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Joe Philbin has work to do

The Dolphins won their season-opener on Sunday. They have a 1-0 record and are tied for the AFC East division lead.

And coach Joe Philbin has a problem.

That's because the Dolphins head coach has at least three players who are quite unhappy even after the Dolphins are coming off a 23-10 victory over the Cleveland Browns.

You already know that receiver Mike Wallace was unhappy after the game and I have confirmed through a source close to the WR that he was livid because he fact he didn't get a pass thrown his way in the first half and it got little better in the second half.

Wallace actually declined to speak because he didn't want to throw coaches under the bus. But despite his effort to not make waves, Wallace's actions -- an obvious display of displeasure over the way he was used  -- show he's a problem now.

How else to describe a player who pouts after his team wins?

Then there's Randy Starks. He is not a happy camper either, although he played very, very well on Sunday as shown by his 1.5 sacks.

He did not start Sunday, making that only the second time in the past 64 games with the Dolphins that happens. And Starks has let it be known to his teammates and others he's not happy about his status as a backup.

He believes he was the starter last year and should be so again this year. He believes he is Miami's franchise player, which he is, and did nothing to lose his job.

Yet there was Jared Odrick in the starting lineup Sunday.

Sound minor?

It's not to Starks. He is not happy about this. It is a major issue for him, believe it or not.

And then there's this:

Starks and the Dolphins have exchanged contract proposals. So far, there is no deal. Starks isn't thrilled about that, either, although this is considered a secondary issue at worst. It's not major for Starks at this point. So that much, I know.

I cannot, however, tell you with certainty whether Starks showed his displeasure with the coaching staff, or perhaps the personnel department that is negotiating with his agent, when he flipped off the Dolphins sideline after a sack Sunday -- pictured below.

That would be speculation and I'm not ready to connect those dots.

Let's just say it looked like a message. It didn't seem coincidental even if it might have been.


Then there's Paul Soliai. He is very, very angry, according to a source close to him.

Why is a member of the Dolphins leadership council upset at the team?

Well, it's a contract thing. Soliai and the team have been trying to negotiate a new extension for a couple of weeks. The talks heated last week and the Dolphins offered three new years that would have kept Soliai with the team through the 2016 season.

But the sides couldn't agree on guaranteed money.

And the sides couldn't agree on tactics.

It seems Soliai believes he's been a good soldier and took less money to stay with the Dolphins two years ago when he signed a two-year, $12 million deal. Soliai, I'm told, walked away from a five-year deal worth $35 million with $15 million in guaranteed money in 2010. And he did so happily.

He loves South Florida.

And when this round of negotiations opened for the player in his final contract year, Soliai told his agent, David Canter, to do whatever it took to stay with the Dolphins again.

But then, Dawn Aponte, the Dolphins executive Vice President of Football Administration who is handling this negotiation for the team, seriously insulted the Soliai camp with one of her offers.

The e-mail offer was dubbed a take-it-or-leave-it offer and Canter not only left it, he walked away from the negotiations altogether. And then he took to twitter to rip the Dolphins for their "tactics."

"We're fed up with their tactics," he wrote on twitter.

Canter called the Dolphins approach one of delivering "ultimatums."

Another Soliai source said the offers so upset the player that he feels he's ready to no longer be part of the team in the future and that the idea of asking for a trade was floated within the family. No such request has been made, but you get the idea.

Paul Soliai is hurt and borderline angry. He feels he's been loyal and the Dolphins rewarded him with a lowball contract offer followed by a take-it-or-leave-it offer that wasn't even delivered in person.

So where does that all leave us?

Well, Philbin basically has to resolve this avalanche of unhappiness before it spreads. It's up to the coach to get his locker room in order before small issues turn to larger issues. It's up to the coach to solve the crisis.

I must tell you, the situation with Starks and Soliai is already spreading. Both are respected players and are considered team leaders. And although they aren't complaining publicly, for the most part, they are complaining to other teammates. The men in the locker room know there are issues with these guys.

