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Tannehill not going to 'force' Wallace the football

Everything's cool between Ryan Tannehill and his alpha receiver Mike Wallace.

Yes, Wallace was upset after Sunday's victory that he caught only one pass, was targeted only five times and didn't get so much as a glance from Tannehill in the first half. But that has passed now, Tannehill said Wednesday.

“Yes, Mike was obviously in a tough spot at the end of that game but, everything is 100 percent normal in the locker room," Tannehill said. " He’s great, practicing hard every day, joking around. He’s his same old self, so we are looking forward to getting back on the field this week."

Well, if he's his same old self, he's going to want the ball on Sunday agaisnt Indianapolis. Coaches know this. Tannehill knows this.

Except that Tannehill feels no need to necessarily feed Wallace going forward.

"I’m going to play the quarterback position the way the coaches install the plays," Tannehill said. "I’m going to go through the reads just like they install it. We’re going to try and get him the ball when he’s in the play, but we’re not going to force him the ball."

This is very interesting to me. You see, this suggests Wallace simply wasn't in the play, so to speak, in the first half Sunday. But he suddenly got in the plays in the second half when he was targeted five times, including on the first play of the half?

So why not just get the guy in the play earlier?

It'll be interesting to monitor going forward.

It'll also be interesting to see how Tannehill handles a receiver with a petulant side. You'll remember Chad Henne kind of struggled to deal with Brandon Marshall, not that I blame him at times. Marshall was at times a handful.

Marino argued and exchanged curses with the Marks Brothers, even on the field, but the three knew they counted on each other for success and had a great relationship off the field.

So does Tannehill have the make up to handle Wallace when he's demanding more targets, more attention?

“Well you should know, receivers are always open, and I’ve been there before too," said the Dolphins quarterback and former college receiver. " No, these guys do a good job of being realistic on the sidelines.  They’ll tell me exactly how the defense is playing them, what routes they like, what they think is there and that’s a big key. If a guy's just coming back saying I’m open on every play it’s tough to sift through that and find out what’s really good and we can implement during the game. When guys are truthful it really helps, and I think they’ve done a good job so far."

It also helps when the quarterback is the clear leader and the receiver understands that.

I must tell you, I saw some good signs from Tannehill in that regard Sunday. There were two snapshots that showed he's the leader and he has the respect of his teammates.

First, there was a moment when left guard Richie Incognito did what he sometimes does and got into debate shall we say with an opposing lineman. It had the potential to lead to pushing and shoving and a flag.

Tannehill stopped it by telling Incognito, an older player, to get back to the huddle.

"Yeah, he got into it a little bit," Tannehill said. "That’s my job on the field, to keep my guys focused on what we’re trying to do, which is go down and score.  Obviously, football is an intense game, there’s a lot of emotion.  Guys are going to get into it here and there but when its sidetracking us from what we’re trying to do, we ‘ve just got to focus, lock in and get ready for the next play."

Tannehill was a little harsher with receiver Rishard Matthews. The second-year receiver was getting hot and arguing with a Cleveland defender in the second half when Tannehill seemingly had enough and cursed out his teammate while demanding he get off the field.

The words were heard on television.

And off the field Matthews went.

"I forget what yard line we were on, but if we get a 15 yard penalty right there, it’s a long field goal and if we kick that field goal right there we put it at 13 points, a two touchdown game," Tannehill said. "We really didn’t need a dumb penalty right there and I just tried to get him off the field the best way I could."

Those are signs of leadership. We'll see if Mike Wallace will follow.







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I think Mark's head is gonna explode from this board today!!! The head on his shoulders that is, im sure the other one will explode from other websites LOL

FU to whomever go Julius Thomas off waivers (WHEN I HAD PICKED HIM UP FIRST). Ditto Julian Edelmen. You losers can just troll my waiver wire to see who I'm taking and grab them first, since I'll be in the upper echelons of the standings all year.

Also, good luck this week Craig, it's me and you!

