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Tannehill not going to 'force' Wallace the football

Everything's cool between Ryan Tannehill and his alpha receiver Mike Wallace.

Yes, Wallace was upset after Sunday's victory that he caught only one pass, was targeted only five times and didn't get so much as a glance from Tannehill in the first half. But that has passed now, Tannehill said Wednesday.

“Yes, Mike was obviously in a tough spot at the end of that game but, everything is 100 percent normal in the locker room," Tannehill said. " He’s great, practicing hard every day, joking around. He’s his same old self, so we are looking forward to getting back on the field this week."

Well, if he's his same old self, he's going to want the ball on Sunday agaisnt Indianapolis. Coaches know this. Tannehill knows this.

Except that Tannehill feels no need to necessarily feed Wallace going forward.

"I’m going to play the quarterback position the way the coaches install the plays," Tannehill said. "I’m going to go through the reads just like they install it. We’re going to try and get him the ball when he’s in the play, but we’re not going to force him the ball."

This is very interesting to me. You see, this suggests Wallace simply wasn't in the play, so to speak, in the first half Sunday. But he suddenly got in the plays in the second half when he was targeted five times, including on the first play of the half?

So why not just get the guy in the play earlier?

It'll be interesting to monitor going forward.

It'll also be interesting to see how Tannehill handles a receiver with a petulant side. You'll remember Chad Henne kind of struggled to deal with Brandon Marshall, not that I blame him at times. Marshall was at times a handful.

Marino argued and exchanged curses with the Marks Brothers, even on the field, but the three knew they counted on each other for success and had a great relationship off the field.

So does Tannehill have the make up to handle Wallace when he's demanding more targets, more attention?

“Well you should know, receivers are always open, and I’ve been there before too," said the Dolphins quarterback and former college receiver. " No, these guys do a good job of being realistic on the sidelines.  They’ll tell me exactly how the defense is playing them, what routes they like, what they think is there and that’s a big key. If a guy's just coming back saying I’m open on every play it’s tough to sift through that and find out what’s really good and we can implement during the game. When guys are truthful it really helps, and I think they’ve done a good job so far."

It also helps when the quarterback is the clear leader and the receiver understands that.

I must tell you, I saw some good signs from Tannehill in that regard Sunday. There were two snapshots that showed he's the leader and he has the respect of his teammates.

First, there was a moment when left guard Richie Incognito did what he sometimes does and got into debate shall we say with an opposing lineman. It had the potential to lead to pushing and shoving and a flag.

Tannehill stopped it by telling Incognito, an older player, to get back to the huddle.

"Yeah, he got into it a little bit," Tannehill said. "That’s my job on the field, to keep my guys focused on what we’re trying to do, which is go down and score.  Obviously, football is an intense game, there’s a lot of emotion.  Guys are going to get into it here and there but when its sidetracking us from what we’re trying to do, we ‘ve just got to focus, lock in and get ready for the next play."

Tannehill was a little harsher with receiver Rishard Matthews. The second-year receiver was getting hot and arguing with a Cleveland defender in the second half when Tannehill seemingly had enough and cursed out his teammate while demanding he get off the field.

The words were heard on television.

And off the field Matthews went.

"I forget what yard line we were on, but if we get a 15 yard penalty right there, it’s a long field goal and if we kick that field goal right there we put it at 13 points, a two touchdown game," Tannehill said. "We really didn’t need a dumb penalty right there and I just tried to get him off the field the best way I could."

Those are signs of leadership. We'll see if Mike Wallace will follow.







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Isn't aggressive what you want against Wallace?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 12, 2013 at 04:37 PM


Is it possible that they are saving Wallace's body for tough games and treating us like mushrooms?

I think one of the problems and with every team is that with the new collective bargining agreement, practice reps have really gone down. You only have so much time to run practice, hence the reason coaches are counting reps per player in practice and counting reps in games, comparing the two specially when alternating and subing players.

It also the reason many OL's look bad, not just with the FINS but with many teams. I would say it takes 5-6 games before an O line starts performing well without the mistakes baring injuries. Same can be said about the DB's/LB's, their has to be a man calling adjustments like what Zack Thomas did years ago.

Takes time to gell as a unit, I really don't care how we win. JUST WIN...Ugly or pretty, I worry about injuries and how it impacts positional depth. It's a long season and if we ever do go to an 18 game season (and I hope we do, more football and helps to better preserve "The Perfecto's") counting reps and gelling as a unit will mean even more.

Also want to give you all a "Shout Out," many of you on this board have really good football minds and analysis. I learn a lot from many of you, it's easy to read from what I call the "Board Heads," specially when everyone sticks to football.


Oh, and making Wifely happy...it's an Art, but some are better then others in mastering being an Artist.

