don Shula, but he's catching up with JJ at a phenominal pace.

Go Phins!!!!

Everybody Knows,

Wallace's use of "Donny" caught my attention too. I was thinking along the same line as you.

But then thought, MAYBE I was reading too much into it.

Either way, I love the way Philbin Preaches Team First and apparently everyone's buying in.

Go Team ;)

need a corner make a deal ireland

how long is wake out for

Wake said that it's up to the trainers, but that he thinks he can play through the pain Monday Night.

Of course, I kind of knew Wake would say something like this, the Guy's a 24/7 Warrior!

The Team Doctor probably won't clear him too play until the Baltimore Game. This is just my enterpretation of all the things I've read and heard about his injury.

In all reality though, I have no idea and no news is coming from the Team.

I'm going to watch the NFL Replay.........AGAIN!

(I love my DVR!)

Book of Manning..... WOW! Best sports documentary ever.

Even enjoyed seeing little 3yr old Peyton Manning wearing a Miami Dolphins football helmet. Almost came true.

Manning wasnt about to join the Dolphin circus.

For the guy who said Burnett is better than wheeler your drinking and obviously didnt watch last nights game...

I'll tell you all one thing for REAL!

Everytime I watch a Dolphin Game, Live or tape, I get so disgusted I want to throw a chair through a Fvcking window!

I'm so Damn sick of watching Offensive Tackles leaning on Wake with their ARMS literally hooked around him in a Freaking Head Lock!

I mean, it's almost on every play. We're 3-0, so this isn't sour grapes. But Come on, it's getting pretty obvious that NFL officiating crews are negating Wakmes natural abilities and that burns my ASS!

I blame this squarely on Philbin and Ross. They need to address this with the proper NFL avenues. I don't know who they contact, Christ, it's not my job. But they SHOULD know, and this SHOULD have already been done.......REPEATEDLY, because it's happened, blatantly, each and every week so far.

Armando, can you ask Coach(or anybody with the team)why offensive tackles are being allowed to put Wake in Head Locks during the game? Can you ask them why they haven't addressed it with League Officials?

I'm serious, lets ask some tough questions Armando and TRY to make a difference.

If I was Philbin or Coyle, you can bet your sweet ass I would all the way out on the Hash Marks bringing it to the officials attention. I would walk the officials right into the other teams huddle to point the guy out.

Come on now, it's more than a little ridiculous at this point!

MJD can still play... buy for the right amount. Can't believe they signed a D tackle and no help for the O-line. This season means everything. Ireland has to ensure he picks the best talent available to give this team a winning chance.

Watch the play where Wake gets injured. 3rd and 4 and the ball is snapped at 11:32(clock running). Gonzales gets a first down with Ellerbe and Clemon's doubling him.

The Tackle did this too him every play up until he came out of the game injured. It's Fvcking RIDICULOUS and if Philbin doesn't address this with the proper league/officiating people, then somethings really wrong.

Watch the play(all of them actually). The tackle catches Wake around the neck, then starts trying to lean on him as he gets a firm head lock going.

Wake still got a hit on Ryan despite the obvious Holding/Horse collar/Head Lock. A step and half short of getting the sack. The Horse Collar/Head Lock being the difference no doubt.

Armando, I swear to God! You need to be "The Voice" of the Fans. I have every game recorded and so far, it's been the same. Every Tackle Wake faces does this to one degree or another. Unless this is WWE type of crap that Goodell dreamed up, something needs to be done. They have no answer for Wake, except this. Wake should have 10 sacks already and should have drawn about 15 holding calls.

Armando, check with your Partners at Pro Football Focus and see if they're keeping stats on these officiating crews. This crap/biased officiating crap is garbage and it's ended up getting Cameron Wake injured.

Be the voice of the Fan Armando and make a difference!

"Because Don Jones said so!" (circa Stone Cold)

Can't get over how $$$ Sturgis is...like a grizzled vet kicking assasin. Keep it up kid. Maybe he can borrow Chad Johnson's mock yellow HoF jacket...he's not using it for sure. Too early you say? I like to do my Mr. October pointing waaaaaay early!

WR R. Mathews stellar effort last drive. +1

What's Sims gonna be like with seasoning?

Run Def...you have to be better even down Soliai. Hope the poor tackling was an anomoly.

Feels like any loss may allow Wallace to blow a gasket. Winning soothes the diva deer.

OL and Def came away with enuff plays at the end. Because I just don't know if there is anything more they can wring out of the OL given their talent level. I think that T-Hill needs to get rid of the Henne lack of awareness bs and learn to swivel his head and feel presssure better. Sherman needs to impliment a couple more quick rhythm passes and install a few more blitz beaters. If nothing else always have a clear outlet option.

We shall see as time marches forward. I just want Tannehill to stay upright. Hard sacks will add wear and tear. It sure seems like he excels the most at standing tall in the pocket, watching his guy get open and then firing it in there.

Announcers said that Atlanta practices outdoors in that Atlanta heat but the wandering the Gobi desert look on TE Tony G's face late in the game was priceless!

Gotta buckle the chinstraps,go grab respect,and show your best side to the nation next Monday night Fins!

For all the flaws...I am absolutely wallowing in the beauty that is 3 and 0-ness! Gimme all the ugly wins we can stack on the playoff cart. Having fun at the expense of a gaggle of Bolt fans in SoCal.

"Let's run around like a pack of crazed dogs out there." circa LB L.T.


PS Kaepernick can't be all bad... he had the nads to wear a Fins cap in the offseason and when told he shouldn't he told people to "get a life".

He must be a fan...right on. Go Fins!


Nolan Carroll had a heroic game against Julio Jones. That's as good of day for a defensive back against Jones as you could honestly ask. That dude it unstoppable on a well thrown ball.

Solai is a super player. I think Cameron drafted him in the 4th.

Rob in OC,

Does this mean you're changing......or "Updating" your original prediction on the Phin's record?

@ 10:29


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