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Random thoughts for a Monday afternoon

Still feeling the high from Sunday's 27-23 victory over the Atlanta Falcons? Allow me to share some thoughts to feed your buzz aside from my column in today's Herald:

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill showed up bigtime on the final drive. He began by telling his teammates to forget everything (much of it bad) that had happened in the game previously. Then he authored a 75-yard game winner that included him doing his job and even helping offensive coordinator Mike Sherman do his.

Yes, it was Tannehill that suggested that one-yard pass to tight end Dion Sims to take the lead.

"The orginal call was something else and I suggested that one," Tannehill said. "It's something I liked. Coach [Mike} Sherman agreed and thought it was a great idea. It's a play we know very well, and Dion stepped up and made a great play."


Dion Sims has a flare for the dramatic, I'll give him that.

That game winning catch? One handed.

That game winning catch? The first of his career.


Sims is a very quiet kid. He was asked his thoughts as he's making that important catch.

"I didn't really think about the situation," he said. "I knew it was crunch time and I just wanted to go out there. We ran that play in practice. I knew it was coming."


The Dolphins run-defense was surprisingly bad. The Dolphins had allowed only 180 rushing yards the first two games of the season. They gave up 146 yards on Sunday.

No doubt the absence of run-stopper Paul Soliai had an effect on the situation. I texted David Canter, Soliai's agent during the game and suggested his player's price was going up because the team really missed him.

"Nah, don't bet on that," Canter texted back.

We'll see. I would be surprised if Soliai plays against the Saints, with the only reason to have hope being that it's a Monday night game thus giving the player an extra day to recover from his knee injury.


Tannehill has reached the all important 2-1 ratio of TDs to INTs for the season. He has four TDs and 2 INTs.


I don't often talk to John Denney despite the fact he's the longest-tenured Dolphins player. Truth is there are 53 guys on the roster and I simply don't get around to all of them.

But in his 131st consecutive game played for Miami, Denney came away with a big fumble recovery on a punt. It was impressive because when he dove into the pile, an Atlanta player had the ball in his grasp and Denney somehow took it away.

"There was some wrestling going on down there," Denney said. "But all that matters is when the refs get to the bottom of the pile, you're the one with a majority of the ball."


I have no update on Cameron Wake's knee injury. He wasn't too eager to discuss it after the game and said he didn't even remember how it happened other than the fact someone rolled him up.


Michael Egnew caught his first career pass. It gained eight yards.


I could see Richie Incognito biting his tongue when he was asked about the poor pass protection of Tannehill.

"We don't know until we watch the tape," he began, which is always a bridge from I hate this line of questioning. "There's a lot of different factors to pass protection. It's more than just the offensive line. So we have to watch the tape to figure out what's going on."

Well, what's going on is the line got beat, for sure. Incognito and left tackle Jonathan Martin failed to recognize and react properly on a stunt that led to one of Osi Umenyiora's two sacks.

But there were other folks responsible as well. Running back Daniel Thomas got beat for a sack. Tight end Dion Sims got beat for a sack.

And, yes, sometimes Tannehill holds the football waaaay too long. Has to clean that up.


Yes, Sunday's comeback victory was impressive. But you know what else impressed me about the Dolphins this day?

The Colts.

Consider that Indianapolis went to San Francisco and carved up the 49ers. Consider that it wasn't even close. And when you consider that in the context of Miami beating the Colts in Indianapolis a week ago, you should be impressed also.


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That should have read 75% of teams....sorry

I read that too. Good call Kris! Too funny

Son of Sam, did you even watch the segment?? Because your comments doesnt make sense.

The Dolphins are getting respect!! How do I know? ?

Because the media said so...

Update: Ireland's contract was extended last summer.

Buster, as long as RT17 is upright, we will win a lot more than we lose... Matt Moore could handle the Panthers and Bills and Jets and Bucs but Tannehill deserves these games to pump his stats ...

Sounds good Buster, lets hope they keep up the good work!

Well what do you know, they gave him the extension during the offseason but never announced it ...


finsunderworld you have to read the comments. Sam I Am (Dr. Suess) not Son of Sam (David Berkowitz famous serial killer) was commenting on a conversation we were having.

And which segment were you referring to?

Maybe he can buy some decent suits now ... guy dresses in suits from the 1990s .... you're young reasonably fit guy Jeff - UPDATE!!