And those with an opinion agree with Starks and Soliai.

I'm not certain what effect the Wallace issue is going to have. I don't know if there are issues between Wallace and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman. I don't know if there are issues between Wallace and Philbin. I don't know if there are issues between Wallace and Tannehill because the quarterback didn't even look toward him in the first half Sunday.

But I know there are issues in general.

And there is only one person that can solve it -- Philbin.

Frankly, the Starks issue is one Philbin helped create. Seriously, what right thinking coach with a finger on the pulse of his locker room doesn't discern that starting is a big deal to a prideful veteran such as Starks and probably not nearly as big an issue to Odrick?

Well, then, start Starks. Problem solved.

Issue erased.

And yet, Philbin didn't see this coming even when outsiders such as the media and others could see it a mile away. The coach didn't act. And, as a result, he was standing on the sideline that Starks flipped off.

The Soliai issue is not Philbin's fault. But it is apparently one the he must resolve. Philbin has to somehow convince Soliai that he's appreciated and loved even while his consigliere, Aponte, is turning the screws on Soliai's agent.

Is Philbin capable of being so diplomatic? Is he capable of being a good actor? I have no idea. I have no idea if he even would want to do that.

The Wallace issue is more complicated because at the core, Wallace has a reason to be upset. He's the team's best receiver. He shouldn't be a decoy. If the team doesn't throw him the ball at all in the first half of a game, something's wrong with the game plan. Something is wrong with the philosophy behind that. Something is simply wrong.

No, Wallace didn't handle it well, although he tried. But he has a point.

Where does this all leave the Dolphins? I perceive Philbin will be talking to these players privately in the next few days. At least he should be.

If he doesn't, add this to the list of problem Joe Philbin has:  Not handling issues while they're still manageable.



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I think someone should make a meme of the Randy Starks middle finger pic. It could read "Lobstertube is number 1!


### Ross assured that no Dolphins home game would be blacked out this season, even though that again might require Ross and sponsors to buy thousands of tickets.

You know I criticize Ross often, But knowing how much a trip to a Home game costs I Applaud him here....
I attended a game last year with my wife and it cost over 200 dollars..Parking,tickets,food, beer, etc,etc...


It's 'Canadien', don't forget. The dumbass can't even spell that correctly. That's the intellect of this old dude.

2 watt, I can't wait until your saying 2-3 after next weeks game.

Listen, that Cle line was tough. They have that huge monster manning the middle, flanked by 2 similar but smaller ones. Then, the silverback Kruger lining up all over the place. Please, give our Oline a break.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | September 09, 2013 at 11:45 AM

Amazing how people can kick you,scew you over like a dirty prostitute and then get surprised that even if you're not enjoying it, than you should atleast handle getting screwed with a little dignity. STARKS is a grown man! And he said it loud and clear "screw me? no screw you!" hypothetically speaking. Dolphins keep getting rid of players like Reggie Bush,Starks, and Solai and they will see who needs who more when they are 1-15 again in an empty stadium.

Shane Vereen is out for several weeks with a dislocated wrist.

I not sure if several weeks means 2-4 or 4-6 weeks, but it's not looking good for the Patriots. Smile

Stupid Bucs and Bills!!! Why couldn't these teams hold on for the win. How embarassing for Tampa to lose to the crappy Jets, so glad it wasnt us

Philbin needs to get his team in order & get the offense & defense to start out strong 6-7 going into half is rediculous!!! Against the Colts blast those bombs to Wallace lets get a Td in the first 2 drives this time!!! Defense get to Luck ALL DAY LONG!!! A good win but not great, but I'll take it!!! GO FINS!!!

Not familiar with the 696...

Who's this Shane Vereen? ben Vereen's son?

I'm so disgusted. Now ESPN ran with the story (AND Mando's Wallace quote), everyone's talking about this when they should be talking about Miami IN THE PLAYOFFS!!! That's horseshyte. I want to hear the praise. I want to hear the excitement. I want to hear the sound of Tannehill's wife moaning in pleasure from his "First Win Present". I think we're entitled to that.