Sad part of it all, if the Jets do beat the Patriots, we'll probably have endure the national media hyping the Jets the next 10 days. That maybe more than I can take. So maybe a Patriot win won't be as bad.

Um, checkmate scourt.

Well done.


Brady had 3 season with Moss. Yes, they set Records 1 Season. But he wasn't completing 30-50 yd passes to Moss. He was basically using Moss as a TE split out wide. Moss's Ypc went down with Brady.

Remember, Moss set The TD record not the Yards record. Moss was getting a lot of jump balls in the Red zone.

You can easily see that the perfect 40+ strike thrown by RT to Hartline indicates there is still a lack of timing between Ryan and Wallace. Their long ball will be there with more practice, from both.

Mark, it does not matter what good sense you come up with there is always a counter argument. But my lying eyes saw a QB that was playing under control in a system that he believes in and has control of.

And he does get better every week. Sherman was not lying.He fits the term "ice man" a lot better than Matt Ryan. And we have not even seen his toughness. Before this season is over he will run the ball. And our opposition knows this.

So much upside. I would hate to have to prepare for this team.

scourt, when your team rushes for 20 yards and got zero points from teh defense or special teams, then yes, the number of points scored is ameasure of QB effectiveness. I KNOW YOU can't be this dumb, you're just trying to provoke me like you always do.

Nice a six point home victory over the Raiders with 178 yards passing and 12 total points against a non playoff team are more impressive than what Tannehill did last week ... yeah, I get it. Sure ...

All I know is if we had only beat the Raiders by 6 at home, we would not be singing the praises of Ryan Tannehill ...

I like Luck. He has more experience than Tannehill But he does not have a better arm, better feet and he is not smarter.

And , I think Tannehill has a better team around him this year.

So, good luck, Luck

Also, Tannehill has a better smile than Luck. Better bone structure.



You can easily see that the perfect 40+ strike thrown by RT to Hartline indicates there is still a lack of timing between Ryan and Wallace. Their long ball will be there with more practice, from both.

Posted by: oscar canosa | September 12, 2013 at 12:44 PM
I think this is a valid point. But I can't help but feel Tannehill has a confidence problem on long throws. Is it a coaching problem e.g. get rid of the ball fast. I don't know

True, he is more photogenic....

And I do agree that Tannehill has certain traits that are superior to Luck's. Accuracy being one of them. Whether that will trtanslate into having a better career, I don't know?

Luck is so damn goofy and ugly! If he wasn't a NFL football player, he'd never get laid. He would be on lobstertube every night, like myself!!

Now we're discussing QBs appearances? OK, I'll bite...Luck looks like a caveman


From last post.....

I agree and believe longevity should play a big part and weigh heavily in the decision to put a Coach in the HOF.

However that said sometimes Coaches can sort of define an ERA.

Through the 80's & 90's the Black-n-Blue Div. wasn't the NFC Central (now the NFC North) but the NFC East. Were from 87 to 96, 7 SB Titles were won (2 Wash.,2 Giants, 3 Cowboys) The faces of those HEATED Div. rivalries were Parcells, Gibbs and JJ.

All 3 are very deserving (LONGEVITY NON-WITHSTANDING!) with Parcells getting in on his merits as Giants Coach more than anything (Coached Giants 9 Seasons) In contrast Dungy took a job alot of Coaches viewed as potential career killer (most notably SB Coach Sam Wyche) In those comical cream sickle uniforms the Bucs were the NFL doormat and he made them relevant and consistant. In other words he changed the landscape and won a Title as Coach while being inter-connected to 2 other SB appearances with additional win while Coaching for 11 Seasons. All that without his other contributions, all weighed together and I think he's in!

Luck does have supreme confidence in his ability. I hear the girls really dig that.

cocoajoe it's true, he could be in those ads ... what are they for again? Insurance???? With those sensitive cavemen

Andrew Luck is too good for the Dullfins IMO.

