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Soliai, Patterson out vs. Falcons PLUS more info

Dolphins defensive tackle Paul Soliai, who injured his knee in the victory over Indianapolis last week, will miss this week's game against the Falcons and his status is uncertain for next week as well, according to the Dolphins injury report and sources.

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson, who missed last week's game at Indy, will also miss the home opener Sunday, the Dolphins said in their injury report.

This final injury report of the week was a salt and pepper dose of good and troubling news.

WR Mike Wallace, who missed two weeks with a groin injury during the preseason and training camp, is questionable for Sunday with a groin injury. He was limited in practice on Friday.

Center Mike Pouncey was also limited in practice with an ankle injury and is listed as questionable but he is expected to play barring a setback the next couple of days.

Safety Chris Clemons, who missed all of the week's practices before Friday because of a hamstring injury, was able to do limited practice work today. So he's improving despite being listed as questionable. He has said he will play against the Falcons.

LB Koa Misi (right knee) and QB Pat Devlin (ankle) were also limited in practice Friday and are listed as questionable. I expect Misi to be available and Devlin's status is the inactive third quarterback anyway so he wouldn't be needed unless the Apocalypse is underway Sunday afternoon at Sun Life.

Speaking of quarterback injuries, starter Ryan Tannehill, who was limited in practice earlier in the week with a right (throwing) shoulder issue, took all his repetitions in practice today. He is listed as probable. He's good to go although the issue demands scrutiny as he takes hits on game day.

Dannell Ellerbe (toe), Nate Garner (pectoral, ribs), John Jerry (knee), Dion Jordan (shouler), Jamar Taylor (groin, hernia), Olivier Vernon (thumb) and Jimmy Wilson (groin) all practiced full on Friday and are listed as probable for the game.


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With S.Jackson out, the falcons go as Matt Ryan goes. They will be passing mostly and I'd like to think pressure on passing downs is where we are best. The Falcons are talented but this yr so are we. PLAY ON!!!



Mattie Ice has been crying to everyone because he taking a lot of hits.

like Bane).

Dolphins will win the fans and put on a great show.


Week by week we rise...

You come to me saying you're injured? Get back in there! I'll tell you when you're injured!


If the players that the Falcs discard (Clabo,Grimes) are better than any of our players then wouldn't the players they let go be not as good as the ones they kept?

If Clabo could not handle Umenyora in Falcs practice how is he going to handle him during the game?

If Grimes could not handle Matty-Ice during practice how can he defend against him in a game?

Maybe the answer is that I'm stupid for asking the question.

Grimes and Clabo were let go for injury questions and financial reasons respectively...Doesn't mean they couldn't play as grimes has already proven


I saw Mike Wallace in our first Game this Season, sucking air badly after a couple of deep routes. Apparently, somebody advised him to practice harder. And he has been much better.

imagine the falcons receivers used to playing in a dome after running a few deep routes in the heat and humidity sunday....GO FINS

We need rain on Saturday. Ya hear!

Its not going to be that humid Sunday

It's been raining everyday off and on for a month.



- Bradford was not sacked, he was hit 6 times, he threw for 350 yds 3TD 1 Int

- Ryan was sacked twice and hit 8 times and threw for 375 yds 2 TD 0 int

- StL CBs are Cortland Finnegan and Janoris Jenkins

- Bradford plays behind 2 pro bowl tackles (and has not been sacked this season) and got hit 6 times so I figure Tanne is gonna get hit 12 times

- Our CBs are not as good as Stl's and they gave up 375 yds so I'm thinking we might give up 450

I don't think we are going to win simply by showing up, I think we going to have to beat a team that has a better roster than us and intends to go to the SB.


Do you seriously believe they will be unprepared for heat and humidity.

Put another way - no other NFL teams have had a problem coming to Miami and winning the past 5 years, are the Falcs the team that going to fall apart?

I think it will be harder than that.

I agree that this is not going to be an easy win like many here are saying,however I do believe that with the momentum they have built and the energy of a home opener along with the confidence level that they are playing at,the fins can win a close game ....Grimes and Clabo will be extra motivated....so far each game a former player has faced their previous team they have come up big..ie patterson and wheeler

umm NO is a dome team......

and historically Atlanta is a totally different road team...nowhere near the same offensive production

NJ @ 8:41,
I feel the same way.
I think this going to be hard game that we have to grind out and try to win in the 4th.

ETF, it won't matter how or by how much,style points mean nothing,but a W will be huge and will validate the previous two road wins....

We need the o-line to step up, and Miller to be a BOSS! A big day from him keeps the chains moving, the clock ticking and the Ice dripping on the sidelines!

Go Fiiiiiiiiinsssssss

ETF, are you aware that Atlanta is starting 2 ROOKIE CORNERS?

This is a match up nightmate for the Falcons.

And don't be surprised if Nolan Carroll plays well.

is Asante Samuel definitely out?


I'm just saying that this is going to be a hard game.

