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Tannehill not going to 'force' Wallace the football

Everything's cool between Ryan Tannehill and his alpha receiver Mike Wallace.

Yes, Wallace was upset after Sunday's victory that he caught only one pass, was targeted only five times and didn't get so much as a glance from Tannehill in the first half. But that has passed now, Tannehill said Wednesday.

“Yes, Mike was obviously in a tough spot at the end of that game but, everything is 100 percent normal in the locker room," Tannehill said. " He’s great, practicing hard every day, joking around. He’s his same old self, so we are looking forward to getting back on the field this week."

Well, if he's his same old self, he's going to want the ball on Sunday agaisnt Indianapolis. Coaches know this. Tannehill knows this.

Except that Tannehill feels no need to necessarily feed Wallace going forward.

"I’m going to play the quarterback position the way the coaches install the plays," Tannehill said. "I’m going to go through the reads just like they install it. We’re going to try and get him the ball when he’s in the play, but we’re not going to force him the ball."

This is very interesting to me. You see, this suggests Wallace simply wasn't in the play, so to speak, in the first half Sunday. But he suddenly got in the plays in the second half when he was targeted five times, including on the first play of the half?

So why not just get the guy in the play earlier?

It'll be interesting to monitor going forward.

It'll also be interesting to see how Tannehill handles a receiver with a petulant side. You'll remember Chad Henne kind of struggled to deal with Brandon Marshall, not that I blame him at times. Marshall was at times a handful.

Marino argued and exchanged curses with the Marks Brothers, even on the field, but the three knew they counted on each other for success and had a great relationship off the field.

So does Tannehill have the make up to handle Wallace when he's demanding more targets, more attention?

“Well you should know, receivers are always open, and I’ve been there before too," said the Dolphins quarterback and former college receiver. " No, these guys do a good job of being realistic on the sidelines.  They’ll tell me exactly how the defense is playing them, what routes they like, what they think is there and that’s a big key. If a guy's just coming back saying I’m open on every play it’s tough to sift through that and find out what’s really good and we can implement during the game. When guys are truthful it really helps, and I think they’ve done a good job so far."

It also helps when the quarterback is the clear leader and the receiver understands that.

I must tell you, I saw some good signs from Tannehill in that regard Sunday. There were two snapshots that showed he's the leader and he has the respect of his teammates.

First, there was a moment when left guard Richie Incognito did what he sometimes does and got into debate shall we say with an opposing lineman. It had the potential to lead to pushing and shoving and a flag.

Tannehill stopped it by telling Incognito, an older player, to get back to the huddle.

"Yeah, he got into it a little bit," Tannehill said. "That’s my job on the field, to keep my guys focused on what we’re trying to do, which is go down and score.  Obviously, football is an intense game, there’s a lot of emotion.  Guys are going to get into it here and there but when its sidetracking us from what we’re trying to do, we ‘ve just got to focus, lock in and get ready for the next play."

Tannehill was a little harsher with receiver Rishard Matthews. The second-year receiver was getting hot and arguing with a Cleveland defender in the second half when Tannehill seemingly had enough and cursed out his teammate while demanding he get off the field.

The words were heard on television.

And off the field Matthews went.

"I forget what yard line we were on, but if we get a 15 yard penalty right there, it’s a long field goal and if we kick that field goal right there we put it at 13 points, a two touchdown game," Tannehill said. "We really didn’t need a dumb penalty right there and I just tried to get him off the field the best way I could."

Those are signs of leadership. We'll see if Mike Wallace will follow.







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Looks like T-Hill is taking control.

That's why I never worry about #17, most of you fools in this blog do patheticly sadly I might add !!

Right on Armando, you couldn't said it better, i think Dolphins will be very good this year

Sometimes coaches can get a little too smart for their own good. If you pay a guy the kind of money they are paying Wallace you specifically get him the ball. I heard Philbin and Sherman state that certain players are not designed to receive the ball. Please do not try to make this complicated, get the ball to your best players.

Awesome Armando. Thanks!

