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Joe Philbin has work to do

The Dolphins won their season-opener on Sunday. They have a 1-0 record and are tied for the AFC East division lead.

And coach Joe Philbin has a problem.

That's because the Dolphins head coach has at least three players who are quite unhappy even after the Dolphins are coming off a 23-10 victory over the Cleveland Browns.

You already know that receiver Mike Wallace was unhappy after the game and I have confirmed through a source close to the WR that he was livid because he fact he didn't get a pass thrown his way in the first half and it got little better in the second half.

Wallace actually declined to speak because he didn't want to throw coaches under the bus. But despite his effort to not make waves, Wallace's actions -- an obvious display of displeasure over the way he was used  -- show he's a problem now.

How else to describe a player who pouts after his team wins?

Then there's Randy Starks. He is not a happy camper either, although he played very, very well on Sunday as shown by his 1.5 sacks.

He did not start Sunday, making that only the second time in the past 64 games with the Dolphins that happens. And Starks has let it be known to his teammates and others he's not happy about his status as a backup.

He believes he was the starter last year and should be so again this year. He believes he is Miami's franchise player, which he is, and did nothing to lose his job.

Yet there was Jared Odrick in the starting lineup Sunday.

Sound minor?

It's not to Starks. He is not happy about this. It is a major issue for him, believe it or not.

And then there's this:

Starks and the Dolphins have exchanged contract proposals. So far, there is no deal. Starks isn't thrilled about that, either, although this is considered a secondary issue at worst. It's not major for Starks at this point. So that much, I know.

I cannot, however, tell you with certainty whether Starks showed his displeasure with the coaching staff, or perhaps the personnel department that is negotiating with his agent, when he flipped off the Dolphins sideline after a sack Sunday -- pictured below.

That would be speculation and I'm not ready to connect those dots.

Let's just say it looked like a message. It didn't seem coincidental even if it might have been.


Then there's Paul Soliai. He is very, very angry, according to a source close to him.

Why is a member of the Dolphins leadership council upset at the team?

Well, it's a contract thing. Soliai and the team have been trying to negotiate a new extension for a couple of weeks. The talks heated last week and the Dolphins offered three new years that would have kept Soliai with the team through the 2016 season.

But the sides couldn't agree on guaranteed money.

And the sides couldn't agree on tactics.

It seems Soliai believes he's been a good soldier and took less money to stay with the Dolphins two years ago when he signed a two-year, $12 million deal. Soliai, I'm told, walked away from a five-year deal worth $35 million with $15 million in guaranteed money in 2010. And he did so happily.

He loves South Florida.

And when this round of negotiations opened for the player in his final contract year, Soliai told his agent, David Canter, to do whatever it took to stay with the Dolphins again.

But then, Dawn Aponte, the Dolphins executive Vice President of Football Administration who is handling this negotiation for the team, seriously insulted the Soliai camp with one of her offers.

The e-mail offer was dubbed a take-it-or-leave-it offer and Canter not only left it, he walked away from the negotiations altogether. And then he took to twitter to rip the Dolphins for their "tactics."

"We're fed up with their tactics," he wrote on twitter.

Canter called the Dolphins approach one of delivering "ultimatums."

Another Soliai source said the offers so upset the player that he feels he's ready to no longer be part of the team in the future and that the idea of asking for a trade was floated within the family. No such request has been made, but you get the idea.

Paul Soliai is hurt and borderline angry. He feels he's been loyal and the Dolphins rewarded him with a lowball contract offer followed by a take-it-or-leave-it offer that wasn't even delivered in person.

So where does that all leave us?

Well, Philbin basically has to resolve this avalanche of unhappiness before it spreads. It's up to the coach to get his locker room in order before small issues turn to larger issues. It's up to the coach to solve the crisis.

I must tell you, the situation with Starks and Soliai is already spreading. Both are respected players and are considered team leaders. And although they aren't complaining publicly, for the most part, they are complaining to other teammates. The men in the locker room know there are issues with these guys.