Did someone say the 49'ers had no receivers?

Is Anquan Boldin not a receiver? Flacco would surely disagree.

Thank God they didn't announce it. Oh my God that would have sent the tolls into a tizzy. Best time to announce it is after yesterdays win. Those sly Dolphins ;)

EK, yep, that should not have been an excuse... still working with decent talent and a star studded o line and backfield.

If Kaep was half the qb the media would allow you to believe he is, he would've performed.

Absolutely Mark and Phins 78, et al...YOU JUST GOT TO BELIEVE !!!!!!! DO IT TEAM!!! JUST WIN!!!!

Next MONDAY nite, our boys are gonna be ON FIRE!!!!!!


If Tannehill covered his body in tattoos and kissed his own biceps would the media fall in love with him too?

lol I swear these guys are bisexual (not that there's anything wrong with that) but they seem to fall in love with players based on look, personality, and attitude. It's creepy how they talk about players sometimes. They get so excited, you should have heard the announcer during the Green Bay game talking about Clay Matthews. I thought he was going to tie his shirt up in a knot around his stomach and hold up a "will you marry me sign". It was embarrassing for everyone.

Mando, what the colts did to the niners is irrelevant.

Just cause Miami beat the Colts doesn't mean they'd whoop the niners.

Every team matches up with other teams differently.

And let's be honest here. Kapernick and the read option has been figured out & it looks like the mastermind Harbaugh doesn't have a different option.

How one team beats another should never be a reflection on how other teams have fared against similar opponents.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 23, 2013 at 01:22 PM

lmao! (Mark you crack me up)

But I second that. Whooooooo!

Talk to you later guys and have a great day.

P78, you're probably gone but I swear you're on to something. For the leadup to last year's super bowl they had a segment with a topless kaep where they went over all his tattoos ... I was like WTF?!?!? This douche defienitely gets more love and somehow gets graded with the QBs who were drafted in Luck's class although he's a year older... He's a 3 year vet and Tannehill if healthy in his 3rd year will be beating the holy tar out of anything douchey can do now... he's figured out ... one trick pony ... he doesn't wear 11 for Miami - he's in SF...

AFTER NEARLY 28 YEARS of COACHING COLLEGE AND the NFL as an offensive coach ( winning a college national championship and a NFL championship ) ... Joe Philbin becomes the head coach (for the first time ever at any level ) of the Miami Dolphins. Ryan Tannehill after one full year as a quarterback at any level( high school or college ) becomes the starting quarterback for the Dolphins the first game of the season his rookie year. How come no one has seen this as a major story ? This could be the beginning of a fated union. There is special chemistry brewing here .... "Late Bloomers always arrive wise"

Yeah well the Colts have a new RB since we played them ...

Just curious why no one has bothered to mention that KCs signal caller was benched last year in San Fran when Harghbough decided Kaep(biceps)ernick was the better fit. Alex, (former #1 pick) is laughing now.

Boycott and all those otehrs asking for Jeff Irelands head... Contract has been extended hahaha

Kudos to Ireland...looks like he figured it out after 5 yrs, or however long it has been...my hats off to him...the FO has put together a much better team this season, and the results are the proof...keep it going team!!!


Have to get down the road, folks....was fun ...winning always is....ciao...

GO GO GO !!!!!!




My fault Phins78.


Kaep had a couple of bad games. It's early though...just like the praise for our Dolphins, full crownings and criticisms shouldn't come until the end of the year.

Truth is Kaep almost won the 49ers a Super Bowl last year. He's a tremendous talent-> The OC just needs to find ways to uncork it. The defenses have done a great job so far laying down the gauntlet against last year's growing offensive trend of run/option qbs. It'll be interesting to see how offenses push back.

Yeah, Indy's new RB was in the game for 1 play. WOW! What a difference he made.

I don't even know if he can start for Indy. He is very overrated.

Yeah well the Colts have a new RB since we played them ...

Posted by: Tom Hartman | September 23, 2013 at 01:46 PM

So what? Richardson doesn't really upgrade that team. They will live n die with Luck & their passing game.

We can maybe find out if he makes a difference when they play us in Miami in the playoffs.

Rb's, especially those who don't threaten in the passing game, aren't that valuable anymore. Defenses fear Leshon McCoy & Reggie Bush more than Trent Richardson.

