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Soliai, Patterson out vs. Falcons PLUS more info

Dolphins defensive tackle Paul Soliai, who injured his knee in the victory over Indianapolis last week, will miss this week's game against the Falcons and his status is uncertain for next week as well, according to the Dolphins injury report and sources.

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson, who missed last week's game at Indy, will also miss the home opener Sunday, the Dolphins said in their injury report.

This final injury report of the week was a salt and pepper dose of good and troubling news.

WR Mike Wallace, who missed two weeks with a groin injury during the preseason and training camp, is questionable for Sunday with a groin injury. He was limited in practice on Friday.

Center Mike Pouncey was also limited in practice with an ankle injury and is listed as questionable but he is expected to play barring a setback the next couple of days.

Safety Chris Clemons, who missed all of the week's practices before Friday because of a hamstring injury, was able to do limited practice work today. So he's improving despite being listed as questionable. He has said he will play against the Falcons.

LB Koa Misi (right knee) and QB Pat Devlin (ankle) were also limited in practice Friday and are listed as questionable. I expect Misi to be available and Devlin's status is the inactive third quarterback anyway so he wouldn't be needed unless the Apocalypse is underway Sunday afternoon at Sun Life.

Speaking of quarterback injuries, starter Ryan Tannehill, who was limited in practice earlier in the week with a right (throwing) shoulder issue, took all his repetitions in practice today. He is listed as probable. He's good to go although the issue demands scrutiny as he takes hits on game day.

Dannell Ellerbe (toe), Nate Garner (pectoral, ribs), John Jerry (knee), Dion Jordan (shouler), Jamar Taylor (groin, hernia), Olivier Vernon (thumb) and Jimmy Wilson (groin) all practiced full on Friday and are listed as probable for the game.


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Damn, Misi, Pouncey, Wallace, and Clemmons all questionable scares me. No Solia or Patterson hurts too.

Glad to have Davis and Taylor back. No Sam Baker for the Falcons and Babineaux missed practiced for a non injury reason.

Dolphins are pretty banged up, but so are the Falcons. Dolphins take it at home 27-20.

Man, that'sa lot of injuries for Miami, yikes... tough early schedule taking it's toll.

Think the Dolphins will need to score 30+ in this one. if they score 30 and at least finish even in turnovers ... then that's on the defense...

They need to keep Ryan off the field and string together long drives. Helps our injured defenders that are playing.

The Falcons are twice as beat up as we are. They are starting a player at LT who has NEVER played there before.

Darkoak, I think the Falcons will play pass first against us and let Lamar Miller run as opposed to leaving their secondary exposed. Should be a big day for Miller imo.

How are they twice as injured?

By missing a washed up RB and an offensive lineman?

We are missing Soliai and Patterson

May miss Clemons, Pouncey, Misi and Wallace or a combination thereof by the sounds of it too

yeah, nobody is saying it but we've got a problem ...

Guys, if you think that's bad, read the Falcons' injury report. Reads like War & Peace.

Mark, they are missing Jackson, Baker, as well as Bierman(d-line), Weatherspoon(linebacker), and Brady Ewing(fullback). White, Jones, and Samuel are also banged up and questionable.

Yeah, our injuries suck, but they have their fair share of problems as well. Hopefully the 4 you mentioned are good to go come gameday.

They placed Witherspoon the middle linebacker and team leader on temporary IR and they IR'd Kroy Bierman, their most versatile D Lineman on top of Steven Jackson who I agree isn't what he used to be but nonetheless is their starting RB and Sam Baker their starting LT. The guy they are starting at LT moved over from RT and never played a game at LT.

They also have Roddy White, Asante Samuel and one other guy I can't recall as gimpy. Samuel didn't practice all week.

Our questionable guys are playing. Questionable means the same as playing hurt.

Four of their starters are gone, we have two.

2 x 2 = 4

Wham, bam, thank you ma'am.

They are twice as injured as us.

JOnes looked ral hurt when he lit up St Lou for 240 or whatever it was... White may be legitimately injured and not just hurt ... FB, who cares ... Weatherspoon I always liked and forgot about him.

Still, we have our share. If we beat them it won't be becaue they're outmanned ...

