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Starks: 'I regret' flipping the bird

If you watched the game, you saw it. If you read this blog, you saw it. Randy Starks collected a sack on Sunday and celebrated with a one-finger salute aimed toward the Dolphins sideline.

The move became the source of much speculation. (Not on this blog, if you read the post). And the NFL may at some point have a say on the matter with a fine.

But speaking about the issue to the media for the first time Tuesday, Starks showed remorse for the move.

"Of course I regret it,” Starks said while a group of a dozen reporters gathered around him. "It’s something I shouldn’t have [done]. It was something that I was joking around with my teammates. Whatever consequences happen, I have to take it."

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin met with Starks about the matter on Monday. I'm told the coach made the point to Starks that flipping the bird on the field is not the kind of behavior he condones. The coach told Starks it's wrong.

On Tuesday the coach declined to say what was said in the meeting.

“Any discussions I might have had with Randy would stay internal," he said. "They are of a personal nature."

This much is clear: Starks was encouraged to make the issue go away. Quickly.

Starks said Tuesday he flipped the bird toward the Dolphins sideline because he was joking with some teammates on the sideline about getting a sack. He was just having fun, he said, but the gesture  "came out the wrong way."

Starks said the gesture had nothing to do with his contract situation. We already knew that, if you read my post on the topic. He said he understood how his definite distaste for not starting -- something that is not questionable -- might have led folks to think his gesture was a comment on that situation. 

"The situation I’m in as far as not starting and not being here [in the offseason], I can see how that can be misleading," Starks said.

Let this remain clear: Starks is over the contrace issue. It's not a problem for him. He's making $8.45 million guaranteed this year. So he is "over" that, as he said on Twitter Monday. But ...

He is unhappy about not starting. Those close to him make no bones about that. Starks himself said earlier in camp he felt like he was being punished for not showing up to offseason training by having to compete with Jared Odrick for the starting job.

And now this is also clear: While Starks isn't happy about coming off the bench, his salute wasn't a message.

By the way, on Tuesday Jared Odrick continued to be ahead of Starks in practice.


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Armando, please ban ETF if he post anything about Henne's performance, lol

But how do you name yourself "Truth", then you impersonate Armando?

Truth may be bi polar...

An angry Randy Starks = 1.5 sacks. / Happy Odrick = 0

I have to credit Armando here. He didn't make a thing out of this and actually I'm pretty sure he barely touched on it before tonight. Starks definitely isn't happy about his starting status. The thing is it's just not that big of a deal, this happens all of the time in sports. Someone younger and cheaper has taken advantage of his opportunity and made Starks expendable, that's all.



Dude step forward like a man.

This is man time.

Hey YG, welcome back, buddy. I take it somebody wheeled your ancient ass to the early bird, and now you're back. But not before yelling at the neighborhood kids for playing the Devil's music too loud and wearing there trouser's too tight.


Hey YG, welcome back, buddy. I take it somebody wheeled your ancient @zz to the early bird, and now you're back. But not before yelling at the neighborhood kids for playing the Devil's music too loud and wearing there trouser's too tight.

Just in case you missed the first time, ya senile old bastid.

Just in case you missed it the first time you senile old Bastid.

Kris @ 9:45pm,

Very we'll said. No question there's a secret deal worked out here, otherwise the guy would have been turfed a long time ago. It's obvious he knows he's immune to any punishments that could and should be moving his way.

Posted by: Craig M | September 10, 2013 at 09:53 PM

Kris and Craig, I generally refrain from ringing my own bell. But at this point and time, I have to.

I have been saying that we have a Blog Hit Troll here for just over two years now. No one believed me at first and it was very frustrating. The fact is, I picked up my first Troll(The Blog Hit Troll)when I first began posting about him. That's where his utter hatred for me came from. I made it my mission to expose him at every turn. I do have to admit, his YG alias fooled me for a long time. But I kept working it and working it and now I believe we have him completely figured out. And yes, he has to have some kind of green light to get away with all the things he does(I smoked him bad tonight, while Armando was here. Miraculously, the post pointing out how obvious it was that he's YG and how his sign in name was grounds for banning - DISAPPEARED - LOL).

