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Reasons for Tannehill's 14 sacks are everywhere

Ryan Tannehill has gotten sacked more than any other NFL quarterback and that really is not a sustainable statistic if the Dolphins are going to keep the most important offensive player healthy.

Tannehill, sacked 14 times in three games, knows this is a problem and says the Dolphins aren't happy about it.

"Well obviously you don’t want to be taking sacks, that’s a negative part of the game and you don’t want to be on the ground," Tannehill said. "I’m not concerned with it, I’m not thinking about it as I’m back there.  The situations where I need to get the ball out of my hands obviously I need to correct and either get the ball out or tuck it up and get back to the line of scrimmage as best I can.

"It’s not something we’re happy about right now, it’s something we’re looking at, we’re working on, but I’m not concerned with it, I have confidence in the guys in front of me.  They’re getting better, I’m hopefully getting better at the same time and we’ll hopefully see those numbers go down."

It's obvious the offensive line is responsible for protecting Tannehill. And so are the running backs and tight ends. But Tannehill knows he's responsible for keeping himself out of trouble either by getting rid of the football quicker or running out of trouble.

That's why he admits at least one sack against Atlanta on Sunday was on him.

"The one early in the game, the first drive, I definitely held the ball too long," he said. "It wasn’t playing out down field the way we thought it was going to, and I didn’t get rid of the ball in a situation I should have, so that one was definitely on me."

Here's a twist on the whole sack deal. Sometimes Miami's receivers aren't getting open. And sometimes the secondary is playing very well against the Dolhins.

" There was also some times when the coverage’s were just great down field, and I just wasn’t able to get the ball off, so I think it’s a combination of sometimes holding the ball too long and sometimes the other team doing a good job,” Tannehill said.


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This stuff about tannehill having awful pocket prescence is just as much bullocks as the "he has awful accruacy" criticisms we used to hear. he has fine pocket presence, it's just immature. It's somethign that will get corrected and improved with more time ... it's an evolution people. Also I remember Big Ben taking a whack of sacks on their way to the Super Bowl - not my biggest concern as long as he's not taking big hits.

Looks like people are trumpeting the Saints' blitz package ... I say bring it ... Tannehill eats up the blitz. He's too smart for Rob Ryan...

I think Rob Ryans D is gonna be exposed this game, like it was in Dallas,Cleveland and all the other teams he has pooly coached! I remember when people wanted him to be our head coach, before we hired Philbin. Ewwww that gives me chills, like after some bad ethnic food!

fin4...lotta stuff younger fans didn't know and true facts regarding missed dynasty opportunity. One thing I'd add is, this was before salary cap and free agency. Meaning you could spend and keep good players.

cocoajoe, further to that, there wasn't roster limits neither until the Washington Redskins hoarded so many good players that the NFL changed the rules ... so if your scouting department was better than others ... you could really kill other teams... probably why the Redskins are the only team in the modern era to consistently win Super Bowls without a QB. Well, that was when Canadian jack Kent Cooke owned the team before the classless one, Dan Snyder bought the team.

Good point Mark. Here's some factoids...salary cap 1994...free agency 1989 "plan b" but real free agency 1993

back in the day before salary cap and free agent. teams did keep there core players but the players were not paid what they ae paid now or even close and you never heard about how much a player was getting paid not like now days so other players could not say he is getting paid this much i should get paid more. you had to run the team to make sure that the money you brought in was not more then you paid out. advertisement was not the same at it is now. look at all the stadium with names. there is so much difference now then what it used to be like

Blame Sherman on this one fellas. There should ALWAYS be an outlet pass in case of emergency. Yes, Tannehill needs to be aware of his hot read at all times, but if the RB/TE is blocking, and he has no hot read, that's on the formation (unless the RB/TE is supposed to spin-off and gets hung up). We shouldn't have this many sacks in 3 games, especially since we have the best LT in the league.

- Coach, this is my agent, Mr. So and So. - Excuse me a moment.... - You're talking to the wrong man, Mr. So and So. Jim Ringo has just been traded to the Cleveland Browns.

