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Tannehill limited with shoulder issue

Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill was limited during practice on Wednesday due to a shoulder issue, according to the team's injury report.

The Dolphins had seven players limited during practice, but none more important than their starting quarterback.

It is believed Tannehill's shoulder will not keep him from playing in Sunday's home-opener against the Atlanta Falcons.  The shoulder issue, however, will require close scrutiny if Tannehill continues to get hit at the current pace.

Tannehill has been sacked nine times in Miami's first two games.  That means he is on pace to be sacked 72 times this season.

The Dolphins' record for most sacks allowed in one season is 53 set in 1969.    

The other players who were limited in practice were CB Will Davis (toe), QB Pat Devlin (ankle), OLB Koa Misi (knee), CB Dimitri Patterson (groin), CB Jamar Taylor (groin) and S Jimmy Wilson (groin).

Rookie Dion Jordan is managing his nagging shoulder injury again but did not miss practice time on Wednesday. As reported earlier, DT Paul Soliai (knee) and safety Chris Clemons (hamstring) did not practice.


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No news

K.Randall isn't on the Team?

T.Richardson just got traded?

Indy is going to be good.

Norv Turner and Cleveland are going to be BETTER in the Future. Expect Cleveland to Tank for J.Clowney and J.Manziel. Cleveland already has a Defense. And with the way the Cap is set up. It is better to have A lot of picks in the Draft. Than expensive Free Agents.

Better RBs are coming out in the Draft in 2015.

This is all Hypothetical. In 2 years Cleveland Can have J.Clowney, J.Manziel and Duke Johnson.

Cleveland and Cincinnati are the Future of the AFC North.

Posted by: Dashi | September 18, 2013 at 07:20 PM

Cleveland should've got more for T.Richardson.

Tannehill is hurt?

If Matt Moore starts we have no chance of winning on Sunday.

Maybe Tannehill's Shoulder is hurting from throwing deep so much in Practice to Wallace.

I Hope Devlin is Healthy then. We might be using him by the 3rd Quarter.

Who cares about Cleveland ? Mike Lombardi is their GM, nuff said, he's a joke.

I knew he hurt his shoulder on one of the sacks late in the game his right arm was hanging as he left the field our line is a big problem we are on pace to give up 72 sacks

Oh and CLEVLAND is still clueless if they kept running Trent against us they would have beat us


Seriously? That's your comparison? Pete Jones? Come on ma. Richardson's a BEAST. The Browns are a joke! AP couldn't have success in that offence.

Ok Truth. You've made your point. Lets watch and see what Richardson does in Indy. You're saying he's just a name. I' m saying if he's healthy he'll have success.

And to anyone touting McGahee. PLEASE! He was done three years ago. He won't be able to urn behind that line. Go pick him up in FF if you're that sure fellas.

Tannehill will get hurt and be out for the season. Chad Henne experiment. #2. Dolphins sucks!

Enjoy your 2-0 start because sunday and after you'll realize how much you really suck!

Go jets!

Seriously, I see no home run threat at all. Who has looked at his game logs from last year? Go look them up and let's debate that. They are pathetic for a #3 pick. No wonder the dumped him so quick


Was he a homerun threat in College? Ha ve you looked? So you saying he lost it all of a sudden? Come on!

Well, the LV line is going up in our favor, up to 3 now. Besides, RT finished the Game last Sunday with no limitation.

Gallo, I'm so glad we have 2 easy wins against you guys this year. To quote 2 watt


Really unless your willing to look at his stats from last year then your just ignoring the facts. This is the NFL and what he did in college hardly promises what he can do against NFL defenses that are much quicker like so many have learned.

So be cause he's got no line to run behind in Cleveland and no weapons on offence, it means he's destined to have no success in the NFL?

Looking forward to proving you wrong, Truth. Sty tuned.

At least he got traded after we beat his former AND new team.


