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Random thoughts for a Monday afternoon

Still feeling the high from Sunday's 27-23 victory over the Atlanta Falcons? Allow me to share some thoughts to feed your buzz aside from my column in today's Herald:

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill showed up bigtime on the final drive. He began by telling his teammates to forget everything (much of it bad) that had happened in the game previously. Then he authored a 75-yard game winner that included him doing his job and even helping offensive coordinator Mike Sherman do his.

Yes, it was Tannehill that suggested that one-yard pass to tight end Dion Sims to take the lead.

"The orginal call was something else and I suggested that one," Tannehill said. "It's something I liked. Coach [Mike} Sherman agreed and thought it was a great idea. It's a play we know very well, and Dion stepped up and made a great play."


Dion Sims has a flare for the dramatic, I'll give him that.

That game winning catch? One handed.

That game winning catch? The first of his career.


Sims is a very quiet kid. He was asked his thoughts as he's making that important catch.

"I didn't really think about the situation," he said. "I knew it was crunch time and I just wanted to go out there. We ran that play in practice. I knew it was coming."


The Dolphins run-defense was surprisingly bad. The Dolphins had allowed only 180 rushing yards the first two games of the season. They gave up 146 yards on Sunday.

No doubt the absence of run-stopper Paul Soliai had an effect on the situation. I texted David Canter, Soliai's agent during the game and suggested his player's price was going up because the team really missed him.

"Nah, don't bet on that," Canter texted back.

We'll see. I would be surprised if Soliai plays against the Saints, with the only reason to have hope being that it's a Monday night game thus giving the player an extra day to recover from his knee injury.


Tannehill has reached the all important 2-1 ratio of TDs to INTs for the season. He has four TDs and 2 INTs.


I don't often talk to John Denney despite the fact he's the longest-tenured Dolphins player. Truth is there are 53 guys on the roster and I simply don't get around to all of them.

But in his 131st consecutive game played for Miami, Denney came away with a big fumble recovery on a punt. It was impressive because when he dove into the pile, an Atlanta player had the ball in his grasp and Denney somehow took it away.

"There was some wrestling going on down there," Denney said. "But all that matters is when the refs get to the bottom of the pile, you're the one with a majority of the ball."


I have no update on Cameron Wake's knee injury. He wasn't too eager to discuss it after the game and said he didn't even remember how it happened other than the fact someone rolled him up.


Michael Egnew caught his first career pass. It gained eight yards.


I could see Richie Incognito biting his tongue when he was asked about the poor pass protection of Tannehill.

"We don't know until we watch the tape," he began, which is always a bridge from I hate this line of questioning. "There's a lot of different factors to pass protection. It's more than just the offensive line. So we have to watch the tape to figure out what's going on."

Well, what's going on is the line got beat, for sure. Incognito and left tackle Jonathan Martin failed to recognize and react properly on a stunt that led to one of Osi Umenyiora's two sacks.

But there were other folks responsible as well. Running back Daniel Thomas got beat for a sack. Tight end Dion Sims got beat for a sack.

And, yes, sometimes Tannehill holds the football waaaay too long. Has to clean that up.


Yes, Sunday's comeback victory was impressive. But you know what else impressed me about the Dolphins this day?

The Colts.

Consider that Indianapolis went to San Francisco and carved up the 49ers. Consider that it wasn't even close. And when you consider that in the context of Miami beating the Colts in Indianapolis a week ago, you should be impressed also.


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It may be raining here in Tampa but it's a beautiful day.
The Dolphins are 3-0.

Woooo Hoooo!!!

Get well Paul, Cam, and all others.

Mando, I'm DEFINITELY impressed we beat the Colts IN Indy. But as far as them beating San Fran, I don't play that game. All those years back in the JT/Zach Thomas years where we split with the Pats, did that mean we could beat other good teams? Nope. Every week is different in the NFL, just cause you beat a team that beat another team doesn't mean you're better than the other team that got beat. No game is easy (well, except maybe Jacksonville). San Fran has lots of injuries, so they're not the same team. I'm glad we don't have to see them this year.

Psyched we are 3-0 and I love how the Offense is playing, aside from blocking, the passing game seems pretty in synch.

Anyone else concerned with how we are starting games though?, all three games we have not played a good 1st quarter.

After 1st quarter we have been very solid, especially in 2nd half of all three games. Something is missing in early game planning.

San Fran losing to Colts? Right now I wouldn't place a whole lot of stock into this. Niners still in a funk from Seahawks beatdown a week prior.

Sometimes these things can be chalked up to catching a team at the exact right time. The Bills or Jets may have beaten the Niners yesterday. Clearly they weren't 100% ready to play yesterday.

Niners loss to Colts yesterday may have more to do with the Seahawks beatdown instead of Colts being so great.


"Still feeling the high from Sunday's 27-23 victory over the Atlanta Falcons?"

No. Because everyone who is not a Dolphins fan seems to be mad about it.

that 1-handed catch was a great throw; Ryan just lobbed it in there. the kid is getting better.