If anyone is unhappy ship them.
Dont make offers that affect other peoples lives in an email. Its a pattern of stone walling that is not needed. Look if I say I want $10 and you say $5 and we cant meet in between, its not personal it business. I will go get my $10 somewhere. If I want it from you then Ill take $7.50 if not the move on. This isn't Days of Our Lives.
Only ppl who get a paycheck from someone else thinks this is a big deal.
It does answer a question I had about why they drafted Jordan.
Now on to the game. Good thing it was the Browns, if not, then big trouble.
Overall better team than last year.BUT
Hello! This team needs RED ZONE TD's!

A "696".............
Hummmmmmmm, Maybe its what my wife called a "68" in which She "OWED" me one..... Just putting that out there......

nemo, 2-3 is a start. but?


I think that's an area code.

Vereen's a decent back. It's another loss for the Pats. Brady's going to have to be a magician if this keeps up.

Great now I have that tune in my head ...

You look like A.C. Green!
B**** don't call here anymoo-ooooo'.
With feet like Ben Vereen,
B**** don't caaall here anymoooooooo'
No, no, no noo-oooo!

That Dre 2001 CD was in my car for a couple of years steady back in the day ... classic.

MIT, A 696 is when your wife "OWES" you one.....
If you know what I mean.....

Craig, I know who Shane Vereen is, just that every time I haear the name, I think of Big Egos from Dre's 2001 compilation...

wanted the excuse to drop the reference

Alrght Kids, Gotta get some Breakfest so Talk at you'll later.............

AHHHHH--stop it, stop it, stop it!!! One game. We won, against a team with a pretty good DL and with our missing pieces.

First--let's enjoy the win.

1A--Contracts are not an on-the-field activity--by the players or the FO.

Second--The team was being rebuilt around a new corps of WR's and TE and the loss of Keller,IMO, will end up possibly costing us 2 games. I think Wallace will do well, and I am (desperately) looking forward to his success. Give me someone who gets worked up about his desire to go for it and I'll tell you to give me 52 others just like him. Not wishing anything bad, but IN SOME WAYS I feel losing Keller was a worse scenario for the team than if Wallace had gone down (and lets hope he never does!). We now have to see how others step up and this is a hard time factor considering what we all want to see in Tanne's development. I even think things may have developed differently with Vonte Leach, but WE CANNOT TURN BACK THE CLOCK

Third--I initially felt a visceral reaction to the game flow and was wondering if Henning was back in the both. I am HOPING Sherman has vision, but 1st down running and NO play action with the rotations we used...??? I trust this will change...it had better. Still even without any semblance of a running game, we won, controlled the clock at the end and MOST importantly--FINISHED (that was a refreshing change)!

Fourth--Starks--we really don't know the motivation behind the Bird--could very well have been something more innocent but still unfortunate to have it splattetred across the airwaves. If he expects to be considered a team leader, he (as should anyone representing themselves as a PROFESSIONAL)needs to act the part. Odrick earned the start and if Stark's team dibbles contract crap for performance he should go. If the FO decided to give a message about Starks' attitude and contract, his lack of full participation in the OTAs, etc...making a showing in the first game of the season did not seem the best time. He has earned his prior contracts but no one deserves compensation based on prior performance--it is a new season and a new team! I don't know if he will be here next year--but he is talented.

Fifth--I do hope they work out a contract for Soliai.

Sixth--we have a good chance against the Colts, even away--of course they will be favored. Their Backfield is still learning and we have an opportunity to spread more which will get the running game going more and good job by our DB's and I hope Patterson's groin will not be a problem. The Brown's were mostly favored and even with a lot of crappy plays, we pulled together the W. Let's do it again!.

Rant is over!

Cuban, afraid to ask what that means to me, YG, and Craig, perhaps it's time to let this one go ...

We did win a game? Looks like this blog is more like the enquirer for men. What a bunch of whiners and complainers. Armando are you a gossip reporter or a dolphin repoter sometimes it is really hard to tell.

