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The latest from Dolphins camp on a Wednesday

The Dolphins are practicing late today as per their new schedule and here's what's happening:

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson, nursing a tender groin, returned to practice today. Patterson, however, seemed limited during the portion open to the media. I expect Patterson will play against the Indianapolis Colts, as he told The Herald on Sunday.

But ...

It's important he not suffer a setback. It's important the Dolphins are cautious with him.

To that end, it's possible Patterson might be limited to duty as the slot corner in obvious passing situations versus Indy. In that scenario, Nolan Carroll would have to start. Obviously, if Patterson feels fully recovered, he can take his spot in the starting lineup.

Rookie cornerback Jamar Taylor also is not practicing. He's been dealing with the hernia/groin issue since the offseason. He's not going to play on Sunday.

Quarterback Pat Devlin (ankle) also is not practicing today.


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I agree with you about Coyle and his ability to Coach Up DB's. He's proven it over and over again(I also heard that there's ALREADY TALK of other team(s)that will soon be trying to hire/promote him away).

Anyways, yes, Clemons already looks better and Carroll too after just a short time with Coyle. It looked a little unnatural or like he struggled, but NOLAN CARROLL GOT HIS HEAD AROUND AT JUST THE RIGHT TIME and made an impressive INT. Then with Patterson adding to it, it was am awesome opening day for our secondary.

I was hoping big time for Davis or Taylor(even both-lol)to impress enough to be day 1 starters. I think, barring injury, that Davis just might have pulled it off. Just the same, now that Patterson and Grimes are jamming and Davis and Taylor are on the mend, I don't see the need or any way to do it otherwise.

We will have to work them in carefully, slowly, etc, etc. It sucks being patient, but I see this defense just getting better and better as these guys heal and are eased into the line up.

I haven't been this excited about the defenses potential in a Long-LONG time(Thinking back to Marco Coleman and Troy Vincent drafts. I know it didn't materialize like I thought, but I was excited-LOL).

For NOW the Focus is on Andrew Luck and PAYBACK TIME for last year. He stole one from us and it's time for **HIM** to pay some dues!

Take a performance car on a track and race it. It requires a lot more skill than handling a tennis racket that is for sure.

When you say he got kicked off of the team you make it sound like a bad thing.
When Ireland let Roth out of his contract, Roth was signed by Cleveland and started that week and he played for Jville after Cleveland.
Was he an all-star? No.
Did Ireland donate that player to the NFL and receive nothing in rturn? Yes
And what exactly was Roth deprived of by not being here? How about a team with a QB named NoodleArm and a system of BACKDOOR football that made every player, employee and fan of the team look like a sword swallower.
Ireland didn't punish Roth, he helped him out.

Hey Odin,

I thoroughly enjoyed the way you sucked up to Armando yesterday. You are what we thought you were.


Chris "Toast" Clemons...damn that was good, dropped my iPad on that one.


Did anyone notice the five receiver sets we ran, that was us (FINS) right? Sherman calling that, or was I seeing things??

I think you were hallucinating about 5 WRs.
First of all we only have 4 Wrs on the roster.
Second of all Tanne got sacked 4 or 5 times when we sent out 2 WRs and kept in 8 players to block.
Had we kept in 5 players to block Tanne would've been hospitalized.


You're right on that. A Pass rush does help a secondary. A lot.

But also not having the middle of the field always open doesn't hurt either.

I believe Pass Coverage is a whole defense thing. You need guys to rush the passer. You need LBs that can cover LB Land(The first 10yds from the LOS), and you need CBs and Safeties that can cover.

The Ravens still have a great pass rush but their Back 7 Sucks. And Peyton exposed that. The Middle of the Field was wide open that game.

Craig you beat me too it on Edleman. Last week was a dog fight but Vick pulled me through......just saw how that looks, lol.

Besides both our Gs being average(my observation, not the pro-Bowl's) we have no TE that can block effectively, even if Keller had been here. Have to get Dion Sims, as fast as possible, full time in there.


I can't take all the Credit. The CPU drafted the first half of my team. But my team is pretty deep.

On another matter...our TE situation is getting clearer....Egnew is still VERY far way away from being at NFL level, even his blocking is poor as is Clays blocking...poor....this has added to the problems for the Rb's....I cant rememeber when we had a great TE corp that could be both offensive and defensive...to me that is a crucial issue and Keller would have solved it partly but not fully.Its an issue.

Is Irsay scared of the Phins pass rush? Is that why he made that silly demand to protect Luck?

Also, I love the quote from Wake regarding Wallace's comments. "We have the same problem only one QB to sack"


I honestly thought I saw a 5 receiver set once, I remember telling my Dad it looks like a 5 set. I wish I still had the game on my dvr, to check but it's already erased. I only had one beer, I swear it.


I think covering TE's is going to be a big part of D. Jordan's assignments, just hope that shoulder heals right. Kid maybe a monster down the road.