3-2 is all you got 2 watt? Looks like we're playing with house money.

nemo, evry X i say that they win ok?

It would be nice if the national media would stop disrespecting the Dolphins so badly. Can anyone figure this out?

Do they take their cues from the local media who have been highly critical of the Dolphins even into training camp and just now started jumping on the bandwagon?

And why is it that ANYONE is talking about the Dolphins and the Jets in the same breath? They played bad teams!!! Are we the only one who see's the difference in the schedules?!

Who cares, screw em, just keep winning please so we can shove it down their throats! Go Dolphins!!!! (it being their words, get your minds out of the gutter!)

I hope they practice tackling this week. But I don't think NFL rules allow teams to practice tackling in season, so thats doubtful. And isn't there some journeyman running back or tight end out there who's not very good, but can at least step up and put a helmet on a linebacker running free through our o-line? That's what they missed in not landing Vonta Leach.

78, 1 out 4 of the talking heads i saw pix the phinz yday so 25% of the nation is getting it.

yimmy + sapp 4 2.

If you're gonna mention how we beat the Colts, who in turn stomped the 49ers, why not mention how we beat Cleveland, who in turn went up to Minnesota and beat the Vikings on the road? Just saying.....

73, they mixx fasano.

I like that every time someone says Tannehill is bad at something or can't do something he goes out and gets it corrected. Seriously how many shortcomings have we heard about in his game since last year? And how many are left? Holds the ball too long, can get better with his accuracy?

Big woop! This is a 2nd year nfl qb, a 4 year qb all together and he's improving every day. Now shut up, sit back and watch him clear up the other issues like he always does.

The colts win over niners is nice perspectitve but truth be told Kapernick has no one to throw to right now. Even Vernon Davis was out. And colts added richardson. But still, Fins look great.

MIT, Looks like we may end in a Tie in FF...

good point 2 watt lol

The media is unfair to the Dolphins, but what can you do. They better get used to them winning. If they beat the Saints and or Ravenst he love will come.

We have Sapp and Irvin on our bandwagon though, they will all come around eventually. Kurt Warner before picking the Falcons said he can't figure out how they're 2-0. Well Kurt I hope your saying I don't know how they're 4-0 after Monday Night.

his pocket pres. puuuuuuuuuuke at the moment.

Most fans entering the year would have been thriled with a 3-2 start heading into the bye week.

Lets face it...the road win in Indy was big. The home opener victory (in front of a huge crowd, against a playoff team and with the number of Fins' injuries) was huge!

If we lose to the high powered New Orleans team in their house with the all the injuries the Fins have right now...so what? They are then 3-1 going back home with a solid chance against Balitimore who has not been ideal so far this year.

I like the position they are in and I think they will be 4-1 heading into the bye week.

Now, if they somehow beat the Saints on Monday night....watch out AFC...watch out NFL...watch out sports media...the Fins Have Arrived!!!

Good point 2watt? I do a whole thing on the media in my post that 2watt comments on and you say good point to him?> LMAO,,,WOW Nemo.

78 shut ^.

Posted by: Phins78 | September 23, 2013 at 12:32 PM

Posted by: 2 watt | September 23, 2013 at 12:33 PM

Ummmm hellloooooooooooooo? lol

Craig, weren't we up 14-3 on the Colts after a quarter last week?

DC Dolfan, couldn't agree with you more.

I am buying into this team unlike past MIami teams that started off the year good than flopped at the end (Wanntsted years and 2008). The reason why I think we finally have a legit team it the 3rd down production, we are finally scoring TDs in the red zone rather than FGs and we also finally have a QB. And yes I am sold on Tannehill. When was the last time you seen a Miami Dolphins QB win games with out a running game? I still have some issues with the play calling. I thought they should have rolled Tannehill out on a few plays to help out the OL and to also tire out the Falcons defenders.

You know it's true 2watt! Ha

P78 @ 12:32, that post was tailor made for rdubs..

78, y so obsessed 'bout what some moron jox has to say 'bout the phinz.?
who cares.

kris, did u get 2 watch the game?

Craig I thought about that last night. There is good and bad to it. (starting games slow.

The bad obvious, slow starts are never desirable in the NFL.

The good? A young team learning that you have to come out strong. They come back from the half strong so they know what it takes to play that way but now they have to do it for 60 minutes. I see it as a sign of a young team learning about themselves. The great thing is they don't come out strong and end flat like years past. That's demoralizing. But come from behind wins bring a team closer and give them tons of confidence.

I will only be concerned if it becomes a trend. They did pretty well against INDY in the first half.

Cuban, how's that? My phone shows I have a sizeable lead.

We have to learn to ignore the naysayers and the trolls...

..especially when they are phug king az oles.....


Mando's point about Colts v. SF is, I think, that after we beat the Colts, lotsa folks weren't "woo! Dolphins!" but rather "ah, those overrated Colts, they suck."

Whipping the 49ers suggests that the Colts do not in fact suck. I think it's a legit point.

True 2watt. I realized that by the end of my post. Screw em, just win, I don't care what they say because it will make it that much sweeter if they make the playoffs.

