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Joe Philbin has work to do

The Dolphins won their season-opener on Sunday. They have a 1-0 record and are tied for the AFC East division lead.

And coach Joe Philbin has a problem.

That's because the Dolphins head coach has at least three players who are quite unhappy even after the Dolphins are coming off a 23-10 victory over the Cleveland Browns.

You already know that receiver Mike Wallace was unhappy after the game and I have confirmed through a source close to the WR that he was livid because he fact he didn't get a pass thrown his way in the first half and it got little better in the second half.

Wallace actually declined to speak because he didn't want to throw coaches under the bus. But despite his effort to not make waves, Wallace's actions -- an obvious display of displeasure over the way he was used  -- show he's a problem now.

How else to describe a player who pouts after his team wins?

Then there's Randy Starks. He is not a happy camper either, although he played very, very well on Sunday as shown by his 1.5 sacks.

He did not start Sunday, making that only the second time in the past 64 games with the Dolphins that happens. And Starks has let it be known to his teammates and others he's not happy about his status as a backup.

He believes he was the starter last year and should be so again this year. He believes he is Miami's franchise player, which he is, and did nothing to lose his job.

Yet there was Jared Odrick in the starting lineup Sunday.

Sound minor?

It's not to Starks. He is not happy about this. It is a major issue for him, believe it or not.

And then there's this:

Starks and the Dolphins have exchanged contract proposals. So far, there is no deal. Starks isn't thrilled about that, either, although this is considered a secondary issue at worst. It's not major for Starks at this point. So that much, I know.

I cannot, however, tell you with certainty whether Starks showed his displeasure with the coaching staff, or perhaps the personnel department that is negotiating with his agent, when he flipped off the Dolphins sideline after a sack Sunday -- pictured below.

That would be speculation and I'm not ready to connect those dots.

Let's just say it looked like a message. It didn't seem coincidental even if it might have been.


Then there's Paul Soliai. He is very, very angry, according to a source close to him.

Why is a member of the Dolphins leadership council upset at the team?

Well, it's a contract thing. Soliai and the team have been trying to negotiate a new extension for a couple of weeks. The talks heated last week and the Dolphins offered three new years that would have kept Soliai with the team through the 2016 season.

But the sides couldn't agree on guaranteed money.

And the sides couldn't agree on tactics.

It seems Soliai believes he's been a good soldier and took less money to stay with the Dolphins two years ago when he signed a two-year, $12 million deal. Soliai, I'm told, walked away from a five-year deal worth $35 million with $15 million in guaranteed money in 2010. And he did so happily.

He loves South Florida.

And when this round of negotiations opened for the player in his final contract year, Soliai told his agent, David Canter, to do whatever it took to stay with the Dolphins again.

But then, Dawn Aponte, the Dolphins executive Vice President of Football Administration who is handling this negotiation for the team, seriously insulted the Soliai camp with one of her offers.

The e-mail offer was dubbed a take-it-or-leave-it offer and Canter not only left it, he walked away from the negotiations altogether. And then he took to twitter to rip the Dolphins for their "tactics."

"We're fed up with their tactics," he wrote on twitter.

Canter called the Dolphins approach one of delivering "ultimatums."

Another Soliai source said the offers so upset the player that he feels he's ready to no longer be part of the team in the future and that the idea of asking for a trade was floated within the family. No such request has been made, but you get the idea.

Paul Soliai is hurt and borderline angry. He feels he's been loyal and the Dolphins rewarded him with a lowball contract offer followed by a take-it-or-leave-it offer that wasn't even delivered in person.

So where does that all leave us?

Well, Philbin basically has to resolve this avalanche of unhappiness before it spreads. It's up to the coach to get his locker room in order before small issues turn to larger issues. It's up to the coach to solve the crisis.

I must tell you, the situation with Starks and Soliai is already spreading. Both are respected players and are considered team leaders. And although they aren't complaining publicly, for the most part, they are complaining to other teammates. The men in the locker room know there are issues with these guys.

And those with an opinion agree with Starks and Soliai.

I'm not certain what effect the Wallace issue is going to have. I don't know if there are issues between Wallace and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman. I don't know if there are issues between Wallace and Philbin. I don't know if there are issues between Wallace and Tannehill because the quarterback didn't even look toward him in the first half Sunday.