Soliai resigning should be priority. Not sure what DA is thinking... Anyone thinking McGahee would be a good look?

Sounds like Vereeniging was the only running back to go over 100 yards Sunday. Pretty amazing when ou think of it. I also read Ridley was benched for fumbling yesterday too. Sounds like they may also be missing their rookie TE Sudfield for the game against the Jets Thursday. Lucky it's the Jets I guess.


I don't see the point in bringing McGahee in. I don't think anyone could run behind that line from yesterday. The problem wasn't the backs but the lack of holes and a good job by the Browns DL.

Alright guys, Gotta get some breakfast.......

Joe Phailbin Has Work To Do:

1. Update Resume.
2. List House for Sale.
3. Begin packing personal items in office.
4. Publicly & Unreservedly Apologize for (i) participating in decisions to let Bush & Long leave; (ii) for leaving Mike Wallace out of game plan & (iii) needlessly angering Starks & Soliai.
5. Remember to take Ireland, Dawn Aponte & Mike Sherman with him when he leaves town.


agreed...I don't think Petersen could have gained more than 50 yards behind our OL yesterday.

Where is Jake Long & Reggie Bush when you need them...oh yea, Ireland gave them away for nothing in return.


You're right....they just won by 13 on the road. It's time to pack up and ship out.

I honestly believe some of you guys are only happy when the team is losing. #sadbuttrue

Posted by: Emo | September 09, 2013 at 04:04 PM

Whine Whine Whine
Biitch Biitch Biitch
Complain Complain Complain

No running game is a pretty good problem to have...in relation to no passing game. We're in FAR better shape than in the Sparano years when we had no passing game. Not saying we don't need balance, in order to get to the Playoffs we need both. But Tannehill is right, this is a passing league. Sometimes the defense dictates by taking away a part of your strategy. So you have to be able to make them pay other ways. Let's see if Indy can take away our run game. If so, THAT'S when we need to start figuring out how to rectify a problem.


I was just thinking about TNT exact point earlier today. It's better we have a running problem than a passing problem. It's very much a passing league now, as evidenced by 4 QBs passing for over 4000 yards and only one back going over 100 yards.

Still there's something for the players and coaches to work on this week. We won't beat the Colts this week getting into a shootout with them.

From Joe Philbin this AM, responding to a question regarding the passing game plan: "We don't have plays in the offense to throw it to a certain jersey number just to do it."

1) Is he talking about #11? If he is, why doesn't he have plays for the $60M man?

2) Did he just let the entire league in on a Dolphin secret?

It is obvious that Tannehill and Wallace are still not on the same page on deep throws. However, Mike, on his only catch of the day, ran an out pattern yesterday that left Haden way behind and the ball was right there. Perhaps....more like those.

I'm so disgusted. Now ESPN ran with the story (AND Mando's Wallace quote), everyone's talking about this when they should be talking about Miami IN THE PLAYOFFS!!! That's horseshyte. I want to hear the praise. I want to hear the excitement. I want to hear the sound of Tannehill's wife moaning in pleasure from his "First Win Present". I think we're entitled to that.
Posted by: DC Dolfan | September 09, 2013 at 03:32 PM

I completely agree DC...this is B.S. caused by a local hump sports writer who wants to turn this team into the media circus of the NY Wets. I wish Mando would go cover that B.S. team and allow the Fins to focus on the X's and O's. That is really what I want to hear from local writers.

It was bad enough that last night most ESPN and NFL Nectwork coverage of the game spoke about Weeden's 3 INT's and poor peformance. In most Box Scores the QB highlighted as the victorious QB. But most of ESPN's coverage showed Weeden's stats. It's a joke how bad the national Press and Media treats the Fins.

Let's see if Indy can take away our run game. If so, THAT'S when we need to start figuring out how to rectify a problem.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | September 09, 2013 at 04:25 PM

Hmm, wait until next Monday? Seems to me, they waited too long already. Philbin should have known our running game was in trouble weeks ago. I mean,a big part of his job is evaluating players, right?