I wonder what's going to be dolfans excuse when my JETS beat you! Here's a list of excuses you
Tennehill aka David Carr Jr was hurt
2.Our O-line sucks
3M.Wallace didnt get enough passes thrown his way
4.Our GM made us lose
5.We have no run game.
6. Jets are better than us lol

With S.Jackson out this week not extremely worried about sitting Big Paul and that goes for next week Vs. the Ravens as well, really in this 3 game stretch! All 3 of these upcoming teams will look to pass more than run making this line up more adept at these particular match ups. Vaughn Martin is a 6'4"/300 Pd. player who played DE in the Chargers 3/4 D ( like Starks) has the athletic ability to play inside in 4/3 which is were we played him during the Pre-Season (and the guy who bumped AJ Francis) more importantly I believe him better suited given attributes to play the 4/3 at DT, 3/4 DE's make for real fast 4/3 Tackles.

IMO pairing Starks and Odrick inside maybe the best move on our part given their the ones who can provide inside pressure on pass downs, the depth is such on the DL that outside of moving Starks back into the starting line up this move doesn't really alter anything. I'm not downplaying the importance of Big Paul but with Jackson out I'm expecting the Falcons going fast paced looking to pass first and I've always felt the best pass rush is the one that collapses the pocket from the interior just ask Brady who missed his shot at perfection because of Barry Cofield doing just this in that SB forcing him to move out were the DE's (Strahan, Osi and Tuck) were waiting that game was Tuck's coming out party and I really believe our young DE's have the potential to be that good.

As far as the DB's go you hope the "TOE" injury with Davis isn't the turf toe variety some have been debating here because aside from ending the careers you all mentioned it was something chronic with all of those players which they were NEVER EVER able to heal from a few Seasons before finally retiring.I remember the 1st time I really paid attention to turf toe (couldn't forget story!) back in 90. Offerdahl (and host of other LB's were hurt) and Shula went with a group NICKNAMED the GREYBEARDS that featured some former greats in OLB's Hugh Green only tenured Fin in group with EJ Junior and ILB's Cliff Odom and Mike Reichenbach who amputated a turf toe to continue his playing career!

How you like that BLAST from the PAST odin??

Gallo, we don't need Tannehill to beat the Jets. Matt Moore could wipe the floor with you guys AGAIN just like last year.

K.Randall isn't on the Team?

T.Richardson just got traded?

Indy is going to be good.

Norv Turner and Cleveland are going to be BETTER in the Future. Expect Cleveland to Tank for J.Clowney and J.Manziel. Cleveland already has a Defense. And with the way the Cap is set up. It is better to have A lot of picks in the Draft. Than expensive Free Agents.

Better RBs are coming out in the Draft in 2015.

This is all Hypothetical. In 2 years Cleveland Can have J.Clowney, J.Manziel and Duke Johnson.

Cleveland and Cincinnati are the Future of the AFC North.

Posted by: Dashi | September 18, 2013 at 07:20 PM

Trade is kind of a shocker given how much Norv's O's depend on the running game. That said your right about it being about the future but wonder about the return they'll get from the 4th overall selection to Mid-20's Indy pick? I believe Life Long Cane Chud will get them right and has a good staff but they just sent a top-5 pick packing for serious value if your Indy!

Craig. Have you looked at his stats from last year? His longest run last yr was 32 yds for a TD. He only had 3 100 yd games last yr.

And Why has he only 1 TD catch in 17 games? is he a liability pass blocking or pass catching? Those numbers don't justify a 3rd overall pick. To be dumped like that after one season and 2 games that quickly screams bust to me.

Miami will be 2-14! ATL will put up 30+ on your overrated defense. Saints will put up 40+!!!

OL, OL, OL , OL ,,,,Offensive Line men, THE most important players on the field, bar none,,,,

If Tanny gets hurt we'll be better with Matt Moore.

OL, OL, OL , OL ,,,,Offensive Line men, THE most important players on the field, bar none,,,,

Posted by: AR-15 | September 18, 2013 at 08:30 PM

Yeah, Jake Long did wonders for us.