OK, so most of us realize that Tannehill's sacks/hits are caused by multiple reasons. So, why doesn't he roll out more? I mean, he knows how, he did it last year. Gotta be 'stay in the pocket' by coachng.

Don Shula's greatest downfall was being such a winning hc.

ONE LOSING SEASON in 30yrs with the Dolphins. Even that was only 6-8. Then he had a couple 8-8 seasons sprinkled in.

Do you know what this means? Only 1 top 10 draft position in 30yrs. The Steelers, Cowboys, Raiders of the 70's would all go onto to have multiple losing seasons. Reassembling the kind of talent that had them win sb's in the 70's, thru top 5-10 draft picks.

Shula would never lose enough to reassemble the Fins to sb winning caliber, although we would make 2 more sb appearances. But, usually overall talent wise, e were at least slightly overmatched.

Someone said Joe Robbie didn't Wayne Huizenga and Steven Ross Money.

I thought it was pretty funny because in the 70's Onasis was the world's richest man being worth a cool 1 billion dollars. So, the world's richest man in the 70's didn't have Huizenga/Ross money either.

It's called inflation. Onasis' 1 billion in the 70's had the buying power of probably 15-17 billion has today. So when doing those type comparisons, you always have to account for inflation. Not counting dollar for dollar alone.

The reason THill is getting hit so much is because he is waiting for the deep routes to open up and those take time to develop, it's no wonder Wallace was a ghost in the Atlanta game. We need to start using him on shorter routes across the middle or on bubble screens which I didn't see any of the last game. Our receivers are more than capable of getting YAC's with shorter passes, takes less time to develop and keeps the pressure off of the OL, keep THill upright, and most important of all, keeps Brees on the bench. The WCO is designed for shorter range passes anyway, so why not use them?
Maybe I am not completely in tune with what Sherman is trying to do here, but it seems he wants to set up the deep ball more than continue a sustained drive that eats up the clock and gives our depleted defense a rest. A good short pass is just as good as a long run in my opinion. With NO pinning back their ears and coming after THill I think it would be prudent to continue dinking and dunking instead of going for the home run shot every other play. The deep routes will be there, but our OL needs to give THill more time to get the ball there and three seconds is not going to cut it.
I still believe we can pull this one out....Dolphins 23 Saints 20 in a close, hard fought second half, ending in a winning field goal.

most of you just want the quarteback to roll out not that easy if you do it too much then teams will catch on and only defend that part of the field. you are cutting the football field down and only using half of it once in awhile roll out but to use the whole field you have to stay in the pocket,

Agreed WashPhinFan,
Use him like you did in Indy if not more so and that will set up he deep ball to him. It will make the OL look better bc theyre not having to hold their blocks as long. Allow the receivers to earn their pay checks and get the YAC.

Glen, you're absolutely correct. Then there's greater chance for ints throwing back across to the other side of the field. The ball has much farther to travel.

Only fix to this problem is rb's/te's/oline has to block better then Tannehill cleans up holding the ball too long at times.

Running the ball better would help too - limit the number of dropbacks..

they'r 3-0, don't change an f'n thing, thenne is getting pounded back there,it seems to wake his axx ^.

Been reading the feedback on the posts I put up regarding Ownership of the Dolphins through History and want to expand on a few extra points some brought up.

1) To say Robbie allowed players to leave over money because of financial strife isn't all together true either. Robbie just didn't believe in paying his players or Personnel and it was NEVER more telling than in his handling of Marino in the 85 Off-Season. After his 84 campaign for the ages Danny wanted to renegotiate his 4 Yr./800K rookie contract (that's no typo!) and Robbie balked touching of the 36 day holdout (only of Marino's career) till the weekend of the 85 opener in Houston were he finally gave Dan a 6 Yr/7 Mil. deal which the Broncos and Bills upped for Elway and Kelly the day after it was done.

