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The latest from Dolphins camp on a Wednesday

The Dolphins are practicing late today as per their new schedule and here's what's happening:

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson, nursing a tender groin, returned to practice today. Patterson, however, seemed limited during the portion open to the media. I expect Patterson will play against the Indianapolis Colts, as he told The Herald on Sunday.

But ...

It's important he not suffer a setback. It's important the Dolphins are cautious with him.

To that end, it's possible Patterson might be limited to duty as the slot corner in obvious passing situations versus Indy. In that scenario, Nolan Carroll would have to start. Obviously, if Patterson feels fully recovered, he can take his spot in the starting lineup.

Rookie cornerback Jamar Taylor also is not practicing. He's been dealing with the hernia/groin issue since the offseason. He's not going to play on Sunday.

Quarterback Pat Devlin (ankle) also is not practicing today.


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Will Taylor EVER play? That is the question.

Not if I'm YG or not!

Later suckas!

Pat Devlin ? Oh now, he was going to be a huge part of the game plan !!!

Later Daytona

Nolan Carrol?!!!... Oh Damn!!

Love the JETS tomorrow up in Foxboro Jets-24-Pats-20 !! The dolphins@colts is a toss up it can go either way. But if they do pull it out, I see them going into the bye 4-1 !!

mace, this Sunday's game is exactly that. Indy -3 is a standard spread for two evenly matched teams. home team usually gets 3 points as a rough rule of thumb. That's about as much as a toss up as you'll get.

Everyone who acts like an Idiot is referred as YG.

Like I said, the only thing worst than YG is the guy who comes on here and tries to act like him. (See first poster)

I will feel embarrassed if I was that person. Nobody is even remotely interested in who you really are and people just refer to you as the biggest Troll here. You are Insignificant.

And to the Clown, we don't care who people here are. We care about the Fins and try and talk Football before someone like you comes and tries to insult people.

I will ask all members double posting to turn in their cuts and remove all ink immediately...

really, members??? Members of what???

DP should be ready for Sunday. If not I am OK with N.Carroll starting. On the Taylor thing, I don't see him being fully healthy this season. Maybe after the Bye week. But he wasn't drafted to make an Impact this season. Yeah, it would be nice if he sees some meaningful PT. But we can survive.

Heck, we get a couple more INTs and our CBs will have more INTs than last season.

W.Davis should be ready for this week. So we should have 4 CBs ready to play on Sunday.

The thing this clown keeps forgetting is that we don't care if Bloggers change names.

We care if Bloggers change name every time they post and hold conversations with themselves.

Also, Everyone who has changed their names has said they used the other name.

Yet, you constantly bring up the same asinine point every chance you get.

We have all said what other name we use, YET YOU KEEP DENYING WHAT WE ALL KNOW. You change names every chance you get.

Integrity and Character are 2 Things you sorely Lack. That and a backbone. You have a pair, they are just to small to make a difference.

Hey Daytona,

How about changing that name? Do you need Armando to come back and ask you again?

Honest to God....how many chances do you give a guy? He continues to thumb his nose at ou, Armando an you let him away with it.

How about it Daytona? Do you want to try telling us again that you only posting under one name? Would you be willing to bey your 'membership' on here that you've only ever posted under one name on here an if you're lying you're gone for good?

I will. You man enough to do the same?

Come on big mouth......lets put it to the test. You've never posted under another name....you and I. Come big or go home.....


Carroll had a nice pick last game

Did he run away?

how long does it take to fully recover from hernia surgery in all seriousness?

So our 2nd round pick who we could have used to get BRANDON ALBERT at LT is a DB who has yet to play all year, and by all means looks like he cant play.


We WON the first game--doesn't really matter right now how we did it--WE MOVE ON!!!

I think we have a definitely good chance to take the Colts and go 2-0. Our running game can't suck more than last week so it HAS to be better--don't care the reason and I do expect positive yardage and better play.

If the thought is we have become more of a passing team if the run game isn't there, then I reiterate my feelings that losing Keller could cost us 2 games this year. Big change in out schemes with losing him (and how we played the draft and preseason player decisions)and-as with any injury-we will have to see still who steps up. The run game will improve and hopefully help the passing weapons we currently do have(I want to see balance).

Keys for Sunday:

Tackling!--if we put pressure on Luck but don't put him quickly on his a-- he is the type of QB that will still hurt us by making off-balance throws catchable.

Our D can make their line need O2 and disrupt their rhythm and wear them down=increased pressure=more time with ball in our hands...leading to...

Ball control--we did have some positive showing last week in a few decent drives.

Keep their hands off of Tanne and give him (at least a little) time!

Not giving up big plays!

Avoid penalties--OK, we are not good at that so at least--REDUCE the amount of penalty yards given up--I HATE free yardage!!!

ST's need to play heads-up and start us in good field position--they had a decent year last year but last week (and preseason) were a liability.