But I know there are issues in general.

And there is only one person that can solve it -- Philbin.

Frankly, the Starks issue is one Philbin helped create. Seriously, what right thinking coach with a finger on the pulse of his locker room doesn't discern that starting is a big deal to a prideful veteran such as Starks and probably not nearly as big an issue to Odrick?

Well, then, start Starks. Problem solved.

Issue erased.

And yet, Philbin didn't see this coming even when outsiders such as the media and others could see it a mile away. The coach didn't act. And, as a result, he was standing on the sideline that Starks flipped off.

The Soliai issue is not Philbin's fault. But it is apparently one the he must resolve. Philbin has to somehow convince Soliai that he's appreciated and loved even while his consigliere, Aponte, is turning the screws on Soliai's agent.

Is Philbin capable of being so diplomatic? Is he capable of being a good actor? I have no idea. I have no idea if he even would want to do that.

The Wallace issue is more complicated because at the core, Wallace has a reason to be upset. He's the team's best receiver. He shouldn't be a decoy. If the team doesn't throw him the ball at all in the first half of a game, something's wrong with the game plan. Something is wrong with the philosophy behind that. Something is simply wrong.

No, Wallace didn't handle it well, although he tried. But he has a point.

Where does this all leave the Dolphins? I perceive Philbin will be talking to these players privately in the next few days. At least he should be.

If he doesn't, add this to the list of problem Joe Philbin has:  Not handling issues while they're still manageable.



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Sorry quick hit here guys. Philbin saying all of the right things regarding player "problems".

1. He joked with the press when asked about the middle finger, "It was probably meant for me". DEFUSED

2. When asked about Wallaces attitude at the end he said, " I want our 46 players that dress to want to make in impact".

Basically saying Mike is a competitor and he is perfectly fine with the fact he was mad he wasn't able to contribute more. Sounds like the coach and player are probably already on the same page.

Wallace is a non-issue. He wanted to be here. The competitive juices in him wanted to hand Joe Haden his ass in hand.

The best always want to upstage the best when competing against each other. Anyone making any more of this has drastic tunnel vision...........

Hopefully, Sherman has some tricks up his sleeve. Hope-ful-ly

Phins 78....

Philbin is Smart enough to know a NON-ISSUE when he comes across one...or two for that matter...

DC my man....

are you satisfied now...

If your're smart you'll start the Colts defense next week, between this pathetic running attack and Tannehill should of thrown at leat 3 picks, Id say it be a win for the Colts D.

Love Starks being pissed too. If the anger forces better play, then sobeit.

If he's giving coaches the finger after a sack, Im sure the coaching staff would love to see Starks give them the finger 50 times this year. Then reward him with a nice fat contract at the end.

ENUFF SAID.............................

Yah..Oscar...you mean like maybe he can make the Colts run defense disappear....that kind of trick????

If Wallace was all RAH-RAH after the game....then we MIGHT have an issue....

If STARKS was happy about coming of the bench...the we MIGHT have an issue....

kinda the reason I don't like Moore any more...he is happy to be a back-up to a 2nd year player...

no fire in his belly...just a company man now...

more power to him...but I don't want that guy as my long term starter should something bad happen....

I want the guy who felt it should have been HIM along....

Shouldn't Mike Wallace be starting every week? I mean the guy's a top 20 receiver, some will argue top ten. You have to be a 'smart FF player' to not have him on your bench? HUH?

Crag Moron's here ev1. The smartest moron here........

Even dummies try and fail to be right...............

Cag Moron is seriously retarded..................

We already know.................................

I think Cleveland was tipped to our running game by the 2 players of ours they signed off waivers. Good teams overcome things like that. We did.

Tannehill did deserve a chance at a touchdown pass after he carried them down there. But he would be the last one to ask for that. Team is important to winners.

Wait, are you saying that our buffoon of a GM isn't a very skillful negotiator?

Or that he's alienated not one, but two Pro Bowl players, after lavishing fat contracts on Wake, Ellerbe, Wheeler, Misi (even Dansby and Kevin Burnett got paid when they came to Miami but hey at least the FAs he signed this year actually made the team, not like last year) and simultaneously put his HC in the incredibly uncomfortable and awkward position of trying to coax the best out of not just those two players but an entire locker room full of guys that the FO has clearly demonstrated could maybe/possibly/hopefully be rewarded with below market value contract offers and that this could pose a problem in creating harmony or translating to the win column?