And those with an opinion agree with Starks and Soliai.

I'm not certain what effect the Wallace issue is going to have. I don't know if there are issues between Wallace and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman. I don't know if there are issues between Wallace and Philbin. I don't know if there are issues between Wallace and Tannehill because the quarterback didn't even look toward him in the first half Sunday.

But I know there are issues in general.

And there is only one person that can solve it -- Philbin.

Frankly, the Starks issue is one Philbin helped create. Seriously, what right thinking coach with a finger on the pulse of his locker room doesn't discern that starting is a big deal to a prideful veteran such as Starks and probably not nearly as big an issue to Odrick?

Well, then, start Starks. Problem solved.

Issue erased.

And yet, Philbin didn't see this coming even when outsiders such as the media and others could see it a mile away. The coach didn't act. And, as a result, he was standing on the sideline that Starks flipped off.

The Soliai issue is not Philbin's fault. But it is apparently one the he must resolve. Philbin has to somehow convince Soliai that he's appreciated and loved even while his consigliere, Aponte, is turning the screws on Soliai's agent.

Is Philbin capable of being so diplomatic? Is he capable of being a good actor? I have no idea. I have no idea if he even would want to do that.

The Wallace issue is more complicated because at the core, Wallace has a reason to be upset. He's the team's best receiver. He shouldn't be a decoy. If the team doesn't throw him the ball at all in the first half of a game, something's wrong with the game plan. Something is wrong with the philosophy behind that. Something is simply wrong.

No, Wallace didn't handle it well, although he tried. But he has a point.

Where does this all leave the Dolphins? I perceive Philbin will be talking to these players privately in the next few days. At least he should be.

If he doesn't, add this to the list of problem Joe Philbin has:  Not handling issues while they're still manageable.



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Where is the crap about Vegas and they are never wrong. How did that work out. They missed our game by 13.

I haven't seen 1 Thenne this morning?

Did Martin get Bulldozed?

Was that everybody's whipping boy Carroll picking off that pass?

Point is, Homers win trolls lose. Hehehehehehe

Clyde Gates had 17 yards for the victorious Jets. lzozlzolzozlzl. More than Wallace.

...NHFINSFAN..I do! The defense was awesome yesterday. Think about this..If not for the bonehead facemask penalty by Patterson. We don't allow that TD. I know that every game you can go back and look at a few plays and say "If this only happened the outcome would have been" But a great performance by our defensive unit.

Do you ever work YG? You're on here 24/7. Tel us again how Tannehill's a bust and how you want the team to go after Manziel. Tell us how you're 'done with Tannehill'. Tell us again how the less than 50 per cent Weeden, 3 picks and 6 sacks, is a better QB than Tannehiil. Come on man......to Monday....give us a laugh!,

Come clean man......you really hate this franchise, right? You're FIRE ROSS and a whole bunch of other names.....tell us. Admit it! This is your intervention, brother.

The Wallace issue is easy. Based on the Cleveland game, Miami has no rushing attack, 3 WRs (including Wallace) and a marginally effective TE. Wallace will get plenty of targets this season. I understand Wallace's frustrations and being the first game of the season, everything gets magnified. Wallace need not voice his anger. If he isn't targeted more heavily in the next few weeks, the fans will complain through the media, Ross will complain to Ireland, Ireland will complain to Philbin, and Philbin will complain to Sherman. KEEP YOUR HANDS CLEAN MIKE WALLACE, there is no need for you to weaken your reputation here.

As far as the problem at DT, Ireland & Philbin need to sit down with both Randy and Paul for an honest discussion. The fact is that both Starks and Solai will not be returning next season. Signing both would require Miami to devote ~30% of their salary cap to the D-Line. That would cripple the future of the team. Here's what the team should do. First, start Randy Starks because he is currently a better player than Odrick. Second, sign Solai to an extension which gives him security at a slight discount to current market value. I choose Solai over Starks, because Odrick's skill set is much closer to Stark's than Solai's. Third, explain the situation to Stark's and also tell him that you will do everything you can to showcase his talent to the league this season, so that when he hits free agency, he'll be able to cash in.