Dave, remember last week when patterson said he would play for sure ... whenever I read a guy is limited in practice, I don't take for granted he will play.

We have four key starters that were limted today .. no guarantee all or any of them play...

Aldon Smith arrested on suspicion of DUI ... get a limo, you're a millionaire ... geez

This game will be decided on turnovers. I like the Dolphins chances better based on them getting more turnovers. The Brotherhood is better than Falcon's Offense.

So funny to see you dolfans believing your really Good. You guys are still trash and will get exposed for the fraud you really are.

Go Jets!!

OK, I guess I am more from the Don Shula school. "If you can walk you can play" mentality. I like our odds here though. We "should" win this game. Next week at NO on Monday night will be very tough.

Julio Jones is also questionable apparently.

LOL, Rex, don't smoke crack prior to posting.

Starting to question my pick of the Dolphins this week. mark's right, we're prettybeat up this week.

And i won't even bring up how we should have hung onto Richard Marshall.

Miami 9 3FGs. ATL 35

Jets 30. Bills 10

I get to keep my job for another week.


its the NFL....they're all injured, just a matter of to what degree--they play hurt all the time.....Fins, Falcons....all of them.

The Dolphins must score 24 pts to win this game.

why do posts.....not post.....ridiculous waste of space this webpage is

Five reasons the Jets are better than the Dolphins.

1. Geno Smith
2.Rex Ryan
3. We have better uniforms
4. Mark Sanchez is out for the season.
5. We have more season tickets holder's!

Better grammar too apparently ...

24? I'm calling for 30. Unrealisitc to expect any team to hold Atlanta to under 20 points.

I do not want Tannehill to get hurt and knocked out but if he does i feel confident that Moore will light up this "O" unlike Tanney ever could.

Moore did not have the options that are available today and I for one believe that in the event he gets play time Tannehill will be out.

Craig M,
I believe you picked against the Fins last week didn't you? Maybe if you do again we'll win again.lol
We need all the luck we can help we can get.

Hey Rex,

Five reasons Miami is better than the jets.

1. Coach Joe has no tattoo of dirty sanchez
2. Jets uniforms SMELL
3. No more Revis
4. TANNE!!!
5. No Frills WR's

Craig M,
I believe you picked against the Fins last week didn't you? Maybe if you do again we'll win again.lol

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | September 20, 2013 at 04:40 PM

He is always wrong. No offense, Craig.

I had to turn the Thursday night game off last night after Sean Smith got his second pick. I just couldn't stand watching that. I don't really wish him any ill will just wish he could have done that for us.

I had to turn the Thursday night game off last night after Sean Smith got his second pick. I just couldn't stand watching that. I don't really wish him any ill will just wish he could have done that for us.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | September 20, 2013 at 04:45 PM

Seems like everyone improves when they leave the Dolphins.

Teddy Brusci pick the Dolphins!!!

Patterson out is bad news.

Dolfan Rick,

I did in fact pick against the Dolphins last week. I just thought Andrew Luck was going to be the difference. Not sure how healthy Atlanta's offence is this week but if they are clicking we're in trouble. It's why the pass rush needs to be there. When i hear we'l be missing Patterson and Soliai and that Wallace and Clemmons aren't 100 per cent i get worried. This is a winnable game but we have to make life difficult for Matt Ryan to win.

Falcons starting 2 rookie corners = 35 + points for Fins


So where was the good news?

Has anyone seen the ATL injury report? Good heavens!
The starting OTs were already among the worst in the league. Now, the LT Baker is out and RT Holmes is going to play out of position on the left.
Jeremy Trueblood is going to fill in at RT. The Skins cut Trueblood in the preseason because he was a turnstile as a pass blocker and he has only been with ATL for two weeks.
The RB and FB are both backups. Can they pass block?

How long can Ryan survive?

Patterson was out last week and we won.

"NY" G matt moore is a servicable backup. not a starter. have has never beat a team with a winning record.

Injuries or not, this team has to come together at home!!

Just messing with you Craig. I rarely make predictions unless I'm playing in a pool or something and then i just go with the Dolphins. I figure I got at least a 50 percent chance and then I don't have to root against them.

