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Starks: 'I regret' flipping the bird

If you watched the game, you saw it. If you read this blog, you saw it. Randy Starks collected a sack on Sunday and celebrated with a one-finger salute aimed toward the Dolphins sideline.

The move became the source of much speculation. (Not on this blog, if you read the post). And the NFL may at some point have a say on the matter with a fine.

But speaking about the issue to the media for the first time Tuesday, Starks showed remorse for the move.

"Of course I regret it,” Starks said while a group of a dozen reporters gathered around him. "It’s something I shouldn’t have [done]. It was something that I was joking around with my teammates. Whatever consequences happen, I have to take it."

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin met with Starks about the matter on Monday. I'm told the coach made the point to Starks that flipping the bird on the field is not the kind of behavior he condones. The coach told Starks it's wrong.

On Tuesday the coach declined to say what was said in the meeting.

“Any discussions I might have had with Randy would stay internal," he said. "They are of a personal nature."

This much is clear: Starks was encouraged to make the issue go away. Quickly.

Starks said Tuesday he flipped the bird toward the Dolphins sideline because he was joking with some teammates on the sideline about getting a sack. He was just having fun, he said, but the gesture  "came out the wrong way."

Starks said the gesture had nothing to do with his contract situation. We already knew that, if you read my post on the topic. He said he understood how his definite distaste for not starting -- something that is not questionable -- might have led folks to think his gesture was a comment on that situation. 

"The situation I’m in as far as not starting and not being here [in the offseason], I can see how that can be misleading," Starks said.

Let this remain clear: Starks is over the contrace issue. It's not a problem for him. He's making $8.45 million guaranteed this year. So he is "over" that, as he said on Twitter Monday. But ...

He is unhappy about not starting. Those close to him make no bones about that. Starks himself said earlier in camp he felt like he was being punished for not showing up to offseason training by having to compete with Jared Odrick for the starting job.

And now this is also clear: While Starks isn't happy about coming off the bench, his salute wasn't a message.

By the way, on Tuesday Jared Odrick continued to be ahead of Starks in practice.


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Thomson ETF is PRICE MASTER/PHUC YU.,Know your aliases my Friend.

Henne only got offered a job on the worst team in football, and has been a back up for two seasons there.

The coaches who know best have spoken.

Bloggers opinions are irrelevant to reality. They know less than nothing.

I'm not Mike or 17.

Krato and Thompson are the made up names of this blog's most brain damaged poster.

Ban Craig M for Moron

Survey says...............it's 17-0 doing it.

Posted by: Richard Dawson | September 10, 2013 at 09:08 PM

No question about it, he's been caught repeatedly. And he does root against this team and most of it's players.

Just ask the poster that calls himself: Fire Ross.

Krato and Thompson are the made up names of this blog's most brain damaged poster.
Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | September 10, 2013 at 09:30 PM

Is he a Old Coot?

Odin do some more drugs LMAO!!


Now there's a new one. Never seen that one before. Very original YG.

Must be a sheer coincidence that these new names show up when you're on here. Clearly.

He's thumbing his nose at you, Armando.....and you continue to let him away with it.

he a Old Coot?
Posted by: Odins Bloatted Liver. | September 10, 2013 at 09:32

Sorry Odin, Could'nt help myself.

Survey says...............it's 17-0 doing it.

Posted by: Richard Dawson | September 10, 2013 at 09:08 PM

No question about it, he's been caught repeatedly. And he does root against this team and most of it's players.

Just ask the poster that calls himself: Fire Ross.

Posted by: odinseye | September 10, 2013 at 09:31 PM

ETF is his protege/trainee.
Looks like the "circle jerkers" are slowly being identified.

Odin, Jordan was credited with the sack he got the facemask penalty on I believe. He also had a nice play when he hit Weeden as he was throwing. He was dominant when he was in there.CBS gametracker credited him with the sack after the penalty and never took it off. If he can do this to Joe Thomas twice in a handfull of rushes think what the potential is...Im a believer after seeing it in person

Since Henne has been named the starter for this Sunday's game then I will keep you up to date with his game day performance via this blog.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | September 10, 2013 at 09:21 PM

Do you have a link for this........?

Again you are wrong.
Ireland made the first offer to Henne and Henne spit in his face.
2 hours after free gency started Henne had anoffer rom Jville and was on his way to Seattle.
Jville called him back and offered $9mil over 2 seasons ($3mil bonus plus $3mil/season).
Henne took it and never went to Seattle, so Seattle signed Flynn after he too had spit in Ireland's face.

Krato I know you long to return to the days of NoodleArm, 1-15, BACKDOOR football, Tony Soprano, Greg Camarillo, Ted Ginn, Ricky and Ronnie, Joey Porter, The Tuna etc. On your way back there go phuc yourself again.

How does this "Krato"....whose name we have NEVER seen before know the entire history of the blog...even down to what CJ means...