There you go Joe, problems solved.


Everything you say is far away from the truth and it shows your stupidity. In fact, you sound like an extremely disgruntled person.

Perhaps it is because you were FIRED BY ROSS!

More importantly than the players anger is my anger that we don't have any running game to speak of. The OL was terrible, and Miller's running wasn't running at all. He just had a couple falling down yards.

"Where is the crap about Vegas and they are never wrong. How did that work out. They missed our game by 13 points"

Vegas don't give a crap about who wins or by how much. A betting line is a public opinion poll. Vegas adjusts the line so that they have equal cash bet on either side. When successful at that, Vegas wins no matter who is victorious on the field.

So the public thought that Cleveland and Miami were near equals going into the game. Turns out Miami was quite a bit better than the Browns yesterday afternoon.

uncle Joe aint no head coach. sorry, he's put the worlds worse OL in the field they couldn't block a practice dummy. The defense was a beast yesterday,,ask Cleveland,, cant wait to see them against the AFC east. Tannehill better wise up and get the ball to Wallace hes the only HR hitter we got. Clay, Hartline, et al, Will nickel and dime you to death, but Wallace is the class act

Cleveland committed to stopping the run and Wallace. Good for them. They won that battle. We won the war.

We used to be that 1 dimensional team, remember? Last year if you stop the run and Hartline you win. NOT ANYMORE.

Last year if you could not run on us, you beat us passing. Didn't happen yesterday!

Good improvement, good coaching. Great time to be a Finfan!!!

As far as Soliai is concerned, you need to pay the man. Very few people can do what he does in the NFL. The issue will be how Starks handles this. No room for a malcontent on this team. If its going to be a problem, the team will need to look to trade him at some point. Could they gets pick for him? Maybe another RB? Not sure. Not sure is the answer but there's no room for that on the team. Philbin has some work to do to smooth things over.

As far as Wallace is concerned, I get the attitude. The guy is very competitive. You want those guys on the team. He's a talent. His time will come. Part of him being here was so that things would open p for others. We saw that yesterday. Again, Philbin needs to smooth this over.

Steve, the point was, the trolls used the Vegas line to point out that we were not improved. Just giving it back.

The real problem is that some players care more about themselves and not about the team.

This is the GARBAGE we get after an opening day win.....

Is this the Moami Herald....or the National Enquirer.....

Yeah, the spelling Canadien pretty much confirms it';s YG.. what fookin loooooooser!!!

Big L for you, you aging fukkwad.


It's just Armando keeping us up to date on things. If he didn't tell us he wouldn't be doing his job.

Good win yesterday but some of these issues have to be stamped out by Philbin before they become distractions. Not sure what kind of money Soliai wants but I'd get that done tout suite.

I don't blame Starks or Soliai at all...the team gave huge money to every free agent in the NFL, meanwhile two of the best players on the defense are sitting there with nothing.

And only the Dolphins would pay a WR $60M and not throw it to him. Wallace will be Brandon Marshall 2.0

Too bad this drama exists after a great road win (a rare Week 1 win in the recent history of this team). These issues should all be resolved quickly before they spread and ruin what could be a good Season. The one that worries me most is the Soliai issue. I think the team (Aponte) really misplayed their hand on this one, and played it horribly. Soliai already got screwed, and is essential to the effectiveness of the defense. He should be retained at all costs (especially since I think there's no doubt Starks will be gone after the Season).

..Craig M..You said no room for a malcontent on the team. I agree. Doesn't Wallace qualify? IMO his behavior is unacceptable. This was the first week of the season. 2 of his teammates(probably due to Wallace just being on the field) had great days. But for Wallace it is all about him. I think it stinks.