I don't worry so much about missing Soliai for just one game. Odrick and Starks can get it done. Having him out long term would take a toll on the rotation though.if we end up with 3 defensive starters out it would be scary too. I think Clemmons will play though.

Dolfan Rick,

If Soliiis going to miss a game, this is the one to miss. The problem becomes the toll it takes on the other guys going forward, Patterson is probably the biggest loss of them all.


I could see both teams scoring 30+

Just have to grind it out for all 4 qtrs, here s really nothing else to say.

This 2-0 Dolphin team is finally coming home, playing in front of a fairly full house. Something we haven't seen in a while. They are going to be very motivated. Yes, the Falcons are a little beat up, but that means nothing to the brotherhood. They will dominate. I also predict a big day from our offence. Phins up



Yeah, honestly, I was not real fond of their nickname, but at least they seem to be confident enough with there ability to even come up with it in the first place.

I think we need to see the pass rush we got week one back this week. We can't let Ryan beat us. We should be able to shut down their run game. LB'ers need to do the job against the TE's as well.

I really don't see a reason why we can't score the 23 / 24 points we've been scoring.

Dolphins-34-Falcons-31 Tannehill's coming out party, 34-41-347-4td's-1int defrosts Matty ice !!

Matt Moore > Ryan Tannehill

Sounds like a very even match to me. The injuries are a bit disconcerting, but guys play hurt every week, so I don't see any major issues for us. The defense will play a big part in this game, especially the front seven. I doubt the secondary will have much work considering most of the balls will be thrown to the outlet receivers considering the pass rush will be in Ryan's face all day long. The New Orleans game is the one I am most concerned about, we had better get healthy and quickly or our depleted secondary is going to have a very long night.
Dolphins 27 Falcons 17

The Dolphins are lucky that the Falcons are the most banged up team in the league. Should be a fairly easy win.

If Wallace doesn't play, or is limited, I afraid it MAY be the same old Dolphins, except with a mediocre run game. This is a bad prescription for a QB with a bum shoulder.
This has to be the worst year for pretty much all teams as regards injuries. I blame a bit of this on the Union, which made it real easy to get fat, lazy, and out of shape much of the offseason. Then eliminate 2-adays, which kept the players warmed yup, stretched, and angry. What other explanation can there be?

Add in the fact that the fashionable way to tackle anyone these days is to LAUNCH ones self head, shoulder first, rather than wrapping up. The PC league and coaching staff's allow thugs to play in this manner.
You wouldn't need all the "new Rules" if NFL players got back to the basic techniques that seemed to work real well for the 60's Packers and Bears Steelers of the 70's, 49'ers of the 80's and 90's, Cowboys, Ravens of the early 2000's.

I really believe we will be ok. I believe in the coaches. Now saying that, starting runner out, RT move to LT, backup RT in. No excuse for 5 sacks!! None!! Vernon has no excuses this week!! Get Dion more reps!!

I hope they rock that speed package all day!!!

IMAWriter | September 20, 2013 at 06:25 PM

I've been thinking the same thing since the new CBA went into affect in 2010. If you remember that Yr. there was alot of sloppy Football played early with a rash of Achilles injuries.

A chance for the CRAPPY draft picks Ireland used to show how worthless they are with all the injuries!


What a joke.

Just have to apply lots of pressure to Ryan...with Patterson out and Clemmons probably not 100%...if Ryan gets to stand around in the pocket the offense will have to try to keep up...

Just realized TRDS is pronounced "turds". Lol

Losing the home opener would suck but if it happens the impact is not as severe as the loss is to an NFC team and a conference championship game contestant at that. Really good measuring stick game win or lose and other than the loss is not part or a wildcard tie break criteria.

How are they twice as injured?

By missing a washed up RB and an offensive lineman?

We are missing Soliai and Patterson

May miss Clemons, Pouncey, Misi and Wallace or a combination thereof by the sounds of it too

yeah, nobody is saying it but we've got a problem ...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 20, 2013 at 03:44 PM

Steven J. is in no way washed up. 8 straight 1000 yd seasons and this yr will be nine. lucky, none of those yds won't be on our def.

Tailgate before kick off = awesome

Atmosphere during game = intense

Walking to the car with a victory = BOSS

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