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Tannehill not going to 'force' Wallace the football

Everything's cool between Ryan Tannehill and his alpha receiver Mike Wallace.

Yes, Wallace was upset after Sunday's victory that he caught only one pass, was targeted only five times and didn't get so much as a glance from Tannehill in the first half. But that has passed now, Tannehill said Wednesday.

“Yes, Mike was obviously in a tough spot at the end of that game but, everything is 100 percent normal in the locker room," Tannehill said. " He’s great, practicing hard every day, joking around. He’s his same old self, so we are looking forward to getting back on the field this week."

Well, if he's his same old self, he's going to want the ball on Sunday agaisnt Indianapolis. Coaches know this. Tannehill knows this.

Except that Tannehill feels no need to necessarily feed Wallace going forward.

"I’m going to play the quarterback position the way the coaches install the plays," Tannehill said. "I’m going to go through the reads just like they install it. We’re going to try and get him the ball when he’s in the play, but we’re not going to force him the ball."

This is very interesting to me. You see, this suggests Wallace simply wasn't in the play, so to speak, in the first half Sunday. But he suddenly got in the plays in the second half when he was targeted five times, including on the first play of the half?

So why not just get the guy in the play earlier?

It'll be interesting to monitor going forward.

It'll also be interesting to see how Tannehill handles a receiver with a petulant side. You'll remember Chad Henne kind of struggled to deal with Brandon Marshall, not that I blame him at times. Marshall was at times a handful.

Marino argued and exchanged curses with the Marks Brothers, even on the field, but the three knew they counted on each other for success and had a great relationship off the field.

So does Tannehill have the make up to handle Wallace when he's demanding more targets, more attention?

“Well you should know, receivers are always open, and I’ve been there before too," said the Dolphins quarterback and former college receiver. " No, these guys do a good job of being realistic on the sidelines.  They’ll tell me exactly how the defense is playing them, what routes they like, what they think is there and that’s a big key. If a guy's just coming back saying I’m open on every play it’s tough to sift through that and find out what’s really good and we can implement during the game. When guys are truthful it really helps, and I think they’ve done a good job so far."

It also helps when the quarterback is the clear leader and the receiver understands that.

I must tell you, I saw some good signs from Tannehill in that regard Sunday. There were two snapshots that showed he's the leader and he has the respect of his teammates.

First, there was a moment when left guard Richie Incognito did what he sometimes does and got into debate shall we say with an opposing lineman. It had the potential to lead to pushing and shoving and a flag.

Tannehill stopped it by telling Incognito, an older player, to get back to the huddle.

"Yeah, he got into it a little bit," Tannehill said. "That’s my job on the field, to keep my guys focused on what we’re trying to do, which is go down and score.  Obviously, football is an intense game, there’s a lot of emotion.  Guys are going to get into it here and there but when its sidetracking us from what we’re trying to do, we ‘ve just got to focus, lock in and get ready for the next play."

Tannehill was a little harsher with receiver Rishard Matthews. The second-year receiver was getting hot and arguing with a Cleveland defender in the second half when Tannehill seemingly had enough and cursed out his teammate while demanding he get off the field.

The words were heard on television.

And off the field Matthews went.

"I forget what yard line we were on, but if we get a 15 yard penalty right there, it’s a long field goal and if we kick that field goal right there we put it at 13 points, a two touchdown game," Tannehill said. "We really didn’t need a dumb penalty right there and I just tried to get him off the field the best way I could."

Those are signs of leadership. We'll see if Mike Wallace will follow.







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Rdubs | September 12, 2013 at 02:29 PM

Your not alone here and doubt were the only ones! I once had my Father tell me he didn't want me watching anymore cause he feared I would have a heart attack!

Woodshed, that's an easy one. Because the NFL HATES the Dolphins and does anything and everything to ensure we are not a winning franchise from year to year (including having us play the Gaytriots later in the Season once they've gotten their groove back, and doing DUMBSH*T like putting ALL our 2nd division games back-to-back-to-back in December (instead of having them all in Sept like they did for the Gaytriots).



Good luck to you this week too, DC. I was the one who nabbed Edelman and I'll be starting him this week against you, instead of Greg Jennings. I think Mark was the one who nabbed Julius Thomas. Nice pick up!

As far as the HOF goes, I'm a HUGE Zach fan but I don't believe he'll make it. Not because he dosn't deserve it but rather because Miami doesn't seem to get the Natioanl credit it deserves. Shame! He was a Hell of a player. I do believe JT will get in but I'm doubtful it'll be first ballot. We'll see.