Is it a big deal? Probably not if he can keep his mouth shut. The team spent a lot of money on him to make plays. Not to complain because he didn't get targets. There has to be a reason. Everyone here said that they hoped Tannehill wouldn't force the ball to Wallace just because he is the high paid guy, and the expectations...blahblah. He didn't the team didn't. We tried to get him the ball early in the second half..He had 5 targets. Probably not ideal. But how many will he see in a high week 10-11? 13-15? so if we take those numbers and split them. his average will probably be around 7-8 per week. So this week was a but lower. So what.

Sorry, I kbnow some feel Wallace has a point. But the team won. If we lost I "might" get this attitude. I heard this from the fans in Pitt, he is a cancer in the lockerroom. I did not believe it, but I am starting to get the feeling this is true.

It was one game, and the team won. He easily could have talked to the coaches after the game. Not storm out like we lost the game. I hope he cools off and things are cool, but this reacttion sucked in my opinion.

As far as Starks and Soli, they need to fix those issues quick. there is 2 sides to all stories, but if there is any truth to what I read, Fire Dawn Apante now!

What is very impressive is way Jeff Ireland has delegated negotiations with Soliai to Dawn Aponte. Not only is he giving her valuable experience, but it allows him to pursue better work-life balance. If a few players get hurt feelings along the way, that is the price of Dawn Aponte's education. Jeff Ireland, well done, sir!

Posted by: Ireland's Republican Army | September 09, 2013 at 06:25 AM

Funniest guy on the blog.....

Wouldn't want to be a Steelers fan this morning. Dismal performance at home yesterday against the lowly Titans and they just lost Pouncey and another running back for the season. I think this team is really going to struggle in that division this season. I could see Cleveland giving them a run.

It may be time to move on from the Mike Wallace experiment. Either cut him or trade him. We don't need this type of player on the Dolphins, I know Philbin certainly doesn't (see Brandon Marshall).

im sorry mando but this kinda post makes you sound like an nieve idiot. Why is Wallace upset even because the fins won??? Because people like you and all other media are still going to rip him and say he is not worth the money they are paying him. Frankly, I'd like to see a guy getting paid and still care than a guy getting paid and not giving a damn.

Regarding your simple solution of starting starks over odrick. Odrick is the future. He is a ascending young player. Besides odrick was here for all otas and didn't skip out on them. You don't reward guys like starks for putting their situation over the teams. When you start allowing that then you have real problems.

Mr Salguero Mr Philbin will always have work to do as a HC in the NFL.You also will always have work and Mr Philbin helps you by being evasive when you ask him about injuries and what not, he also gave you an article to start the week on this blog.All the whiners are out in force today after a win,so what will they do after a loss the same freakin thing.
I think some of the freaks on here are relatives or employees or friends of the Miami Herald some of these posts read like the writers just got home from their favorite watering holes or dope holes(there are numerous ones in 305 and the cops know about em)

I think Kris does have a point though ... there were a lot of positives from yesterday's game and they go without mention. Instead we get Mando acting like a 13 year old girl at recess. Then he wonders why the team froze him out ... duh!!

Sure there a couple of guys unhappy with contract talks... as far as I can remember the Baltimore Ravens started the year with a QB without a contract.

Soliai is probably as upset as Flacoo was. Starks too. Problem I have with Starks is his sense of entitlement. You don't like your role? Staay home, forego your almost $9M a year in salary ... I dare u. But he won't.. he's the highest paid player on the team in terms of salary ... grow up. man up!

..@ 9:26.. I don't think moving on from Mike Wallace is going to happen. Nor should it. I hope he is a guy that becomes a huge weapon for the offense. But he should be punished. Fined, even sat down for a quarter. You don't like that we didn't throw you the ball. Here grab some pine, and STFU.

I know the second is highly unlikely, and the fine if there is one will be handled within the team, not publicly. But come on. We won the game. What is more important? Wallace or the team? Easy answer right?

By the way, on theat 2nd long ball to Walalce, where was the pass interference or illegal contact penalty on Haden tripping Wallace up 30 yards down the field?