Posted by: Craig M | September 09, 2013 at 04:11 PM

You're still here #sadbuttrue

After week one THILL ranks ahead of Romo, Cutler, Luck, Ben Roth, Freeman, Neman, etc. Those bagging on this second year QB after his peformance yesterday are idiots.

Quarterback Rk Player Team Pos Comp Att Pct Att/G Yds Avg Yds/G TD Int 1st 1st% Lng 20+ 40+ Sck Rate

1 Peyton Manning DEN QB 27 42 64.3 42.0 462 11.0 462.0 7 0 20 47.6 78T 9 2 3 141.1
2 Eli Manning NYG QB 27 42 64.3 42.0 450 10.7 450.0 4 3 18 42.9 70T 6 2 3 102.3
3 Colin Kaepernick SF QB 27 39 69.2 39.0 412 10.6 412.0 3 0 17 43.6 43 8 1 2 129.4
4 Joe Flacco BAL QB 34 62 54.8 62.0 362 5.8 362.0 2 2 18 29.0 34 6 0 4 69.4
5 Drew Brees NO QB 26 35 74.3 35.0 357 10.2 357.0 2 1 17 48.6 67 5 1 2 113.6
5 Matthew Stafford DET QB 28 43 65.1 43.0 357 8.3 357.0 2 1 16 37.2 77T 5 1 1 96.8
7 Aaron Rodgers GB QB 21 37 56.8 37.0 333 9.0 333.0 3 1 16 43.2 38 5 0 2 102.6
8 Carson Palmer ARI QB 26 40 65.0 40.0 327 8.2 327.0 2 1 19 47.5 44 2 1 4 96.6
9 Russell Wilson SEA QB 25 33 75.8 33.0 320 9.7 320.0 1 0 13 39.4 43T 4 1 2 115.7
10 Matt Ryan ATL QB 25 38 65.8 38.0 304 8.0 304.0 2 1 14 36.8 50 4 1 3 96.8
11 Sam Bradford STL QB 27 38 71.1 38.0 299 7.9 299.0 2 1 14 36.8 47 3 1 0 100.7
12 Brandon Weeden CLE QB 26 53 49.1 53.0 289 5.5 289.0 1 3 15 28.3 22 4 0 6 48.4
13 Tom Brady NE QB 29 52 55.8 52.0 288 5.5 288.0 2 1 18 34.6 35 3 0 2 76.4
14 Andy Dalton CIN QB 26 33 78.8 33.0 282 8.5 282.0 2 2 12 36.4 45T 3 2 1 97.2
15 Ryan Tannehill MIA QB 24 38 63.2 38.0 272 7.2 272.0 1 1 15 39.5 34T 3 0 4 82.3
16 Tony Romo DAL QB 36 49 73.5 49.0 263 5.4 263.0 2 1 17 34.7 23 2 0 2 90.8
17 Geno Smith NYJ QB 24 38 63.2 38.0 256 6.7 256.0 1 1 12 31.6 26 3 0 5 80.6
18 Jay Cutler CHI QB 21 33 63.6 33.0 242 7.3 242.0 2 1 12 36.4 38 3 0 0 93.2
19 Christian Ponder MIN QB 18 28 64.3 28.0 236 8.4 236.0 1 3 11 39.3 47 4 2 3 63.1
20 Terrelle Pryor OAK QB 19 29 65.5 29.0 217 7.5 217.0 1 2 10 34.5 41 2 1 1 70.6
21 Josh Freeman TB QB 15 31 48.4 31.0 210 6.8 210.0 1 1 10 32.3 39 4 0 3 67.9
22 Ben Roethlisberger PIT QB 21 33 63.6 33.0 191 5.8 191.0 1 1 13 39.4 22 3 0 5 76.7
23 Andrew Luck IND QB 18 23 78.3 23.0 178 7.7 178.0 2 0 9 39.1 25 2 0 4 127.9
24 Alex Smith KC QB 21 34 61.8 34.0 173 5.1 173.0 2 0 10 29.4 26 2 0 1 94.4
25 EJ Manuel BUF QB 18 27 66.7 27.0 150 5.6 150.0 2 0 6 22.2 19 0 0 0 105.5
26 Jake Locker TEN QB 11 20 55.0 20.0 125 6.3 125.0 0 0 6 30.0 25 1 0 1 74.0
26 Cam Newton CAR QB 16 23 69.6 23.0 125 5.4 125.0 1 0 8 34.8 27 1 0 1 97.2
28 Blaine Gabbert JAC QB 16 35 45.7 35.0 121 3.5 121.0 0 2 7 20.0 18 0 0 6 30.8
29 Chad Henne JAC QB 3 6 50.0 6.0 36 6.0 36.0 0 0 2 33.3 24 1 0 0 68.8