And how vome all these newbies always come out in defense of WHY GEE....lol....


We're all dumb and stupid...right WHY GEE....I mean Krato.....

Has Ireland been fired yet?

....I may be in the minority. But I think Wallace acting out after last weeks game is a bigger deal then people think. First. I do not believe for a second that he was angry at himself for how he played. My thought is that Philbin and Sherman are going to take a close look at how they used Wallace. Hopefully something positive comes of this.

I'm afraid that the tirade will cause OC Sherman to alter the gameplan a bit more this next week just to get Wallace involved more. Now it is easy to say that they could have done this anyway if Wallace would have remained silent. Teams alter their plans each week. whats the big deal? All true. And it is possible a gameplan that involves more Wallace will benefit us.

My fear is that we force the issue. That we force the issue to justify why we brought Wallace here. I think one of the biggest differnces in Week 1 to last year was that Tannehill spread the ball around to multiple receivers. The best offenses do that. I would hope this continues. Wallace will have opportunities to make big plays if he plays in within the confines of the offense. This means shutting his mouth if his number isn't the one called. Let the offense flow. Do not make exceptions for one player because he is paid more then the GDP of a small country.

The link that Henne is starting Sunday?
Just go to espn it is public inforation the Jags announced it yesterday.

Even mando said Henne was the better QB when they played in preseason and Mando hates Henne so much that he was blaming Henne not only for everything that was wrong while Henne was here but for shht that went on here while Henne was still in college.

Henne > Tannehill

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | September 10, 2013 at 09:19 PM

This entire post contains everything Armando mentioned is ban worthy.

Posted by: Darkoak | September 10, 2013 at 09:28 PM

How right you are. Name calling, personal attacks and vile, disgusting language right down to his sign in name.

Yet, Armando's been here the last two times giving out warnings and threatening to ban people and YG was the VERY NEXT Poster, even using his childishly vulgar sign in name, and asking Mando questions. Not even worrying in the least about Armando banning him, Hmmmmmmmmm.

I digress, Darkoak, you nailed it.

About 90 minutes ago and imposter of me came on this blog and posted inappropriate comments. That's strike one, two and three.

The Herald is in the process of banning this person.

Everyone, think of this blog as your neighborhood. If you want to have fun here and enjoy the football conversation it's up to you to keep the place up.

Otherwise, the blog experience will be poor for everyone.

Up to you.

The Herald will continue to do it's part, monitoring best it can. But this is YOUR blog, folks.

We want to discuss football. We want the debate to be free of personal attacks. We will not tolerate inappropriate language under any circumstances. If you break these rules going forward, you'll be banned.


Posted by: Armando Salguero | September 10, 2013 at 07:11 PM


Lets be honest...it may be your face on the blog...but you have ZERO credibility when it comes to these issues.....

You....me...and your entire staff know that WHY GEE is 95% of the problem on your blog....if not 100%.....

You two obviously have something worked out.....cause any self respecting journalist would have banned him and his ilk long ago,.,,,

Sorry Armando....

I have been here long enough to know better...and you should stop patronizing the good posters on this blog,...the ones who can debate....without being disrespectful.....or demeaning....

17 is here to stay. Deal with it.

ETF certainly has a "thing" for Henne doesn't he?
Well, at least he came out of the closet.

17 is here to stay. Deal with it.

Posted by: The Blog | September 10, 2013 at 09:46 PM



Ban Odin and it will be a better blog.

@ 9:46....

If you had reading comprehension skills....

You would UNDERSTAND......that is basically what I said....

Nice point Kris, Cheers man!


You know nothing.

You assume an awful lot based on nothing but your girlie intuition. That is not knowledge.

It is a shame you were not born where you'd fit best, as a commander in a communist country.

f he can do this to Joe Thomas twice in a handfull of rushes think what the potential is...Im a believer after seeing it in person

Posted by: Jake in Pa | September 10, 2013 at 09:36 PM

I'm with you on that. Jordan seems to Dog NFL Tackles just the same as he did at Oregon.

It looks like he hasn't missed a beat in his transition.

I love Strong Defenses and FINALLY, I have one of the BEST right here with my All Time Favorite Dolphins!


QBs that go to teams that are already playoff quality have good careers
QBs that go to shhtty team have shhty careers.
QBs that go from shhtty teams to good teams have careers that start off shhtty and get better.

It is not a mystery: Rogers/Brady/Brees/Matty/Flacco did not elevate thier teams to greatness. The teams give those QBs 6 seconds to throw whch elevates them to greatness.
The QB does make the team.
The team makes the QB.

Thanks Jake....

Kris @ 9:45pm,

Very we'll said. No question there's a secret deal worked out here, otherwise the guy would have been turfed a long time ago. It's obvious he knows he's immune to any punishments that could and should be moving his way.

WHY GEE@ 9:50.....

I have zero interest in debating you...regardless of which sign in name u are currently using....

All I can tell you is

WE KNOW.....