Here's a fix to our receiving issue:

Run Wallace on some short/mid yard crossing routes with Gibson, while Hartline gets the deep route in a one-on-one match up.

Since Tannehill is struggling with accuracy on the deep ball, Wallace will be his underneath outlet when Hartline is not open.

One thing Wallace has is YAC and he's quite slippery once he's in the open field.

...just saying, it will get Wallace the ball more.

Craig M and DC.....

I disagree.....

These are issues (agree there)....but the are not issues for today.....

They were issues for LAST WEEK.....the were free game to be reported on EVERY DAY during the off-season...

Maybe as the season draws to a close....and (if) the FINS are talking draft picks and FA in nov...then it is a free game.....open ended issue again....

But for today...it's about the win....

Tomorrow....it's about the Colts.....

And thes IN HOUSE issues need to be just that.....@the moment....

Hayden gets away with that all the time, It is frustration. I was yelling at the TV lol!

Craig, I agree with everything you said except about Starks. I know that's the reason he didn't start (because he sat out PreSeason). However, if you look at other teams, HC's don't allow what happens with contract negotiations affect how they use their players. It's one thing if Starks was out of shape or not ready, but as we saw, he was fine and should have started. You don't franchise a guy, pay him all that money, only to bench him (to try and make a point). Not with a ProBowl player. I understand Odrick improved dramatically and is deserving to start, but in that case why did they bring Starks back anyway. It would be beyond stupid of the team to pay Starks all that money only to have him sit out because he's unhappy all year. If he's here, let's use him. He's gone next year, no doubt, but he's an asset right now, and only makes the defense that much more dangerous. I would start him, and then tell Odrick (who is a team guy) that he's the long-term starter, and I'm sure he'd be fine with that.

Sherman is not calling NFL plays, he's calling college plays to protect Tannehill, Tannehill will never grow as long as Sherman is the O-coordinator, and wallace please don't start with all of this crying like a little girl about catches. Starkes is a good player and I'm surprised that he would do something like that with the finger, I guess big guys have small brains eh?


I think the difference is the team committed $60 million and multi- years to Wallace. COMMITMENT. They don't have the same commitment to Starks.

Bottom line...I read over and over and over again from everyone on here 'we need a guy that can stretch the field'. There's not a lot of guys who can do what Mike Wallace does in the league, hence the hefty price tag. This is what you get from these diva WRs. I don't like it but it comes with the territory. He was brought here for a reason. The teams hands are now tied. Nothing we can do about it now, other than smooth things over.

Unrealistic Kris. You want to create this "team" atmosphere, I get it. But it ain't 1950. It's 2013. ALL TEAMS have issues like this (yeah, even Green Bay, you guys just aren't local so don't hear about it as much). Players' egos need to be stroked. If you want to win, you need winners. And you need to keep winners happy. Remember how mismanaged the players were by Cam? I'm telling you, bad management by the HC (not valuing the players' opinions) will hurt the team just as much as anything done on the field. This stuff is important.

Good post 9:35....DC....it is "beyond stupid" to pay a bench player so much....


That is exactly what I am saying....

Tanne looked like a middle of the pack QB......

And that's not an insult.....if you knew what I thought of him prior to 4pm Sunday.....

"How else to describe a player who pouts after his team wins?" - A.S.S. Jr.

"How else to describe a reporter who whines after the Home Team wins 23-10? .... Armando Salguero"

Great Win Go Dolphins!!

Think Reggie Bush shows the whole problem. They handled him with a take it or leave it contract, didn't think we should spend on his veteran leadership and by NFL standards it was a chump change amount. After all Ross just gave Michigan fans 200 million dollars.

You guys brag about how all the guys on the leadership council last year was shown the door. Well this is what you get.

Has anyone really done some hard math on the additions and subtractions of contracts?? We all brag about how Ross opened up his wallet but we purged a ton of money and are sitting on a ton of money. Again you give Michigan fans 200 million and bitch about the people who buy your product not wanting to increase taxes to pay for a stadium.