The spread is less than a FG so the game 'should' go down to the wire which means 1 mistake is all it takes to win it or lose it at the end.

Fraud is correct. FINS will win by 4

As of 9/20 Asante, Roddy and Julio are Questionable


Having a add'l lineman report as eligible on almost every play, that way they had 6 OL instead of 5.

The proper way to counter that on defense is to drop a DE into coverage rather than rush the QB.

At least we have a fighting chance this year!

Well this is a shocker...

NFL MOBILE has the Dolphins ranked #6 in their Power n Rankings.

If we beat Atlanta they'll move us up to SB contender and they should.

Too early to ride the dolphin gravy train just. But, it's never too early to hope.

Beating a totally depleted Falcon team is meaningless.

Kris, good news! The Browns no longer want Weeden. They say " don't see him as long term QB" and are looking to move on.

I remember your position so I have to imagine you're very happy and are probably hoping we trade Tannehill for Weeden? Kidding.

But seriously, do you still think Weeden can catch on with someone and BE that answer at QB or is he destined for backup status? I'm not sure if this is a Weeden problem or if it's because the Browns didn't do the right thing with him.

I was swearing up and down that we should take Ertz in the draft so I'm not saying I'm always right! Just having fun because you and I had disagreed on Weeden. I guess you could say the jury is still out but it seems like he had some weapons to work with.

I also said

Ya but Patterson gets 3 picks a game

But if they beat our depleted team it will spell certain doom for the Dolphins right "Ohiofinfan"?

Really good measuring stick game win or lose and other than the loss is not part or a wildcard tie break criteria.

Posted by: Darkoak | September 20, 2013 at 07:46 PM

Well said and right to the Heart of the matter.

It's that simple Darkoak, if we want to BE the Big Boys, we have to beat the Big Boys.

The injury talk is **ALMOST SECONDARY**. Key injuries can be debilitating. But I don't see any All Pro QB's or DE's, it looks to me like injuries all GOOD teams DEAL with every year.

Back to the measuring stick, it seems the first 4 games of our season couldn't have been designed better in terms of being a measuring stick.

First, a Browns team that finds itself in a similar position we've been in for the last two or three years. If we don't beat them, the measuring stick says we probably haven't improved much, if any.

Secondly, a play off team with one of the best up and coming QB's to come out in recent years. If we pass the first test(Browns)and beat Luck and Co. Both ON THE ROAD, the measuring stick has to be re-calibrated-LOL.

We turn a head, raise an eyebrow, but it's too early and only two games. Most I suspect are thinking anybody can beat the Browns and we probably got Lucky against Luck(Despite playing them well enough last year too). Point being, we surprised some people, but we haven't changed any minds or convinced anybody of anything.

But this game, our second playoff team in as many weeks, this game can change everything. The Falcons have been consistently good for a while and seems to have improved a little recently. If we beat these guys we will have **AT LEAST PROVED** that Philbin and Ireland's collaboration is......well.....**WINNING**.

Losing this game won't mean that we should find the highest ledge to jump off of, but it will feel a bit deflating, like: GREAT, back to the drawing board, same old Dolphin(sigh), etc, etc.

I always go to extremes, so.......why change up now? I honestly think that this win Sunday will get us over a proverbial hump. I believe that this **PARTICULAR** 3 game win streak will catapult us out of the rut that we dug ourselves into since the time Jimmy left.

That's being extreme and putting a lot on a little 3 game win streak. But I say that for a number of reasons. The new and competent Coaching Staff. The development of players, those drafted, The Free Agents and even some key undrafted Free Agents.

It's extreme, but I say it mostly because of all the young talented players we have. They're buying into Philbin and the System. They're building Self confidence. Then, the Clincher, **PLAYING** with **CONFIDENCE**. That's related, but a little different than just self confidence. A 3 game win streak, two on the road and two against playoff teams and we have a bunch of young talented Kids buying into the system and PLAYING TOGETHER with CONFIDENCE!

Put your measuring stick on THAT and it'll read: "Lethal Combination".

AwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!!!!
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Phins78 don't dazzle them with your logic and book learning.


If the Div winners are Denver, Houston, Cincy, NE then the 2 wildcards are between Indy, Pitt, Miami, KC right?

ETF we aren't playoff contenders until we win enough games to make the playoffs, simmer down bud.

I appreciate the enthusiasm but please keep in mind this not high school or Div III college.

The players all belong to the same same labor union and so thier core belief is that no one works harder than any union member.

odin, way too long a post to read


I skim the big posts usually.

Sorry guys sometimes I realize shht later than everyone else does but I don't think it is because I was a daily pot smoker in high school 35 years ago because I didn't.

if the season ended today the dolphins would be in the play-offs


Congrats in cultivating a blog of baboons.

What trash.

Right here is evidence society is going downhill faster than the last turd I flushed.

that a girl -Ponto

The Patterson situation is FRUSTRATING as HELL!

The Rookies get injured, Taylor we knew about, Davis right after he starts tearing it up and making people start to think. Davis' situation is frustrating as hell too. Christ, Taylor too now that I think about it.