Luck to me had a speech impediment growing up. I don't know how some of the players understand him. He speaks like a retard. (Sorry if I offend anyone)

Tannehill learned to play QB in College. Luck, RG3, Wilson have been getting groomed to play qb since they were 5.

Why do you think Sherman knows T-Hill can get better. Because Sherman knows T-Hill is still learning the position.

Luck, RG3, and Wilson are already finished products. They have reached their potential.

Funny how people are making a big deal out of Wilson throwing for 300yds for the first time in his career. Didn't T-Sizzle throw for 400+ as a Rookie with no WRs. Just saying.

How many times has RG3 thrown for 400, or for over 300? Not that many either.

Luck can tattoo his face with a BIG-666 offending Middle America for all I care! You watch this kid play with only 17 starts under his belt then factor his poise last Season coming from behind with already 8 career comeback wins under his belt and you know your looking at a guy who like Manning back in his 2nd Yr. in 99 was a guy 15 Yrs. in the future would be talked about as one of the GREATS!

We would've gotten Luck if Henne didnt get injured 2 years ago...

I NEVER thought I'd see an NFL team (Ownership) purposely look to TANK a Season for a player but FEEL this is precisely what Jim Irsay did!

f4l, it is exactly what he did.

They win 11 games the season before and after .. nuff said.

Mark, when I first saw Luck's interviews...this was when he was in the draft news...I thought my God, this guy is one big dummy. Clearly not the case as we've seen but still, would you want him or Tannehill as a son n law?


We both agree Dungy is going to go in for his impact on the game.

But on his coaching? That is where we differ. The only HOF coach with that short of a Career is John Madden. And Madden had some sick Numbers. Never recording a losing season. Win PCT over .700. SB ring.

On him rebuilding the BUCs. He had great coaches with him. And if I am not mistaken they changed ownership to a guy who cared about winning.

Did Dungy duplicate his defensive Success in Indy? He could only win 1 Title with Peyton in his Prime. And it was cause of Peyton not the Defense.

How many Top 10 Defenses did he coach without M.Kiffin?

I'm not hating on Dungy I am just stating the Truth. Dungy will go in the HOF because he is a Sympathetic Figure. I wouldn't be surprised if the voting is almost unanimous for Dungy.

But as a Coach do you think Dungy is more worthy than J.Johnson? I don't. And Jimmy took over a bad franchise and made a Dynasty.

I NEVER thought I'd see an NFL team (Ownership) purposely look to TANK a Season for a player but FEEL this is precisely what Jim Irsay did!

Posted by: fin4life | September 12, 2013 at 01:41 PM

Its been done many many times. Dont be so naive.

cocoajoe, Tannehill character wise and marketing wise is almost too perfect. All American boy no less. Qb and eventually a surgeon if football doesn't destroy his hands or brain, nice looking wife, clean cut haircult no visible tattoes ... if he were to ever reach his full potential (which I think he will) then he will be a marketing bonanza for the NFL.

And is the exact opposite of Kaep in a lot of ways ... lifestyle anyway ... interesting paradox.

I NEVER thought I'd see an NFL team (Ownership) purposely look to TANK a Season for a player but FEEL this is precisely what Jim Irsay did!

Posted by: fin4life | September 12, 2013 at 01:41 PM

Yup obvious to even the casual fan. But what I'd like to know is, why didn't Roger 'Mr. Enforcer' Goodell look into it? I think I know but it's only conjecture

Wallace should see 10 throws and 7 or 8 completions.

Definitely think JJ is a sure fire HOFer... how could he not? Dallas was an unstoppable beast with him ... would even consider the work he did at the U but I know you're not supposed to for canton. Guy was a coaching giant and unfortunately for us burnt out when he got here because this team was awful close ...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 12, 2013 at 01:52 PM

Agree Mark, 1st impressions are not always correct. If I remember his Wonderlic score were pretty high

The funny thing with Luck is that his dad use to backup Archie Manning.

To me Luck and The Mannings were created by their Fathers to be great Qbs. I call it M.Jackson Disease. Or T.Woods Disease for you sport fans.

