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Reasons for Tannehill's 14 sacks are everywhere

Ryan Tannehill has gotten sacked more than any other NFL quarterback and that really is not a sustainable statistic if the Dolphins are going to keep the most important offensive player healthy.

Tannehill, sacked 14 times in three games, knows this is a problem and says the Dolphins aren't happy about it.

"Well obviously you don’t want to be taking sacks, that’s a negative part of the game and you don’t want to be on the ground," Tannehill said. "I’m not concerned with it, I’m not thinking about it as I’m back there.  The situations where I need to get the ball out of my hands obviously I need to correct and either get the ball out or tuck it up and get back to the line of scrimmage as best I can.

"It’s not something we’re happy about right now, it’s something we’re looking at, we’re working on, but I’m not concerned with it, I have confidence in the guys in front of me.  They’re getting better, I’m hopefully getting better at the same time and we’ll hopefully see those numbers go down."

It's obvious the offensive line is responsible for protecting Tannehill. And so are the running backs and tight ends. But Tannehill knows he's responsible for keeping himself out of trouble either by getting rid of the football quicker or running out of trouble.

That's why he admits at least one sack against Atlanta on Sunday was on him.

"The one early in the game, the first drive, I definitely held the ball too long," he said. "It wasn’t playing out down field the way we thought it was going to, and I didn’t get rid of the ball in a situation I should have, so that one was definitely on me."

Here's a twist on the whole sack deal. Sometimes Miami's receivers aren't getting open. And sometimes the secondary is playing very well against the Dolhins.

" There was also some times when the coverage’s were just great down field, and I just wasn’t able to get the ball off, so I think it’s a combination of sometimes holding the ball too long and sometimes the other team doing a good job,” Tannehill said.


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Sometimes. Armando comes up with a new entry, especially when the situation was getting hot in the older one. Relax, nobody wants your $, man.

I have to tell you. If there's anything we've learned about Tannehill is that if he has a problem to fix, he fixes it.

How many shortcomings did we hear about last year and how many are left? Holding the ball too long and accuracy (which is already improving). RT will get it fixed. Will Ireland ever fix the o-line? Still waiting.

Oscar you said you were leaving in the last blog, I wanted to be first! Ha,j/k, have a great night.

Wait, Armando! Oscar didn't talk about the blog topic, you need to take him down so I'm first! lol Good night

How is the O-Line Irelands problem?

We could have drafted Lane Johnson with our first round pick and taken another Offensive Lineman in the second round.

Reasons for Tannehill's 14 sacks are everywhere

Yeah, he hasnt gotten the speed of the game. Very slow to make decisions. Same problem Henne has.

Ross was too cheap to pay Jake Long so his QB is getting pummeled. YIKES!

Daniel Thomas needs to learn how to pass protect or he's gonna get Tannehill killed.

Ross was too cheap to pay Jake Long so his QB is getting pummeled. YIKES!
Posted by: Phinmanski | September 25, 2013 at 10:07 PM

Apparently you missed last season, Long was a human turnstile till they put him on I.R

Lane johnson has been great thus far and Long was benched sunday... dee dadee

Yeah and Lane Johnson is doing so great in Philly! Same as Henne, when did he ever have back to back good games or start 3-0 with the Phins. Clueless I tell you.

TFK, Daniel Thomas has no business in the NFL. He's just terrible.

Henne started 2-0 in 2010.

Shut up NJ!! Comparing Henne's QB rating to Tannehill's is asinine.

Chad(Fat Neck) Henne was horrible,The Worst..
Cse closed...
Next "Q".........

FYI, Henne played the Bills and Vikings.
That's not much to brag about.


FYI, Henne played the Bills and Vikings. That's not much to brag about.

Posted by: bark trolls bark | September 25, 2013 at 10:22 PM

Well, the Browns and injury riddled Colts arent exactly world beaters lol.

