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Starks: 'I regret' flipping the bird

If you watched the game, you saw it. If you read this blog, you saw it. Randy Starks collected a sack on Sunday and celebrated with a one-finger salute aimed toward the Dolphins sideline.

The move became the source of much speculation. (Not on this blog, if you read the post). And the NFL may at some point have a say on the matter with a fine.

But speaking about the issue to the media for the first time Tuesday, Starks showed remorse for the move.

"Of course I regret it,” Starks said while a group of a dozen reporters gathered around him. "It’s something I shouldn’t have [done]. It was something that I was joking around with my teammates. Whatever consequences happen, I have to take it."

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin met with Starks about the matter on Monday. I'm told the coach made the point to Starks that flipping the bird on the field is not the kind of behavior he condones. The coach told Starks it's wrong.

On Tuesday the coach declined to say what was said in the meeting.

“Any discussions I might have had with Randy would stay internal," he said. "They are of a personal nature."

This much is clear: Starks was encouraged to make the issue go away. Quickly.

Starks said Tuesday he flipped the bird toward the Dolphins sideline because he was joking with some teammates on the sideline about getting a sack. He was just having fun, he said, but the gesture  "came out the wrong way."

Starks said the gesture had nothing to do with his contract situation. We already knew that, if you read my post on the topic. He said he understood how his definite distaste for not starting -- something that is not questionable -- might have led folks to think his gesture was a comment on that situation. 

"The situation I’m in as far as not starting and not being here [in the offseason], I can see how that can be misleading," Starks said.

Let this remain clear: Starks is over the contrace issue. It's not a problem for him. He's making $8.45 million guaranteed this year. So he is "over" that, as he said on Twitter Monday. But ...

He is unhappy about not starting. Those close to him make no bones about that. Starks himself said earlier in camp he felt like he was being punished for not showing up to offseason training by having to compete with Jared Odrick for the starting job.

And now this is also clear: While Starks isn't happy about coming off the bench, his salute wasn't a message.

By the way, on Tuesday Jared Odrick continued to be ahead of Starks in practice.


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Posted by: Jake in Pa | September 10, 2013 at 08:43 PM

Amen, bro.

Wallace is a scrappy dude. He catches the ball very well with his hand. He fights for it. You have to give him a reasonable chance and he will come through.

Hartline is like a Wallace Jr.Not as fast, but fast enough and scrappy and great hands. In my miind a solid #2.

The Dolphins I saw play Sunday aren't gonna roll over easy. They look determined. They will get the running game going.The defense will get to Luck and force him into picks. Not many O lines are gonna stop the pass rush of the Dolphins.They made Joe Thomas look bad.


How about it man. You were at the game. Was Armando, single covered most of the time, as Armando has suggested?

Well, like somebody said here yesterday, the way they played, they can continue flipping birds and talking sh-t by his agent, forever.

Armando they had safety help over top the entire game. Not true double teams but he was covered over top. The Browns front seven wiped out our run.

I don't get if Hartline and Gibson are wide open why does RT have to throw to covered Wallace so he can be happy and try to make a play?, what if RT forces it all day to Wallace and throws 3 picks while the others are wide open , what would your blog say then Armando?

How about it man. You were at the game. Was Armando, single covered most of the time, as Armando has suggested?

Posted by: Craig M | September 10, 2013 at 08:48 PM

Please forgive him. He is Canadian.

Armando does is not a WR for any NFL team.

Cant Believe I beat Dashi In F.Football........

There was safety help over the top and double coverage often. Same thing happened to Wallace when in Pittsburgh. He will have games like this 3 to 4 times a year and then beast games. It depends on the coverages played against him. The more confidence Hartline, Gibson and Clay get the better. They beat their men all game.

Jake also told us DJ had a sack. Not true.

Let's not take any blogger too seriously just because they were at the game.

Jake we saw the same thing in that game. If we can't establish a running game Wallace will have more games like Sunday not less.

Big Ben learned to deal with Wallace pouting and was able to look the other way. As long as Tannehill doesn't try to force it to him he will be fine.

