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Soliai not practicing, unlikely vs. Atlanta

Once again the Dolphins today are practicng and as the week unfolds it is becoming more clear Miami will be without defensive tackle Paul Soliai on Sunday.

No, Soliai, who is battling a knee injury is not out for the year. But he's not playing against Atlanta and could miss more time than that.

Soliai did not practice Wednesday for the second consecutive day.

The Dolphin also practiced without safety Chris Clemons, who was working off to the side with trainers.

For the second consecutive day, cornerback Jamar Taylor (hernia/groin) practiced at least on a limited basis. Cornerback Will Davis (toe) practiced at least on a limited basis. And cornerback Dimitri Patterson practiced at least on a limited basis.

With Soliai out, the Dolphins still have good personnel with Randy Starks and Jared Odrick as starters. It's possible the team can ask Vaughn Martin to take defensive tackle snaps as well and there's always the possibility the team might make a practice squad move with either Al Lapuaho or Isaako Aaitui.


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richardson very good just has to stay healthy


How sad a franchise are the Browns? They give Weeden 18 games before throwing in the towel on him. PATHETIC! And to think they could have drafted Tannehill or Wilson last year. Truly a franchise that has no clue what they are doing.

A third overall pick for a 20 or later?

You can't beat that.

Truth hurts

11 touchdowns as a rookie.

Enough said

craig they hired all new guys to run franchise, these werent there guys

Posted by: Craig M | September 18, 2013 at 07:14 PM

Very true. The Browns had two 1st rd picks last year. They tried to draft the carriage before they found the horse. The Dolphins were extremely lucky that the Browns didn't get Tannehill.

BTW, I wish I had drafted Richardson now in FF. He will become a great player with his versatility.

K.Randall isn't on the Team?

T.Richardson just got traded?

Indy is going to be good.

Norv Turner and Cleveland are going to be BETTER in the Future. Expect Cleveland to Tank for J.Clowney and J.Manziel. Cleveland already has a Defense. And with the way the Cap is set up. It is better to have A lot of picks in the Draft. Than expensive Free Agents.

Better RBs are coming out in the Draft in 2015.

This is all Hypothetical. In 2 years Cleveland Can have J.Clowney, J.Manziel and Duke Johnson.

Cleveland and Cincinnati are the Future of the AFC North.


The Browns have been a joke for a long time. We all KNOW this.

But maybe, with the new Ownership and Coaching Staff from the Top Down, maybe their turning a corner.

The Browns have a solid front 7, with Haden and a few more on Defense.

Now they have 2 - 1st's, a 2nd, 2 -3rd's and 2 - 4th round picks. That's 7 picks in the first 4 rounds.

Nothing is more obvious that the fact that the Browns need a rebuild. Well, their basically trading Richardson(their now reporting that he was a bad system fit-FWIW)for McGahee and LOADING UP on the Draft Picks needed to rebuild.

I was just trying to play Devils Advocate here. But to be honest, I can see both sides of this deal.

Pete Johnson ran for 9 TD's for us years back too and he wasn't great either. You guys are just into the name and hype. I want to see it on the field. The guy has bust written all over him with those lousy stats and injuries. YPC is everything for a RB.

I don't think they should give up on Weeden so quick either. It's not like the guy is horrible. It's obvious they are cleaning house. Every QB starved team in the league should be knocking on their door.

Wow, the spread is going up in LV in our favor up to 3 over Atlanta. And that's considering the fact that we, for the last few years, have had no home field advantage at Sun Life Stadium. Hmm...

this game will be won or lost on how well our front seven players on defense play new line backers show us the money we gave you Sunday.

Well, perception being in the eye of the beholder, I guess we were all watching the Colts game in parallel universes ? I thought # 27 ( JW) had a terrible day.
Every time I saw # 27, he was standing around with a Colt on the ground wondering "wot' happened". Maybe it was my TV ? Go Dolphins !! 10-6 or bust !

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