Dolphins suck!!! Haven't done nothing since 1972 lol.

Gallo, and the last time your JETS did anything? LMAO, go swallow more of Rex's jets juice you loser.

Pete Johnson ran for 9 TD's for us years back too and he wasn't great either. You guys are just into the name and hype. I want to see it on the field. The guy has bust written all over him with those lousy stats and injuries. YPC is everything for a RB.

I don't think they should give up on Weeden so quick either. It's not like the guy is horrible. It's obvious they are cleaning house. Every QB starved team in the league should be knocking on their door.

Posted by: TruthhurTs | September 18, 2013 at 07:37 PM

Pete Johnson?? Why didn't you go ahead and mention Chuck Muncie as well?? Both were POWER RUNNERS (with serious Coke habits) well past their respective Prime's when Shula tried finding himself a Big Back in the middle of the 84 Season with Andrea Franklin's career over due to a knee injury and Marino playing like his hair was on fire.

Your comparing those moves to grabbing the best RB Saban has sent to the NFL?? This move is WIN WIN for Indy, they get a player who along with the 14 games left this Yr. still has another 2 before he can hit FA and BANK a contract. Now will split carries with A.Bradshaw (NICE COMBO!) without facing 7 and 8 man fronts with Luck throwing it all over the field, JMO!

And then there's this..a Browns starter said "It makes sense. Trent has some things he needs to figure out before he becomes a dominant player in the league." It's on twitter from Jeff Darlington

Point being about the TD's is his numbers aren't that special for a RB. His individual game stats are bad. People have scored a lot of TD's in this league but the most important line for a RB is YPC. If Norv couldn't find a way to make him better I'm not sure who can.

If we are just now hearing this, I doubt it's serious.

Could even be gaming Atlanta a bit ... which QB are they prepping against?

Gallo, they won the SB the next year as well. Do you even watch football?


They traded T.Richardson for J.Clowney. Cleveland just admitted they are willing to go 0-16 for J.Clowney. and with the mid 20's pick from the T.Richardson trade they Draft J.Manziel. Or their QB of the Future.

Norv will take a RB in the 2nd. Cause like you said. Norv Turners Offense is based Off the RB. You can usually find a Good RB in the 2nd Nowadays.

And If Cleveland is in it for the Long haul they can Tank for 1 more Season and have their pick of any RB in 2015. Which Dashi already Declares will be the Best RB Draft in recent Memory.

Truth has a Point if Norv Turner doesn't like you as a RB. You might as well retire. Norv is the RB Guru. They are many QB Guru's, But Norv Turner is the only RB Dashi in the NFL.

The only guy that knows RBs as well as Norv is Butch Davis. And Butch learned everything he knows about running the ball from Norv.

On that note. Cleveland almost has the same set up as the Dolphins. Norv was Chudzinski's teacher, now he is his OC.

I believe I saw a stat that had Richardson having 11 TDs in 17 games. Also he's caught 57 passes over the same period. The Indy backs over the same period, all together, had 43. Big win for Indy!

Agree w/ fin4 that he will rarely see a 8 man front unless it's 3rd and 1. And with Luck at QB there may be times that only 6 will be in the box.

If they don't get rid of and replace Clabo, Tannehill will be on IR soon. No wonder why Atlanta released him, he sucks. They also need to get rid of Martin and find another left tackling monster. Bad mistake letting Reggie Bush go. They still had plenty of cap money.

Richardson stinks. Who cares anyway? Last I looked he isn't on this team.

You guys sure find the dumbest of things to toss your panties at each other over.

Suck for Clowney just doesn't have the same ring to it as suck for Luck.

I guess I'm not completely alone thinking this was a bad move for the Colts. Prisco is with me. Funny thing is the NFL page has an article about Indy set for a SB run. Everyone has an opinion and that's fine. We'll see.