2) How broke was Robbie that by 85 enjoying perennial packed houses at the OB balks at giving his MEGA-STAR QB a new contract while threatening the City of Miami with moving unless the OB was renovated with the land already purchased outside Miami on County Line road! This move hurting the diehard Miami fanbase with the long commute with zero public transportation and the largest ticket hike in Pro Sports History at the time! Those that remember when the team last played at the OB know you could get tickets to see the Fins for about $20.00 a seat then in the move endzone seating jumped to $38.00. I was a victim of it given my family refused the new Season tickets because of the hike and distance to the new Stadium (My Father was insulted) and being honest those of us that were there know Robbie was looking to expand his fanbase to Broward and West Palm Counties (Wealthier retirement areas) taking a major dump on the fanbase that buttered his bread! He would succeed at the cost of really hurting the homefield advantage the OB crowd gave the team.

3) Robbie was correct about one thing though and that's were the NFL which then exclusively held lucrative TV contracts was going to grow. His son Tim missing this memo sold the Org. to Huzienga for a mere 400 Mil. in 88 with 90% of teams by 2000 worth close to 1 Billion! Huzienga parachuted out with a stagering 1.1 Billion in 09. But the dammage Robbie's penny pinching did went beyond simply paying his bills as someone suggested it was his way!

P.S. Well aware H Wayne Huzienga made his money in his Broward based waste management Company. I always wondered how MOBBED up Wayne was given those business's were NOTORIOUS MOB fronts from the 60's into the 90's?


Good post, didnt know any of these things

The run blocking will not get fixed until we have time to fix it, period. If we max protect we will lose. Short quick hits and YAC's will fix that problem and slow down the rush. The running game is important to set up the pass in most cases, but I do believe we are better suited to use the short passing game to set up the run game. We simply don't have the personnel that can hold their blocks for more than three seconds on a consistent basis, so there are few other options IMO that will fix this issue. I am not going to be heart broken if we lose this game anyway as long as we come out healthy, so no need to rush back our walking wounded for this one, save them for after the bye week for the stretch run against our divisional and conference games.

f4l is educating all of you!

Thanks Fin4Life, good info I was not aware of there.

Call Joe Robbie what you like. Drunk, penny pincher, whatever.

He brought in great football personnel man Joe Thomas. When Thomas would leave he brought in Bobby Beathard. Robbie Brought in Don Shula. In 5 short seasons, 1966-71, this expansion franchise sees its first sb, losing to Cowboys 24-3.

A short year later, 1972-73, 17-0 and nfl history still standing today. Then a 3rd consecutive sb trip trampling the Vikes 24-7.

So, say what you will about Joe Robbie. Had it been another original owner not named Joe Robbie. Dolphins great 70's history gets erased. No 17-0, and probably no Don Shula as hc. Joe Robbie may have been some things, but, dummy wasn't one of them.

It's going to be a high-scoring game. In my opinion, Miami's going to have to put up 28+ points to win this game. I hope Sherman has some tricks up his sleeve. I hope they get Wallace into the game plan early. I hope they DON'T call run plays up the middle every first down. Philbin needs to tell Sherman Miami can't get into a position to have to come from behind against good teams (like we did last week). We need to get up on them early and stay up (they've held teams to few points in the 4th qtr).

How is the O-Line Irelands problem?

Posted by: markeyh | September 25, 2013 at 09:38 PM

We could have drafted Lane Johnson with our first round pick and taken another Offensive Lineman in the second round.
How is it not, you irrelevant old fart? Who adds players to our team, you crazy old man? Way to post a simple, single Q and run you psycho. That said, I've noticed you don't have many friends Markey, and neither do I. Will you be my friend? :(

Wk 2

Saints 16 Bucs 14

Hope this gives hope Fins can beat Saints Monday:

Last-second field goal lifts Saints over Buccaneers

TAMPA, Fla. -- Garrett Hartley kicked a 27-yard field goal as time expired to give the New Orleans Saints a weather-delayed 16-14 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.