Also, I still believe there's two of them. But the 2nd one doesn't spend nearly the time here as YG, nor as many sign in name/aliases.

I said all that to say this: THANKS! Just knowing that you guys have all caught on is the most satisfying feeling to this debacle known as Dolphins In Depth.

PS: Craig, I know he's Fire Ross also, without a doubt ;)

Cheers My Brothers!!!!

That's where his utter hatred for me came from.

Posted by: odinseye | September 10, 2013 at 10:41 PM

So you don't think it came from all your gaylord and meth posts, your temper trantrums shutting down the blog, your endless blog polluting cut and pasts, your ridiculous fantasy stories, and your general frequent use of disgusting immature locker room language?

Just read back a bit and wow. In the end there wasn't a better post than the one Kris wrote at 9:45.

It's never going to change, that much is true. I don't know if it's one person or more but that doesn't change the fact that he/they have turned this place into his/their personal dumping ground.

It would be nice though if we didn't have the writer telling us something will be done while this person breaks every rule right in front of him. It's just hollow words at this point. The boy who cried wolf comes to mind.


Remember when you were NYScott and were promoting your list of acceptable bloggers?

Think about that, if you can.

I was just reading through the blog and Kris's post may have been the best post I ever read in my entire life.

This Starks' thing is hilarious. now his agent is ripping the team on Barry Jackson's blog.

Guys YG or whatever is probably a relative of Armando's who happened to fall off the fruit truck and Armando is just throwing him a bone. Odin no offense man but the times you wigged out and would fill post after post with the same crap made me want to shove denny the dolphin up your blowhole so I can see why "He" hates ya.

If any of you had the slightest clue about internet commerce and newspapers, you'd know the thought of a planted blog troll is beyond reality and just plain ridiculous. Not only that it wouldn't be cost effective even at a minimum wage salary for such a tiny blog like this.

But the vast majority of you are extremely naive and clueless.

At some point you are going to have to join the 21st century and inform yourselves of how things work.

Maybe it's a mercy thing that Armando is doing. He know's that this blog is THE ONLY THING left in YG's extremely pathetic and lonely life.
If Mando pulls the plug on YG, it would be like pulling the plug on his life support. The old fart would probably be found the next morning with his head in the oven.
If it were up to me, I would like to test this theory.

rage will you be going back to your previous name anytime soon?

What name would that be?

If Armando had rules about name changers, well there would be no more than 3 bloggers left.

The point being missed around here is that Starks needs to be resigned. He's been one of our top players for a few years now and will very difficult to replace. The fans need to speak.

Memo to Starks. The actions and tone of your agent is problematic and could be making matters worse not better. If the goal is to stay here for whatever reason he has not been effective.

C'mon Blog Boy. What name would I change it back to?

D Thomas should start at rb

I would hate to see Starks go, Truth. He has and will be a major part of the Dline. But you are right, His agent is not doing him any favors mouthing off right now.

C'mon Blog Boy. What name would I change it back to?

Posted by: rage | September 10, 2013 at 11:14 PM

Proceed with caution.

In the preseason and game 1 we only moved the ball after three series of miller who can't pass block

When miller is in it has to be a run or a quick pass play and the defense knows it so they stack the box and play tight man coverage

You accuse me of using multiple names, and I should proceed with caution? Dude, you can suck it. How is that for proceeding with caution?

You accuse me of using multiple names,

Posted by: rage | September 10, 2013 at 11:23 PM

Your words, not mine. Very revealing.


Raise your hand if you want to know who rage is.

You've already learned that Truth was impersonating Armando. Let's make it a daily double.