Posted by: teddy ginn TD machine | September 25, 2013 at 10:25 PM

OMG, Who here wants to relive the Ted(I fall down)Ginn Experiment???
I've got a baseball bat for your head....


Mr. Ryan is bragging about all these exotic blitzes they will throw at us...

To Coyle, your zone defense is getting us smoked every week.
Fix the coverage. If u give their TE and receicers a free release all day, we're going to be in a shootout with a bad O line.

did you finish that post? I am offering some major sarcasm about minority owners. Don't really care. But not sure if it's fair to say if Ross is the "worst" owner the Dolphins have ever had. There is only 3 to choose from.

Posted by: Deaners | September 25, 2013 at 08:48 PM


I'm old enough to remember every Dolphins Owner (except for actor Danny Thomas short stint as Co-Owner)

If one were to be completely objective the team has NEVER enjoyed a Strong NFL SAVVY Owner!

Joe Robbie gets alot of LOVE for his time as owner but he was NOTORIOUSLY cheap and the team ISN'T in the GREATEST DYNASTY of All Time conversation because he allowed his BEST OFFENSIVE PLAYERS (Warfield, Zonk & Kick) in their respective Prime's walk to the WFL over money If he pays them he (had a GREAT shot) could have been the 1st Owner to host a S.B. in late 70's while winning with his DYNASTY team and what would that have brought him financially and to the City as well when negotiating renovations for the OB ect.... Seems Robbie lacked a little vision?

Later he allowed Director of Player personnel (72-77) and next team G.M. Bobby Beathard to leave over money as well to G.M. the Redskins. This move along with loss of 70's core is what did in the DYNASTY that could have been! Given the loss of those players took Miami out of the running for team of the decade in that 70's duel with Pittsburgh and Oakland and later when Shula and Arnsbarger put together the Killer Bees with Wood-Strock at QB it was Beathard's Hogs (OL) that beat us into submission in S.B.-17 to go along with his STAR DE's Dexter Manley and Charles Mann probably making Beathard the happiest man in the Stadium sticking it to Robbie without bringing up the fact Shula/Robbie traded their 3rd string QB Joe Theisman to Beathard who also picked up SB MVP Riggins in another AFC trade with Jets.

Beathard would go on to build through the draft and shrewd trades (Wilbur Marshall, Ernest Bynar) a team that would win 2 more Titles (87,91) It has always boggled my mind what our place in NFL history might have been if Robbie hadn't pinched so many pennies when analyzing all these facts! His worst move in my mind I still haven't even touched on which was handing the entire Org. over to Shula who proceeded to waste draft after draft while living/keeping his job off hanging on Marino's jock!

I say it with a certain authority having lived it not the B.S. posting you see about it being the other way around! Again if Miami doesn't have the undefeated Season I don't think history is so kind to Joe Robbie. His sons sold the team to Blockbuster video magnate Huzienga who fans loved at 1st given his free spending but his INSTANT GRATIFICATION started the trend of instability because Wayne was always about the quick fix and what he did with the Marlins mercenary 97 team without realizing that Football was the kind of team game that required true chemistry from top (F.O.) to bottom.

Ross has been the ULTIMATE GREEN HORN OWNER with Gaff after Gaff but seems to get that he needs an Org. with stability and his Off-Season spending suggest he's looking to field a winner so time will tell but when analyzing the history of the team all I can say is thank the STINKIN JETS and Nammath for pulling the upset that soured Baltimore on Shula (the Coach) because it brought us a WINNER then ironically enough thank Robbie for hiring Shula the G.M. that began the steady decline of the franchise not JMO but HISTORICAL FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cuban, you know I said that to get a rise out of you. You are easier than a street walker on Brisco.

But he did look pretty good against the Giants. Hey Cubano, how many TD's does he have on Ross now??


way way too long to read

Yeah fin4life, anything more than 4-5 lines rarely gets read. Keep it shorter PLEASE!!