As far as watching the 'phins play, Mark I'm a lot like you. Very locked in and emotional on every play. 'Meg' hasn't seen this yet but she will this Sunday if the Colts\'Phins game is on, which I'm hoping. Hope it doesn't chase her away......LOL.

Relationship is going very well and we're talking about a few days in San Fran at the beginning of November. She has a two conference there and I was hoping to tag along and extend it. We'll see.

Man, nothing gets me pumped up. Except the Dolphins, I really dont like sports and I am not very competitive. But I love the damn Dolphins!! Although my lovely wife of 15 years made me angry on Monday. This what she said to me

"We have to talk about last night."

"I dont think I like football season, because when I get home from work ,you are drunk and half asleep and you ignore me."

Really? Do wives live to suck the souls out of their husbands? Dont they know, you never come between a man and his team!

Mark this is what you have to look forward to. She will be cool with it for awhile, but when she's sees your interest in her slipping and your love for the Dolphins staying the same, ohhh HELL! LOL

Samson Satele and Donald Thomas(Both Dolphin Draft Picks)will be starting for the Colts. Also, former Lion first round pick Gosder Cherilous will be playing Right Tackle.

This means Cherilous will be lining up across from Wake most of the game. Cherilous' weakness? Trying to block smaller speed rushers.

Considering that Wake is a smaller speed rusher, with a full compliment of moves, Gosder is in for a long day. Gosder tries to lean on rushers and over power them with his weight and size. Not looking good for Cherilous and the Colts.

With this and Irsay's demands, I see the Colts trying to chip and double Wake all day. Good Luck with that.

Should be interesting to see how Coyle tries to counter this. As long as we can stop the run and force them into passing situations, all should be good. I would put Jordan right over Vernon's outside shoulder and turn them loose opposite Wake and Cherilous!

It's going to be tough playing Luck, who put up 433 yards on us as a rookie. If we keep him in the pocket, he may have to exit the game on a stretcher.

That's going to be so key, because if he breaks containment, he has some receiver options. TY Hilton, Heyward-Bey and Reggie Frickin Wayne! They also have Fleener and Allen at Tight end(Allen was limited in practice with a Hip Injury).

In recent years, this kind of match up would be looking pretty grim. But Thank God(Ireland and Philbin too)for Kevin Coyle and the players on this defense! Luck got lucky last year and he is probably even better this year. But our Defensive improvement dwarfs anything the colts and Luck have done or will do!

We're putting a **Beat Down** on Luck this Sunday. You can BET on THAT!


PS: I guess I could have cut this short by saying, Luck's O-Line sucks and we are going to CRUSH THEM! Either way, LET GO! 2-0.


Yeah those picks and players Jimmy acquired were awesome!!


You're scaring me, man? Is this my future?

Maybe I'll just stay single.....LOL.


Yes JT is way down the list for that Jets crap. If he went anywhere else he would easily been 3 but him going to the Jets made him the ultimate sell out to me. He pretended for years to hate the Jets but then went and joined them. I was glad to see that one blow up in his face!

Ricky is high on my list (pun intended). I loved Ricky and his running style since his college days at Texas. Huge fan of his. Wannstedt ran him to death literally. Ricky was all we had and for 2 seasons which is a short run but he was the one player I knew came to play every week and give his all like Zach did. Sure he had a lot of problems as evidenced in Run Ricky Run documentary so unless you dealt with those sort of people or problems yourself it's hard to give him a pass but for me it's easy to give him a pass. I know many screwed up people family, friends and friends of friends who fell victim to the card they were dealt. Some push on and become successes but not all. And some bounce between the 2.

Mark this is what you have to look forward to. She will be cool with it for awhile, but when she's sees your interest in her slipping and your love for the Dolphins staying the same, ohhh HELL! LOL

Posted by: Rdubs | September 12, 2013 at 02:41 PM

Sorry to say 100% true! In my house were past the discussion about my unhealthy obsession with Football. I've already graduated/evolved to the BRIBERY stage! My wife takes off with my daughter to the mall and take my credit card to which I "TRY" to make ZERO stink on Sundays in the fall. I attempt to keep the dammage to a minimum by making sure to give her some quality time on Saturday giving her pause when she starts swiping!

rdubs, that's too funny.

And yes I was, Golden Corral was even my reference, haha ... funny thing is he used to participate in those jabs. I guess he had enough.