Win the turn over battle (AS USUAL).

The point (obviously) is--PLAY SOLID, MISTAKE FREE FOOTBALL AND WE WIN #2!!!

Hey Heat fans, happy about Michael Beasley's return?

Trading a 2nd for Albert and paying him 8-10 mil would be dumb. Andy Reid and the Chiefs can shove it.


Dont you think you should wait more than one game to make a statement like that?

Is that the new sign in YG?

Looks like they already had. 'Players only' meeting in Tampa. I guess sowhen you lose to the lowly Jets.

I think I like Will Davis over Taylor, once Davis is coached on not falling for the double moves and biting on the play action I think this kid will be good,seemed like he was all over the ball in the preseason,if not intercepting then breaking passes up, hope he gets to play some this week, I want to see how he does in full fast pace action when it counts.

Dmitri and Carroll handled Wheedon easily giving up only 289 yards.
There is no way that Luck can do better against us than a powerhouse like Brandon Wheedon can.

Strange, the fins are 1-0, but i just can't shake that sinking feeling of past seasons. A win over Indy would go along way towards curing this ailment. Go Phins!!!

Asked this question late in the other blog, I'll ask again...

Haven't posted in a long time, but got an idea about the uniforms. I'm not crazy about the new ones, but it's growing on me (winning the first game really helped).

What do you all think about petitioning Ross & his people about...

Using the new uniforms on Away Games and keeping the uniforms we changed from as the Home uniforms? Could even alternate the colors with the orange jerseys more often.

In essenes, we make everyone happy and both logo's and colors stay relevant.

What do you all think?

Did he run away?

Posted by: Craig M | September 11, 2013 at 04:32 PM

Mouth! How many posts are you gonna make on the subject?

When someone says "later suckas", that kinda tells me they left.

What does it mean to you? They're hiding cause they're afraid to confront you?

Yea, I'm sure that's what you're thinking & what's not actually happening.

This blog f-in sucks!

But, by all means, continue!

The team has 1 logo.
The old one is retired.
American & European & Japanese companies do not use multiple logo's.
What happens in Latin America, Africa and the rest of Asia I do not know.


I like the new unis and the logo, so i'm not in.

Seriously, youd think the idiots on this blog PAID the players salary themselves.

WE ARE 20 million UNDER THE CAP!!!!



Hes a BUM. Ireland is a BUM.



I don't see why we can't be different in that aspect within the NFL. Using two logo's and alternating the logo's & colors, many college teams do this....why can't we?

I own to much retired stuff like many other FINHEADS, it's killing me emotionally & financially. Lol

Ok, now on to football...

It takes an OL a long time to gell as a unit, my main concern are injures which will happen. Wish we could build some depth on the OL like we did on the DL, but that's going to take time. Really hard to cover so many positions and not blow the cap, the best teams manage the cap wisely. I think we are going in the right direction, although I was NOT happy letting Bush go. We needed a vet RB and Thomas hasn't shown much, potential nothing more. Also wish we signed Leach, that would have been another great addition and vet.

Dashi & Al, great points and totally agree about the 50+ throws. Luck will do the same, but I think we can contain him to 300 yds. with this defense. I'm hoping he see's a lot of green, as in artificial turf.


Well first of all i wasnt talking to you. But since you want to play bodyguard here, how about i make you the same offer? We'll put it to Armando. If either of us has either posted under another name we'll be gone for good. Deal? You man enough to accept this or you just good at flapping your gums?

See iwamt guys like you one from the blog. You just drag the whole thing done. The quicker we exorcise clowns like you from here, the quicker we can get back to talking football.

So how about it hot-shot? You got the guts? All or nothing? You in or got something to hide?

So Irsay pleads with the Colts O line to protect Luck better... He obviously watched the Fins game film.

Jus Sayin,
I have been saying for 3 days now that Jordan had a sack. I think its been verified.

It's very scary how poorly this franchise drafting has been in the last 35 years. Jimmy had a chance to get R.Moss didn't do it. Can we please get a real N.F.L. Personnel man to make us a relevant team again Please God Please that's all I ask lord please !!

..So I watched the first half of the game on the coaches tape(NFL.Com. I'm telling you..Check it out)..

Disclaimer. I can't break down tape. I have no idea what the assignments were for each play, or could I describe the play design. I can only offer my opinion as to what I saw. I could be completely wrong. But here it goes.

It looked to me like Miller had no idea what he was supposed to do once he got the ball. Indecisive would be kind when describing how he ran Sunday. To me it looked like he was not playing running back with much feel, or authority. But like a rigid Chad Henne version of a running back. Robotic.

Now the line obviously did him no favors. But there were opportunities to gain yardage on more then one play. Especially because we rely so much on the cutback lanes to succeed. It looked to me that there were times where Miller was trying so hard to find these lanes, using a lot of effort where it wasn't necessary. No flow to the carries. It looked forced.