Jacuzzi,Ted(Opps I droped another one)Ginn and his family are LONG gone,Lets be thankful...

The reply was about a convo going earlier, wasn't intended for you anyway so you simply skip over.

I wonder if Tannehill giving away the play, whether it will be a run or pass play, by his snap count could have something to do with his sack numbers. In the last game every run play RT called a 2 snap (go-go). Every pass play including the play-action was a 1 count. The opposing D knows whether it's run or pass before the ball is snapped. Anybody who recorded the game can go back and see/hear that. Hopefully that gets fixed.

uh......Lane Johnson has not been doing "great", to say the least:



agree with what you said about Robbie...wasn't nearly as loved as some might think. And as you said, time will tell about Ross. Have a good night.

Lol, Cuban...just kidding...

Look of course JI gets the blame of the OL failures! JI doesn't won't ever in this life time or the next life time able to know a great offensive line player!


Dam 6 years!! OK 5 years still can't get it right and when he did draft them and or had them here he got rid if them! example two guys play and start for the Colts and play very well! You know who they are...

Love my Dolphins playing great!! But I can't stand JI. And will never accept him as a good GM we can win multiple SB and I still can't stand his goofy sorry piece of crap
But Ross loves him because that's Ross lap dog.. Hahahahaha!! Other than that I love my phins no problems with no other person on there! OK maybe Sherman!

Tanny a class act. Love how he puts a lot of the pressure on himself to get better.

The guys is winning a lot of disbelievers (myself included) over. Stop with the Henne comparisions. He sucks and will never be an NFL starter.

The OL blows and Tanny takes part of the hit for his team. Team first, love it!

Fin4life, I read your whole post and as one who also has been a fan during all those years, you were quite factual in everything you said. Joe Robbie was a cheap owner. He was a Lebanese lawyer and didn't have another business as his main source of income and tried to make the Dolphins franchise his main source of income.

And now for the rest of the story,-------Did you know that when he died he had no life insurance and was so in debt, mostly from building that stadium, that his kids were forced to sell the franchise at the time to the highest bidder? I'm just glad 'ol Wayne was a Miami man and though most remember him as the owner of Blockbuster video, he originally made his money in garbage. Started with one garbage truck which eventually became a Fortune 500 company called Waste Management Inc. 'Now you know the rest of the story....Good day :)

Aaron Rogers was the most sacked QB in the league last year. It is a nasty stat but a manageable one. Ryan Tannehill has several qualities I like about him as a QB. But the #1 quality is HE TAKES HIS LUMPS AND RESPONSIBILITY. Want to see a locker room blow up like an Afghan IED..? Get a QB behind a microphone who puts blame on other players and units and doesn't hold himself accountable also.

The job Ireland and Philbin have done is remarkable. The season is still young, and much can still happen. But no matter what occurs from here on out, we have seen the capabilities this team and it's individual players posses. I've said it a few times, I still believe there are a couple pieces at key positions we are missing. I'd REALLY like to see at LEAST one dominant Line Backer. Preferably at the Mike Position. A guy like Zack Thomas, Jarrod Mayo or (huh) Patrick Willis. I believe that Ellerbe has it within him to be great. And Misi and Wheeler are solid LB'ers. But there is NOTHING like a well run 4-3 with dominant LB'ers. Let's just hope these guys gel into and become a top 10 unit this season. Next year the heat will be on in Miami. Just making the playoffs (if they do make it this year, still a ? mark) won't keep the fans happy, they'll want to see Miami win a Playoff game, and some will want to see them in the AFC Champ game or bust.
This is a growth year, a very important time for this team to come together. By winning 9 or 10 games and making at least a Wild Card run, they'll be heading in the right direction.

