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Sunday brunch: Everything on Brent Grimes

I've said on multiple occasions on various platforms -- radio, this blog, my column, my twitter -- that I believe Brent Grimes is the player the Dolphins could least afford to lose.

I simply think he's very good at what he does and the dropoff after him would be steep and significant. The fact Grimes is playing well so far this season suggests he was not only a wise signing, but is making a case for him being re-signed by the team because he's on a one-year contract.

I tackle that very topic in my Sunday column about Grimes. As part of the column I tell you that Miami has not offered Grimes a contract extension and isn't planning to do so (for now) until after the season when admittedly the player's price will be higher.

I talked to Grimes for 20 minutes or so last week. Here are parts of the interview that didn't make the column:

I asked him how it was adjusting to being in South Florida.

“It’s not tough for me to adjust to being anywhere," he said. "I just go and do whatever. I’m a pretty simple dude. My wife found most of the stuff as far as finding a place to live. And the other stuff, I just ask questions for the other stuff like haircuts.

"When I was staying at the little hotel when I first got here it was weird because you’re living out of a hotel but once I got a place, it was cool.”

I asked why the Falcons didn't re-sign him and how he feels about that.

“It was just a numbers thing," Grimes said. "They have to pay their quarterback a lot. You know how that goes. They had to pay Tony Gonzalez. It’s just the way it is. That’s what they want to be so they had to sign those guys. I’m not mad at it. I understand. They wanted to pay way cheap, but I said, ‘It’s good. I’ll just leave.’ But I got no hard feelings about it.”

I asked Grimes why he picked the Dolphins. 

“They wanted the one year deal. And that was cool. I wanted the one year deal. That was cool. And then when I looked at everything, I liked the coaches, I liked the scheme, the players they have when I watched the film when I came in. There’s a lot of talent on this team. I said we can do some good things. That’s why I picked here."

His thoughts on the Dolphins system: 

“It’s an aggressive system," Grimes said. "It’s very demanding on corners. You can’t hide your corners in this system at all. If you’re playing well, if you make plays, it’s great because it gives you a chance to make plays. We get after the quarterback so the quarterback isn’t really sitting back there comfortable. It’s a proven effective system. You just have to make plays when they come.”

Grimes told me his next stop -- either in Miami or elsewhere -- will be about what team comes with the best contract. He does, however, like South Florida. That's a plus in the Dolphins' corner, although it won't be a deciding factor.

“I love it here," Grimes said. "I never thought I would because I thought it was so hot and humid. But my wife always loved it here. And once I got down here and now I love it. It’s definitely hot and you have to get used to the rain but maybe it’s the palm trees. I love palm trees. I like the palm trees in California but they have palm trees here. I love palm trees.”


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stay grimey!

I think we had great FA signings this year - too bad Keller got injured. But Grimes is the one standing out the most. Even with the TD thrown against him - he wasn't out of position - and had a chance at the big play. He's a scraper - I like that.

Hopefully we get him signed before the season is out. Even though we pay a lot of money next off season (most of the new contracts escalate next year) we should be able to lock him into a long term contract which escalates in 2015...

He has not lost a step since his injury,and Atlanta's loss is our gain. I hope we see him in a Dolphin uniform beyond this season.

Just another "dude" that only thinks contract - great!

Real simple, pay the man.

I was praying we signed brent this off season great player!!!

Love his attitude and the way he plays the game. That pick last week was great. We have to have this guy back. He was a steal for 5.5 million and a mentor for guys like Taylor and Davis. Need to get something done with Starks and Solai too.

Notsure why Armando would say 'he'll cost more when the season is over'. You're not going to get a discount signing him mid-season. The discount came THIS year. I'd pay the man what he wants. He's proven his worth over time. Armando is right, the drop-off after him is steep.

Here's where Ireland earns his money, managing the CAP. He's got to resign Grimes, Solia, Starks, others at the end of this season...without putting us in CAP HELL.

Hence the reason he got rid of Long, Bush, Dansby, etc.

Right now going into 2014 we have 36 mil in cap space. The team is in a good position to get some of these guys signed. BTW..need to spend some money on the OL

Let the man play and give him his pay! When is the last time a dolphin cb made a game saving play like that? plus he is willing to tackle in the run game. Bout the only thing I liked about vontae davis.


Highly doubtful that they re-sign Starks and Soliai. I think Starks will be gone. The writing is on the wall. He wants to start and Odrick is the up and coming. Cheaper and younger. Other guys are bigger priorities.

Grimes said. "They have to pay their quarterback a lot. You know how that goes. They had to pay Tony Gonzalez.

I'd say he's P!ssed.Off........
GO FISH.............

Craig M. Hey bud. I believe they will sign Starks OR Soliai, that has been the talk down here all year on sports radio. Whichever one has the better year is going to get signed. I think the Dolphins are sorta smart holding off on Grimes. I love the guy. I wanted him signed. I was on this blog everyday yelling for the Fins to sign him. Let's just make sure that his injury is not going to come back during the season. Two games is two games. The Dolphins need to make sure before giving him a long term. Let's talk around game 10 or 12 and see where he's at.

If and when the Phins win today this blog and everything Dolphin is going to blow up. Can't wait for kickoff and who arranged a 4 pm start?