Reggie is a question mark for this Sunday. Good thing the Lions' are playing Washington. No DBs whatsoever. But back to Reggie he has a history of injuries and history has a way of repeating itself from time to time. Or so I've been led to believe.

I'm not all that crazy about our RBs aside from possibly Miller and the jury is still out on him. Way, way out!

I think I would have had to think long and hard if I were Ireland if that deal had been proposed to us.

OK, now that it's obvious to everyone that Tannehill can't take this kind of abuse, is it time to take action?

Is it time to try and make a trade for 1 or 2 legitimate O-Lineman?

I brought this up in a couple of posts from two nights ago and I believe there are quite a few different things we can do too bring in some legitimate Lineman. And NO, I don't think Watkins, Dallas Thomas or anybody on our Practice squad will do. Maybe and that's a BIG MAYBE, Garner can upgrade the Right Guard or Tackle spot.

Jerry has played spotty at BEST and Clabo hasn't been any better. But there are trade options/possibilities available to us.

The Browns could REALLY use Matt Moore right about now and they have a couple of decent Offensive Lineman. That's just a quickie off the top of my head.

The Defense is coming together as good as we all hoped. As our Secondary mends, it will only get BETTER!

Tannehill has chemistry with Hartline, developed some with Gibson rather quickly and Charles Clay and Mike Wallace are coming on strong. In short, the Offense(other than the O-Line, thus the run game)is coming together maybe even BETTER than hoped for. Tannehill's taken another leap forward and this team is on the move.

Except for the one of the biggest problems we've had all off season - The O-Line. The play of the O-Line can torpedo our entire season if we set back and let it.

If this were last year or the year before, I would be preaching patience. But as good and as quickly as this young and talented team has come together, I'm thinking we need to make ONE GOOD MOVE and bring in a legitimate starter at Right Guard or Right Tackle(I would like to give Clabo more time, but he's a seasoned vet. If he can't put it together by now.....?).

I say we put together a package deal and be very versatile in who and what we include. Then try to do some last minute shopping and shore up this line for this season.

PS: I'm not advocating anything ridiculous or majorly expensive. But, at this point in a season, to get anybody solid to good, we're going to have to Pony Up a little at least. I don't want to go overboard, but I think we should try and do SOMETHING before the deadline. Otherwise, it could get ugly real quick.

Cleveland is building up amunition to draft Johnny Manziel. They have been aggresively scouting him since last season and are going all in for him. From what I'm hearing they may not be the only team going all in for Mr. Football.


Grow up scumbag. Try to act like a civilized human being. Not a steaming pile of cow dung. YOU ARE TRASH!

Just because you are a worthless pile of garbage doesn't mean you have to blog like it.

The Blog

unless you are all-world, you cant take a RB at #3....thats where the Browns messed up....were in a position where they sorta had to, at that spot, even though he probably wasnt worth the 3rd pick....similar situation as Blackmon with the Jags--RBs take too much punishment, are only real productive for a handful of years (with a few exceptions, yes)--they're mostly shot by 28 or 29, some even younger.....can get solid/productive RBs in rds 2-4, and pay them alot less--Bush was taken at 2, Ronnie Brown too.....Richardson taken at 3....outside of Peterson (the exception), what RB taken that high, or even top 5, has been dominant for a number of years?

Ross wasv too cheap to pay Jake Long. BIG MISTAKE!

not a crazy idea odin.....our Oline is not very good, and we've all known it for weeks.....I'm sure the coaches/GM know it too--2-0 is nice, but can head south quickly if our starting QB goes down--9 sacks, and numerous other hits, is ridiculous after 2 games

If anything, our current FO has shown they know what they are doing.
Posted by: Teal | September 18, 2013 at 09:42 PM

We were 2-0 3 years ago. Did the FO show they knew what they were doing then? DUUUUUUUHHH


Most important stat is YPC? Where do you go come up with this stuff? You do realize you need to score TDs to win the game right? Give me a guy who can bang it in al the time over your YPC guy. And you say his stats aren't anything special? You do know he was hurt last year, right? I'd sat 11 TDs on that offence last year was pretty damn good. Who else do you like on the offence, Truth? Joe Thomas? AND?.........