Drew Brees shrugged off throwing an interception that the Bucs returned for a touchdown and completed three consecutive passes for 54 yards to lead the Saints into position to win. Brees finished 26-of-46 passing for 322 yards, but was sacked four times and intercepted twice.

The game was delayed 69 minutes by lightning in the first quarter.

The Bucs lost on a field goal in the closing seconds for the second consecutive week. Linebacker Mason Foster scored on an 85-yard interception return for a 14-13 lead, but Rian Lindell missed a 47-yard field-goal attempt with just over a minute later, giving Brees one more chance to bring the Saints back.

Brees led his team into scoring position with completions of 15 yards to Jimmy Graham, 8 yards to Darren Sproles and 31 yards to Marques Colston.

weather delay huh.
is there a cat 5 cane brewing in the gulf that's gunna hit n o on mon.?

Sam I Am | September 26, 2013 at 11:39 AM

There is NO doubting this your missing the point! Robbie was CHEAP not STUPID, he was a business man and his business was in REAL TROUBLE in 1970. Coach George Wilson and the Dolphins were a 3-11 squad in those days and empty Stadiums were a problem given there was NO CBA guaranteeing Owners a League mandated profit sharing system (the one today keeping the Rooney's above water in Pitt.) An empty house meant serious financial loss (Payroll, Taxes ect..)

Robbie really went out on a limb when he hired Shula given there was alot of talk that he was in over his head in Baltimore given the talent he had with H.O.F. players when beaten by upstart Jets (AFL Franchise) in SB-3. That hire was about generating BUZZ around the team at the time there was NO TELLING how it would really go. It wasn't like he hired a LEGEND at the time, luck plays here part. Joe Thomas was a good G.M. and another Robbie let walk when he bolted for the deep pockets of then young S.F. Owner Eddie DeBartolo and Beathard wasn't hired to replace him he was his Pro Personnel/Scout Director from 71-77 who Robbie also allows to walk over money and who sticks it to Robbie in SB-17.

You can't state your case without recognizing these points as well. Hiring Shula to pull double duty as H.C./G.M. was a cost cutting move by Robbie which seriously hurt what he had put together. By the late 70's Robbie thinking Shula could walk on water making him a mint in the process being the more likely scenario here. You talk about what Robbie did but what if Eddie DeBartolo buys the Dolphins in 77 instead of the 49ers? You think our fortunes wouldn't have been different? Robbie got lucky hitting on the right team to run his F.O. and Coach but then over money proceeded to dismantle it in startling fashion!!

Tannehill ain't skeered. Why should we be. Isn't his athleticism one of the reasons we drafted him? He can take a licking. Unlike some of these wimps, he was hit in college.

Seriously, The way Qb's are protected in the new NFL, is getting sacked that big a deal? Kind of like a RB getting tackled for a loss. Once he leaves the pocket, all that protection goes away. I don't like the fumbles but I hope that can be fixed.

And, so far, the benefits have outweighed the risk.

It just seems like there were a couple of OL we could have picked up. We still had salary cap room. I know we may need room to sign Grimes this offseason and RT will get a decent payday when his rookie contract expires but we could have picked up someone better than Clabo without blowing out the cap room. It makes me think they did not believe this years team would be a playoff team so why spend the money this year.

Mondo can blame sacks on everyone but who is really to blame and thats the OL. Everything football begins and ends with the OL. A RB may have the responsibility to block a LB sometimes and neither RB on the Dolphins can block anything. Whats wrong with the last FB Miami released,,,some thing must be done cause Tannehill cant fix this problem. And neither uncle Joe or Ireland is raising a little finger to help. A linemen in the NFL can either block or he can't block. Pass blocking is the easiest by far. Run Blocking takes a little moxie. Or stones, or balls, or ,,,,,,,

You fix it with short to intermediate passes. Deep routes take way too long to develop and most of his sacks have been on plays where he was waiting for a deep route to open up. The pass blocking will not be fixed this season, so we may as well just work around it for now. I am not expecting miracles at this point in the rebuilding of this team, but I do like what I see so far.

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