I think it is time to pay the boys on the d-line with some of that stashed money that you should have spent on the likes of Bush, Leach, and probably a line men or two.

The long line of mistakes by this front office gets longer each and every week.

I hope the players can pull together and work for the fans. We are paying every week for Direct TV and tickets to watch them perform. Money time is for the off season its now talent showcase time. I hope Starks and Solia can deal with that. I would pay at least one of them with excess salary cap we have now. Probably what agents are thinking. I want smart deals but the record seems to be of mistake after mistake.

Go dolphins!! Still think Ross is a closet Jet fan this logo sucks!!


My point is....

It's not important for YOU OR ME to know....

And especially not today....

It's obvious Philbin was punishing Starks. Childish and bad buisness.

Wallace should be pissed and so should Ross not to mention the fans.

Aponte's probably carrying out Ireland's directives but also bad buisness.

The powers that be need to realize they're dealing with their future as well as the players.

Dashi.....POST OF THE CENTURY @ 9:40....

...Craig M...I agree. Starks is going to be gone(IMO) Wallace isn't going anywhere. That's why IMO it bugs me about Wallace.

As far as stretching the field. We all saw the first half..The line was totally confused as to who they were supposed to block. The Browns were blitzing on almost every opportunity(pass situation) and we couldn't block them. So to me. There was no opportunity to even attempt a deep pass.

Credit the coaches because they saw something, and made adjustments in the pass protection. We did try to stretch the field in the second half, and it did have a positive effect(IMO) Hartline, and Gibson probably do not have as much room to operate underneath is we don't at least put the idea in clevelands head that we will go deep. So no we did not connect. But Wallace unbeknown to him because he didn't get his..Had an effect on the game. Be a part not the whole Mike Wallace. He is going to get opportunites. He has to be smarter then to open his mouth.

DD/Poizen, this is Sherman's fault. You game plan to your STRENGTH. He kept going back to the same stupid up-the-middle run play even though it paid no divedends. But you can't try to get your #1 WR involved. The only guy on your team who can score from anywhere? Did anyone else see the scores put up in other games. Yes, 23 points is respectable, but that is a FLOOR, not a CEILING. We're going to need MUCH more potent offense if we have plans for Playoffs and beyond. And Wallace is not only a part of that, but a huge part.

I said before the game, Sherman can't just leave him in 1 position all day. He needs to be creative. Get him involved. All I saw the guy run was a fly route. What about a double-move? What about an out route? What about a hook? A slant? Lining up in the slot? Even a freakin' screen?

Sherman called a fine game (to beat Cleveland) but horrible when you look at the explosiveness of the top offenses in this league. And they all use creative play-calling to get their guys open. I don't blame Tannehill (though I don't think the long ball plays to his strengths). I don't blame Wallace (he was blanketed all day, and Hayden has his number). I blame the OC. It was his fault and his fault alone. That's not going to get us to where we want to be long-term people. I promise you this (just like I said about Sparano/Henning's approach). We need CREATIVE PLAY-CALLING!

DD, I have to agree with you, Wallace pouting for whatever reason isn't cool. The team paid him handsomely. If he's nto open, he's not open. Not the first time haden got the best of him. Good news is next week he will have a more favourable matchup. He gets a bye this tiem but it should not become a habit. The offense is meant to have the ball spread around, not getting guys on the cover of Madden 2014

Kudos to you Armando....

It worked.....

Instead of FANS talking about a week 1 road win.....

They are talking about....bad leadership...and mismanagement......

Kings to you sir.....

The Offense is still developing.

The Defense is Dominant. Yes, Starks and Soliai can Complain. They have every right to. But that isn't going to change the way the Fins do Business. The Fins don't sign players over 30 to long term deals. You have to be exceptionable.

N.Carroll is better than R.Marshall. N.Carroll has gotten better.

Kris, I agree Mando is stoking the flames. At least I hope it's just that. But a player flipping off his own team isn't a good look.

