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Starks: 'I regret' flipping the bird

If you watched the game, you saw it. If you read this blog, you saw it. Randy Starks collected a sack on Sunday and celebrated with a one-finger salute aimed toward the Dolphins sideline.

The move became the source of much speculation. (Not on this blog, if you read the post). And the NFL may at some point have a say on the matter with a fine.

But speaking about the issue to the media for the first time Tuesday, Starks showed remorse for the move.

"Of course I regret it,” Starks said while a group of a dozen reporters gathered around him. "It’s something I shouldn’t have [done]. It was something that I was joking around with my teammates. Whatever consequences happen, I have to take it."

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin met with Starks about the matter on Monday. I'm told the coach made the point to Starks that flipping the bird on the field is not the kind of behavior he condones. The coach told Starks it's wrong.

On Tuesday the coach declined to say what was said in the meeting.

“Any discussions I might have had with Randy would stay internal," he said. "They are of a personal nature."

This much is clear: Starks was encouraged to make the issue go away. Quickly.

Starks said Tuesday he flipped the bird toward the Dolphins sideline because he was joking with some teammates on the sideline about getting a sack. He was just having fun, he said, but the gesture  "came out the wrong way."

Starks said the gesture had nothing to do with his contract situation. We already knew that, if you read my post on the topic. He said he understood how his definite distaste for not starting -- something that is not questionable -- might have led folks to think his gesture was a comment on that situation. 

"The situation I’m in as far as not starting and not being here [in the offseason], I can see how that can be misleading," Starks said.

Let this remain clear: Starks is over the contrace issue. It's not a problem for him. He's making $8.45 million guaranteed this year. So he is "over" that, as he said on Twitter Monday. But ...

He is unhappy about not starting. Those close to him make no bones about that. Starks himself said earlier in camp he felt like he was being punished for not showing up to offseason training by having to compete with Jared Odrick for the starting job.

And now this is also clear: While Starks isn't happy about coming off the bench, his salute wasn't a message.

By the way, on Tuesday Jared Odrick continued to be ahead of Starks in practice.


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Move on, whatever, nothing to concern.

Didn't matter even if it was meant for the coaches. Non story from the start.

Mandito, I believe you were the only one making a issue out of it...

Be specific Cuban ... made a issue of what?

The finger? Guilty. By the way, it is an issue. Philbin met with the player about it and the NFL may fine him.

The contract? Wrong. Read the post.

Starting? Absolutely is an issue for Starks.

So what's your point?

I don't understand why you said you didn't make an issue out of into here, Armando. It sure seemed that way to me and many others on here.


If they gave bloggers like you the power to delete posts and manage tbe blog, no doubt this would truly become a closed circuit of the Gang of Five (aka The CJ Club).

Luckily Armando knows better.


Let's go over this again ...

A player flipping the bird on TV is an issue. Coach JOe Philbin thought enough of it to meet with the player over. He might get fined by the NFL, so it's an issue. He apologized for it today, so it's an issue.

Him starting .. It's an issue. Starks continues not to start. He doesn't like that.

The contract ... Non-issue and I wrote as much the other day.


Randy is a good guy and elite player, a new contract coming soon.

Yeah, listening to "'Round Midnight" by Cal Tjader. You young'uns have some music for the late evening, no lyrics, where you can get high on, aided only by the Music?

Hate to lose Starks at year end but is it likely we re-sign both Soliai and Starks?--can we afford both?--do we want to re-sign both, at big dollars....would that be smart?--plus, Odrick was a 1st round pick after all.....not sure if he's as good as Starks but he aint chump change, and we have a big investment in him--and he's cheaper--would seem to be the time to pass it on to Odrick-no?

Good Evening Mando, No Disrespect Watched ESPN and they made no Comment, Though they did mention Mr. Wallaces Hissy fit though....


Do you have any inside scoop on what the bosses are thinking about the running game? Oline? RB's? or Both?

And some Wine now, of course.


It's not really inside scoop but the bottom line is they are not changing course for now. They believe they are thisclose to getting the thing right. They believe they have the personnel necessary. They believe they just ran into a tough matchup and that's not the way it's going to be every week.

That's it. Are they right?