I'm starting to believe (hope) that the coaching staff wanted to use Wallace strictly as a decoy in the first half to A)see how defenses would play their new threat and B)to give Tannehill easier throws underneath to gain confidence and open up the running game (which failed miserably). Don't forget Miami's first 2 possessions started at the 1 and 15 yard lines so opportunities in the first quarter were sparse.

Jets-24-Pats-20 very excited about dolphins@colts on Sunday. This game could go either way !! Should be fun on Sunday !!


It would be bitter sweet to see the Patriots go down to the jets, however I cannot see rookie Geno Smith knocking off the Patriots off. Maybe the jets defense can rattle Brady enough to make him have the type of game he had against Buffalo. The Dolphins/Colts game is going to be a nail bitter, but Phins will pull it out. I love the fact that DJ has never lost to Andrew Luck and stated he does not plan on it either! Bold statement from a rookie, but he has the tools to make a difference in this game.


Trying to bring Andrew Luck down, is not the same as, bringing him down.

A.Luck is as good as it gets, Tannehill is good not great but he'll get this franchise back to respectability this year !! Now you people should be griping about the offensive line coach !! That idiot never coached in the nfl until last year, and this offensive line will be this team's downfall !! If you guys seriously want to point a finger at someone KILL HIM HE SERIOUSLY BLOWS !!!

coaches coach, players play let the player on the field do what they do best, the coaches will look good when the team wins.

I truly believe we have our Franchise QB!!
If you take a hard look at Tannehill you'll see that he has the intangibles that you want in a QB & leader.
Most importantly he is a student of the game & dedicated hard worker like all the elite QB's have in common.
If he can continue to learn & improve he has a chance!

If Wallace had caught the other 4 passes thrown his way, we wouldn't be having this conversation, but he didn't. He didn't make the most of his opportunities, and on the pass he caught, he didn't look too spectacular.

I agree with the Offensive line coaches inexperence. Couple that with inexperenced running backs and it spells failure. Im not so upset about letting Bush walk because of his injurys the 2 yrs he was here but, they should have signed a veteren back. Not to be the starter but to be the mentor. Willis McGaee would have been perfect. Right now, unless proven wrong, this team is one dimentinal on offense. To spend the kind of money they did in the off season and have this situation is a shame. I hope they right the ship because you can only go to the well so often before it runs dry.

Reading between the lines, I think the game plan going in was Haden was going to shut down Wallace, and Cleveland might roll coverage that way, so others would be open (especially Hartline vs. pedestrian CBs). So Miami took advantage. That's fine for 1 game. But this week Indy doesn't have any shutdown corners (Vontae, yeah right). And they can put up points. So Dolphins need to get Wallace involved and get him open (IN SPACE) so he can do what he does best.

Really dont know about MR Wallace. Not even into the first game and hes crying about getting the ball!!! The guy has to understand that hes going to get extra focus from every defense!!! So whether he gets the ball or not hes demanding extra attention thus opening up Hartline and Gibson!!! Thats what happened Sunday HELLOOO this is a team sport whether yr the decoy or the catcher when yr """team"" wins we all win. Maybe we should think about a therapist for mr wallace. Now this sunday were going to try to force the ball to him and probably see some foolish turnovers we cant afford!! Someone in this organization needs to grow a pair and take control before we end up 7-9 again

I think Tanny has the fire in his belly that Marino had and what I hoped for in Henne which never happened. I also think the kid is growing, Sporano didn't let Henne grow and ruined him. I don't think Philbin has that mindset, he knows how to coach QB's. Tanny has "IT," and Philbin knows how to develop it.

One of the more important aspects is that I truly believe after so many years, I think we finally have a solid system in place. The right players, front office and coaches. It's the system, last time we had a system was with J. Johnson but he burned out and lost his desire. Before then, Shula's system.

It's consistency and a solid system, just look at the regularly successful teams. Look at the history of the game, "consistency & system." I think we may have finally made that list?

From last post,

Tony Dungy didn't coach long enough to be considered a real HOF coach. Just my opinion.