Posted by: fin4life | September 12, 2013 at 04:35 PM
Why? Sherman's predictive playcalls. If Philbni was smart, Sherman would 'retire' after this year. But it'll never happen. I have said that Philbin
/Sherman relationship is much like the Sparano/Henning thing. Where the first time HC is dependent on the older coach. But possibly more so since their relationship goes back further.
Sherman of course is a better OC but he does not fool the D. How many times Sunday did you know we were going to run the ball? If you knew, don't you think the D knew? Every NFL playbook looks like the unabridged dictionary but yet he doesn't use it


I hear you man. But Sherman isn't going anywhere, remember Tanny is being groomed by him cuz they where together in the college.

Besides, Boss Ross made it a point at the end of last season HE wanted and exciting team for the Fans. Trust me that came loud & clear with the Wallace 60 Mil signing, the play book will open up in due time.

Wallace is already regretting joining the Dolphins.

Why is D Thomas still on the team?

Wallace is already regretting joining the Dolphins.

Posted by: mike | September 12, 2013 at 05:32 PM

Obviously Wallace is a huge JACKASS. No wonder the Steelers didnt want him.


I hear you man. But Sherman isn't going anywhere, remember Tanny is being groomed by him cuz they where together in the college.

Besides, Boss Ross made it a point at the end of last season HE wanted and exciting team for the Fans. Trust me that came loud & clear with the Wallace 60 Mil signing, the play book will open up in due time.

Posted by: MADFIN | September 12, 2013 at 05:10 PM
Agree that Sherman isn't going anywhere. Is that a good thing? Philbin is betting his career on Sherman. His QB & his play calls. I think we can do better calling O-plays but Philbin is blinded by his devotion to his mentor

Thanks to everybody for actual, (reality based) football conversation today. Enjoyed it.

With more disgruntled players every week Philbin seems to be losing control of the team. Thats one of the problems with a novice HC. Remember Cam Cameron?


Philbin/Sherman is another symbiotic Coaching relationship but feel better about this one. The Henning/Sparano thing was worse than pulling teeth!!

Philbin/Sherman is another symbiotic Coaching relationship but feel better about this one. The Henning/Sparano thing was worse than pulling teeth!!

Posted by: fin4life | September 12, 2013 at 06:09 PM

It doesnt matter whether its Philbin or Sparano, no coach can survive with Ireland as their GM,


Tell us again how you haven't used your old names in 2 years!

I think we can do better calling O-plays but Philbin is blinded by his devotion to his mentor

Posted by: cocoajoe | September 12, 2013 at 05:53 PM

You have to be really dumb to believe this. You don't see 1/100th of what they do.

Wow. Almost five pages of mostly insightful Dolphins football talk, with no trouble. Pleasure to read, guys. Looking forward to Luck running for his life, while throwing multiple INT's.

The She-hawks and the Forty whiners...I love the smack talk going on between these two teams. Unheard of in this day and very damn funny. It get so boring with all the canned answers and everyone saying everyone is great.


I know you answered my question on how you feel about JJ. But you didn't say if you would rather put JJ over Dungy in the HOF. I'm guessing you like JJ more than Dungy.

But you know I can't let you get away with saying Dungy not Kiffin is the Father of the Tampa 2.


"Monte Kiffin is the mastermind behind the Tampa 2 scheme, which is a slight modification of Tony Dungy's Cover 2. His defensive philosophy has several hallmarks."

Yep!!! Good reads!!

Don't believe it. Philbin already got pissed at Sherman ordering him to stop running the Football and throw the ball in the second half. And it worked. And Philbin is the HC.

One thing I think nobody has mentioned is the spread. We saw Tannehill line up in shotgun with 1 RB and either handoff or fake and pass. At some point Sherman will let Tannehill keep it for a run.

With Terrell Pryor gouging this defense by running, I think we will see it this week.


That is why you use my handles (your using caddy and ETF on this page alone).

That is why you remember all of my handles

That is why you've printedx out everything I've ever posted so that you can read it over and over again.

I do not have the feelings for you. I told you to take the CadillacDeville handle.


Now that Henne has been named starter for Jax both starting CBs, both starting OGs, both starting WRs and the starting TE are on the injury report.

I'm not a fan of running the QB out there with the current rules. Tannehill's got a receivers brain so he doesn't slide enough. It's playing with fire. I know we are all talking about this running QB league but imagine what happened to Keller happening to Tannehill, it's a risky year to run a QB when every one is going low.


Are you REALLY that dumb to think any of us believe you are a Henne fan? I guess so, but nobody takes you seriously on it.

Hang it up already, it's boring.


Are you afraid of the dark too? These guys are professional athletes that get paid to perform, not be wussy girl scouts.


Indy can't start throwing screens to foil our pash rush can he?

He probably won't think of that because he is not that smart anyway.


Not a conspiracy. Jacksonville just sucks.

Henne is better than Sanchez. Always has been. But he needs a half decent team to play well.