Never mind how he treated Reggie Bush, Vonta Leach or Ryan Clark. Or how for all his FA spending and truck loads of draft picks hasn't do enough to strengthen the OL.

But you're gonna put all of that on Philbin?????

All of this aside, it will take a miracle for the Dolphins to emerge with anything better than a 1-4 record five weeks into the season. The best thing to hope for would be that no one )else besides Keller) suffers a season ending injury or that Randy Starks doesn't moon the coaching staff during the MNF game against the Saints. But again, it's not their fault that Fireland is a ham-handed buffoon.

Hello there Caggy Craggy? Did you comprehend this retard?


Tell us again how you've 'quit on Tannehill' and are 'all in on Maziel'.

I just love how you can sniff out a good QB. Kind of like how you felt about Ricki Stanzi.....LOL.

And about the running game. Omar said something that reminded me of this. he said, "either the Browns have a top notch defensive line or the dolphins are tipping their run game somehow".

What do you think gentlemen? I remembered during the game yesterday screaming at the screen and Sherman because I knew they were about to run. I knew this because EVERY time they brought the FB in they ran the ball. I don't remember one play action out of the weak/strong set up. You can't do that, plain and simple, dumb dumb dumb. If you're going to run out of a formation you had better first establish you can also throw out of it. I thought this was a major way Sherman was tipping our hand in the run game.

Did anyone else notice this or anything different?

Posted by: Phins78 | September 09, 2013 at 01:45 PM
You weren't the only one. Our O-plays wouldn't fool a college team. And here's the thing, Philbin views Sherman as his mentor. I hate to say it but I see this relationship a lot like Sparano/Henning where a new HC is leaning on a older more experienced OC only more so. If Philbin can't put the team (and his job) ahead of his relationship with Sherman then it may just get his job.

Hey, why so negative? They just beat Cleveland!
Everybody beats Cleveland.
You're supposed to beat Cleveland.


Cute with the names. Do you work on that in your spare time, when you're not posting for 18 consecutive hours on here?

Tell us oh wise one, how 'Weeden's the best QB playing in the game today'.

Funny stuff!.....

Oh, hi Crag the Caggy Moron. How's thinks in Smallville?


Why don't you tell us why you're so negative about 'Tanne-bust'? How you've already written this guy off. How it is that you have the skills and eye to determine what it takes to be a successful QB in the NFL. You've been wrong so many times, every thought of getting a job as a weatherman? Might mean you have to leave the basement once in a while but I think you'd be good at it.

Come back next week j.fireland and you can change that won-loss prediction like 2 watt did this week.

Thought so YG.....that's all you're good for. Shooting your mouth of during a football game and then being unable to defend yourself the next day.

Admit it dyckhead, you're actually cheering against Tannehill to succeed. Come clean. Stopping hiding and face the music. You're not even a fan, right? You want this team and Tannehill to fail, right? Admit son.....all will be forgiven.

Crag the Caggy Moron sah sh daeh pu sih ssa.

Wrote it backwards so you'll better understand it.....

The blog is so much better without both of you morons!

You both think people like or appreciate your comments - WRONG.

The blog wishes you'd both just disappear. Go back to your pathetic lives doing fantasy football & reading comic books.

You're both nerds! Not that it needs to be stated but, this applies to Mouthy the Moron & YG fakea*s.

Cag the Caggy Moron sah sih daeh pu sih ssa.

Weall know.......................................

Tell us again how you've 'quit on Tannehill' and are 'all in on Maziel'.
I just love how you can sniff out a good QB. Kind of like how you felt about Ricki Stanzi.....LOL.
Posted by: Craig M | September 09, 2013 at 02:21 PM

Craig, Don't forget how he said Sporono will be the mot sought after coach after he gets fired.....
That was classic..

What was wrong with the running game?

Is it:
(1)that the o-line is bad at creating lanes
(2)Sherman's play calling
(3)Miller and Thomas need more time

Will Thigpen or Gillislee get a shot in the next game?

I wonder if next week when the Colts load up the box when we bring in the fullback, maybe then Wallace might be open. Nah, our coaches are not that smart.