Very revealing, hmmmmm. OK, Idiot. When you come up with something,other than making dumbass assumptions, let me know. I'll try and proceed with caution until then.

My hand is up

rage another blog sucker. takes the bait like a guppy in a blow....like Kirs Kry

I guess the blog is asleep now.

It figures. Bunch of lightweight's.

Gee I wonder why Phins78 disappeared.

Kris, care to venture a guess? (hint 10:58)

guess the blog is asleep now.
Maybe it's because you're a douche, and they are proceeding with caution.

rage needs a girlfriend, or sumptin better than what he's got now.

Yeah, I'm sure a guy named pee wee gets laid all the time. Lightweight.

If any of you had the slightest clue about internet commerce and newspapers, you'd know the thought of a planted blog troll is beyond reality and just plain ridiculous. Not only that it wouldn't be cost effective even at a minimum wage salary for such a tiny blog like this.

But the vast majority of you are extremely naive and clueless.

At some point you are going to have to join the 21st century and inform yourselves of how things work.

Posted by: Droid | September 10, 2013 at 11:07 PM

This is YG at his most ignorant incarnation, No, wait, that would be Sammo/YG. or "I see" or "Far Gone" above.

YG, this has to be the most ignorant defense I've seen you make of yourself.

Cost effective you say? Not if it's like "Sammo" says above. You're probably an ignorant, lay about, no account fool of a relative.

You have no job, probably get welfare and you OBVIOUSLY use your Mommy's or your Mommy's neighbors Wi-Fi.

Cost effective you say? Not if it's a package deal where you polish the vette, mow the yard and clean the pool. Then, for all the Blog Posts you make, "SOMEBODY(Ahem-LOL)" throws you an extra 10 or 20 here or there for your "Favorite Drug Of Choice".

Judging from your mentality and your simpleton posts, my best guess would be Meth, Booze or both.

But trying to defend yourself by saying it wouldn't be cost effective? That's just more ignorant blather on your part. Besides, if "SOMEBODY(Ahem-LOL)" was going to get a two-Bit loser dope head to pump up his blog hits, he wouldn't go to his employer and ask them to hire somebody-Duh. You see how ignorant you're being or am I going to fast for you? That "SOMEBODY(Ahem-LOL)has other competing blogs, he's not supposed to have OR NEED a Monkey Boy Blog Hit Troll. It would be unfair to the other blogs at the Paper considering that SOMEBODY(Ahem-lol)claims every year how his blog is No. 1 at the Paper.

Cost effective? All "SOMEBODY(Ahem-lol)" needs is to get his half retarded cousin(From falling off the fruit wagon), the good for nothing, non-working, welfare collecting Dope Head and hire him to polish the knobs, skim the pool, smoke some meth and blow up the Blog.

So PLEASE, just STFU with your IGNORANT denials. I made it my mission to expose you fool and my mission has been accomplished.

PS: I'll bet you now wish you would have just kept your ignorant mouth shut instead of wishing death upon Ohio's pregnant wife and my son because he served his country proud in the Military. You remember that fool? That was my galvanizing moment-ROTFLMFAO! That's when posting here about football became secondary and exposing you for the doper fool Blog Hit Troll that you OBVIOUSLY are became No. 1.

Cost Effective? Ha Ha, just STFU Fool!


Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

ValHalla Be-Atch!!!!

It's funny how the media refuses to see the positives about the Dolphin game but instead they found something to latch onto with this "Wallace crap". That's because they do not want to see this franchise improve when in reality they have improved on both the defensive side and at Qb. Tannehill is the 2nd best qb in AFC east and so far you can see his improvement. Yes he could have forced some throws to Wallace and completed some deep ones but some refuse to realize that the OL played terrible with no rushing attack all day and too many sacks the 1st half. As soon as they started to do there damn job some what look what happen the 2nd half. Fix the running game and now Tannehill is at his best and that is play action and that's where Wallace will come in, watch this Sunday tannehill will out perform Luck and Dolphins win 34-17 and guess what? Wallace scores deep and has over 100yds receiving! As for Starks he starts along side Solai. Remember you heard it first. Fins 2-0 heading home. Go Dolphins !!

