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Soliai not practicing, unlikely vs. Atlanta

Once again the Dolphins today are practicng and as the week unfolds it is becoming more clear Miami will be without defensive tackle Paul Soliai on Sunday.

No, Soliai, who is battling a knee injury is not out for the year. But he's not playing against Atlanta and could miss more time than that.

Soliai did not practice Wednesday for the second consecutive day.

The Dolphin also practiced without safety Chris Clemons, who was working off to the side with trainers.

For the second consecutive day, cornerback Jamar Taylor (hernia/groin) practiced at least on a limited basis. Cornerback Will Davis (toe) practiced at least on a limited basis. And cornerback Dimitri Patterson practiced at least on a limited basis.

With Soliai out, the Dolphins still have good personnel with Randy Starks and Jared Odrick as starters. It's possible the team can ask Vaughn Martin to take defensive tackle snaps as well and there's always the possibility the team might make a practice squad move with either Al Lapuaho or Isaako Aaitui.


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Need more Samoans!

I'm not liking this 4 DBs out business .... won't beat Atlanta that way...

Is Aaitui the kid we dropped last year at the end of Hard Knocks and the Jets picked him up only for him to blow out his ACL in their training camp?

Hoping at least some of the 4 play Sunday. Yeah we picked a bad couple of weeks for the secondary to not be at 100% in having the Falcons and Saints back to back.

The good news is Carrol has stepped in and played beyond all expectations and Jimmy Wilson wasn't bad against the Colts.

NeMo Wilson did as much as we could expect him to do but he can't play both safety and CB .. maybe they put McCray at FS - I would guy showed something in preseason ...

Armando assumes Wilson will/would step in for Clemons at Safety?

What happened too McCray? I thought McCray had a good camp and at least a solid Pre season.

Mainly, if McCray can't even beat out Wilson as a back up safety, why is he on the squad?

We have Jones, Clemons, McCray and Don Jones at safety. Then Wilson who plays Dime/nickle ands safety.

odin, yeah I think Wilson stays at CB because of the injuries there and McCray slides in at FS. Chance of a lifetime for this kid ... become an NFL pleyer here ... this is what you've been waiting for!!

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GO PHINS........

I think the Vernon talk is ridiculous. He showed good skills last year, with live bullets flying. With limited time he got 4 sacks, forced fumbles and blocked TWO KICKS!

That was with LIMITED playing time AS A ROOKIE! C'Mon Man!

With a slow start we're going to run him out of town?

I think a lot of it came down to how well he, Shelby and Jordan handled being a 3 down player. Despite what many THINK, Vernon showed a lot of improvement last year against the run.

So No. 1, If Vernon showed more in setting the edge than Shelby and Jordan, I think he's earned the 3 down, starting position.

No. 2, if Shelby and Jordan keep showing mad pass rush skills, they'll get their reps.

No. 3, The more all of these guys improve, the more versatile and interchangeable our D becomes. Meaning Coyle can really run gamut in creating multifunctional game plans.

I don't see any problem or need to question Coyle's Game Planning. If Shelby keeps flashing and/or shows he can set the edge on run downs, give him the bulk and let Vernon come in fresh on passing downs to school the gassed Tackles. Same goes with Jordan.

It's all GOOD!

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gives good effort but Wilson cant play CB....that wont work for any length of time--he's an average/serviceable Safety, and thats it.

Ha!!! go phins ...

liked him enough for our PS last year.....for depth only, knows our defense.....did anybody sign Kheeston Randall?

Didn't Wilson get burnt several times VS the Colts???
Seemed like every time a receiver was catching a ball 20 yards down field Wilson was tackling the guy??
Either he was getting torched or he's a Heck of a tackler, I'd venture to say it's the latter of the two..

They don't arrest Canadians in Cuba silly... they love us, we bring lots of money for the locals .. more than their own govt gives them sometimes...

Oh yeah...................
GO PHINS.......

Last year this team was learning a new system on both sides of the ball,had a rookie qb and had to deal with unhappy " Leaders" who realized they werent running the show anymore. Now we have a qb guys have faith in And we have a team that is finally playing not only together but playing FOR each other.They know they can win and will fight to keep winning.

Wilson is too slow and just not agile/athletic enough to play CB--physical, but his coverage skills are not very good....to poor.

I'm not positive about Wilson giving up plays.

But Reshad Jones I believe gave up TWO TD's with some raggy man on man coverages.

I don't know what Defensive Schemes leave us with Jones in Man to Man coverage, but Coyle should consider ripping those pages out of the book.

To be fair to Reshad Jones, it could have been a blown assignment by someone else and he tried to pick it up. But it didn't look like it too me.

Wondering if Davis has turf toe. Even a broken toe should be better by now.

Coco, Not sure what turf toe feels like but I had a piece of a outboard motor fall on my big toe a month ago and can tell you It still hurts to put on a shoe... Thank the lord for flip-Flops(No Offense YG)...
Just saying a athlete would be at a big disadvantage..

Ugh! Turf toe, remember MuDuffie and Gadson!

When I saw Soliai down I thought he was out for the year, he was standing with his legs were under the pile while a Colt's OL kept pushing him the other way, the guy tried to hurt him, while it was not illegal I thought it was unnecessary. Surprised he didn't tear the ACL, that tells you how strong dude is.
His agent might be reconsidering the Fins long term offer after that scare don't you think? Bird in hand is worth 2 in the air, look at Keller. Starks might be thinking the same thing.

Poi, They never were the same......