Craig, aka dopus maximus, gets his rocks off making fun of YG in a public blog.

As if anyone wants to see the play by play of craigs needy attn. fest to feel superior.

Some people just don't get the attention they need in real life so they have to compensate on the internet.

We are the real losers who have to watch this charade.

what a disaster already, unreal. what is it with this franchise

Based upon QB stats above for week one it's also important to keep in mind that several of the QB's rated above THILL actually lost their games.

Do we care about his stats or do we care about victories? I know I care about victories.

thill looked great yesterday. the oline is the huge problem here and the angry unhappy locker room

i am certain plays were called in the first half and all game to get him the ball. he was double covered and Tanne didn't have a solid enough pocket or a run game for play action to get down the field. i saw a few times he held the ball like he was looking to go deep, but the pressure came.

Phins get about the least amount of coverage by ESPN, NFL network and the others--don't get it, even Raiders and Jacksonville get more time. When we win, we lose......Oh, well

Maybe more wins will help so after # 2 in Indy, someone will remember where Miami is located?!? And then we get 1st home game

Stark's middle finger. Please tell me exactly where that was aimed. That could have been some sideline joking going on. Starks does not seem to have sense of humor.
Soliai, we will sign. I trust in Dawn.
And Wallace...who knows what he meant. He wants a big game is what I read.
We won. 1-0. Already ahead of Cammorrons season 1-16 season. Already ahead of Tony Sparano's season 0-8 start.
I say we beat Luck as well. He was no prize vs the Raiders.

Where's Kris? What do you think?

Jpao, what's Tannehill's ranking? 82.3?

The sacks probably dropped his ranking.

Well...I guess no one will be mad at Ireland when "we", yes I said "we", lol draft O lineman next year.

luck was amazing vs raiders, colts d sucks though, we have shot in that game


Well at least you got something right in your post. You are in FACT a loser. But something tells me you've heard that all your life and you already knew that.

Right old man?

we beat the Colts last year but got screwed by Ref's at the end of the game. Thigpen returned the kick across mid field with under 2 minutes and the refs called it back on a phantom holding call, which actually the Colt player pulled our guy down.

Wallace interiew

I’m good.


It went great.

That’s a conversation really between us but we had a good conversation. It was productive and we’re good, we’re ready to move on.

I’m always happy to win. That’s what we play for, to win. I expect to win. So I don’t get overly excited when we win because every time we step on the field that’s what we’re there for. If you see us win or you see us lose I’m not going to be jumping around either way because every single time we step on the field I expect to win.

It just wasn’t a good day for me. Sometimes it’s like that when you play football. It was just like that yesterday.

Yeah, mad at myself.

No. I’m mad at myself just because I didn’t have a good game. That’s all there is to it.

Probably a little more to it than that but Wallace ain't stupid. He knows not to call out the coaches

With Luck, it's just the same as with other big, strong, accurate QBs like Big Ben. You have to sack them all the way down to the dirt with the ball in their hands. You let them deliver the ball, even if you're hanging all over them, they are going to complete it on you.

sure wallyfin, lets hope we actually win the game this time cause it could be a huge tie breaker down the road

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