Those kids were training like Pro's since they were 5. Everyday when pops comes home. Do some drills. And do the Drills right. Or feel the pain.

Notice how Technically sound those guys are. That is Thousands if not Millions of repetitions. Perfecting the Craft. THOSE GUYS LIVED THE MADDEN 25 COMMERCIALS. Archie and Oliver are probably playing Madden as we speak. My son is better than yours.

Wow, good actual football conversations...has Mando done the unthinkable?

We would've gotten Luck if Henne didnt get injured 2 years ago...
Posted by: AtlFin | September 12, 2013 at 01:39 PM

Haha, marshawn Lynch lifting the entire gym in that commercial is awesome ...

cocoajoe, kaep and Luck were both pretty sound acamedically if I recall. Maybe not pre med but who is? Not me ....

cocoa, Daytona tries to interrupt periodically but nobody's taking the bait .. and 2 watt, nobody ever takes that bait.

The only cumming from behind, Andrew Luck will be doing, is when he hits The Blue Oyster bar after the phins beat him down!

Its a club in Police Academy!

A coach going to a team with a good front office and a stockpile of #1 picks can do well. That is what happened to Johnson and Dungy.

A poor front office can make it impossible to win.

I think the Dolphins are somewhere in the middle, but they do have a good coaching staff. The front office looks like it is willing to learn.


Dungy is a well like guy who always treated the media with respect and he does have 1 Super Bowl as well. He will probably get in.

I don't think he deserves to get in however. Just because you speak softly and have had some sympathetic circumstances to add adversity to your resume does not make you a HOF coach.

With the Bucs they had one of the most dominant defenses year in and out but they couldnt get over the hump with his wonderful coaching decisions to have guys like Shaun King as his starting QB. He eventually got canned and rightfully so. Tampa doesn't win a Super Bowl with him as a head coach.

In Indy he only managed to win 1 Super Bowl with Peyton Manning the greatest QB of the last 20 years IMO. He also had HOF or borderline HOF such as Manning, Harrison, Wayne, Freeney, Edgerrin James and even a defensive MVP season out of Bob Sanders. He came up short every time except once.

It wasn't a Dan Marino and cast of misfits or average players he had loaded teams from top to bottom. But again sympathetic figure and don't think for one moment him being a black Head Coach won't have something to do with his vote and process.

rdubs, Blue Oyster, I thought that was only a popular reference in Canada since that movie was filmed in Toronto!!!


Everytime I see something "gay" to this day, that tune goes off in my head...

Leather chaps and police hats, ahahaha!!!


I am glad I could touch you, in that special place! Too bad you live in Canada. I think it would an F'n riot watching the Dolphins game with you. Non tip touching, of course or lubeless sodomy

armando = match maker.

2 watt,

Canadians taste better. Except Canadian Bacon, American Bacon is more gooder

78,is that u?

2 Watt,

I was actually born in 78 . True story bro


Agree with you guys there. If Jimmy stayed in Dallas the machine was going to keep going and going. Even a guy totally out of his league, Barry Switzer was able to take over and win a Super Bowl with this group.

JJ built those teams and Jerry Jones ruined it because of his ego. Those were Jimmy's players and picks. Jones wanted to play GM and we all see who was telling the truth because Dallas has never been the same since JJ.

andy, rich kotite would have won 4 str8 with all of those pix that yimmy got.


You'll notice in my earlier post today I CLEARLY state that JJ & Gibbs for that matter should get in to the HOF, LONGEVITY non-withstanding!

JJ was a machine! Took over an Old Vet teaming trading on past glory in 89 and BUILT a POWERHOUSE I would take Vs. the Steelers 70's Dynasty the 80's 49ers one as well head-to-head. Those Cowboys teams were the 1st to constantly rotate their DL, before they did it you didn't alternate players unless it was a sub-package or your guy was hurt. Showed everybody what this philosophy could do when in the 4th Qrt. his FRESH DL was HAMMERING the opposing OL. They were known for the TRIPLETS but won up front on both sides with arguably the best OL ever assembled in NFL history!

