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The latest from Dolphins camp on a Wednesday

The Dolphins are practicing late today as per their new schedule and here's what's happening:

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson, nursing a tender groin, returned to practice today. Patterson, however, seemed limited during the portion open to the media. I expect Patterson will play against the Indianapolis Colts, as he told The Herald on Sunday.

But ...

It's important he not suffer a setback. It's important the Dolphins are cautious with him.

To that end, it's possible Patterson might be limited to duty as the slot corner in obvious passing situations versus Indy. In that scenario, Nolan Carroll would have to start. Obviously, if Patterson feels fully recovered, he can take his spot in the starting lineup.

Rookie cornerback Jamar Taylor also is not practicing. He's been dealing with the hernia/groin issue since the offseason. He's not going to play on Sunday.

Quarterback Pat Devlin (ankle) also is not practicing today.


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Dimitri Patterson has a uterine strain!!! Keep the pressure on Luck ALL GAME LONG, not just the 2nd half!!! D line watch stop the run!!! Let Tannehill throw those bombs to Wallace get up early & STAY UP!!! GO FINS!!!

It was mentioned in the Philly/Wash. game that the 5 OL of the Eagles stayed within the hash marks. This drastically cut down on the effort that needed to be put forth on most plays. Interesting. It's easier to sub RBs and WRs then offensive linemen. Thought it a good comment!

Enough with identities. Those of us who also inhabit these Herald blogs/forums really couldn't give a flying fig who you are, as long as you attempt to discuss sports.

Right now I'm in the camp that says Ireland MUST stop drafting players with previous injuries. Especially when that injury makes them useless to us the first part of the season. No impact players, and they are immediately behind the curve.
Taylor, Davis, and especially Jordan are costly misses if they turn out to be injury prone, or recover slowly.
If all we get as a starter out of this drive is our kicker, and that in the 5th round...costly...this would have to be considered a bad draft.

A good free agent period is nice (and expensive) but getting only a combined 6 starters in the last 3 years (Sturgis, Vernon, Pouncey, Tannehill, Miller...by default, not really a starting caliber back...and Clay...again, by default. Out of nearly 30 players drafted?

The lack of solid starters from the 2nd-4th position in the draft is scary bad.
Unless Jordan and Taylor START (Carroll got lucky Sunday) this will have been the worst draft since Parcells left.

Well it's just not the OL that needs to gell but other areas of a team. The OL is one of the more complicated positions to master; footwork, knowing count & pulling correctly, traps, etc., and doing while blocking without getting caught holding...specially when some pissed off DL or LB's like we have coming full steam ahead from all sorts of angles.

This takes time to all come together, one major injury is a huge set back. Remember the Cowboys & 49's of the 80's, they where great because the OL's had great depth, their backs ups where almost as good as the starters. Give it time, we will build the OL like our DL without destroying the CAP which is everything in today's NFL.

Another thing about the various units gelling, did anyone notice the sloppy play by so many teams on Sunday? Lots of blown plays and assignments.

"You should know, receivers are always open. I've been there too," Ryan Tannehill said.
I really like his attitude.

Here's what happened Monday night......

Philly=77 Plays......Wash.=70
Phi. 1st downs 25 (11P/14R)....Wash. 1st downs 25(19/6)
Phi. Tot. yds. 443.........Wash. 382
Phi. 5.8 yds./play.........Wash. 5.5 yds./play
Phi. TOP 32 minutes and change..Wash 27+

Philly scored 33 points but the jury is still out on how effective the hurry up was. After all Philly's 'brilliant offensive scheme' scored a total of 7 points in the 2nd half. Certainly wasn't Y.A. title back in the shotgun for the first time blowing out another(?) 49-0.

I would love to debate the person who wrote the post at 5:15. You know, the same exact thoughts and words he repeats in here every day. But he would never actually explain his rationale so there's no point. What do you say to someone who constantly states Ross is cheap while he continues to pump more money into this team than any owner in the Nfl? He is either the dumbest person on earth or he's trolling for attention.

Jordan needs to shut it. What's with these players insisting on giving their opponents incentive to beat them? Hes talking about how Luck never beat him and he's not about to start now or something to that nature. It's a great thought but how about proving your someone before you go trash talking. Don't give them a reason to work harder. Learn the Belichick way, use the force!

Not comparing the too by any stretch of the imagination, but Tanny has that competitiveness edginess without being cocky like Marino had in his days. Seems like he's really developing his confidence.

When an RB doesn't see a hole or the assignment is blown, the RB runs in disarray which is what I think happened. Another bad week and FO will be looking for another vet OL'er and possibly RB. Maybe even a crafty trade for one, I'm sure Miller & Thomas are on notice.

Well at least they didn't fumble the damn ball on Sunday.