Again, he will be nominated for other reasons. But Coaching isn't one of them.

Tannehill: most improved player award.

Team: 13-3

I have given you this information repeatedly and I will continue to give it to you all year long.

Please explain how the O-line coach is inexperienced?

thenne doezn't have a long ball. htf is he going to force something that is not there on mw?

2 watt, we FINALLY agree on something! Tannehill's biggest deficiency IMO is his ability to throw the long ball accurately. I hope that's something he can master this year.

thenne = fiedler 2.o

dc, that is all thenne shuld b doing after practice is throw the long ball with a timer set at 3 sec.

and dc, watch how the running game will magically open ^.

no wind, 60 ydr from sturgis.
can't wait 2 see the d against lux.
come on coconut.

I did notice that play Matthews being pushed out of the field by one of our Players. I did not see it was Tannehill that did it. Hmm... Good stuff.

why would you fore the ball at joe haden?? you saw what he did to wallace on the two long balls. on the one he did a little hand fighting and the ball dropped just beyond mike's fingertips. on the 2nd one he "got his legs tangle" with mike. looked like a very cunning accidentally on purpose move. another pas went through mike's hand on the sidelines, tough to catch but hould have been caught. the one i put on tannehill completely was the under thrown one.

this week T-hill should be able to torch the indy defense. they need to move him around more. open lanes for him. i'd say even use some more read option. pryor ran for over 100 yards. i don't see T-hill getting that, but the fins should give indy's defense a lot to think about. the browns defense is better than the colts. hopefully we can top 30 in this game. if the defense can play even better than week one we can hold the colts under 30. i like our front 7 better than the raiders and they were all over luck. lots of sacks, hits and hurries. if the run defense can do their job the speed formation will have their way with the colts line and punish luck.

i'm not sure why i'd ask mundo this question but what happened to the fast pace no huddle?? not saying they should run it all game but how about a series or two to see how it works?? see what one of the people in the organization "lining up" to talk to you has to say. or maybe PFF can tell you.


That is definitely Tannehill's biggest weakness but I tell you that throw to Hartline for a 34 yard TD was a throw he could NOT make last year. It was a throw on the money and in perfect stride for a score.

I saw 1 throw that showed me improvement. The key obviously is to sustain that. I'm confident in Tannehill's chances to take the next step this year. His first game, on the road vs a good tough defense and no help from the game and he delivered to second half TD drives.

that makes 3 of us...tannehill's inability to accurately throw the deep route will piss wallace off throughout the season.

best way to use wallace is the mid-range route and let him rack up major YAC.

Jim Turner is in his 2nd year as an NFL offensive line coach. Im not saying he's a bad coach.

Against the Colts, defense is the keyword. Pass rushing and sharp DBs. So Tannehill just has to play error free, like in the Cleveland game. Coaches have to find Lucks week points and exploit them at the maximum. It will be a chess match. Thill has to be very very smart on this one, and Wallace too. Smart and patient.

The key for Miami's pass rush is to actually get Luck to the ground. A year ago Dolphins were draped all over him and he still completed 30-of-48 passes for 433 yards and two touchdowns. Luck also bought time with his feet. The Dolphins have to be disciplined in their pass rush.


Good story Armando, shows our second year QB is still progressing and becoming a team leader. Even better blog opinions, without all the crap. The way it should be. I guess YG must be seeing his psychiatrist this morning.

Wallace also has to make an effort in getting open.....!!!

Wallace gets targeted 14 times Sunday....

any takers....

In retrospect to last week's Wallace meltdown, I wonder once Wallace and the coaches looked at the tape, if indeed Wallace did not play a great game.

Consider this play in the third quarter;
@ the 10:32 mark in the third, on 2nd and 11, Tannehill throws deep down the right side to Wallace, who has a step on Hayden, but the ball LOOKS to be slightly overthrown.
Now watch the replay; during Wallace's route, as he turns to find the ball, HE SLOWS DOWN and Hayden pushes him a bit. Had Wallace just used his speed and kept running, WOULD HE HAVE CAUGHT THE BALL? I think yes.

