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Soliai likely playing and Wake also looks possible

NEW ORLEANS -- The Dolphins have arrived at the Superdome and as part of their pregame preps, doctors and the personnel department is deciding whether Cameron Wake and Paul Soliai will play.

I'm told Soliai playing is looking really good at this point. If he goes through the pregame workout well, he's a go for tonight against the Saints.

Wake is less certain of playing but remains a strong possibility. The Miami team doctors have to see how he looks this evening first before deciding on his status. It does look good, however.

Check back for the latest update.

{Update: Soliai has come on the field wearing his uniform pants. Something would have to go wrong for him not to play.]

[Update: Cameron Wake went though a workout in front of coach Joe Philbin, general manager Jeff Ireland, defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle and team doctors. He did pass rush moves and contain moves. He didn't look very good. Afterward the men gathered with the player and, reading the body language, it didn't look good. I'd say Cameron Wake is not playing tonight.]

[Update: Soliai didn't even go through a workout pregame. He's playing.]


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Lets go Dolphins!!!!!!

Lets go Dolphins!!!!!!

Use Soliai in 3-4. All the stunting you need to do

Do you ever edit what you write? ...doctors and the personnel dept. are deciding...

this I not a must win game, rest the injured, beat Baltimore and go into the bye 4 and 1.

please change your title

def do not play wake, dont let this injury get worse and linger

Any know of a good link to watch the game. Firstrowsports.eu has not been working great recently.

I asked this on your other update. Do you think the team looks and plays faster on turf (this team built for speed as opposed to big). Does it actually benefit the Phins defense and give Miller and Wallace that extra step? Seems like they played faster at Indy.Like to see L. Miller used much like Faulk and L.T in S.D. were used in the passing game? I am also not impressed with R. Jones at safety so far this year? Any feedback?

Go Phins!

Fukkk you, Fukkk you, TNhilbilly, I would say when I'm upset. But I have learned that when I get upset I'm actually fearful. We will play our Game same as any other Game we have played this Year. Fear should have no part in the performance and may the best One win.

Charles Clay = swiss army knife

no go cam wake. just heard from cheeseburger on ESPN

ESPN showed Wake testing out leg...looks like no-go

What you mean not a must win game?

Have you seen the Broncos lately?

The SB road goes through Mile High and that very "THIN AIR" altitude. No opponent wants to be there during the playoffs.

Well, I guess it isn't a must win game for a team not expecting the playoffs. If we are a playoff team, we probably need to go 16-0, to avoid a playoff game in Denver. Of course, if we want to reach the Super Bowl.

Don't you monkey's realize nobody here needs you to repeast what ESPN is reporting?

Who said Miller was fast? He was caught from behind on a big run last week. Disappointing.

Odrick from the D left side? We'll see.

"repeast"? Try learning English

Odrick starting for Wake? Something wrong with our other three DEs? Odrick is a nice DT but if he's better than Jordan, Shelby and Vernon (whichever isn't starting on the other side), I'm a little dismayed.

Match up problems in the secondary. Carroll will be eaten alive so the line better get to Bree's and the offense needs to put up so me big numbers. I'm hoping they keep it interesting. Best team Miami's fielded in a long time :-)

Yeah, Armando is right, it's not Will Davis night Tonite. Can't afford no gambling here.

We might even see DJ rushing from the LDE position. I think he has done it here a few times.

If SoliaI is back, I hope we start him and Starks in the middle where they belong. And Odrick on the outside wouldn't be a terrible idea either. He seems to seal the edge better than Vernon.

We're definitely gonna have to have a big game from our secondary as well.

Isn't it great that we are relevant though!! It's only week 3 but how long has it been since we were on the big stage and it mattered???

Odrick is the best at setting the edge. This includes all of our DE's save for maybe Wake.

I have no problem with that. In this D-Line, being a starter is only a title. Look for Odrick and Vernon on early downs and Dion Jordan in passing situations.

Shelby, so far, has looked better coming off the bench as well. Let Em wear down the Saints O-Line and send in a fresh Jordan and Shelby on passing situations.

Also, with Solia playing and Odrick setting the edge on running downs, our Run D is going to be BACK on point!

Will Davis is inactive and he was WELL AHEAD of Jamar Taylor in terms of being ready to play.

So, there goes any chance of any rookies and a baptism under fire. Not sure this was the right time anyways.

But, having said that, I have all the confidence in these twoo rookies. I can't wait for them to get in the line up, the sooner the better in my opinion, because they ARE GOING TO BE **STARS**.

Ireland absolutely nailed it(unlike Fatty Parcells with Davis amd Smith)in doubling up on DB's. Got better value and talent. The icing on the cake.......?

Ireland also brought in **FUTURE** Pro Bowler Brent Grimes to eventually team with Davis and Taylor(also future Pro Bowlers IMHO!).

I digress, sorry couldn't help it. I just can't wait for Grimes, Davis and Taylor to take the field together!

Here's to hoping Carroll and Wilson's progress continues. These guys are youngsters as well and still learning. ESPECIALLY now that they're playing under Kevin Coyle! Tonights going to be the Acid Test!

"The Perfect Storm" 3-0 Baby!!!!

One last look at the NOLA game. Thought Martin ,Jerry,
and Clabo play was very mediocre. Thought the D-backfield played like the Keystone Cops (who?).
Thought RT17 played down to his sophomoric self.
Thought the "offensive" play-calls were pedestrian.
Hoped that Kevin Coyle went sleepless early Tuesday
morning. Hope that Wake and Solei are fully recovered
fast. Dolphins just weren't ready for Prime time. This team is definitely a work in progress. Go Dolphins !!

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