AP is the best in the game by universal opinions. He's a great player cause he gets fed. Richardson is the same kind of back who wears on you as the game goes on. For him to be effective & a true "upgrade", he'd have to get fed.

He'll actually get less touches in Indy having to contend w/the passing game & a credible RB already in house in Bradshaw.

Teams will always gear up to stop the running game, regardless of who the RB is. It's the dynamic players teams fear. Not the 1 dimensional grinders.

Its a good feeling to be 3-0... Just dont need to pull a Cardinals and fall apart. We arent set up as they were last year so I dont see it happening.
A game like yesterdays was one that they would have lost last year.. so good job turning the corner

The same Rb we held to 45 yards or so the week before .... look at me tremble ...

It's gonna be fun watching all the Trolls heads explode today!!
Dolphins 3-0 and the Ireland extension. Great day in the 305

The O-line needs to step up. It's our weakest link. RT won't last long if he's constantly hit. And yes, he needs to have a quicker release which will come with experience. Mia24-NO20. Go Fins!!

Celebrating, self congratulating & back patting over a 1 year extension like we just hired Ozzie Newsome & gave him a 10 year contract.

A lil clarity & perspective would be nice.

BTW, why does ANYONE care about what trolls think? Half the posts on this blog are about trolls. Either you are a loser or have waaaaaay to much time on your hands to address blog trolls.

You dopes want them gone yet, instigate them? They feed off you even acknowledging their existence.

How's that working out for y`all?

I see no one is talking about the Dolphins being 100% in the red zone this season season ticket member here and the place was rocking yesterday 4-0 here we come

Kap is a product of a system that everyone has figured out. He's not elite. He's a mirage.

I think too many folks missed the fact that all too often the Dolphins would come up short in games that were winnable in the end. Winning just half of those would have made them 9-7 with a different buzz about them. The fact they played poorly, stayed in the game, and won at the end is a mark of progress....one that playoff teams make..

Armando, your random thoughts today mirrors my own. Scary!

I agree the line needs to step up but Tannehill is part of the problem as he holds the ball too long sometimes and his pocket awareness needs to improve..

Enough people here seem to believe that Kap,RG3,and Newton are all overated and one demensional. Time will tell...No point in debating people with closed minds about certain types of quarterbacks.

Mark I read your comment. I remember you and I talking about the coverage of Kaep before the super bowl. I was obviously kidding but it doesn't seem like a joke right? Seems like it's really happening. oh boy

finsunderworld, no biggy and I wasn't trying to be a wise guy. I was seriously interested in which segment you were talking about because I've been looking around for some positives and haven't found many.

To anyone who has access to cable tv right now nfl primetime is about to talk about the fins and Pats.

I have not seen a word yet about you NOT picking the Phins to win, chump. You are writing as if you knew all along that the Phins were this good, which is deceitful, bible boy.

Ok, where do you place the 2013 Dolphins on this list: '84 49'ers, '99 Rams, '85 Bears and the '92 Cowboys?

We're in the conversation!

Good column Mando and I agree. I would go even further and say we didn't play well enough to win last week either. But somehow, we find a way. It has been said that a team has to learn to win and after what seems like forever, they've found it. Congrats to our Miami Dolphins and congrats to us long suffering fans for hanging in there.

Also, did anyone catch any of the Jets game yesterday? The Bills had 10 guys on the field and the Jets called a timeout.

Can't wait to see the Jets against a good team.

First an foremost Kapernick looks like he has progeria.

With that being said, how about those damn Phins Rockin the Muthabuttlovin stadium and makin' the Falcons their bottom bittches!

Matty Ice? perhaps at times, but not this time SON! What had happened sir,did you get tired? Was it too humid? Was Grimes taking away half the field? Was Tony not catching passes, cuz he bumped hims head?

Julio Jones, I cant say anything bad about you, you were dragging damn Dolphin players all over the field, but still you suck!!!

Brent Grimes you are wonderful and I am glad you are here, but I have to say, "I love your wife and find here to be the definition of classy!" that tweet she sent to the falcons, was sweet, sincere , elegant and straight to the point! She is a keeper

Nolan Carrol you did your job, I know people will see Julio's stats and say you suck. Well sir, they suck and perhaps swallow! When you have the ball thrown at you all game against one of the biggest fastest receivers in the NFL and you dont give up any home runs or many meaningful plays, you did your job!! Haters gone hate!