Wallace is used to Big Ben throwing to him and he hesitates because he could out run Bens deep ball. But admittedly (in the preseason), Wallace cannot out run Tannehill's deep ball. This play I am sure on, however maybe some other plays in the third he did not adjust right to the ball, or maybe Tannehill's throw was just off. Just an observation.


2nd year as an NFL coach. About 20 in college. And if he needs to go ask for advice Philbin has coached O-line. So has Sherman.

Who do you think developed L.Jockel? The #2 overall pick. Or the other first round OT coming out of A&M next season.

You need a guy who can teach as an O-line coach. And Turner teaches.

Turner has gotten more out of J.Jerry than Spo ever would imagine. And look how nice J.Martin is developing. Even Incognito who is a 10 year veteran has shown improvement under Turner.

If someone is making Chicken salad out of chicken chit in the Dolphins coaching staff it is J.Turner. You do realize the rest of the O-line combined gets paid less than incognito. And the whole O-line combined gets paid less than J.Long.

If Tanne doesn't prove to the League that he can hit Wallace consitently...the Wallace will become Brandom Marshall...not in attitude...but in stature....he will be a big name only...a BARK with no bite....

We know what Wallace is capable of with a Good to great QB throwing him the ball....8 TDs a year....

We don't know what Tanne is capable of...and imo...he is the one with something to prove in this argument..

I love the boys over the cheifs on Sunday !!

Agreed Andy/Kris. You can't stretch the field if you can't hit your "stretch-the-field" WR consistently. Or if you're scared to trust him over ANY CB (even Revis Island). See Henne and Ted Ginn, Jr. SPEED CAN OVERCOME TECHNIQUE if the ball is placed exactly where it needs to be. And the other one I have is you MUST take chances on offense.

Sorry, I don't buy this Tannehill can't throw deep ... well depending on what you mean deep, 50+ yards in the air?

He is certainly proficient in the 15+ yard passes ... His top 4 receivers from last week all averaged over 10 yeards per reception. Not exactly dink and dunk here....


Agreed. On the Targets. I would've went with 10 just to be safe.

And as one of the biggest T-Hill supporters, I also agree in the Wallace-Tannehill connection T-Hill has a lot to prove.

With that said, Hartline has already matched his TD total from last season. So that is a start. If Hartline gets 6-8 TDs, I won't be mad either.

Kris, I could see it.

dmmfins, Tannehill has a serious cannon. Those long throws and the Hartline recption were forzen ropes. No chance for the DB to get his hands on those. Actually the only ppick he got was on a lazer that bounced off a safety's hands. He had no chance to actually get the pick himself.


Good points...

Tannehill had better be careful how he talks to the other players on the team! First of all; Tannehill is not a good quarterback; yet. Tannehill can learn something from Chad Henne; Chad Henne was an average qb at best and he knew it. This is why he did not blowup at his teammates when they were in error. Dan Marino could blowup at his teammates because he was a great qb and everyone knew it. Dan's receivers were very too. Which is why they were not going to take too much lio from the great one. So, the principle is; become a good qb first, before you start yapping at your teammates; who by the way, are better athletes than you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Tannehill continues to address his teammates in an argumentive tone; they will begin to resent him; which will spell disaster for the offense this season! (Cam Newton made that mistake in Carolina and he is a good qb)Everyone knows that you must first lead by example! At least become a good qb first.

I don't believe the Hype, T-Hill can't throw deep.

You can say that he still has yet to develop that part of his game at the Pro Level. but let's not forget T-Hill had no WRs last season. And THIS IS THE FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON.


If you can win handily conservative, you do that. Why give other people tape to look at.

Even this week. If we can keep that part of the offense closed and still beat the Colts, Why Not?

Agree DC...

Tanne has to take the chance...

we all undersatnd that Tanne and Wallace won't hook up for a buck-50 and 2 TDs every Sunday...

but we certainly expect for more production than we sall last week...

and as a former ME guy....