Odin seriously dude? Ive been here since 08 and have got into it with YG.If you think im one of his personalities than a Private Dick you arent. More like just a D..k. Go back to the mystery machine and work on your sleuthing skills some more.Go grab yer hottie nancy drew. Idiot.


I made this same post/prediction last night/this morning. So you're second-lol.

Seriously, I think you're on the Money. First we have to give the Browns Front 7 some credit as well as their DC and his game plan. He **STUFFED** the Box and made Tannehill beat them through the air.

Secondly, our O-Line has to improve. They have to be able to overcome this when the next DC tries it. I suspect our O-Line and Run Game improves. Also, the more Tannehill is successful throwing to his Receivers, the more DC's will back off and respect it.

When our O-Line comes out and starts pushing Indy's DL around next week, that's when things are really going to get going.

Tannehill won't always be able to pick this team up and carry them, but he did against the Browns. I think Indy's Head Coach and DC will now be forced to take Tannehill into consideration. Thus making things a bit easier for the O-Line and the Run Game.

We Will Beat The Dolts In Their House!

Book It!!!!

Whatever Sammo.

We we're supposedly kool and you come out and rail **ME** for my responses to this Blog Hit Fool?

It's kind of revealing Sammo, the way you jump on me, but are fine with the Monkey Boy, don'tcha THINK?

O - KEE DOKEY Sammo......and BTW, it's also pretty interesting how you haven't posted in about two years and suddenly, OUT OF NOWHERE, here you are, pothumously sticking up for the Blog Tard.

Hmmmmmmmm..........Hey Sammo, I got an IDEA. Lik a Dik LOSER!


Having a kid and being a full time stay at home dad will do that Odin. I usually post late at nite and I didnt rail ya. I just said your posting page after page pizzd me off. You do more reaching that yao ming does for his family at the grocery store.

Hi Armando,

Just wondering if you can keep us up to date with the contract negotiation scenario with Starks and Soliai. Seems to me that Starks will be allowed to walk as he is older, and Odrick is a similar type of player (albeit younger). On the other hand, why the disrespect for Soliai thus far in negotiations? Seems to me that Cam Wake, Misi, Jones all got fair deals done. Soliai took a supposed pay cut to stay here two years ago. Do you think they are planning on franchising him again for another one year rental and then draft someone younger or do they expect to keep him around?

Hi, my names Antonio. I've been a fan of the Phins for the past 30 years. I'm excited about this season, especially our defense. I have a question, if we hit Luck as many times as we did Weeden, do you think Luck can take that kind of punishment? I know if we're in his face & knockin him down his game will become weak. I just wanna know if you think he can take the same kind of beating?

OK Sammo, I apologize. I like getting along with my Fellow Dolphins. But I've just completely had it with the Monkey Boy Troll Tard here.

I thought you were railing me and giving him a pass. If I got it all crossed up, I apologize For Real.

PS: I didn't think you were him. I've talked with you before quite a bit. But you showed up so quickly, out of nowhere, I suspected it might be him using your Sign In.

One more time: My apologies. Us Dolphin Fans have to stick together. Especially this year, I have a feeling we're going to earn back our respect this year.


Antonio, are you referring to FRANK-N-LUCK?
Dude is smart but talks like Frankenstein.
Odin, one minute you want people banned the next minute u cursing people out.
At least you are some what funny though...

FYI, all the ladies love the new miami dolphins jersey (White).

Hypocrites, you see much more worst things on TV on a dayly basis and nobody makes an issue out of it. This is a very agressive and violent sport, and yet people wants that players behave as well raised ladies all the time. Come on, this is football not chess.

Dolphins by 3 against Colts

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