Posted by: For all that is holy | September 09, 2013 at 02:30 PM

Agreed! 1 idiot says the dumbest things(YG). The other with the god complex scolds him like he's his daddy(Moron).

Both should jump off a cliff & spare humanity any further dealings with them.

The blog is so much better without both of you morons!
You both think people like or appreciate your comments - WRONG.
The blog wishes you'd both just disappear. Go back to your pathetic lives doing fantasy football & reading comic books.
You're both nerds! Not that it needs to be stated but, this applies to Mouthy the Moron & YG fakea*s.
Posted by: For all that is holy | September 09, 2013 at 02:30 PM

My sincerest apologies sir. I'll quit out of deep respect for posters like you. Again, my deepest apologies.

I agree with Craig M. Odrick should have started for working his tail off while Starks stayed home. Second, Just about every other team in the league, at one point or another, uses their best weapon as a decoy. Every team studies the other team and finds a weakness and a way to attack for success. Wasn't this the case? Wallace just proved he is not a team player. THE DOLPHINS WON! If he truly was a decoy, then the game plan certainly worked. Didn't it? The Dolphins still have the running game to work out, that's a certainty. But the truth is that Tannehill shoed that he is improving, that he has better command of the offense, and showed he has the swagger that a top quarterback usually has.

And don't forget Mr. sky is falling & my life is worthless so I'll rip everything the phins do. (ETF)

Bunch of low lifes who try to be relevant in blog life because it isn't working out in real life.

Pretty f-in sad!

And what's your claim to fame FYI? You got any relevance to this blog or do you just parrot what ESPN and the NFL Network say?

The next time you think for yourself will be the first.

I think we can beat the Colts if the D holds them to 17 or fewer points...
.....if we do, I think 10 - 6 is a possibility, provided we can sweep the Bills and Jets....

...and that's about as optimistic as it gets fo me...


You got anything of significance to add bud or do you just sit in the weeds and wait for someone to pick on? Funny how I don't ever remember anything of importance ever coming from you. Maybe that's your claim to fame.

"At this point, it would be easy to read too much into the situation and become as frustrated as Wallace. However, this is clearly not the end of days for the receiver in Miami—it was a product of the offensive game plan."

"Sometimes, the best player on an NFL offense must serve as a decoy to benefit the rest of the team. That was exactly the role that Wallace played Sunday."

"Head coach Joe Philbin clearly wanted to give his young quarterback the best chance to succeed against the Browns. The most efficient way to accomplish this was to throw the ball away from cornerback Joe Haden."

"When assessing the Browns secondary, there is a huge drop off in talent after Haden. Being that the corner was shadowing Wallace for most of the contest Sunday, it made sense to throw in a different direction."

"Tannehill had immediate success with this plan—he attempted 38 passes, completing 24 of them, for a total of 272 yards, one touchdown and one interception for a passer rating of 82.3. Haden was limited to one tackle and one pass defensed on the game."

"Clearly, Mike Wallace was not involved much in these highlights.
The success of Brian Hartline (nine receptions, 114 yards and one score) and Brandon Gibson (seven receptions for 77 yards) on the day is a reflection of the respect that the defense must pay towards the speedy Wallace. There will be plenty of times this season when the opposing defense's coverage will be more evenly spread—those are the times when Wallace will flourish."

"Yes, Wallace was frustrated Sunday—any good receiver wants the ball in his hands as much as possible. However, his frustration is a small price to pay to come away with a 23-10 victory on opening day."

"Look for this trend to change next Sunday when the Dolphins take on an Indianapolis Colts secondary that has been susceptible to the likes of Wallace in the past."

My relevance, Mr. big mouth, is that I'm not like you. Like you meaning a loud mouthed, obnoxious retard who thinks he knows more than every1 else.

Only a sissy with no life comes to a blog to pick fights with an ignoramous like YG to look smart or relevant. Who cares?

You're a freakin' nobody, loser.

Do you think we're impressed by your constant nitpicking what everyone says & does? especially YG?

LOL. The answer is NO btw!

Go read your spidey comics!

Boooo hoooo Craig doesn't know me or remember me.

Should I cry? LMAO What a f-in putz!

I wonder if anyone else gives 2 sh*ts if you remember them or not LMAO

You overvalue & overstate your importance to a blog. Get a life kid....you're pathetic.

