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Soliai, Patterson out vs. Falcons PLUS more info

Dolphins defensive tackle Paul Soliai, who injured his knee in the victory over Indianapolis last week, will miss this week's game against the Falcons and his status is uncertain for next week as well, according to the Dolphins injury report and sources.

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson, who missed last week's game at Indy, will also miss the home opener Sunday, the Dolphins said in their injury report.

This final injury report of the week was a salt and pepper dose of good and troubling news.

WR Mike Wallace, who missed two weeks with a groin injury during the preseason and training camp, is questionable for Sunday with a groin injury. He was limited in practice on Friday.

Center Mike Pouncey was also limited in practice with an ankle injury and is listed as questionable but he is expected to play barring a setback the next couple of days.

Safety Chris Clemons, who missed all of the week's practices before Friday because of a hamstring injury, was able to do limited practice work today. So he's improving despite being listed as questionable. He has said he will play against the Falcons.

LB Koa Misi (right knee) and QB Pat Devlin (ankle) were also limited in practice Friday and are listed as questionable. I expect Misi to be available and Devlin's status is the inactive third quarterback anyway so he wouldn't be needed unless the Apocalypse is underway Sunday afternoon at Sun Life.

Speaking of quarterback injuries, starter Ryan Tannehill, who was limited in practice earlier in the week with a right (throwing) shoulder issue, took all his repetitions in practice today. He is listed as probable. He's good to go although the issue demands scrutiny as he takes hits on game day.

Dannell Ellerbe (toe), Nate Garner (pectoral, ribs), John Jerry (knee), Dion Jordan (shouler), Jamar Taylor (groin, hernia), Olivier Vernon (thumb) and Jimmy Wilson (groin) all practiced full on Friday and are listed as probable for the game.


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I appreciate the enthusiasm but please keep in mind this not high school or Div III college.

The players all belong to the same same labor union and so thier core belief is that no one works harder than any union member.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | September 20, 2013 at 10:14 PM

ROTFLMAO! I always feel like a Tard when I'm answering a Joke and I don't realize it until after I'm Done! Dooh-LOL!

Everybody is looking at you like.........well......Nevermind-Duh!

Anyways, I'm calling it a Lethal Combination. I guess Wake calls it the Brotherhood!

(BTW-He has that Reverse Widows Peak because it's the most aerodynamic cut he can find, He claims it takes .75 off his 40 time. That's Dedicated!).

I was just hoping The New Nickname would be easier to type than: "The Defense"(I'm not as dedicated).

Know What I mean....?


Where did you come from....?

You say 7-1 or 6-2 **BEFORE** any Optimism "Kick's In"?

I don't believe it. You might not even know? But the optimism would kick in for you sooner than that, at least that's my theory(It would for me).

Can you honestly tell me that your optimism wouldn't kick in if we squeaked by Atlanta and beat New Orleans by 10......?

4-0 isn't 6-2 or 7-1, but I would be petitioning the Mayors office for a Parade Permit. Of course, I'm a Freaking Homer Big Time(Hows that for stating the obvious?)!

I must have misunderstood something in your post....?




Odin,Please shorten your posts, I fell asleep twice reading your 10:46 post.
Thanks for your cooperation citizen.

My condolences! God I hope they got it in time.

I'll say some prayers for you.......!

Good Bless You!

(I hope he was serious about having, I don't mean I hope he HAS anything, I mean, I hope he's being serious. I had to lick doughnut Glazzing off all 5 of my fingers so I could type this)

Glazzed Doughnuts are Good! Yummy...........

Going to go on record and predict a Fin win here .21 to 16.
Which believe me is not a good thing, I oould'nt pick winning horse in a one horse race.
SORRY :(..

Just waiting man! I hate it! Come on Falcons!

I'm already Tailgating for the Michigan/Iowa Game! It's pretty early today and I have no idea why.

I just had a Bourbon on ice! Slammed 4 Giant Glazed Doughnuts, Then two slices of Warmed Up Pizza(Had more earlier, I ordered out).

Then I capped it off with a Gigantic (Mixing)Bowl of Me Lucky Charms-LOL!

Hey! Do you ever eat all the regular cereal stuff first with your Lucky Charms, so you get to finish with all solid Marshmallows Bites....?

Yeah, admit it, you do......?

applefritters and beer were a great combo for breakfast. helped me pour a lot of concrete 30 yrs ago when i was a yute(joe pesci)

miami linebackers are key 4 victory against falcons. the falcons will use screen passes, quick slants and te's so matt ryan doesnt get killed.