I hope Geno Smith implodes tonight. Don't need the Jets to get lucky on a QB already.

I've got 10 years invested in Henne now.
Didn't you notice that I showed up here for the first time day the Henne was drafted?

Geno Smith should become a good Pro. I liked Genome pre draft, I just hate he went to the Jets.


It's about risk vs. reward cookie. Look at RG3, now consider the hits he took last year all going at his knees this year. It's about understanding the game and protecting the QB. The game condones low hits right now and hits to the knees.

And by the way, cookies are a sometimes food.

Dashi you know good and well we have a rookie O line coach from TEXAS A&M

The NFL does not stand for FlagWussyFootball.

it would be a blessing in disguise if Tanny got hurt. Moore should have been starting the last 2 years.

Cookie you don't get my point and I'm OK with that.




You do know the definition of Rookie, right?

Just saying.

Johnny Manziel is the only QB that singlehandedly beat Alabama in many years.


Although I agree with Woodshed and would like to see 1 or 2 Tannehill runs a game you are definitely right as well.

You can't expose him too much. Vick was already limping around Monday night.

Dolfan Rick don't get me wrong he should run when he can and even on designed plays. But having that be a focus is a bad move right now. Any designed play he runs should end with him sliding or going out of bounds IMO.


Nope, you don't get my point. If you play timid, play scared, play worried about injury, you are only at that more more risk for injury. You never reach your potential without letting it all rip. You will never compete on the level necessary to succeed playing like a girl scout.

It's a catch 22 if T-hill runs and makes good yardage then everyone is happy but the first time he gets hurt everyone will say he shouldn't run. Really he just needs to be smart about it and that's really all that can be done. It's not like he's running often.

No Cookie I understand your point and I accept it as a valid one.

I hear what your saying Darkoak. I would just like to see a designed roll out where he runs a few times and would really like to see him keep the ball at least once on that fake option play they ran several times last week.

The RB got stuffed every time because the D wasn't buying the fake at all.

Geno Smith and EJ Manuel were both available when we drafted.

Like you and Cookie have said it can work and be a big part of making Tannehill a better player. It's rolling the dice, can work out fantastic or otherwise. I look at Tannehill's build and it doesn't strike me as a guy that can survive a year long LB and safety pounding but he did play receiver so who knows?

Rookie = 1st year in NFL


I'm definitely not saying they should design 10 runs a game for Tanny but they need to use his athleticism as an advantage.

I don't think he has to be sheltered like Marino was.

What I see is a somewhat predictable offense with little imagination. That drives me crazy. I wouldn't mind a QB waggle, a reverse and more screen passes to the RB or a WR.


That's what I'm seeing as well. I'm guessing their still being vanilla on purpose at this point though and will open up more and more as the group builds some chemistry.

Apparently the coaches didn't want Indy or Atlanta to have film on our new plays.

Expect a lot more in upcoming weeks.

What I see is a pathetic offense that will struggle to score TD's. The defensive front 7 appears above average and the kicking game is very good.

And the Special Babying Treatment of Brady CONTINUES!

Not even TWO MINUTES into the game, the Refs are making a statement. Brady is "Special(aging fast)" so watch how you trea him.

Disgusting how they suckle this nitwit. He has all the TALENT in the WORLD, so the Refs/League gives HIM special treatment.

Goodell, Kraft, Bellicheat and Mrs. Bunchen are the REAL Circle Jerkers!


The Jets, lol.

Man the Jets suck bad. Good luck with the rookie Rex. He is not accurate and might be a downgrade from Sanchez if that's possible.

Throw those routes into a game plan I say, let him go through his progressions hitting the hot reads already! He has the Horses to do it and appears to be right now what were best built for!

Posted by: fin4life | September 12, 2013 at 04:35 PM

Couldn't agree more. The only point I'd like to add is that this wouldn't just get him involved earlier and more often. It's what I think is the **PROPER WAY** for He and Tannehill to develop chemistry and continuity.

This way, Tannehill learns Wallaces nuances and tendencies from the bottom up and vice versa. This way, they learn each others "Game" inside out and they steadily build on the successes and learn from misses.

No need to just run Wallace deep all the time, whether he's decoying or not. Throw the quick slants, bubble screens and all. Start from there, build on the successes **AND THEN** keep the DB's guessing by mixing in the Deep Routes. There's so many different ways to use Wallace's talents and just as many ways for he and Tannehill to develop Chemistry and continuity.

Use ALL of Em!!!!


I'm certainly not saying Tannehill will run often. I think what we saw last week was him using the package as a read to see what LB's are spying him so he knows what run or pass to call. With all the underneath stuff to Hartline and Gibson, I think there will be LBs dropping in zones underneath the off man coverage. This should give us some nice option running lanes. Tannehill may need to keep the ball a couple of times to keep them honest.

They didn't bring in Wallace & Keller to have Tanne run the ball.

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