The Cowboys basically operated like a College team with the next man up (probably JJ's thinking coming from College system into Pro's) I believe had Jones not been so BIG HEADED with claims he built the team (LAUGHABLE to any College fan who saw the players Dallas targeted under JJ) I believe they would have gone down as the GREATEST of all time winning the VAUNTED 5th Title in a decade. Since JJ was FORCED out in 94 (because any IDIOT can Coach a ggod team) The Cowboys managed to get another Title in 95 but if yyou remember were NEVER able to beat S.F. AGAIN! In 95 (last SB appearance) with Primetime getting HOUSED in Big D by 49ers!

In Miami from 84 till 95 under Shula we HAD ZERO CLUE what D was and he left us a TOP-5 D unit! The man should have gone on to be a G.M.! All of it undeniable fact. That said Dungy became a H.C. on the merits of his #1 ranked D in Minnesota a job he got for his always respectable Steelers Defenses in tail end of Noll ERA, again Kiffin implemented Dungy's Cover-2 scheme known as the Tampa-2 NOT the other way around don't get that twisted partner!

rdubs, i can be a bit of a psycho when the Dolphins are on - ask the wife - she leaves whenever I'm watching the phins. BUt otherwise, yeah, I'm always pranking...

Lubeless Sodomy ... that will have to be the name of my team if Mando ever gets a sniff of what it is now ...

Mark, I don't even try to keep up with the crazies or their alais's on this blog. It's too bad that they keep serious, well meaning peole from posting. I'm a long time Mando blog guy but I find myself not posting as much as I used to

Zach Thomas,

I wish he would get in! I believe lesser players with lesser impact have made it but Zach played on very good defenses not great. He played on a lot of bad teams as well. Initially I think it will be hard for him to get in. If he ever does get in it will be as one of those veteran votes when he's old and gray.

Zach was a playmaker and gave 110% every game. He was a tackling machine and also was a guy you could count on to make impact plays. He is what Miami fans have been looking for ever since he left with stiffs like Crowder and an even bigger stiff in illiterate Dansby. I like Ellerbe so far so we'll see.

Marino and then Zach are my all time favorite Dolphins and there is much debate with who's third but 1 and 2 are easy for me.

I know cocoa, our discussions go way back ... at least 4,5 years ... too bad one person is allowed to ruin all.

Mark, cocoajoe,

Goodell comes down hard on Labor not Ownership/Management unless the dispute comes from their ranks. Even there he is swayed by the more POWERFUL Owners who vote together and want to KILL revenue sharing led by Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder (Huzienga typically voted with them given he was a bottom line guy as well)

The fact that the Colts were NEVER so much as hinted at for their BLATANT attempts at securing the top pick of the 2012 draft is only more proof of this. Goodell walks with a big stick when it comes to labor not looking to right any wrong there but to protact the image of the Corp. he manages, period! The F.O. doesn't care about labor just the continued growth of revenue already breaking 11 Billion a Yr.

Andy, does JT get disqualified because he was a Jet? Does for me.

Ellerbe is Zach in coverage but not tackling ... Zach's are hard to find... If he hadn't played in the Ray Lewis era, he would've got a lot more pub. It was 1-2 with those guys for a good 5 years or so...

I would like to know why we are playing the Colts two straight seasons, on their turf!

This time will be different though. Luck's team is much weaker and Dolphins are much improved on Defense and the passing game. We will win this by 2 scores at least.


I am a total butthole when the phins play. I stand up the whole game, I yell at the TV. I keep my 8 year old upstairs to watch TV. Cuz I will flip out on him in a second. I am not proud of that at all, but thats my team son! And he is just my son. It was funny, when we were playing the Browns, I got so mad I ripped my shirt in half, Hulk Hogan style.

and on a side note

I know you must have been laughing you butt off, when someone got mad that people were calling him fat!

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