The QB has to understand his reciever's...and what motivates them...and keps their heads in te game...

if a few early and OFTEN targets to Wallace make him a better 2nd half player...then so be it....

in the words of T.O.'s publisist...."he has 60 million reason's to force the ball to him...

Ryan tannehill QB rating → 59.7

Bond, David Bond...

Excellent observation imo....and I was going to address that as well...

What is said to a teamate in the HEAT of battle....is one thing....what is repeated to the PRESS after cooler heads have prevailed is another....

Tanne may well be the LEADER...and we all need him to be...

but there is more to leadership than yelling @ a teamate....

and then taking CREDIT for it in the press....

Mando didn't mention this but Pouncey was actually first to chastise Matthews. Pouncey was actually pointing at the scoreboard. Probably something like don't mess this up - we're about to win this thing. Then Tannehill came in and relieved Pouncey of those dutues. So it wasn't exactly like Tannehill was angry at a route the WR ran - which is the only times I remember Marino mad - it was because someone was losing their head at an important part of the game. Tannehill was by no means alone in his displeasure.


You are talking about QBR rating, not to be confused with QB (passer) rating. So you point out that Tannehill's QBR rating is 59.7. Well I say to you is Tom Brady's QBR is 59.4. Hmmm. What is your point?

Daytona, don't let facts stand in the way of your posts.

His Qb ranking was 59.7 - according to that ESPN metric, a rating of 50 is considered average or competent - he scored well over.

Hi QB rating was well north of 80.

Your trolling needs a lot of improvement.

Wasn't the Hartline TD last season longer than the Ginn TD? Even thru the Air.

Let's not bring back the 1 throw Henne made in 5 years. What other time Henne hit Ginn or Marshall deep?

Henne also doesn't know how to switch speeds on his passes. He would throw the same Bullet he threw for 50 yds to the RB in the Flats. Or on his slants.

Some(Dashi) would say that Brady can't throw deep to save his life. Reason they always build his teams with a bunch of Possession WRs and TEs.

For those of you telling Wallace to be patient, I say no way. A few more weeks of this crap, along with a few losses and then everyone will be asking-What has Wallace done, where is he in the game plan. I say get the guy the ball early, and often. I don't care about systems and all that crap- players win games. Coaches please realize fans don't show up to see how smart you are.


Chad Bumphis received extra benefits in college? Good thing he cashed in while he could ...



Dashi, Brady doesn't have a deep game anymore. Big reason why the Ravens with their physicality just crowded the line and wiped the turf with them last January.

Of course this gets no mention by the talking heads who just continue to gush over Mr. Bunchen's CJ club... (sorry Daytona)

Just so no one distorts the facts; This is directly from ESPNS Web Site.

The first of a weekly deep dive into NFL quarterback play. Many thanks to Jacob Nitzberg of ESPN Stats & Information for supplying analysis and data to drive this post. Remember that Total QBR runs on a scale of 0-100. The scale for traditional passer rating is 0-158.3.

Andrew Luck
Passer rating: 127.9
QBR: 95.1
Analysis: Luck started off strong, completing his first 10 passes, but his best work came on the most important plays. He completed five of six passes for 61 yards on third downs, and converted another two on scrambles, to compile a near-perfect 99.998 QBR on third downs. For those wondering how the Colts' shift to offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton would play out, consider that Luck completed 15 of 16 throws that traveled fewer than 15 yards downfield. He completed two of six passes of at least 15 yards in the air and missed on all three that went at least 21 yards.

Andy Dalton
Passer rating: 97.2
QBR: 91.8
Analysis: Dalton threw two interceptions, but one was the result of a tipped ball and the other came after an exceptional anticipation play by Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman. Dalton managed to find receiver A.J. Green for nine receptions and 162 yards, including accurate deep passes of 45 and 42 yards. As with Luck, Dalton excelled on third downs, completing six of eight passes and finishing with a 99.9 QBR on such plays. Five of those completions converted first downs. Another third-down pass resulted in a 34-yard pass interference call to set up a touchdown.