Anyways, Marshall gets the ax and everybody starts wondering about Patterson. Should we have kept Marshall? Is Patterson any good? Is he better than Carroll? Blah, blah, blah....!

So Patterson stuns everyone with a TWO INT opening day. So FINALLY we're set at Corner back and we have to good looking Draft Picks in the wings. GREAT.......RIGHT?

Yeah, except our rookies are still injured and those TWO INT's were the first and last we hear from Patterson! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrgggggggggh!

Carroll is Carroll! I won't knock him, he's played well this year. But I also know how inconsistent he can be. Every play, I'm just waiting for him to start NOT getting his head around or biting hard on the double move. I have to give Carroll credit though, because he has improved his game. I think you can tell. But he's still Carroll and he hasn't exactly instilled a lot of confidence in the fan base.

Anyways, Patterson is making me crazy! He plays ONE game like an All Pro, Opposite a Pro Bowler too boot. Do you realize how good our secondary looked for just a brief second there?

With Two REAL Good Looking Draft Picks to BOOT!

Yet here we are AGAIN, going up against one of the best QB's/Receiving Corps. in the league, and we're STILL talking about Nolan Carroll and Jimmy Wilson..........**STARTING** !!!!

Are you Fvcking Kidding Me! What kind of SICK, Cosmic Joke is this? I don't believe in CURSES, but what did we do? Why is this happening? Is this really happening? Am I just having a nightmare?

We sign Grimes, Patterson and a WHOLE SLEW of DB's. We draft 3. Two with premium or higher picks! We're doing so GOOD, we can cut guys like Richard Marshall!

Yet here we are, 3 weeks into the season and facing one of the better passing teams. What are we doing? We're STILL talking about STARTING Nolan Freaking Carroll and Jimmy JJ Wilson!


I appreciate the enthusiasm but please keep in mind this not high school or Div III college.

The players all belong to the same same labor union and so thier core belief is that no one works harder than any union member.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | September 20, 2013 at 10:14 PM

With all Due Respect: GTFOH!!!!

You were just calling us PLAYOFF contenders at 10:08.

How you gonna say shyt bout me........?

Just Kidding Guy, I am enthusiastic, I can't help it though. When I see what I see with our Phins, I believe I have a right too be!

I try to stay balanced though, so I'm not just a blathering, cream puff Cheer Leader too! Just check my Patterson-Carroll post above at 10:46!

Still, having said all that, you can't doubt the fact that these Talented Kids(and the Vets)are buying in and starting to PLAY TOGETHER with CONFIDENCE!

So calling it a "Lethal Combination" might be a bit overboard. But not for long, after a few key people mend and the together and confidence starts to be more and more of a factor, that's exactly what it's going to be:

A Lethal Combination!!!!

Go Phins!!!!

Right here is evidence society is going downhill faster than the last turd I flushed.
Posted by: Ponto | September 20, 2013 at 10:39 PM

You're right your post is a good example of that.

Need to see at least 8 games from Tannehill before I go on the playoffs egg hunt. I need 7-1, 6-2 just before optimism begins to kick in. I need to see consistent 3-4gm win streaks.

Win 1 lose one, win 2 in a row, lose 2 in a row just gets you .500 and likely being on the outside looking in as far as playoffs go.

Winning the first two games are fine. What's most important is what happens next two games. Tannehill needs to bring home victory in at least one of the next two games. Giving us a 3-1 start.

I'm not banking on 12-4 finish, but, 11-5 finish would be very optimistic for fans going into the playoffs. Backing into the playoffs is almost always the surest route to 1 and done.

Steve Ross save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!

Good Lord Wallace will have 130 yards through three James 33 yards again prophetic when it's going to give us back the money?

2 game winning streak Zonk, stadium filling up, no way in hell the team gets sold right now.

Dudes no way we win this game. It's not how we're built, to win 3 in a row. Sorry I had to tell u.

I think not sure that Soliai had his knee scope, I bet he did but everyone knows that nothing is leak out of the Phins management that's why Soliai is out next week no surprise there huh! I mention that couple of days ago, it's going to be a tough game close game but I got my phins 23- 17 but it won't surprise me falcon win though, defense need to play the best game yet, let's go PHINS squash the birds like road killllll! GO PHINS!

Teddy Brusci and everyone on SHOWTIME'S Inside the NFL PICKED THE DOLPHINS.

Teddy Brusci and everyone on SHOWTIME'S Inside the NFL PICKED THE DOLPHINS.

Teddy Brusci and everyone on SHOWTIME'S Inside the NFL PICKED THE DOLPHINS.

Teddy Brusci and everyone on SHOWTIME'S Inside the NFL PICKED THE DOLPHINS.

Teddy Brusci and everyone on SHOWTIME'S Inside the NFL PICKED THE DOLPHINS.

Well I see the phins catch the falcons at the right time, falcons banged up few starters out and we have a good chance to win this close game but we got this!

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