Falcons 31
Fins 24

No way this team keeps us happy 3 weeks in a row. Sorry to be the one to tell you. But I'm glad we talked.

Well then let's sign both him and his wife for next season!!

I will give him a 3 year contract

Bo, thanks for visiting, no go away.

Ireland will probably wait until he has a better handle in where Carrol and Patterson sit by the end of the year. I know neither of those guys can hold up Grimes jockstrap, but we have two high draft picks too so Grimes will have to work out financially.

Why write this mal aguero, potential jinx thing? Sheeezz

Buy him a palm tree.

I think he likes palm trees.

Falcons 31
Fins 24

No way this team keeps us happy 3 weeks in a row. Sorry to be the one to tell you. But I'm glad we talked.

Posted by: Bo | September 22, 2013 at 10:12 AM

Bo - go to hell!

Why We didn't feel the heat that much at the old Orange Bowl Stadium? The Sea, man, the Sea.

Actually, the one guy this team could afford to lose is Tannehill. Matt Moore is probably better.

Starks, Soliai, and Pouncey will all be gone. This taem doesnt want to pay for good players.


I agree they will sign Soliai OR Starks. I believe Soliai will be the priority. He does things that most guys in the league can't do. He's special. No clue what that will mean price wise but he's the guy i want signed. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Starks fan to but there's only so much money to go around.

I don't think we wait too long on Grimes. Injuries can happen at any time. There's just no way of knowing. We could sign Grimes and he gets hurt next year. It's just the risks of a long term contract. I think it would be a mistake to wait to long on this guy. The drop-off after him is large.

Sam Bradford " this is the best OL that i've ever had ".
Ask Tannereach that Q.LMAO

Craig Molester Returns



Grimes won't last the season...

One year deal says it all.

Keller already gone.

Grimes is next.

Tick, tick, tick...



This FIRE ROSS guy ruined my 4th quarter experience. If you don't ban him I'm going to destroy all of my toys in protest.

Sorry about your childhood Craig Molester.

Perhaps there's a bartender somewhere who can help you.

Mondo, did uncle Joe explain how the defense wasn't going to give up 500 yds in offense this week? Or how the offense was going to give up 5 sacks. If Atlanta comes in here gunning/running the ball, its going to be a very long, hot day. I still dont believe this Dolphin team is for real, not when the defense gives up 500 yds and OL gives up 5 sacks all in one game. The offensive line sucks. They had 33 yds running the ball.

Falcons 55 Sea World 2

Sign Grimes during the bye if he is still healthy and doing well. Try 3 years at 7 million a year.

Grampa Philby looks like a perv does he not ?

Would you leave your kids alone with him ?


Grimes is a keeper. But he isn't a must have.

This season yes he is essential to our team. But next season even Grimes might be expendable.

That was a great signing cause when the Fins drafted Vontae and S.Smith they should've signed a veteran CB to mentor them at least for 1 Season.

I look at it as the R.Bush situation. Bush was good to show L.Miller how to be a Pro. Even though Grimes is a better player than Reggie. And L.Miller had to go to F.Gore to learn how to be a Pro RB. But it was a similar situation last season.

Why We didn't feel the heat that much at the old Orange Bowl Stadium? The Sea, man, the Sea.

Posted by: oscar canosa | September 22, 2013 at 10:50 AM

Maybe its global warming but its brutally hot at these day games. Sweaty and smelly aint for me.

Actually, the one guy this team could afford to lose is Tannehill. Matt Moore is probably better.
Posted by: Mel | September 22, 2013 at 10:57 AM

Matt(Pick 6) Moore is not the answer..
I seeG4L is back....

"Pay that man!!!!!"

Falcons 55 Sea World 2
Posted by: FIRE ROSS | September 22,

Teeter Totter,the season can go south in a hurry.LMAO

Ape Tamer, Do your trainees sling a lot of poo at you????

Fire Ross, go F yourself you pos Troll

I just hope Ireland keep his world famous low-balls away from Grimes, for once. As long as he keeps showing his magic as usual he is worth every million, and I would bet many teams will be highly interested in a proven CB play-maker.

And I would also like to see TE Keller resigned. We can't just throw away all the chemistry already developed with our franchise QB. Besides he seems to be a positive influence in the locker room. I feel like he deserves to be a Dolphin and he deserves our support in such a difficult time.

Now I'm heading out to the game to watch my Fins win while Fire Ross puts on his Burger King hat and makes fries and wishes he was in a threesome with Rex and Sanchez.
Enjoy the day Dolphin Fans. Go make your minimum wage Fire Ross.

Pay him. Grimes is better than all of the guys we have had in here for quite some time. And the team feeds off of guys like this.


Remember to put all of your Sea World gear on...

Important to follow the crowd.

Why with strength in numbers on your side.

Perhaps you can find some sense of security.

Aqua and orange hat : check

Aqua and orange face paint : check

Aqua and orange sunglasses : check

Aqua and orange authentic $3k jersey ("NO LIFE" written on the back) : check

Aqua and orange shorts : check

Aqua and orange ladies thong (for luck) : check

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Can we get the man some palm trees? However many he wants! Go fins!!

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