Colin Kaepernick
Passer rating: 129.4
QBR: 89.8
Analysis: When the Green Bay Packers took away the read-option, Kaepernick demonstrated how lethal he can be in a pure passing setting. He threw for a career-high 412 yards, including 350 from inside the pocket, and completed almost 70 percent of his 39 attempts while avoiding an interception. Two of his three touchdowns came against heavy Packers pressure of at least six rushers. In 11 NFL starts, including the playoffs, Kaepernick has thrown only five interceptions in 262 career attempts.

CutlerJay Cutler
Passer rating: 93.2
QBR: 85.7
Analysis: Playing behind an overhauled offensive line, Cutler was not sacked. In fact, Cutler was highly productive in Marc Trestman's offense against the Cincinnati Bengals' blitz. He completed eight of 10 passes for 94 yards and a touchdown when the Bengals sent at least five pass-rushers. He was efficient, finishing with 242 yards on 33 attempts, but was better downfield than you might have anticipated in an offense built around quick throws. A third of Cutler's passes traveled more than 10 yards downfield, and he completed eight of them for 171 yards and a touchdown. He targeted favored receiver Brandon Marshall 10 times but also looked elsewhere to receiver Alshon Jeffery (eight targets), running back Matt Forte (six) and tight end Martellus Bennett (six).

Drew Brees
Passer rating: 113.6
QBR: 82.7
Analysis: Brees torched the blitz of the Atlanta Falcons, who sent at least five pass-rushers on 10 dropbacks. The Falcons sacked him once, but of the other nine plays, Brees completed eight passes for 148 yards and a touchdown. He also attacked the Falcons downfield, completing 10 of his 16 passes that traveled at least 10 yards past the line of scrimmage for 251 yards.

Christian Ponder
Passer rating: 63.1
QBR: 20.4
Analysis: The good news is that Ponder found receiver Jerome Simpson for passes of 44 and 47 yards, a downfield rarity relative to last season. But Ponder still threw three interceptions and had two others dropped. Two of his three sacks came on drive-killing first-down plays and his QBR on third downs was 0.4; only two of his seven third-down passes converted a first down.

Blaine Gabbert
Passer rating: 30.8
QBR: 1.2
Analysis: Gabbert had the worst Week 1 of any NFL starter. He did not complete a pass that traveled more than 10 yards in the air, missing on all six such attempts including one interception, and in total averaged 3.46 yards per attempt. That figure was the seventh-lowest in an NFL game since 1960 with a minimum of 20 attempts. Gabbert was playing with a fractured thumb and a cut that required 15 stitches, but his errant fourth-quarter pass -- intercepted by Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Tamba Hali and returned 10 yards for a touchdown -- was the worst of the week in the NFL.

ManningPeyton Manning
Passer rating: 141.1
QBR: 83.6
Briefly: Plenty has been said already about Manning's seven-touchdown performance Thursday night. Four of those scores came on passes against added pressure from the Baltimore Ravens.

Carson Palmer
Passer rating: 96.6
QBR: 79.3
Briefly: Palmer targeted receiver Larry Fitzgerald three times in the end zone and connected twice for scores, a welcome sign for the Cardinals. He also took four sacks.

Cam Newton
Passer rating: 97.2
QBR: 74.7
Briefly: The Seattle Seahawks held Newton to career lows in passing (125) and combined offense (163). Newton attempted only four passes longer than 10 yards downfield, the second-lowest total of his career.

Matt Ryan
Passer rating: 96.8
QBR: 72.2
Briefly: The Saints had Ryan under duress on 12 drop-backs. He threw a touchdown on the first such play but managed only two completions on his next nine drop-backs, including an interception.

Russell Wilson
Passer rating: 115.7
QBR: 70.9
Briefly: Wilson's 320 yards were a career high and key on a day when the Seahawks had trouble running the ball. He had five completions (in seven attempts) on passes of at least 15 yards downfield for a total of 127 yards.

EJ Manuel
Passer rating: 105.5
QBR: 70.8
Briefly: In his first game back after minor knee surgery, Manuel threw 25 of his 27 passes from the shotgun.