Jimmy Wilson is a better Safety than CB.

Just like N.Carroll some people are still judging J.Wilson on last years play, not this year.

With that said I rather see McCray get a shot.

The D-line will be alright. We have enough depth that we can still be functional without Soliai.

Doubt they call anyone up from the Practice Squad. We have enough quality depth at DT. Let Randall and Martin get more Snaps. Randall is going to end up replacing Starks and Soliai next year anyways.

Turf Toe ended D.Sanders career.

LOL Cuban....just now remebering when I broke my big toe

Yeah Poizen, ended McDuffie's career

Turf Toe must really suck, even if your not Rex Ryan.

Let Randall and Martin get more Snaps. Randall is going to end up replacing Starks and Soliai next year anyways.

Posted by: Dashi | September 18, 2013 at 05:19 PM

Who is Randall?

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Here's a pretty cool article by Andy Cohen. I know, I know, he's my Home Boy Homer!

Talks about certain Dolphins going undrafted. I don't think he even includes all of them, but it's a good read.


Brady PAPINGA Time!

Didn't we release Randall?
I thought we should have kept AJ Francis at least in the practice squad.
Still, we're good at NT, specially with Steven Jackson out.
We're good at CB, Patterson should be healed or at least better this week.
The defense has depth, we have to worry about keeping the offense healthy

Again this is where Marshall could have come in handy. Injuries are a big part of the game and you can never have enough guys back there in thr secodary. At some point this yesr we'll be sorrt we didn't have better depth back there.


I think he means Kheeston Randall. He was a late round draft pick year before last. I think he might be still on the roster.

Just put Grimes on Julio Jones and everything else will take are of itself.

Yards are not points.


Wow! Trent Richardson traded to the Colts for the Colts first pick in 2014. Damn! One of our competitors for a playoff spot just got a whole lot better.


That trade is crazy sh-t, man. What's going on?

browns garbage like always


I think he means Kheeston Randall. He was a late round draft pick year before last. I think he might be still on the roster.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | September 18, 2013 at 06:20 PM

I think he meant Kheeston Randall too. But Randall has been cut. He's not on our practice squad, which is wierd because he's still unsigned.

He worked out for the Bears yesterday(Tues. are usually player days off, so teams work out potential signees this day).

It's wierd in my opinion. Apparently Coyle or somebody really didn't like Randall. We've signed TWO DT's to the practice squad and Randall's been available this entire time.


You should believe no injury report until the final one. You prepare = to matter who's on that list.

browns garbage like always

Posted by: dusty bottoms | September 18, 2013 at 06:49 PM

I can't argue with this Dusty.

But these garbage Browns now have a completely new Coaching Staff, a Pretty Tough Front 7 and NOW - Two First Round Picks in next years draft.

I wonder if Weeden's injury played a part in this?

Maybe Norv Turner felt that Richardson didn't really fit their long term plans. Then, the 0-2 start, then the starting QB gets injured.

When offered a First Round Pick, they decided to pack it in and devote this season to Rebuilding and developing talent.

Still - WOW!

PS: I just DO NOT believe Jim Irsay would sign off on them giving up a 1st round pick for a Running Back. I know it's Trent Richardson, but still, a certain amount of his LORE was built behind The Best O-Line in College Football.

Double Wow!

The Browns are a joke. They are constantly spinning their wheels. It never gets any better for them they have no clue what they are doing.

You no pedofilo, Mark in Canada, right?

odinseye only his second year

Don't really like the Trent Richardson trade. The Colts gave up too much. I wouldn't have given up more than a second or possibly a 3rd for that guy. Richardson has avg'd 3.6 per carry and that is not impressive in this league.

Trent Richardson for a first round pick?

Sounds great to me.

Why don't we ever pull off things like this?

It's a GREAT TRADE FOR THE Colts. They ate in dangering of having their season slip away with a game in SF Sunday, a game against Seattle and two against the Texans. Losing Ballard and Allen hurts a lot. So they can't afford to fall too far out of this. I think the loss of Clady fo the seasion might hurt Denver too. So to me the whole AFC is up fo grabs thisyear. The powerhouses are who? Texans. Maybe the Broncos? After that it's a tough call. Irsay i going for it and when you conside they'll likely give up the 22-25th pick, it's a pretty sweet deal for them. Richardson in Indy should be a great combination.

Don't really like the Trent Richardson trade. The Colts gave up too much. I wouldn't have given up more than a second or possibly a 3rd for that guy. Richardson has avg'd 3.6 per carry and that is not impressive in this league.

Posted by: TruthhurTs | September 18, 2013 at 07:01 PM

Richardson is better than those stats indicate. He gets TDs and can block and pass at a high level. His stats would look much better with Luck and not having to play Cincy, Balt and Pittsburgh twice a year.


The guy had ELEVEN rushing TDs last year. Is that any good?

We played the Browns recently. Would you rate their OL or Weeden as being any good? I'll be you if Richardson stays healthy he goes on to have some great seasons.

The Richardson trade means one thing for the Browns. They are stockpiling to get their QB in 2014.

The Brandon Weedon experiment is over!

McGahee and a 1st rd. pick




Now that the Brown's have two 1st round picks, they should holler at Jeffy!

They still need a QB!


Richardson 31 carries for 105 yds for 3.4 yards per carry and no TD's this year doesn't scream 1st rounder to me. Even when we played them he was good but not close to great. Coupled with the sparkling 3.6 ypc last year. I wouldn't trade a 1st rounder for that.

The colts got last year's first and third.

You can't beat that

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