Rex is a closet Dolphin fan! he bashes the J-E-T-S SSS on their blog!

The injuries have piled up on the Falcons. So they are without their starting RB, FB, LT and DE? And they are hurting in numerous other places. Top 2 starting WR's and CB and DE are questionable. Give me the Dolphins by at least 7 due to our Defense. Things could get ugly.

Who here would've preferred the Dolphins drafted Matt Ryan. Him and his $100+ Million contract with only 1 playoff win and can only win with a loaded team. 2008 was a weak QB draft.

By the way with this defense...Not sure I can pick against this team this year. They give us a good chance against anyone. Past years yeah but I believe in these guys. Guess I'm homer and a loyal fan.

Dashi...Not Jack!...well...I would be a fan if he was a Phin...but he is not...so EF 'em...but any QB walking into a Sparano locker room would have major trouble...Matt Ryan is like a realy poors man Peyton Manning...but man he can put up numbers in bunches at times...

Matt Ryan would've had us in the playoffs every year and contending for a SB. He is a top 5 QB and future HOFer. Certainly Jake Long didnt do much for us.

NY "G",

Everytime I see Moore come in the game I get nervous, he's good for 1 or 2 turnovers a game. Yea he's our Don Strock, best backup QB in the league...but better off the holding the clip board.

(Funny story about Strock, was at a game at the orange bowl years ago. Strock just made a huge come back, don't remember who it was against, but it was near the end of the game and we where going to win handedly. My dad and I watched him smoke a cigarette on the side lines, like no big deal and not far from Shula. We where laughing our arse off, like WTF!...that was Don Stock.)


I don't remember which All-Pro player (may have been R. Lewis in a football life) but he said that once you step on an NFL field you are never heathy again. You learn to play hurt and in pain if you want to keep your job.

I think many times these injury reports are very much manipulated to through off the other teams game planning. I'm sure many of these players are game time decisions, any true competitor that wants to keep his job is going to try to play.

But like you pointed out, the CBA probably has a lot to do with the sloppiness, lack of execution, and injuries due to less practice time. Every team is going to have injuries, it's a given with such a violent game.

Two things...

As the season rolls on there will be more injuries on each team for sure, it's how you develop and acquire your 2-3 stringers. In my mind, the season in many ways does not really start until the 10 game. Yes getting to a fast start is important without a doubt, but it's staying power to last a long season. Remember Green Bay, didn't they win the SB a few years back with 17 players on IR? That's staying power with your reserves.

As the season rolls on, look for Ireland to find more Acorns. Specially if we have a strong run with a winning record near the end of the regular season, but lose a key player to an injury. FO will do whatever it takes to help push us through the season, maybe make a key trade, etc., Ireland's job is never over.

LMAO @ 1016...yeah...he hasn't been able to do it since 2008 with a team that has been BETTER than the Dolphins...but he would have made those acomplishments with the Phins...and Sporano... again... LMAO!!! Lemme get a taste of what you been smokin...

Why waste time thinking about what could been or whatif. Of course in hindsight it's easy to look back on every draft and say wish we got this guy or that guy. I'm more interested in our current team. We've seen and had that Ryan conversation more than enough times. No new ground there to go over.


Your right...It really doesn't matter if we had Henne or Matt Ryan or any other QB walking into the locker room. Sproano (and fat tuna) football philosophy was old school and doesn't work in today's NFL. If we had of drafted Matty Ice, Sporano would of just ruined him like he did to Henne.

Ryan like Henne is a gun slinging QB that has an arm to throw, Sporano thinking of "playing the game not to lose" would been a failure also with Ryan as QB. Watching Sporano doing "fist pumps" on the side lines, would have driven Ryan crazy and he would have asked to be traded.

I LOVED it when Rex Ryan picked up Sporano as their new OC, I'm sure it was so he could get more insight on the FINS organization. But sure enough, it garranted that Sporano would just make their offense even worse and sink Sanchez deeper as a crappy QB.

How long did that last? One freaking year!!!

Loved it...All part of the plan, LOL!

Oh, and the Sanchez Butt Play...A Sporano designed play...FOR SURE.

Odin that sounds like a lot of food bud. Maybe sneak a salad in there from time to time or you're on the type 2 path if not already there.

Wow Aldon Smith is flaming out right now. The kid is talented but a total moron.

We have a lot of talks about the "right" kind of players and what not and what winning is worth. Is winning worth playing a player right after drunk driving his truck into a tree with the foot still on the accelerator, who obviously could have killed multiple people but for dumb luck didn't?

Is it worth making that guy a millionaire just so your sport team wins a few games?

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