Aaron Rodgers
Passer rating: 102.6
QBR: 70.0
Briefly: Rodgers was uncharacteristically unproductive against added pressure, completing only one of six passes when the 49ers sent at least five pass-rushers.

Terrelle Pryor
Passer rating: 70.6
QBR: 69.6
Briefly: Of Pryor's 112 rushing yards, 59 came on what appeared to be designed runs and 53 resulted from scrambles. He kept the ball on all five read-option plays the Oakland Raiders ran.

Alex Smith
Passer rating: 94.4
QBR: 66.3
Briefly: The Chiefs didn't try to do more than they needed against the woeful Jaguars. Smith attempted 34 passes and finished with 173 yards, giving him the second-lowest yards per attempt (5.09) of the week.

LockerJake Locker
Passer rating: 74.0
QBR: 61.2
Briefly: He didn't account for a touchdown, but none of a series of poor throws hurt the Tennessee Titans and he remained composed throughout a road victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Ryan Tannehill
Passer rating: 82.3
QBR: 59.7
Briefly: He completed six of seven passes for 78 yards in a game-clinching drive in the fourth quarter.

Tom Brady
Passer rating: 76.4
QBR: 59.4
Briefly: With Rob Gronkowski injured and Aaron Hernandez released, Brady completed only one pass to a tight end for five yards. He did find receiver Danny Amendola for 10 receptions, nine of which went for first downs.

Matthew Stafford
Passer rating: 96.8
QBR: 57.4
Briefly: Stafford threw for two touchdowns and had two others reversed on review. On the other hand, he benefited from tailback Reggie Bush's presence. Of his 357 passing yards, 240 came after the catch. His average pass traveled 5.0 yards downfield, the second-lowest rate of his career.

Sam Bradford
Passer rating: 100.7
QBR: 50.4
Briefly: Bradford found a friend in new tight end Jared Cook, completing seven of 10 passes he targeted him on for 141 yards and two touchdowns. He completed 20 of 28 passes for 148 yards to everyone else.

Geno Smith
Passer rating: 80.6
QBR: 48.5
Briefly: Smith was at his best in the fourth quarter, completing seven of 11 passes for 83 yards. His fourth-quarter QBR (76.0) nearly doubled that of the first three quarters (38.3).

Joe Flacco
Passer rating: 69.4
QBR: 34.4
Briefly: Flacco had a rough go last Thursday in Denver. He was judged to have overthrown six passes that traveled at least 20 yards downfield.

Eli Manning
Passer rating: 102.3
QBR: 27.6
Briefly: Manning threw for 450 yards but his three interceptions scuttled the Giants' chances. His too-early pass on a screen play late in the fourth quarter resulted in an interception return for a touchdown by the Cowboys' Brandon Carr. The Giants' win probability dropped from 20 percent to 0.4 percent on the play.

Tony Romo
Passer rating: 90.8
QBR: 27.1
Briefly: Many were surprised by the Cowboys' 49 attempts, even after Romo suffered a second-quarter injury. But they were mostly high-percentage passes. Of that total, 38 traveled 10 or fewer yards downfield.

Ben Roethlisberger
Passer rating: 76.7
QBR: 25.5
Briefly: Roethlisberger couldn't get anything going, albeit after multiple injuries around him. All but two of his 33 attempts traveled less than 15 yards downfield. He also took three sacks on third down and didn't convert a third-down passing attempt in the second half.

Josh Freeman
Passer rating: 67.9
QBR: 22.5
Briefly: Sunday was the ninth time in 58 career starts that Freeman has completed fewer than half of his passes. All have been losses.

Brandon Weeden
Passer rating: 48.4
QBR: 16.2
Briefly: On third downs, Weeden managed four completions in 13 attempts with two interceptions.

The dolphins should open the next 4 games with Wallace going deep early and often in the first half of each game. In this way, the dolphin can do what the patriots are already doing; that is putting the game out of reach IN THE FIRST HALF!

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