We'll see.

not sure how several here can say this whole situation is not an issue.....Armando isnt making it up and it did get coverage on Sunday night, into Monday--certainly unusual, and not especially good, to have one of your better players flipping the bird to the sideline after a play.....so maybe its fading, and now maybe its closed, and maybe not huge at this point......but its certainly an issue, on several fronts--this aint complicated.

Yeah, I love Jordan Kovacs.

If given the chance, he'll excel on the coverage units. Kovacs' reminds me so much of Zach Thomas, it's endearing.

He's extremely hard working and like Zach, makes up for physical limitations with smarts and study.

I believe he'll also prove to be a good fit at **STRONG Safety** in Coyle's system. A solid back up that will eventually challenge for a starting job. Kovacs' is an assassin on kick coverage. He'll be FUN to watch!

Good Luck Jordan!!!!

Also, it wasn't me impostor-ing Armando and I won't be banned under any circumstances. The vile and disgusting tards better mind their business, that is, if Armando is "For Real" this time.

Speaking of vile and disgusting language, Armando, how about YG's "Latest" sign in name. Surely his sign in name is worthy of being Banned, No?

I mean this in all seriousness Armando, every time I see his childishly vulgar sign in name, I have to shake my head in pity. This guy has issues and should be banned immediately.

Thanks in advance Armando, You Da Man!!!!

Thanks Armando...

Under no circumstances start Will Davis on Sunday. If Dmitri is not available, start Carroll or even Wilson.

Oscar, my guess is Patterson will start.


If we let the bloggers determine who gets banned, we are in trouble.

It's Armando's blog. Let him handle it.

Thank Goodness.

Armando....can't believe they are right! But what can be done at this time? Not much! They made their bed and it's unfortunate but they now have to sleep in it. To say it will get better is an easy call, it really can't get any worse!

It we get 40-50 yards against Indy that would be a huge improvement. I put the over/under at 42 yards. Still not all that impressive.


Your comment yesterday said 'it looked like a message he was sending' to the team.

Starks has indicated that he was joking around with teammates after the sack. So do you believe him? You don't think our comment yesterday added to things? Maybe that was your goal?

I'm a fan of your work and while I felt some of this tuff was newsworthy, I just felt like some of it took away from what the focus should have been.....a pretty impressive road victory to start the season.

Patterson will start but he's obviously nicked......probably pulled him last week and sitting him out for now as a precautionary measure, but a groin injury doesnt go away quickly, and affects a CB probably as much as any position--will likely be nagging all season unfortunately

Mando, who is/was the fake Mando?

Funny, we are getting two tough matchups in a row. The first one with that Monster D line, now with some more than serious WRs and QB. We get thru this Game, we are playoff bound. For sure.


the person who also posts as Truth.


How the heck is 20 yards rushing against a perrenial losing team impressive?

How is the worst rushing perfomance of all 32 to teams impressive?

It's Armando's blog. Let him handle it.

Posted by: Krato | September 10, 2013 at 08:15 PM

Ah.......Krato, no disrespect, but ah.......did you even READ my post? I'm assuming you did because you're commenting on it.


But ah........Thanks just the same.......I think......


Come on man! You saying we're only going to run for 42 yards Sunday? Indy's front seven isn't as good as the Browns. I think we'll be more successful running against the Colts. I think the Raiders ran for something like 175 yards against them Sunday. I'm expecting much better results Sunday.


You were telling Armando who he should ban. If he listened to you, considering your lack of fans here, you'd soon be the only blogger here!


My guess is by the time this season is over, the Browns will prove themselves to have a pretty good run D. So that matters. I don't think the Colts are in that same category.

Having said that, the Browns have now set the standard for stopping the Dolphins much of the game ... Make them throw the ball and see what happens.

The Dolphins basically gave up on running the ball in the second half. That cannot be the solution the rest of the year against good run defenses.

Eh Merc......

Maybe you missed it. The team won by13 points. Obviously you're hung upon he negatives.good luck to you! I care about wins. That's all that matters to me.

I guess you don't want to talk about the 6 sacks or 3 picks, right Merc?

Guy's Should I sit Lamar Miller this week or play him????

Truth was the impostor and you heard it from Armando himself.