Tannehill's biggest problem seems to be that he drops back to pass and gets too comfortable back there while he's going through his reads. And, about the time he's ready to step up or move in the pocket, the pass rushers are on top of him. The O-line isn't helping any by only giving him less than 3 seconds of sustained blocking. If RT will drop back, make a read, then take a step (or a half-step) forward, it will change the angle for the pass rush and buy him more time to complete his reads and throw the ball. Otherwise, Miami will have to go to a max-protect formation (which really imposes limits on productivity) or start calling planned QB roll-outs to take away part of the field. Sherman doesn't want him scrambling because he's afraid of getting him hurt, but what's happening now is just as bad if not worse!
I expect the Saints to be our toughest game so far (and possibly of the year except for the playoffs). Healthy, I think Miami could take them. But, we're banged up with a young team that's still inconsistent. Hopefully, we can still hang with these guys. They are a great team (top 5 right now) and if we can hand them a loss, it will be really really big for this team. It will put some swagger into them. But, this may be a loss for the Fins.
I'm hopeful they can work their magic and find a way to win!
Miami 27 New Orleans 24

They should sign Antoine Winfield...

There are people who never liked the Dolphins that are calling us a top 5 team...

Saints will try every blitz package possible... But we will be ready...

People need to lighten up on Fergie. She's actually a die hard fan.
I hear she brags about the team every chance she gets.

Who are we to say she's not fan?? She's given the Dolphins more money than all of us put together and EVER will.


Fin4life:thank-you for the history reminder.I think some on here were too young to remember the real history

one thing that could help the line is to get the defense to jump offsides. it will slow the pass rush down. How many times has the defense jumped offsides and the offense just sits there. The center needs to watch and as soon as he sees the defense jumps hike the ball yes offense players will not be ready (even though they should pratice hiking the ball when defense jumps early) but it will be a free play. this is a art form that has been lost centers used to do it all the time. there are some centers that will hike the ball when they see a defense offsides

Mr.Salguero its two weeks in a row for this issue appearing on the blog.I guess the blog hasn't solved the problem yet so we are getting more submissions to be judged by yourself, printed out and put in Mr Philbins suggestions box at Dolphins headquarters.
If I was to make a suggestion It would probably be discredited by Mr Sherman as incorrect as this being a schematic problem that could be alleviated by moving him around in the pocket more.
Mr. Tannehill is a 2nd year QB, he has improved vastly from his 1st year in the mental part of the game, but he still has not learned how to throw the ball away in the middle of the field when the coverage is too tight.He needs to learn to throw the ball low enough into the middle of the field so that it wont be intercepted and he wont be penalized.I think he knows how to do this when the receiver that is the 1st read is on the sideline but when he progresses through his reads and his internal clock tells him time is up he needs to learn how to throw to a receiver in the middle of the field who is the present read without being penalized or intercepted.
Then again he hasn't developed his internal clock as well as he should to play QB in the NFL.

Fin4life.....VERY good historical perspective in a nutshell man. We lived through that - the 'youngsters' here may not understand/or care. But thank you my friend, it was a good (NOT too long, read).
Its seemingly a bit harsh on Shu, but it IS the reality of the situation. Don was NOT a good GM & it did hurt the Phins. Though the TRUE demise of the franchise began with Wayne's 1st 'quick fix' - the snake-oil salesman Jimmie! He brought us some later round magic defensively but his early picks STUNK and crippled the franchise...then he quit beginning the downward spiral that culminated in the sports finest organization dwindling to near laughing stock with the fiasco's of Wanny, then Saban & FaTuna, also quitters. I don't want to get sucked into truly believing in this current team/regime too quickly because of these past 15 years of BS, but I certainly hope that Philbin (and Ireland - haven't been a fan, but I gotta admit things are looking better for/by him of late) can answer the turnaround bell and get us back to relativity & even prominence. Good posts man.

Lol some people stuck on Davis being traded. . How'd he do against the fins? That's a trade Irsay would take back. . Kudos to ireland for making it. .

Tampa Bay is looking for a QB. Matt Moore an option here??

Just a thought..