Don Jones - Harry Douglas to quote Chris Tucker from the movie "Friday" "You got knocked the fukc out! I am now going to copy and paste my tweet I sent to him after the game

@Don_Jones5 That's how you tackle a muthafukka..That's how you tackle a muthafukka ~ said in Samuel Jackson voice

Tannehill- nothing needs to be said

Egnew/Sims - congrats on first catches.

Coaching - Good Job

Ireland- Glad you got extended, so how does that Extenze work anyways?

After that TD catch, I lost my sh!t, I was booty shaking or twerking? Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays. I did a couple of dance moves that I picked up in the Juvenile video "Back that thang up". Then I did the flipper dance, you know when Dolphins do that little thing that looks like they are moonwalking on water. My son was laughing his butt off, but my wife was not!

Damn this team is gonna kill me, but heart attack is better than a heartbreak!!! Phins up your butt!! Im out

Lastly, don't know why I'm shocked.

The entire time nfl primetime was on they kept saying they were going to talk about the afc east and how the Pats might have some competition probably. When they finally got around to the segment they showed the final drive and then talked about how good Tannehill is becoming when he's under pressure.

They didn't say one word about the afc east. As a matter of fact Hodge and Hasslebeck said nothing at all. Trey Wingo did all of the talking concerning the Dolphins.

Jets Bills up next. How much you want to bet they do a complete breakdown of the game and both qbs. And they will all talk about it.

Back to someones earlier point about earning respect.

I was just wondering when the Bills have done that? Something stinks and it aint our Dolphins!!! Haha

Can we stop seeing commercials with Kaep? he might be a nice kid, but he has no chaisma and looks like has Progeria

The Jets are first class all the way ... didn't want to take advantage of an undermanned opponent.

Oh my goodness dc are you making a joke? I put them at the very bottom of that list. If there's another blank piece of paper underneath that list I would put them at the bottom of that one as to keep them far away from the incredible and dominant teams you just mentioned.

I must be missing the joke. lol

Hahaha I was saying the same thing to my wife Mark. She hates the Jets as much as I do so we had a good laugh.

Crap in a sack, I just typed up my review for the game and its not here. Probably true much fake cursing!! Those moderators are so clever. Thought using 2 K's in a certain F word, would slip through! Guess not

Ha!!! rdubs killin it!!

P78, you expect Hodge to swallow his pride? never!!!

new blog up

Against Brees, we face easily our stiffest qb contest of the season. Brees is easily top 5 elite all day long. Nothing against Luck and Ryan, it is what it is.

Luck's still developing. Ryan goes hot and cold, just like 2012 playoffs then again yesterday.

Against Brees, this had better be our most complete game yet. Brees won't offer many chances to make a comeback. Neither will Saints #5 rated pass defense.

Okay so Kaeps press conference, not so good.

I hope Tannehill keeps getting better because I'm really starting to like the kid and would love to see him beat all of his peers in the end. It would make a great story.

I bring this up to point out Tannehills maturity level at a young age. When the Dolphins lose he's all business. This is what I need to do better, we have to get back to practice, we will get it cleared up. Maturity and he treats the media respectfully from what I've seen.

Kaeps press conference was telling. The going is tough and he's pouting. Wouldn't answer the media's questions, acted put off by the whole thing because they lost. When they win he's all smiles, high fiving reporters, kissing his biceps.

It worries me for San Fran that when the going gets tough Kaep doesn't handle it well. Can't win em all kid, a little professionalism would go a long way. Watch Tannehill's press conferences for pointers.

2watt are you finding it harder and harder to dig up negative BS? Is that all you got? Maybe you should just keep bashing Ireland? No? Don't want to do that anymore? Take your happy pill and stay off this blog you idiot NE patriot loving troll ahole.

I guess the Dolphins won't get any respect until we beat the Patriots...
How they're still ranked higher than Miami after beating the teams they've beaten is beyond me.

Oh, and Wake was diagnosed with a mild MCL sprain. He should be good to go by Monday (hopefully).

Martin - 4 years, $4.78 M
2 sacks, 6 hurries

Long - 4 years, $34 M ($20 M guaranteed)
2 sacks, 11 hurries

Any questions?

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