Thanks for the info Armando, was he impostor-ing others as well?

In other words, was he banned for impostor-ing, or because he got caught impostor-ing **YOU** specifically?

Just curious Mando.

Hey Armando, do you think the Dolphins can run the football in Indy?


I think RT showed to be the most improved QB of last years rookies...at least for game 1. 16 to go before Sherman can have his cake.


I totally believe STarks about joking around with a teammate or whatever.

Having said that, I absolutely know he's pissed about not starting.

By the way, I don't believe Wallace was mad at himself after the game, as he said yesterday. He was angry at the game plan and he was angry he didn't get targets in the first half.

Angry at himself? Hahaha.


Want a secret recipe to make the blog better? Yes?


Show up at least a wee bit more....


Obviously you are MUCH MUCH closer to the situation than I am but that's been my take on it too. Do you see this becoming a bigger problem with Wallace going forward? Is it your opinion that Philbin was probably quite stern with Wallace while talking to him about Sunday?


I gotta agree with Krato. We miss you on here, man. You're our source and we miss interacting with you. I realize this isn't always the nicest place to hang out but we do miss you.

Of course they are, were, Armando. We are adults here(most) and know. No need to let us know.

Greg, Seeing how these two are now as "dorsal"(Get it??Dorsal??LOL) as Puppies I'd bet my bottom Dollar that Philbin has quite A bite.....

CLEV is not a very good team but they do have a good run defense.....solid D line, decent defense in general, better than given credit for--the offense...not so much


As I was told today by a team source, Mike Wallace is who he is. And the culture here is what it is. It may take a while to make the two fit.

I will say this:

It wouldn't be an issue if the Dolphins would simply throw him the ball. I mean, he got $60 Million!!! What part of that suggests you don't throw him the ball early and often?

And for those saying he was doubled most of the day ... Um, not true. Doubled some. About 50 percent of the time. Joe Haden just played great. Wallace was open some and the ball didn't come to him.

Sometimes a QB has to throw a WR open. Sometimes, a WR is open when it doesn't seem like it because he'll win the ball battle most of the time. Tannehill has to learn that.

Poor Mike, he's probably going to get fukkked again as we are probably going to run the ball on them all Game long. Be patient, man, be patient.

Some sacks, a forced fumble recovery, knocking their quarterback out........................any of these by Starks and all is forgotten.

That loss last year to Indy by a field goal still burns!

Go Dolphins!!

If I'm getting paid 60 mil over the next 5 yrs, If the coach tells me to clean out every toilet at The Joe, after the game, you can bet your ass I'm holdin a scrub brush.

Agree with Odin..., He may be old(Not as old as Oscar 126Yeas old) but does like to talk Football....

odinseye, now you have come out and said what you only hinted at previously.

Also, a review of your previous posts and temper tantrums show far worse language than that other bloggers name.

You know it. I know it. They know it.

As one of your favorite buddies would say, let's not be the kettle calling others black.

Plain and simple. And dang truthful.

Any progress with Soliai contract talks? Also are they looking into bringing in another RB possibly McGahee?

Admittedly I am a RT fan. I do think he missed on 3 opportunities to hit Wallace deep with passes off the mark. Ben wouldn't have missed..and that is the difference.

How did you know my age?

Armando makes a point very similar to Henne/Marshall. Henne never learned what Cutler learned early on...Marshall is open even when he is not.

Soliai talks are dead currently.

Fins will win in Indy. Colts D is nowhere near Browns talent level. Wallace will be happy after torching Vontae a few times. Start Miller. He will do much better on Sunday. Luck is good but Indy is the most overrated team in the NFL.

Krato, You sure sound like YG/YG4L/DB/LOL/(Obscene)/Etc,Etc...
Are you YG??????
Come Clean Man....


I looked at it differently. I know Philbin is big on not giving up turnovers. So I found the play-calling to be quite conservative in the first half. I don't think Sherman or Philbin want Tannehill forcing anything. So I don't blame Tannehill. They took a few more chances in the second half but I think this will be the plan going forward, unless they are able to find ways to get Wallace open more.


Raiders QB had about 112 yds rushing against the Colts...

Raiders rb's had about 50 yds on 20 carries.

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