Now again..The line deserves to be critiqued as much as Miller. I don't think I counted 4-5 times we got second level blocks. Or on running plays. Anytimes that the edges were not compromised. It was pitiful.

I don't know if you can teach how to get in a zone, or how to play without thinking. It just looked to me like the running backs were not running with any confidence. Not so much in their own ability, but in the plays themselves.

I could be 100 percent full of it. But to me when re-watching there were opportunities missed.

Thats what Thursdays off are for now Mando!

rest that groin Dmitri!


wallace is on salary for 1 mil next year it jumps to 15 mil that cap space is needed for resigning players...

Whats the deal FYI? Did you run away too? Playing with the kids? (Wink wink).

Come on tough guy....accept my challenge. I want you gone.....this is how i do it!

Just as expected.....

Man, I just saw a passing chart of a Soccer Game FROM SINGLE PLAYER, and I tell you, nobody can understand that crap. That Game must be more complicated than it appears.

What's up Dolfans.. I haven't been on here in awhile but how bout it we're undefeated lol.

Great start for the D but no so much for the offense. We have to continue to work on scoring more td's.

Personally I would like to see a little more of the fast paced wide open stuff we were promised.

It also seems like those fake option run the ball up the middle plays would work a little better if Tanny actually kept it once or twice.

I wouldn't want to see him exposed as much as Vick but to fake you have to be able sell it. I wouldn't mind seeing more screens and Tanny rolling out more as well. Thoughts??

Anyhow I think we certainly have a chance against Indy this weekend but I'm not gonna put a ton of money on it.

Go Fins!!!!

..Dolfan Rick.. I think it is next to impossible to run a high tempo offense when you are forced into playing 1 dimensional. One of the objectives of running high tempo offenses is to gain a numbers advantage over the defense. If you are forced into just passing. The defense can counter with their pass packages knowing that you are unlikely to run the ball. Offensively you have lost the situational advantage.

So perhaps if we get the running game going. We will see a more up tempo approach.

Dolfan Rick @ 5:36pm
You haven't left this site in 5 years.

All I know is that Oak got most of its running yards vs Indy by Pryor running the read option.

Dannell Ellerbe...

Has anyone at all heard anything on him lately? I dont recall much and he was supposed to be the cats meow for us. Too early I know but what about during TC and PS???


It sounds like a made up thing.

The Phins had a great game plan last week. We won. Unlike last year when we get a hand on Luck, we have to drag this guy down. Last year he escaped at least 10 times in that game. I think this year he goes down.
We win again by 10.

Patterson Baby!! It was awesome to finally behold some solid CB play from a dolfin; seems like its been forever. Keep that up and fins have the number 1 D, period. they'll shut down anyone, including the niners. can't wait til we play the Pats.



Running game what running game Philbin needs to shut off Shermans mike when he even thinks about establishing the running game and call the plays himself.WCO baby.

To the gamblers out there. The Dolphin game opened as a pick'um. Then it jumped to -3. Very interesting!!

Dolphins defense Dominates as Indy's Luck runs out. Tannehill & crew strike oil going deep & hit big to a tune of 34 pts as The Dolphins drain Lucas Oil Stadium dry of any Luck Colts had.

I saw them do the ol shovel pass a couple times this preseason, reminded me of Marino and Byars , I wonder if Miami does struggle running the ball and Indy goes heavy against the pass if that would be worth a try, do that a few times if it works it might make them change up.........

I love the Fins on Sunday! More than I did the Brown's game. You have the speed of the Dolphin D on carpet!! I'll take it any day!

Get ready to taste the turf Luck!!

You can do a high tempo offense, with roll outs. You just have to call two plays at a time, or script the plays. Using Tanny to rollout will really help with the run game, if the OL pulls correctly their assignments.

Espn's rankings of all of the GREAT young QBs.


Someone mentioned that 'it takes a long time for an OL to jell (mesh, whatever)'. Four of the five starters this year started last year (add Clabo). They've worked together all summer and thru training camp. But their not together yet!!!! I'm trying not to be to pessimistic but how long is enough time?

Also if Indy gave up 170 yds. on the ground last week how many can we get this week? They should tighten it up some but like our OL line they may have limitations. So is 70 yrds. enough this week to take some of the pressure off T-hill?

High tempo can be done, just need the OL to pull their assignments correctly and have Tanny call two plays at a huddle or script the plays per possession. This is one of the ways you gas the defense quickly.

Luck's Luck runs out, 4 to 5 sacks and 1 interception when Coyle brings the many looks and blizz's on. Miami 28 - Indy 13... AAAALLLL RIGHTTTT...MIAMI!

We gotta throw deep a little earlier this week as well. A 2-0 start would really be sweet.

On the earlier comments about Miller looking confused...He had some good runs last year and did well with the Canes. I think / hope he'll get better as the blocking improves. Gotta give the Cleveland D some credit too.

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