And that all the satisfaction and proof I need.....


Krato's comments t 9:50 are EXACTLY how YG would respond to you. No question.

Well done ETF, But I think wasting another #1 and 2 pick on a O-Line would have been Irelands last draft.

Craig M.....

the cat is definitely out of the bag....

There is no sting in those random insults any more....cause we all know...they are not random...they are the sick joke of one person doesn't deserve our respect.....

He really should be pitied.....

Craig M

You were all buddy buddy with Armando earlier. Do you have the bongos to ask him about this secret deal next time?

Of course not.

You and Kris won't risk the bubble being burst on your silly fantasies.


It's always the same line....

"Ask Armando".....

This guy is "challenged" to say the least.,..

He really doesn't get that WE GET IT.....

Like I said....he should be pitied....

The Fins D Line is dominant. They will put up huge sack numbers this year. Weeden had no time to throw all day. They were relentless. They are gonna make many Qbs look bad.

Kris that's what I've been saying for ages.

I'be made my point....

The only thing left to do is bang my head against a wall with the WHY GEE aliases....

And I'll pass on that....

Yep, Krato is YG/YG4L/DB/LOL/Etc/Etc/Etc. Guy's who I'am I missing, There's Gotta be about 10 more I'am missing.Help a Brother ou.


Sing another song bud. It's become extremely prying. You're not fooling anyone.

Kris is right....the insults have no sting any more.


It took me some time to unravel this web.....but I see clearly now....later...

Kris you made no point whatsoever. You made buddy buddy with one of you 5 moron friends here.

What is your evidence? Where is your proof? You evade that for dear life because you have none,.

Your silly gut feeling is nothing but paranoid poppycock.


He's FIRE ROSS too......not a doubt in the world.


If this Is your first time posting here, how do you know Kris has five friends here.you telling us you've say here not posting forever, just taking things and now al of a sudden you're a Posting machine?

Not buying it for a second.


All posters who have approached Armando about who to ban or to let them be blog moderator. What inflated ego's.

You all grossly insult Armando's intelligence.

Craig now desperately trying to bond with Kris who obviously hates his gutz. LMFAO.

If that's true Craig, you should have seen the late night ragging on a former marine last night. Disgusting.

One more thing:

The Phins have a win, Tanne was solid, 3 picks picks helped with all that. But that was against Cleveland. That was against Jville. Sure we can beat the weakest teams in the league.

Now they're going to play an above average team. In week 1 Luck had a passer rating of 127. In thietr careers Luck has 1000 more yards and twice the number of TDs.
Still feel so confident in Dmitri?
Nolan Carroll gonna bail out the #2 CB spot this week?

You're gonna be here next Tuesday right Krato?

YG is everyone!!

While you all were blog fighting tonight.

I sat and watched A program that reminded me what it really is like to be a dolphin fan. A true fan.

The Don showed us the way to perfection, maybe we all should look back and realize the heritage that made us all love this team enough to sit and type night after night.

Integrity!! That is the Miami Dolphin's I grew up with.

That show even made me realize just how much I had forgotten about the team my father introduced me to. I watched Miami play Cleveland this last weekend and hated the new uniforms. But something about those colors just felt familiar and right. It had been so long since I had seen those colors in action that I had forgotten. As I watched the show tonight I realized maybe they are right. Maybe I'm just to set in my ways to the point to realize that forward is sometimes revisited by the past.

We encounter crazies in open forums. But all need to step back and realize that God this Miami Dolphins Heritage is something to be proud of.

Philbin carries himself much in the same way as the Don. That show really reintroduced me to the days when Dolphin fans stood up together and always fought for their team.

God Bless the Don!! Shula is the Dolphin Way!!

Go Dolphins!!

Craig Moron,

I've been posting here for almost a year. Butt wipes like you that can't handle others opinions hijack my name forcing me to change it.


10 carries, 3 yards, his Yds/car dropped 20% for his career. HA HA HA HA HA Lamar Miller and...

His benefactor in here: come out come out wherever you are.

Darryl, Nice post @ 9:41
Think of the Packers offense and all their weapons... Sometimes its Nelson, Sometimes Cobb,Jones or Finley. Hell sometimes its all of them. Jones went without a catch Sunday, I think. He will probably have 7 catches and 2 TD's this week. Its the same offense and wallace has to understand it. He is gonna have good weeks and bad


10 carries
3 yds
20% reduction in career ypc


Lamar Miller 10 carries for 3 yards ( 0.3 avg)

Daniel Thomas 8 carries for 14 yards (1.75 avg)

That makes Thomas 5 times better.

Make of it what you will.

God Bless the Don!! Shula is the Dolphin Way!!
Go Dolphins!!
Posted by: shula71 | September 10, 2013 at 10:15 PM




10 carries
3 yds
20% reduction in career ypc


Craigarreha trying to bond with Kris is like Bush trying to bond with Saddam. Hehehee....

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