Your are right Armando they better do something or Tannehill won't last the season, he looks so good sometimes in the pocket and then other times it looks like he doesn't feel the pressure and step up in the pocket to get away from it, like my Man Dan did, he almost always could feel the pressure and step up and throw the ball before they got to him. That is Tannehill's part , the line really needs to play better and the backs and tight ends have been awful in pass protection, that one play where the guy blew right by Simms for the sack , if your the coach you got to get in his face about that, if your on the field you gotta be paying attention and not be asleep.

Anyways I am picking Dolphins 24-23, I have picked them every week so far why stop now this game is winnable we got to just keep playing like we have with grit and determination and we could pull off another upset, I say that because nobody around the league thinks we are that good, even though Vegas had us 1.5 point favorites last week

The Bleacher Report has an excellent article breaking down the reasons for the Sacks. Mostly OL and then RBs and TEs failing to block or pick up the blitz effectively. As well as the defense exploiting weaknesses in the scheme. Fact is Tannehill is one of the fastest QBs in the NFL to get the ball out but quite often he's not afforded the time to do so. The Pass Blocking is Horrific and the OL need to take responsibility for it.


"Can you please ask Ross or Dolphin management to change the name of the Sabin Practice Bubble, rename it. Maybe the Don Shula or Joe Robbie Practice Bubble? Everytime I either read or hear it called the Sabin Bubble, I feel like throwing up."


Madfin and Bane,,,,lol,,, it's not actually named the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble. That's a name that the reporters came up with. I think in a way it is a bust on Nick Saban. It was built when he was here and he was a pr#@k to the reporters so I think they call it that in jest.

I don't believe ANYONE in the Dolphins organization is interested in remembering Saban.

Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong please. But I have never seen an official name on the bubble nor have I heard anyone from the team call it that. They always say "the bubble".

But I agree that it's annoying and wish the reporters would stop calling it that if it's not the official name. Why do they want to remind us of our horrible past? Why not name the parking lot the Cam Cameron Memorial Slab, or rename the grass the Ricky Williams Quit On Us Turf.

Posted by: Phins78 | September 25, 2013 at 09:15 PM


Hey Phins78,

Thanks for the insight and I really hope your on target about the reporters calling it the Sabin Bubble in jest as a joke.

That is kind of funny, "memorial" but Sabin was a douch and I'm sure all the reporters hated dealing with him. Just the story I heard reported when a O/D liner was in the hallway in convulsions and Sabin steeped over him to go up to his office really exemplifies what a douch and how classless he was; Sabin was "it's all about me."

ARMANDO....can you please shed some light on this bubble? Explain if it's still named after the Great Satan. And if it is, FOUR THE LOVE OF GOD...can we please lobby on renaming it. It can be called the "Arroz Con Pollo Bubble" for all I care, anything else would be better.

BTW, tried to answer a few posts yesterday by dUH, Bane, Mark, Everybody...but for some reason the blog didn't post. Anyone of you all have this same problem? Sucks when you do a write up and it doesn't post. Thx.

fin4life's harangue about how Don Shula began the steady decline of the franchise is mystifying. I suppose George Washington began the steady decline of the United States, too.

What's not being talked about in regards to the sacks is that Tannehill is still a young QB that is adjusting to the position at NFL speed. What I mean by that is if you want a young QB to get rid of the ball quicker, it means there's more likehlihood a young QB will make a rushed decision and throw a pick. If you want to make sure he makes a good decision, it means holding the ball longer and taking a sack. If you want him to scramble out of the pressure, it increases his likelihood of getting injured. So pick your poison.

Yes, he's been sacked 14 times but he only has two picks and both of those throws were good decisions that came as a result of a tipped ball. His pick last week was a perfectly thrown ball that Clay dropped.

Point is, Tannehill is making the right decisions and by the end of the season the speed of the game will slow down for him and he'll be getting sacked less. Next year, watch out. This kid will be a star for all 16 games.