Armando! Please let the defense know that Irsay is smack talking on twitter. Called our team "the fish" like every Dolphin hater does! Said he demands the team protect Luck better this Sunday. (I know I'm reaching but if it fires one guy up mission accomplished). Ha!


What does getting a guy by 'default' mean? I dont get what you're saying. You make it sounds like drfting players is an exact science. The reality is that all teams have players ranked differently. Some teams see a guy as a first round pick, while other teams might have a guy as a third or fourth round pick. So rather than making it seem like Ireland was 'lucky' to get Miller, maybe what you should be saying is it was 'astute'. Did Seattle get Wildon by 'default'? How about the Pats with Brady? The 'skins with Morris? Us with Jones?

I'm just not getting your point. To me its a credit to your GM grtting guys like this later in the draft. Again, you make it out to be 'lucky'. I dont see it that way at all.

I can't argue a single thing that Phins78 had to say. In total agreement. But MADFIN used the supposition that the running backs missed the holes. They must of been small because I missed them too.

Amrando buried Phins78 today, put him down directly, in the ground! Showed him how he knows NOTHING.

Good point progolf. If the scheme is so brilliant why did it fail in the second half? Hmmmm

Not defending anyone but some players just aren't taken because the teams in front of us don't either have a need or aren't all that crazy about them. So when it's our pick, deep into the draft, they are still there. We needed a RB and because no one else, to that point, wanted him. We won (or whatever).


Let me also say that obviously you're not a fan of Gronkowski and Jarvis Jones. Both these guys were hurt in College and you obviously dont want us drafting them.

Neither Jordan's or Taylor's injuries were considered career threatening. Injuries are part of football. So again, I'm at a loss for what you are trying to say.

Moron, still yappin I see. For ALL that is holy! It's too easy. Look how you got your panties all twisted LOL

How many times have I asked you to confirm with Mando? HOW MANY? Now, all of a sudden, you are challenging me to ask Armando for what I've asked you to do for weeks?? LOLOL

Asking me to change my name cause Mando asked me? LMAO If Mando asked me I'd do it, clown. But, since I'm not Daytona or that mary you argue with like a baby girl every day, I think I have to do zippo!

Stealing my ideas does not make you look tough or smart! It makes you look like you already do. Dumb & weak.

Buh Bye fool!

Holy boy,

You addressing me? You cant tell with you man....you're all over the page?

Care to show me where i said you should change your name? Its YG (Daytona), who was asked to change his name. But if you are in fact YG,i can see where you would in fact make that mistake. You have a hard time keeping track, man?

Listen, i dont need to ask Armando. You're not fooling anyone. Easiest thing for you to do YG is sign in using multiple devices. You're not fooling anyone but yourself bud.....

Guys I wasn't banned...

Phins78....goes right along that we used Wallace as a decoy in the first half because of the 'game plan'. That certainly was well done because we did get two FGs out of it.

What bothers me most is that Sherman admitted that it was Philbin that told him to try his best to forget the run in the 4th! Sherman admitted it but he looks bad because he's admitting his lack of feeling for that game and how it had unfolded. Can't help but think that he spent the first 3 Qs in the john?

Yeah, Ireland sucks.

That is why he has more players still in the NFL than Belichick in the last 5 years.

Name one GM in the AFC east who has done a better job drafting in the last 5 seasons.

Just cause some aren't on this team doesn't mean Ireland sucks. They just don't fit the scheme of the new coach.

Last I checked V.Davis and S.Smith are still starters. So is Jake Long.

Ask Belichick how many bust has he drafted in the secondary in the last 5 seasons.

If Belichick drafts a WR that is a good pro, that would be his first.

The list goes on and on.

To me Belichick has drafted 1 good player since 08. J.Mayo. Everyone else is either Injury Prone or Sucks.

Lamar Miller 10 carries for 3 yards ( 0.3 avg)

Daniel Thomas 8 carries for 14 yards (1.75 avg)

That makes Thomas 5 times better.

Make of it what you will.

Been around a long time and experienced some excitement. So finding anything 'Holy' is a real difficult exercise. 'For all that is holy' try another name.

Draft picks on defense that are starters.


On Offense


Yeah, Ireland has only drafted a couple guys that are starting. Check your facts.

Lamar Miller is looking like a bust. Any back can have a bad day. But 0.3 yards per carry???


Give your head a shake....hes a 4th round pick man! Get a life!

Occasionally, with his speed, he will bust off a big play (providing he recognizes what a hole is) but in the meantime he could certainly look better!

After a little thought I don't believe we really and truly have an NFL capable running back. Thomas has shown nothing in three years and in another year we may be saying the same of Miller. Waiver wire anyone?


A couple games with negative yards per carry and more than a handful of games with only about 1 Yard per carry.

But Yeah, Keep Harping on L.Miller.