And it's better for the team to be disrespected by their peers. It will give them more incentive to prove them wrong.

Ouch, you have Peyton Manning against the oakland defense? Oh, I'm gonna cry ...


Anderson, that's true, last week people were saying that we SHOULD'VE beat the Colts... now this week they are the biggest dikk in the yard ... WTF???

I guess we are getting respect, because ESPN 1st TAKE did a segment on us.

What have the Fins done over the past decade to earn media respect? A couple one and done playoffs, a first overall draft position, a 3rd overall, 2-3 top 10 overalls, 2-3 picks in the lower teens.

Why would the national media give them any respect? Our 1st 3-0 start since 2002, 12-13yrs, and fans screaming for national respect? Come on now, let's get heads out of clouds and float on down to reality.

As good as a 3-0 start says we are, there's been enough bad play, that could have also led to 0-3. It's still very precarious with this team. As surely as we're 3-0, we could be 3-3 over the next 3gms.

It's too difficult to tell with very young teams. It won't be until about game 10, that we'll know what we truly have.

Sorry for leaving you out phins78. Like I said, we're no getting enough media respect, but screw them.

I was telling 2 watt to just keep saying 0-5,1-4,2-3,3-2 because every time he says that we win! lol


Are you sure that was a stunt by Osi. I think he got pushed back like a rag doll on the line, only to have a straight line to Thill after he was pressured forward in the pocket. Maybe I'm wrong (or you're referring to the other sack) but I remember thinking that Martin didn't deserve the blame for that sack.

Appreciate all that you're doing today. Good stuff.


With young teams, as quickly as you can have success, things can quickly turn to nightmarish failure. Not being pessimistic, just using guarded caution until more is revealed.

FWIW, my random thoughts after an amazing 3-0 start:

I think the next time Coach wins the coin toss, he might consider giving the ball to the offense.

Another thought. Tannehill has been sacked more than any other QB (14 times). The closest sack totals are Vick, Eli, and Weeden, all with 11. Weeden didn't make it through 2 games and the other 2 QBs are a combined 1-6.

Tannehill's been under a lot of pressure and is still in the top 10 for completion percentage & QB rating.

The Tannehill/Henne comparisons have to stop...please.

With 39 sec left in the Game and we with the ball 1 yd away from a TD and being 3 points down at that time, I told my friend Julio, And now what? What would you do? he promptly replied, run it!. I told him, no, if we fail we wont get another chance at the end zone and the field goal unit might be rushed out there. Throw a pass into the end zone, anywhere. Fortunately, Ryan T heard me and he did so. You know, he's going to be a Dr. just as I am now. Wus VERY smart.


Posted by: 2 watt | September 23, 2013 at 12:20 PM

Debbie Downer rides again.

"Why would the national media give them any respect?"

I would totally agree with you Sam had it not bben the numerous times I've seen the Cowboys, who haven't won a playoff game in over a decade, get tons of love from the media.

I would totally agree with you if the Browns, and Raiders, both very crappy teams who haven't done jack squat, didn't always get patted on the back for tying their shoelaces properly.

I would agree if the media didn't take a 3-0 team and make it sound like they stole their record.

It's quite ridiculous to say the least.

Wallyfin....point well taken..

but it seems like Coach Joe does that because he feels the D is the srength of the team...

...if they hold the opponent, then we get some momentum, plus the ball to start the 2nd half..

..yesterday it kind of backfired on both counts, but we still managed to win..

...that says a lot to me about the resilience of this team....


Sam I agree with the end. You brought the post together nicely there. We will need a bigger body of work and yes, 3-0 can turn into 3-3 awfully quick.

"Tannehill's been under a lot of pressure and is still in the top 10 for completion percentage & QB rating."

This is an EXCELLENT point Fodder. And I've been wanting to comment on it so I'm glad to see someone else is noticing this.

How is this being overlooked by the experts? They need to stop calling themselves experts.



Ireland's contract was extended today!! So all you Ireland haters, too bad, live with it. He has done a great job and deserves the extension.

Cowboys now get media attention for now mostly all of the wrong reasons. Mostly how they've underachieved within the last decade. Then Romo's famous chokes.

Other than that, it's all about Jerry Jones' circus that went from 3 sb rings to just simply 3 rings under the big top.

OK...if we sweep the Jets and the Bills...that would be 7 wins...

if we win 3 out of the other 9 games..that would be 10 - 6.....and good enough for the playoffs !!!!

...where is this bigger body of evidence you are looking for?....

...barring an unforseeable injury, I say we have every reason to believe this is totally within reach...


Ireland deserves the extension. Him and Philbin seem like a good combo picking the players.

Ha! Kris called it yesterday... when Ross said we have a heck of team or whatever he said that Ireland saw $$$ ... congrats Ireland you deserve it ... just keep these Green Bay guys nearby..

...and to further illustrate the point....that would be winning 7 out of the remaining 13 games..which is just above .500 ...and 755 of teams that are 3-0 have done it...so to me there is no doubt..we are absolutely capable of this outcome...


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