I've noticed since preseason Tannehill's pocket presence wasn't looking quite right. Sure there have been protection issues, but, at times he compounds those issues with terrible pocket presence.

The good is that when we seem to need that big drive most, both Tannehill and his protection are up to snuff. The headscratcher is, if Tannehill and his protection were up to snuff the entire game, we win all 3 games by 14pts or more.

Phinbo, good points. Though we like to see Tannehill avoid more sacks. Sacks are better than ints. At least with the sack, we live to see another offensive play.

As for getting injured, sacks are a very good way for that to occur too.

Ncfin, I think he was merly stating the truth about the state of this franchise after Bobby Beathard left. The early 70's dynasty was built under Beathard's direction. If you look at what he did in Washington after he left here, you'd have to say he had a pretty good eye for personel. I'm sure Shula had some input while Bobby was here, but his record shows he couldn't do it by himself.

i do not think the blocking really gets fixed until the off week it is really hard to do all the fixing they need done in blocking schemes when the new CBA does not allow for a bunch of practice during the week. they have tried to fix some of the blocking by doing straight up blocking and less zone blocking. But Miami is not the only team with these problems. the same problems miami has New Orleans has can not run ball and Breeze being sack 9 times and hit a whole lot more the T-hill.

The Robbie story is only particly right. There are a few major points being left out...

1- Robbie was running on a shoe string budget, he was not a really wealthy lawyer. He didn't have the wealth of Hypinga or Ross. That's part of the reason he was tight with the money.

2- It was almost like a great experiment, in that at that time there was the merging of the AFL and the NFL to create the modern NFL. The start up Dolphins by Robbie and Joe Thomas was a huge risk, I've read in the past that without Joe Thomas's money (yes he was a monitory owner) and influence (Thomas has big connections in Miami and elsewhere) they would not make it. It was a pay check to pay check time in keeping the lights on, on the practice field.

3- Understand that when Kick, Zonk and Warfield skipped out. It was in essence the beginning of the MODERN free agent market, they wanted big money for that time and the franchise was STILL struggling. The part that does kinda upset towards Joe Robbie is that when Zonk wanted to come back to the Dolphins after the new league folded, he wanted about $30,000 more than Robbie was offering. I think to punish Zonk for leaving, he wouldn't give it to him. It was a take this offer or leave it, hence Zonk signed with the NY Gaints.

Edwin Pope of the Miami Herald wrote about the struggles of the ownership, even through Robbie tried to hide it (probably his ego). I think one time Shula and Robbie got into it about a player (can't remember the name) and Robbie told Shula to worry about coaching the team, because he's the owner and he controls the money.

4- Realize that Shula was a coach not a financial guru, the modern day CAP he struggled with and the GM's the owners provided where not very good. It's not all on Shula, our front office really sucked. Yea, I know the high draft Kumerow linebacker-DE sucked and hurt his shoulder was personally picked by Shula among other drafts, but it wasn't all on him.

5- As far as the 72 Perfecto's, many years later they finally realized what they achieved. The reason I mention this, is that in those times with the leagues merging it was a learning process for all of them, Robbie, Shula, the on set of the modern free agent market, the first owner financed stadium. So many new things where being established and we (Dolphins Fan) are part of that history.

Now you know a little more of the story...

Trent Dilfer's comments in Barry Jackson's column were quite interesting.. among them he says the something to the effect that the Dolphins offense is very diverse and creative with the many different formations et al. Also says Charles Clay is a diverse mutha ...

Shula might not have been a brilliant GM but he still came up with very good Players. Troy Vincent, Tim Bowens, the RB that got killed in a MVA, Richmond Webb, I think were his choices and more. From what I remember when that infamous Poll was made, most People were mostly dissatisfied with the play calling, run, pass, pass, again and all the time, which was true. But, we always made the playoffs or had a 10+ win Season under Shula's guidance and not the crap that has come after him culminating in that shameful 1-15 Season.

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