Good post, nice perspective!! High five bro


On your observation regarding Wake getting held I tend to agree 100% He likes to get a very low center of gravity with the Tackles almost always holding him or trying to pin him to the ground by a shoulder. Text book HOLDING! It's his signature move and the refs let it go plenty! I believe the mobil Luck will have to roll the pocket and expect he will Vs. our rush. However his reads will have to be quick given the speed of our DE's and that in turn will cause some ill advised throws which could lead to Int.'s Looking over their very weak front-7 (on paper) we should get healthy a dose of running lane/opportunities. This is were my focus will be given they're smallish up front and if we have another bad showing from the OL then will have our answer as to this teams possibilities early this Yr.

Craig, I got Thomas? Sweet. Hopefully he isn't a one hit wonder. Thanks to rdubs for that drubbing he gave me to move me up the waiver line.

You been to San Fran before? I love that city - ultra cool. The gay thing isn't really a shock to me .. well... because I live in Toronto which probably has a bigger gay community per capita than San Fran but everything else, awesome.

HA! @ 2:41. I used to have a girlfriend like that. She's married to someone else now. His problem.

Andy, yeah Ricky is up there for me and Richmond Webb. The first time I saw him neutralize Bruce Smith was a big day in my fandom...


Never been to SF. Always wanted to go. Couldn't care less about the gay thing either. To each their own. Doesn't matter to me. I was in your fait city last Friday night. Couple of pints and a meal at the Irish Embassy. Good time! Hoped to get up there for TIFF but not looking good.

Ever been? Awesome time!

Did Armando ban YG?


It's funny, 'Meg' said to me the other day, 'wow, you're quite the football fanatic'.....LOL.

Truth is I'm more a Dolphin fanatic than a football fanatic these days. I played the good partner last Sunday night and watched 'Silver Linings Playbook' with her when I really wanted to jump up and down watching the Cowboys/Giants game. I managed to keep one eye on the game.


You can make fun of your girth, until you reach that weight when you get on a scale and it just reads "DIET" and starts sparking and smoking. With that being said, I probably weigh more than him. Although I am 6"2, I am sure he isn't

And if you are reading Mando, I read your articles and dont be mad at me :) See, I even gave you a happy face


What Ryan Tannehill did to Matthews was AWESOME. I haven't seen that kind of LEADERSHIP since MARINO. When I saw that I knew that this kid has improved and seems to be becoming what we've needed since Marino retired.

I read the blog everyday but rarely post. I see a lot of you have fantasy tams & I have a dilemma with mine so hope you can help me out! We start a KR, QB, 2 RB, 3 WR & 2 flex. This is my lineup right now for this week:

QB - Brees
RB - D. Martin
RB - McFadden
WR - V Jax
WR - Cruz
WR - Nelson
Flex - Nicks
Flex - Thompkins

Want your opinions on My #2 Flex & RB.

McFadden has a good matchup against the jags & I have C. Johnson on the bench vs. Houston. Who would you start? It's a PPR league btw.

I have Thompkins in tonight with Amendola out & Edelman in his spot but, Thompkins got 14 passes thrown to him last week & maybe more this week. Other option is Steve Smith at Buffalo.

What would you do? Any advice is appreciated!

Craig, I've been to a few TIFF events, almost by accident. The only thing I like about TIFF is how it bringseveryone out and the bars don't close until 4 am in this puritan province of ours. Otherwise I'm of the mind that 99% of actors are just douchebags anyway and could care less if I get a glimpse of one or not.

finfan23 @3:24

You've been posting in here, 30-40 times a day, every day, for at least the past 6 years.

Steve smith > thompkins

@ 3:24. Any player playing against Jax is a must start.

I also have Martin so goes without saying that he is automatic.

I would be tempted in putting in Johnson though. But I am fresh off a sweet drubbing last week so you may want to temper your reaction to my advice.


Keeping a relationship with such a time consuming hobby is a tricky proposition. They believe or take our attention being diverted as a sign of indifference while we don't see it that way, basic difference between men and women? In all honesty I give her space with her girlfriends and their gossiping ect... It doesn't threaten me while they seem to be of a different opinion and given this isn't my 1st trip to the Circus it's my opinion they all tend to view it this way, can't live with them (sometimes) can't live without em!

finfan23 @3:24

You've been posting in here, 30-40 times a day, every day, for at least the past 6 years.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | September 12, 2013 at 03:29 PM


Wallace is perfectly in his rights to ask for the ball more. He would have strengthened his case had he caught the balls thrown his way and gotten more open though. He has some improving to do and Tannehill has to make the reads and throw your best WR the ball more.