Armando I agree, the truth of the Wallace issue is somewhere in the middle. You couldn't have said it better.

I was thinking/wondering how much tape Tannehill watched of Big Ben and Wallace Hooking Up? Hopefully Tannehill is/has studied a ton of the tape. Big Ben and Wallace seemed especially dangerous when the play started too break down and they started to improvise on the run.

It's somewhere in the middle and Tannehilkl is going to have to find it. I'll take any and all of the options you list above Armando, the point being, **THEY(Tanny, Sherman)** have to find ways of getting Wallace the ball.

HIMT: With the play of our O-Line being what it is, Tanny and Sherman might want to start with some quick slants(VERY QUICK-LOL)to Wallace and watch him GO!

Cheers Armando and I agree with those who stated that you should stop by MORE OFTEN.


krato @ 8:43

In Chad Henne's last 10 starts he has thrown for more than 3000 yards; he is averaging 300yds/start. Look it up.

Last season Marshall had about 1500 yds receiving. The Bear WR next in yds was Jeffrey with about 300. So from his top 2 WRs Cutler got about 1800 yds.
When they were both on Denver Cutler was averaging 1800 yds combined to his top 2 WRs.
Without Marshall Henne averaged 1800yds to his top 2 WRs in 2009.
In 2010 with Marshall Henne averaged 1800 yds to his top 2 WRs.
Last season Tanne threw 1800 yds to his top 2 WRs.

Please tell us exactly what it is that Henne has not learned and that Cutler has learned.

'Does is not a WR for any NFL team'.

That make any sense to anyone?

Jus sayin, if you're going to try correcting someone on what they've said, try and put a proper sentence together. Your credibility goes out the window.

Man, QB Pryor got more that 2/3 of those rushing yards against Indy, it's true. Now I'm beginning to get worried.

Clearly, Wallace had no idea how bad Tannehill is when he signed on. Its another Marshall-Henne deal. Ireland should’ve learned that a great WR is useless without a QB.

Jordan had a sack. Dominated Joe Thomas on they play. He was called for a facemask. It was fun to watch him..Jus sayin

Craig M is for MORON

Quit with the anti- Tannehill stuff and Henne comparisons Monte. Tannehill is so much better and confident. He played a hell of a game Sunday.

Henne couldn't even beat out the bust Gabbert. Two completely different coaching staffs have not made him a starter.

Cutler has always been a starter on each of his two teams. Three different head coaches have seen him as the hands down starter.

anybody knows how Jake Long played in his first game with the rams?

Ha Ha! I smoked Krato so BAD, they had to remove my post!

Hopefully Wake will torch Luck as bad as I riled Old Krato page 1.



When Armando finds and bans the troll hijacking his name. My money says "KRIS" and his many aliases will disappear........

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | September 10, 2013 at 09:00 PM

I think its Odin

17 And 0, Mando said it was the Blogger signed in a "TURTH"....

YG @ 8:5 7pm,

That's a bunch of a bunk and you know it. You're BY FAR the biggest culprit on here. Why don't you do a poll of others on here and get their opinion? Yeah, they're going to pick you. WHY? Because its FACT. No other reason. None of us no each other on here, so what other reason could thy use to pick you? You're the biggest culprit, hands down.....guilty as charged.

But worse than that, you're on here 24/7, actually cheering against this team to have success. That in itself is especially troubling.

Isn't it interesting that three bloggers with a history of telling Armando who to ban, are prominent members of the CJ club?


It's possible 17 that people could not fall into the petty one upmanship and actually just delete posts where people are are called jackoffs like you insulted people with in the last blog. It would be easy just delete the posts with that stuff in it, regardless of who makes it.

Craig M cant you find a canadien blog?

Everyone should have to sign in with Typepad.....

Survey says...............it's 17-0 doing it.

How many times was Tannehill pulled in the redzone last season because he played for a coach that believed in a BACKDOOR wildcat offense?
That's funny.
Because Henne out produced Tanne in both 2009 and 2010, both years that he started 13 games and not 16 like Tanne did.
In summation: in fewer games, with fewer opportunities, Henne outproduced Tanne.
Two seasons.