Posted by: Craig M | September 09, 2013 at 02:17 PM

lol Craig how often do you beat yourself on the head with the claw side of a hammer? Just wondering because from the looks of it you are into torturing yourself. You know the guy's a sadist right? Why talk to him?! You're too funny, I think you secretly like this dude! ;)

I had us losing next week to the Colts but after both teams performances yesterday I think we have a chance. If we can play the kind of defence we played yesterday and getting the running game and Wallace going, I actually believe we have a chance. We're going to have to be at the top of our game because Luck is a killer but I don't believe the Indy is as good as the D we faced yesterday. Hopefully the problems we had yesterday can be ironed out before Sunday.

armando, is that u?

Yay! YG is back, showing his undying love for Craig M.

Moron, can you tell us what YG said on this this blog on this day in 2009?

Since you remember & chart everything people say on the blog, was hoping you could remind us all.


I think instead of posting on here you should apply for a job at the Miami Herald so Salguero will have some competition and he might stop posting all this BS on here.But then again this is the kind of sh$T you posters get in a lather over and continue to argue back and forth like a BUNCH OF CACKLING CHICKENS

Q. What's a blog without YG & Craig M?

A. A good start!

Kris, yes, satisfied. I like that Philbin didn't argue it out in the press. Good move.

They need to go and sign McGahee immediately...

Like I said FYI....still waiting for something of significance from you. We'll wait with bated breath.

It's always guys like you that can't think for themselves that just want to criticizre others but you got nothing original to offer. So keep criticing bud...it's all you got!

Allright I'm all caught up on the new posts. lol wow. Well it was good while it lasted. Great blog this morning guys, seriously everyone who contributed kudos! Thanks for passing the time with me. Peace.

The love affair continues, as does the entertainment:)

YG is like 60 years old and live his lfe on a Dolphins blog, Craig comes off as a whiney lil boy who complains about everthing, def can be annoying. Oh yea I would bet my fourtune him and Mark in T are in position 69 while not on Dolphins Blog.

Why is a beat writer's responsibility to "write something positive" in light of looming problems
They beat a bottom feeder in Cleveland--GREAT!!! They also have 3 key players who sSEEM to have a right to be upset and expressed it. If you want a beat writer who is always "Positive" go to one of these rustic hamlets in the deep south where the writers fear for their collectives lives if they voice a negative feeling about Cracker U. Miami is a blanking metropolis with a sophisticated population who should not need to be catered to as if this was Auiburn, Alabama or Knoxville. It's the writer's job to NOT fabricate but to give an opinion based upon what he hears and sees. How would you guys have portrayed what happened yesterday? Would you have ignored it because they beat a Browns team that might win 4 games.

As far as the running game, this may go back to Delvin Williams. Miami just can't run the football. This should no longer be a surprise. It is who we are. Now they have even decided to go without a fullback on the roster and how do you think that will work out? We have tried drafting maulers on the O-Line and they turn out to be m,iscreants and then we draft cerebral guys and they aren't tough enough. We draft running backs who can't even define "make someone miss" let alone make someone miss.We have work to do. I have followed this team since 67 and I want them to win. The beat writer being a sycophant won't accomplish that.

The 2012 Cleveland Browns season was the team's 64th season as a professional sports franchise and its 60th season as a member of the National Football League (NFL). Although the team improved on its record to 5-11 this 2012 season from its 4–12 finish in 2011, the team still placed fourth in the AFC North. The team also failed to break its 9-year playoff drought, the longest in franchise history.
f'ing homers.

Dag Gonit, another of my conspiracy theories vaporized. Dawn Aponte isn't going to be CEO and President (some guy Garfinkel is). There goes my stonewalling theory on Soliai. I'm really batting 1000 today.

Like sands through the hourglass, these are The Days of Mando's Blog.

Where's Rocko with the Lesbian posts?

Those were actually funny.

One of my favourite YG characters.

Just to clarify, am I 69ing YG or Craig?

Curious, do you think all Canadians 69 each other?

That could be construed as racist...

Fair enough DC...Fair enough....

2 watt is sooooo soft...

What happened 2 ti fruity?

You were saying we will lose to Cleveland.

Now you look stupid....

its possible he meant 696

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