Thanks Kris,

Notice that Mr. Salguero hasn't posted the Score. He doesn't want to show how BIG of a Hypocrite he sounds.

He should be happy even the Jets won yesterday.

DC, don't think they sat out Starks, I don't have an official snap count but I saw Strks out there a lot. Woudln't surprise me if the the snaps were spread out between the three pretty fairly.


I think Starks has his nose out of joint because he didn't START the game. Big deal! The guy that started was the guy who bust his ass to get ready for the season, while the other guy sat home, trying to make a point. You don't reward a guy for that. I think Philbin has been clear as to what his expectations are.

I haven't seen the snap counts for yesterday but I'll bet you they played very close to an equal number of snaps. Starks wasn't benched. He just didn't start the game. Odrick was rewarded for his hard work and dedication and that's how it should be. Starks as another choice to make now. He got it wrong the first time. If he choses wisely and acts like a team guy, he'll be rewarded with playing time, which will help him get the on tract he desires. I have no problem with how Philbin has handled this. Money has no bearing on the issue.

..DC. I think my post to Craig kind of gives my opinion about the play calling. I thought we did well after the first half. The first half wasn't so much the playcalling but IMO Cleveland confusing us. This happens. I give credit to the offense for making adjustments at least in the pass game. That's how I saw it anyway.

BTW..How did your FF team do this weekend?

Yesterday. I said it starts. With. The top. Now we all know why this team isn't great. And probably will never be due to incompetent people running this once great franchise...
Need New owner and sell this team to soneone who really care about wining and keeping play makers instead of trading them making them unhappy.. they are a bunch of losers. That's why this team won't win nothing as long as this current administration is in place.

Derrick: "Sherman is not calling NFL plays, he's calling college plays to protect Tannehill, Tannehill will never grow as long as Sherman is the O-coordinator."

Interesting point.

And DC may be right about the deep balls. WCO doesn't have to be 30-yard passes. It's not about people's fantasy numbers, it's about winning the game.

Kris, if everything plays out like it did yesterday, Tannehill looking competent, defense beating the holy tar out of the other Qb and creatign turnovers, we will win a lot of games. There is no better formula for winning in the NFL than winning the turnover battle. Factor in having a dominant defense and an offense putting up points in the mid 20s - man that sounds a lot like the niners of a couple years ago and the Ravens every year.


It's not a good look...

But mr. Starks will be in a bit better mood when he checks his bank account this morning....I assume Wallace will be as well....

Soliai.....maybe not so much....

Kris, dashi, definitely as I was saying about Mando during the summer and stressed through this morning. it's always raining for Mando. Like Kris said, in Mando's world, the team never does anything RIGHT.

Did Starks every explain his middle finger thingy?


Very good post@9:45 am. The play-calling was very conservative in the first half. As fans, we may not like that but I believe that was the game plan all along. Take what is there/don't force the issues. Be patient. Again, we may not like that but I know Philbin is very big on winning the turnover battle and not giving the ball up. The passes to Wallace weren't there in the first half. Credit Haden and the Cleveland pass rush. So rather than force the issue, the team adjusted and waited until things opened up. They started looking more for Hartline and Gibson. Those passes were there. Wallace's time will come, maybe even next week. But there will be games, like yesterday, when he'll be used to open things up for others. Too bad if he doesn't like it.

Im not trying to be sexist or anything but why do the Dolphins have Dawn low balling their players who deserve to get paid? It's bad enough she's a woman negotiating athlete contract but low balling them by writing things like take it or leave is totally disrespectful.

This is what I dont like about the Dolphins personal ppl, they dont treat players as family and expect exceptional players like Starks and Soali to take the low ball crap they offer them. Dolphins need to take a look at the Heat orgainzation and see why so many players take pay cut to stay with them.

Dashi, agree with you on Carroll, I can only count yesterday once where he didn't have his head turned around when the apss was thrown. That was his biggest weakness - he looks more confident. Not a starter but a good depth guy - good on him ..

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