The same one who has been in the NFL 2 years and hasn't fumbled Once.

My question is will you disappear when he is doing good. Cause it seems to be the M.O. of you guys.

Only appear to complain, never appear to eat crow.

The regular season is 16 games long. So if you were grading him, or basing L.Miller after 1 game, sounds like you are the one with the problem.


What I mean is that when the OL isn't gelling, they miss assignments and make mistakes. This equals to very small holes-lanes to run through, the RB then has to possibly alter the designed play by dancing around trying to find space to run through.

This why Reggie Bush would dance in the back field last year trying to find the lane, of course it drives the coaches and fans crazy. But many times it's the schemes of the defense that causes the confusion and the Browns have a decent although not as good as ours.

Hopefully baring injuries the line will gell, heck you may even see the new possibly sucky OLiner we picked up from Philly play soon. He's got a lot to prove to everyone he's not a #1 bust.

Craig, thanks for the thoughtful response.

If McGahee can get off the sofa and get to a phone he's able enough for a tryout. Wouldn't be expecting much but can say the same with what we currently have!

Got J.Edelman of the waiver wire in my fantasy league. Should I start him over T.Y Hilton or Golden Tate? It's a ppr league.


Have you thought about banning these unnecessarily hostile posters? Maybe offer a mental stability test before admitting them?

Well Clyde,

After making that comment about Miller, its doubtful you'd pass the test.

4th round pick a bust SMH......

Seriously guys it's bit to early to write off Miller and Thomas. Gotta open some holes for them. Half the plays they couldn't even make it out of the backfield.

Great, the last thing in the world we need right now is to have the back up to the back ups(he should be anyways)starting against the up and comer Andrew Luck.

I was impressed with Carroll's interception and saw what I thought was improvement. That mainly being him getting his head around at THE RIGHT TIME. But that still doesn't instill any confidence in my mind. Not much anyways.

I'm happy, pumped and all the other cliches at the way this season has started. But still, this is just mind numbing in my opinion.

We ax Davis, then Smith and keep the best of the rest. We bring in an x-Pro Bowler in Grimes and use a 2nd and 3rd round pick to bolster the position. One of those picks wowing everyone all of camp and even into the pre season.

Yet here we are facing the FIRST of many upcoming GOOD QB's and there's a possibility that Nolan Carroll might be starting. Talk about Frustrating.

Either way, I believe we TRASH the Dolts in their own house. I just wish we could be fully loaded and our depth guys being just that, Depth Guys.

Stating the obvious here, but "HOPEFULLY" Patterson is fine and snatches a couple of more to pad his/our stats. "HOPEFULLY" Davis starts getting some quality reps and keeps on snagging balls like he has since begining to play football. "HOPEFULLY" Taylor starts to get some badly needed experience.

We have a Really Good Defense, but we face some Really Good QB's. I believe that getting and Having our Starters healthy along with all of our Newbies contributing, I believe that will get this Defense over the Hump and into serious consideration for being among the Leagues best. With our current offense and all of it's issues, we're going to need a Top Defense to make it through the Long Haul.

Bottom's Up!!!!

Rick, Yeah.

It will be a toss up between Hilton and Edelman for me. The Seahawks don't throw the ball enough for me to like one of their WRs.

Brady seems to be more comfortable with Edelman than with any of the Rookies and Amendola is out.

I think McGhee tried out and maybe even signed with a team, I believe I read somewhere. I would give him a try out, sign him if he passes his physical if he hasn't signed on another team already.

Bet FO is wishing they showed the Benjamin's to Leach, I know I do.

I love the new uniforms as well...they are awesome and really remind me of our golden age

MADFIN.....your right about the OL but on occasion there must of been a hole somewhere. If for no other reason then a blown defensive assignment. Would Bettis be a HOF behind this line, nope! But he would of, most certainly, improved on the 20 whole yards we ended up with!

Can't say that Miller won't develope for he will be given every chance. And if he developes into an NFL back I will feel good. But for now we just don't have an NFL back!

Going to dinner be back.

The Colts will be a huge test. Remember Luck took them to 11 wins last year as a ROOKIE...he is destined for greatness no doubt...he will be much better this year. Tanne as well will be better but possibly not at LUCKs level just yet...I think he is as smart and as physically gifted but does he have the KILLER instinct? Can he put his foot on the throats of the opposition when he needs to? We will see.....I think our supporting cast is way better this year, but Keller going down is huge. He was a weapon we needed. We could have done serious damage with Keller in.
I think opening up lanes for our RB's to run through is the big problem.RB's are NOt experienced or good enough to work in tight spaces.The O Line MUST create the spaces and also protect Tanne and so far the line is 5/10 for me....This should be better each game.Our secondary apart from Carroll is good....Carroll is Jason Allen for me.