I'll go back to my original point. The Colts adding Richardson just became a better team and just re-entered the playoff hunt. Go ahead and argue that one, Truth.

Yes on to the Phins. I wouldn't mind seeing the Phins make a move to solidify the Oline. The Oline is a problem for and it's going to take a toll on T-hill. 4-5 sacks a game is not good or acceptable by any stretch. Do I think T-hill will miss the game Sunday? No but this is a warning to get something done quickly.

Tannehill is still having trouble with the speed of the pro game. Very slow to make a decision causing lots of sacks.

Funny to hear Truth complain because Richardson had one TD reception in that offence last year. How did Weeden make out passing other people on the team, Truth? Geez, I wonder if maybe THAT had anything to do with it?

But you heard it hear first folks....Truth is prepared to say that the 'trading of last year's number three pick after only 18 games screams of bust'. I'm sure the fans felt the same way when Marshall Faulk was dealt to the Rams after a few years with Indy. They probably said the same thing when Marshawn Lynch was let go by Buffalo.

What else you got Truth?

hate to say it but I agree Dashi....he looks like he's reacting/moving too slowly in the pocket, to me.....not alot of urgency, a little too deliberate.....doesnt seem to even sense the pressure sometimes (sacked 5 times last week!--thats alot, for a mobile/athletic QB)--I like his toughness and the results have been solid so far, but he's taking way too much punishment.....and some of it is on him, in my opinion

A good QB doesnt need a top OL. See Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan.


You say you want something done with the OL and quick. Like what? Who did you have in mind? I got news for you man....anybody who's any good won't be available. So you want to give up a pick for some guy who's going to be a patchwork on top of what we have.

No thanks to that idea.,

the GREYBEARDS that featured some former greats in OLB's Hugh Green only tenured Fin in group with EJ Junior and ILB's Cliff Odom and Mike Reichenbach who amputated a turf toe to continue his playing career!

How you like that BLAST from the PAST odin??

Posted by: fin4life | September 18, 2013 at 08:16 PM


I thought Green and EJ Junior were the most underrated set of OLB's in the League at the time. I liked those guys a lot.

Odom I believe was an Outside Backer that we moved inside(?). I liked him too, but thought he never quite lived up to his potential. Don't get me wrong, he played Very Good, but with the tools he had, I believe he could've easily been a phenom.

And Reichenbach? There's a name you don't hear mentioned. Talk about TOUGH! In that department, this guy was Ronnie Lott tough(and I know-YOU KNOW-what I'm talking about....?).

The GrayBeards - LMAO!

Good One ;)

dont want to beat a dead horse, but the more I think about it......geez, giving up 5 sacks would be what a laughinstock offensive line would give up, in the past.....think about it.....only awful teams/Olines give up that many sacks.....image of a crappy QB running for his life--AND, Indy's defense is ranked toward the bottom of the league so hardly stellar--what happens when we play a team with a good defense....how many sacks then?

Ok let's suppose those TD's were needed to win games. Why then were the Browns only 5-11 last year? Didn't seem to help their Win Loss record hardly at all.

YPC is the best stat for RB's because it shows their speed, elusiveness and ability to pick the correct holes consistently and make yards to keep the offense moving the sticks. Lot's of stiffs have put up TD's but the same can't be said for YPC.

no Craig....give up a pick for a good offensive lineman.....is that impossible?

Our picks are pretty worthless with Ireland drafting so why not trade for an established OL?

odin....have to agree with you about trading for an upgrade on the right side. PFF has Jerry and Clabo ranked as close to the two worst OL that played 2 games. Granted it's a small sampling but if Clabo were to continue on his current pace he's give up 24 sacks. Of course this won't happen if for no other reason then he will of been sacked long before the 16th game.

But T-hill has to help the situation. He needs to learn 'pocket awareness' fast.

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