Tannehill has the physical skills, the intangibles and the drive. His progress rate is good. He is a scholar of the game and it shows in his improvement. The fact that he started out with less experience masked his capacity - which was a good thing else he would have been gone before Miami had a chance to draft him. We have our starting QB for the next decade. It will be a good decade.


I got a special invite from Haagen Daz a couple of years ago. Special drinks, awesome h'ors doeuvres, nice grab bag and really cool experience seeing it with 2000 other people in Prince of Wales Theatre. Couldn't care less about seeing the celebrities either but the really good-looking woman from 'Slum Dog Millionaire' was there and in the movie. Great buzz in the City, which I liked.


i would drop Thompkins(like he will with the ball multiple times tonight) and start Steve Smith. He and Greg Olson are Cam's only targets. The bills are missing their best CB and Steve Smith is savvy and will make Buffalo miserable. My credentials are, I beat Mark In Toronto by a buttload this week LOL

My wife is a football fan and I consider myself a very lucky man for that. We put on our Fins gear and watch as many games as we can. I'm pretty relaxed except when there is obvious holds and they don't get called on the other team.

I agree with ETF, I'd go with Steve Smith (or even CJ). Thompkins is a bum, he can't catch anything.


This is one is very easy to get along with and we've had zero issues to date. Very accomodating and a real sweetheart. Think I've already managed to get myself a couple of drawers in the house, so things are moving along nicely.

rdubs, thanks! you make a good case. I guess, like many, I took a late flier on him & very optimistic yet skeptical!

He was targeted as much as Amendola last week & he's out. I expect Edelman to get a lot of attn tonight from the jets d. Even if he stinks, he can still have a good game.

Might be a game time decision!

Craig make sure summer is officially over before committing to anything. You still have time my son, fly free!!

@ 3:48. It still hurts ....

I would probably start CJ over Nicks. isnt about time Nickshe got injured? I think he is passed due

Darkoak is living the dream. best to have a wife that is a fan or one that doesn't give a care where u are or who you're with.... those are the best two options.


I lost by 58 points in my other league LOL

I am benching Lamar Miller for D Thomas this week. I am a gambler!


This is one is very easy to get along with and we've had zero issues to date. Very accomodating and a real sweetheart. Think I've already managed to get myself a couple of drawers in the house, so things are moving along nicely.

Posted by: Craig M | September 12, 2013 at 03:52 PM

Cool, what's his name?

I lost my wedding ring in San Fran this past June (was there for a Conference). A vendor took me and another attendee out for an all-nighter. Don't ask, bar-hopping, talking to hookers on the street, even pulled a college move and got a few slices at like 2-3am (don't remember the time). We started near the stadium (Giants were playing) and ended I don't know where, someplace near Stanford. It was CRAZY. I just remember rolling into bed at like 5am, and having to get up at 7. That next day was rough. Especially when I realized I lost my ring (wifey didn't take that too well).

But made my SF experience quite memorable. Definitely a hot city in DC's book.

Scary thing is, my hotel window overlooked the airport. If I was there a month later (or whatever) I would have seen that Korean plane crash perfectly. Glad I was gone by then (would have put a downer on my trip).

As for Nicks, I see him as a must start this week.

It's a ppr league & even though I'm in 3rd place overall, the 2 teams ahead of me because of receptions.

I actually traded Gore for Nicks this week. Think I made out in the trade!

Regardless, the Bronco's passing game is coming to town & Giants don't have a reliable RB so I see a lot of passes for Nicks & Cruz!

Just got an email form someone at work signed DD. Fool, there is only one DD and he is in Montana... not in Manitoba...

What Ryan Tannehill did to Matthews was AWESOME. I haven't seen that kind of LEADERSHIP since MARINO. When I saw that I knew that this kid has improved and seems to be becoming what we've needed since Marino retired.

Posted by: john | September 12, 2013 at 03:21 PM


Damn cap locks! Anyways, anybody know what Tannehill said.............................?

How dare those crispy Koreans ut a downer on your bender!! Shame on them!!

odin, he said, ignore YG and the game will go a lot smoother ... well with f bombs interspersed.

Mark in Toronto | September 12, 2013 at 04:04 PM

LOL! Sometimes you get a cheapish LOL out of another blogger but must admit that really had me rolling!

On a serious note.


He told him to get the "F" off the field!