I said it before the first game and will say it again. N.Carroll is a lot better than people give him credit for. Yes, Rookie N.Carroll sucked and so did 2nd Year Nolan. But by the end of last season N.Carroll was the best CB on the Team.

Coyle can teach Secondary. Heck, he has made a Decent starter out of Chris "Toast" Clemons. And I thought that was impossible.

On the rookies, it sucks that they are Hurt. But from what we saw in PS they have potential.

I prefer that they ease them in to the rotation than throw them into the Fire. I believe all rookies hit a Wall after their 12th game. They aren't use to playing 16. So why not ease them in the first 4 and throw them into the Fire the last 12. Just a thought.

Thanks for the input Dashi. That's what I was thinking. Don't want to root for Hilton against us anyway. It's a 3 WR league. My other 2 are Welker and Antonio Brown.


I actually liked J.Allen. But Carroll is better and wasn't worth a first round pick.

For all the criticism of J.Allen whenever they put him in the game he usually got a INT. Yeah, he also got burned a couple times. But Saban played him out of position and then kept switching him back and forth.

J.Allen was a FS. He should've never been tried out at CB. That error falls on Saban. He outsmarted himself on that one.

You must understand that defending against a TE involves more than simple coverage. You have to try and hit them, hard, at the beginning of their route, get them off their rhythm. Now, you have to be a pretty big guy to achieve that. There was a DE converted to LB here, Matt Roth, that was great at that; not exactly sure why they traded him. Perhaps Dion J...

I said it before the first game and will say it again. N.Carroll is a lot better than people give him credit for.

Posted by: Dashi | September 11, 2013 at 08:03 PM

This coming from the guy who told us how great Miller is.

The guy who said Ireland would sign Long at Irelands price.

The guy who told us soccer players are not really atheletes.

This is coming from the guy who is 98% wrong.

Dolfan Rick,

I picked up Edelman this week to on waivers.. I'm starting him over Greg Jennings. It would be a tough call for me whether to start him over Hilton. I'd be tempted to start Hilton.

Isn't Allen playing the nickel for the Texans now???

I also have A.Brown on my team. But don't start him because my WRs are Fitzgerald and H.Nicks.


Can you image Leach blocking for Bush, with a strong O line. I believe scary, would have wanted to see that. It's either the CAP numbers or Bush really got in Philbins dog house?

I look at Miller as a project and Thomas, well I have no idea what to think about him. Maybe trade him, just don't think any team would be interested.

One thing I wish would be to get the RB's involved in the passing game, maybe Thomas could show us something other then he's not a wasted trade. I thought Ireland really wanted and traded a lot for him, because he could also come out of the back field and catch? Need to use him (RB's) in other ways, this also opens the WCO more.

Hope your right Dashi about Carroll...I just dont see it but fair call.

CraigM I agree that its way early to call bust on any player after ONE game...its silly...but these are almost rookies that are our RB's and as such require opportunity and that to me means openings created by the line. The line must create the holes as these 2 RB's are not highly experienced pros at the moment.Thomas is 3rd year but hasnt really had a break out game yet.So these guys need lots of support.Lots...who knows whether they are any good...we need to wait and see. I think Thomas is ok...Miller worries me...I just dont see it there ...YET


M.Roth got kicked off the team cause him and spo had a dispute about an injury that wasn't.


Interesting points on Coyle and our. I'll agree hes done a good job with the guys back there,. Its amazing though what a good pass rush can do for a secondary. I've been arguing this point for years on here.

Big Alfy,

Good points. I just dont believe the holes were there Sunday. Sure didnt look like it from my living room. Anyways the team needs to figure it out ad get the run game going,

Good to see you on here.

Yeah I know Craig but Hilton only got me 6 points last week and Brady is running out of people to throw to. Plus he's playing the Jets. Still got some time to chew on it.

In other awful news...one of my starting rb's is David Wilson...ughh

J. Allen failed at CB and FS on how many teams? It wasn't fault he sucked. Just his fault he picked him.

Hey I'm 3 for 3 so far this season. So you might have to raise my Pct up to Lysol Level (99.9%)

Ireland was going to sign Jake at his price. My bad I didn't know that Jackie was handling the negotiations.

Soccer players are just as much an Athlete as a Golfer or a Race Car Driver (who drive little red Honda's). Do with that statement whatever you want.

And Miller will be great. Last I checked a players Career or Season isn't based off 1 game.

Good job on your WR picks Dashi. I won the SB last year so I picked last in a 14 team league.

CraigM dont let that imbecile YG get the better of you...he is a cancer on this site....

Soccer players are just as much an Athlete as a Golfer or a Race Car Driver (who drive little red Honda's). d a players Career or Season isn't based off 1 game.

Posted by: Dashi | September 11, 2013 at 08:20 PM

At least this person freely admits his stupidity and ignorance.

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