Ban the out of touch out of towners that supply no revenue to the Herald or its advertisers.

Guys who cares that it was Pryor who accumulated those yards against the Colts. Why does that matter? The Colts couldn't shut the run down. It still counts against their run defence. What difference does it make? Raiders kept running Pryor and the Colts couldn't shut it down. The Colts can be run on and I expect he Dolphins to ave success in that area Sunday.

Craig M you conveniently avoided your own mistake, claiming Armando was a WR LOL.

Craig M for MORON is canadian

Henne is a backup on the worst team in football. That says it all.

Tannehill and Henne comparisons at this point are moot.
Give Tannehill three years like Henne had.
Then you may proceed with comparisons.

The majority of us on here are tired of your childish antics. The VAST majority, bud. You alienate people and you're not even aware of it.

I don't need to ask Armando. I KNOW you use multiple names and so do a great many other people on here. So what's to discuss?

Tannehill was ranked worse than Henne ever was.

Craig M fights with everyone on the blog.

Darkoak wants to monitor the blog.

Kris Kry notoriously wrote to Armando trying to get posters banned.

Phins78, when he was NYScot (among other names) created a list of 'acceptable' bloggers.

Do you see a pattern here.

Does the word Nazi ring a bell?

It is notable that three prominent members of the CJ club are the ones begging for censorship.

Jake also told us DJ had a sack. Not true.

Let's not take any blogger too seriously just because they were at the game.

Posted by: jus sayin | September 10, 2013 at 08:55 PM

I've been wondering about this myself. NFL.com and ESPN.com both have Jordan listed with an official sack.

Does anyone know where the truth is(pun intended-LOL)?

Maybe the facemask sack would have been his 2nd on the day?

I would like clarification on this.

Armando's blog Armando' rules jus saying. Don't like it, go annoy people somewhere else.

I can see That I am no match for you when it comes to the superiority of Tanne over Henne.

Since Henne has been named the starter for this Sunday's game then I will keep you up to date with his game day performance via this blog.

Make 17 a blog monitor.

Tannehill was ranked worse than Henne ever was.

Posted by: mike | September 10, 2013 at 09:15 PM

Please provide statistics and sources of those statistics.
Do it now, no googling.

I'd Rather read Old coot Odins Drivel over YG any day.

Go phuc yourself and when you are done you go look it up.

Clearly, Wallace had no idea how bad Tannehill is when he signed on. Its another Marshall-Henne deal. Ireland should’ve learned that a great WR is useless without a QB.

Posted by: Monte | September 10, 2013 at 08:59 PM

Clearly you need to leave and go worship the Jets.

Whatever YG.....

We're tired of your shtick. You should have been throw off here a long time ago. Only reason you're still here is because of the number of hits you bring to the blog. But no question the blog would be a MUCH BETTER place with you gone. This fact is not debatable.

ETF, Was'nt Henne a part of BACKDOOR Football.

Its you circle-jerk committee who's responsible for at least 85% of all the filth in this blog alone.

(Says the Guy with this sign in name)

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | September 10, 2013 at 08:57 PM

ROTFLMAO at how deep into denial this guy is. Oh Broder....LOL.

ETF doing his 17-0 impression.

Thompson wants to tell us we cant google?? WTF??

Go phuc yourself and when you are done you go look it up.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | September 10, 2013 at 09:23 PM

Look how ETF defends "mike"......oooohhhh I get it....you ARE mike.


Craig Moron,
When one says they know a thing there's proof that exist. When proof exists theres "TANGIBLE EVIDENCE".
So You know, then bring forth the "TANGIBLE EVIDENCE" which always supports a person that "KNOW".
You cant, can you lying idiot? Means you only6 "ASSUME". But in this case you make an ass of U, not ME...............
Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | September 10, 2013 at 09:19 PM

This entire post contains everything Armando mentioned is ban worthy.

Probably have gone too many times to the well, too often now. Time to find another well.

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