Important part of your post jumped right out at me. I've been waiting to see about the O-Line ever since the gun sounded last Sunday.

And it will, in large part, determine just how far this team will/can go this year. It was scary for me when I saw they were going to go with Martin at Left Tackle. That one position could torpedo Wallace, the deep ball and in effect the entire season.

Then Louis not recovering from injury well enough, to Jerry then getting hit with the injury bug......

It was awful, the elephant in the room. I'm seeing all the good signs, all the improvements, yet knowing that if the Line doesn't come together, it was all for naught.

Sundays game against the Dolts will indeed tell us EVERYTHING. If we get stuffed like last week, it's going to be a long season. It will be time to start thinking about a possible DRASTIC MOVE/TRADE or two and try to sling another line up together.

I suspect though, that those five guys are going come back with a vengeance and redeem themselves. I think they have it in them. I also believe that Cleveland's Front 7 deserves a ton more credit than they're getting. So really, I think it was a combination of all of the above. A perfect storm of our guys getting stuffed, The Browns talent up front and maybe most importantly, The Brown's DC's Game Plan.

I'm just about nervous enough to puke thinking about our O-Line. But, being the Homer I am, when the bullets run out, I'll swing the gun like an ax!

I'm going "All In" on our O-Line completely redeeming themselves at Indy!


odin, he said, ignore YG and the game will go a lot smoother ... well with f bombs interspersed.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 12, 2013 at 04:04 ========================================================

Bright Kid that Tannehill............ROTFLMAO!

Thanks Fin4!

This place seems different today..........?

Does the sky seem Blue-er..........?

The air Fresher..........?

I can't quite put my finger on it, just seems like a really Nice Day!


which wr should I start this week Wallace or Hartline? Miller or Thomas?

my gut says Hartline and Thomas which is messed up but would have been better last week


I guess I gotta hope they bounce back but Harltine being Tannehill's favorite target and Thomas being the goaline threat I dunno

I got Miller in 3rd and Wallace in 5th too... Hartline and Thomas were my last two picks.

Thomas may always be a goalline hawk ... but Miller should get yardage a plenty.

Remember the last time Mando made a stink abotu Wallace and Tannehill not having chemistry?

And Wallace is up against "Mensa" Vontae Davis ...

lol mensa... but I don't know if I'd pick on Vontae. He prolly will come out aggressive against us.


Likewise a point in your post caught my attention! The thing about the OT play affecting the pass game. For the life of me I NEVER understood the one trick pony comments about Wallace. Maybe I just happen to watch more Football games or something? Given I saw Wallace take alot of 10 Yd. slants from Big Ben running all over the field for major YAC or going house from looooong distance! Heck he did it to us on a play I remember clearly when we last played them in the infamous fumble that wasn't game!

In the SB Vs. G.B. the Steelers get back into the game with the run and short slant route running by Wallace easing up the Packer rush which was mauling the Steelers OL (maybe worst starting group in SB history) In that game it was on Wallace given Hines Ward was a non-factor! He basically filled the void created when they dealt Santonio Holmes to the Jets. Yet all I read is about how he only runs fly patterns or wheel routes??

Just last Yr. they had a must win game in Dallas were Wallace essentially benched because of contract drama had to be brought in with E.Sanders and A.Brown stinking the joint up and he shredded the Cowboys underneath and over the top, as a matter of fact that game ends on a BAD pass By Ben on 4th down to Wallace in the flat that Carr intercepts and takes house!

My point in all of this is why are we strictly using Gibson underneath?? Is there that much of a fear of Tannehill's ability to read an underneath zone with WR's running the slants and again isn't the 5 to 10 Yd. slant a staple of the West Coast Offense??

The fact we used Wallace as a decoy to force the Browns Strong Safety (whose such a threat I can't remember his name only that he wears #43) deep to free up Gibson underneath with Hartline working the corner/flat routes tells me that the Coaches are still babying him a bit!

Throw those routes into a game plan I say, let him go through his progressions hitting the hot reads already! He has the Horses to do it and appears to be right now what were best built for!

Isn't aggressive what you want against Wallace? Give him one fake or a double move and he will be calling his grandma...

Is that your shop number?


However as the week has gone on I have taken to heart the facts posted in this blog and I no longer fear the Colts.
This will be any easy one.
At the start of the game I want to see Starks give Luck the finger, that will really throw him off of his crappy game.
Luck isn't even that good. Anybody can throw for 4000 yds and 25 Tds as a rookie on a 1-15 team.

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