While I realize there aren't alot of TE's on the FA market I have to admit I cringed when the Dolphins said "we're gonna go with what we have" after the Keller injury.

What do we have??? Good spot for a trade imo.

That double TE one back set didn't go anywhere last Sunday. Have to get a FB in there and maybe...

I am sorry. But racing takes Zero Athleticism whatsoever. It just takes practice.

Again, maybe I am just bias. But I want to cheer for something that I know that will be difficult for me to do at a High level.

Soccer and Racing are things that the average person can accomplish with proper training.

Every time I hear people talk about those things like it takes a real athlete to do that well, I only have 1 Question. What organized sport did you play as a kid? Or Teenager.

The Dullfins cant beat Andrew Luck. Faugettaboutit.

One thing I love about Brady, when he's frustrated he shows it. Big time. I can't wait to play NE and make him see the ground - a lot. With Coyles defense and all the looks with blizz's coming from anywhere...he's going to have bad memories of JT all over again. Can't wait!


So Irsay pleads with the Colts O line to protect Luck better... He obviously watched the Fins game film.

Posted by: Jake in Pa | September 11, 2013 at 05:20 PM


He sat up and spilled his whiskey Glass when he saw Starks manhandle Wheedon and Flip Off The Bench!

It was sobering for him to see Wake in on his 3rd Sack of the afternoon.

But when Rookie Dion Jordan started to School Joe Thomas, The Drunken Irsay began to PANIC!

Andrew's Luck has just Ran OUT!

Nice Post Jake. I laughed when I read it, THEN realized how true it is ;)

Wow is Dash stupid LOL

So are you saying that it is harder to get a top 5 finish on a track than it is to win the US Open?

Tennis Players are athletes. And their athleticism can translate to other sports. Think about it, you can make a good Tennis Player a QB. Or a Pitcher.

What other sport can a soccer player play at a High Level.

Theres no athleticism in soccer??? WTF???

You are lucky I actually respect Salguero.

I have a good example of this debate and which I know of. Dashi, you think a jockey of thoroughbreds is an athlete?

Dashi can "head a ball" with ease (pun intended)

None. Soccer is so boring they try to play the 90 minutes as fast as possible.

You just have to be in good shape to play soccer. Give me a team of Cross Country Runners and a Week and I will have them playing Pro Soccer in a week.

Hockey is basically soccer on Ice. And It is Ten times more difficult, and ten times more fun to watch. The Players are Bigger and Stronger.

Now, I am not the Overlord of All Sports. My Opinion is my Opinion. But I bet Most of North America and The Caribbean agree with my opinion. Soccer Sucks.

Can Ross please demand our Oline protect T-hill better and demand better run blocking? That's what the Oline was missing last week.

That's what the Phins are missing is some owner interference ala Al Davis. Maybe he could also demand Wallace get more balls thrown his way and that the RB gain more than 1 ypc. And that Starks and Solai take the deal they were offered or else.

because I know so many love to be dramatic and extreme (and dumb at times), lets go over the definition of "bust"....again--no player taken after Rd 2 can be considered a bust.....ever.....ever--a 3rd round or lower investment is just not enough to warrant that label--and we could really stretch it to mid 2nd round or later, because a late 2nd round pick would barely qualify as well......so a bust can only be a player taken from Rd 1 through early/mid Rd 2, with no argument--mid/late Rd 2 is debatable.....and Rd 3 or later cant be a bust--by definition--look it up. Next up is my tutorial and definition of "elite"......the pundits next favorite (and overused) word.

Dashi has never driven a perfromance car on a track.

Dashe has no idea how much athleticism htere is to soccer when it's so obvious.

One should not be so eager to show their ignorance.

A Jockey is a Specialized thing. For their size Jockey's are athletes. And even then I wouldn't consider them an Athlete.

But Yes, Most Soccer Players can be Horse Jockey's.

Take for instance a Swimmer or a Sprinter. Some might consider them Athlete's. But to me they are just good at their event.

I think that is the problem. People are renaming activities as Sports. Take the X-games. When I was growing up that was an activity. Bike and skateboard tricks. Now those guys are considered world class athletes.

Once I had the opportunity to watch Diego Maradona warming up for practice or a Game(thru a special favor, on film). He started doing back flips at midfield and ended when he ran out of Court. Hmm...

Dashi just tells the world he's dumb

Now after rereading your post Oscar.

I have one Better. Who is the Better Athlete The Jockey or the Horse?

I pick the Horse.

Top soccer players make big bucks for a reason. I can run all day and all night. I'm no soccer player.

A decathelon champion is just good at ten events.

You think Tannehill has to make quick decisions and have the reflexes to react as quickly? Ask a Jockey when he's travelling atop a 1,300 pound animal at 30 miles an hour and trying to get thru a tight space.

Top soccer players make big bucks for a reason. I can run all day and all night. I'm no soccer player.

Posted by: Pele | September 11, 2013 at 09:05 PM

Dashi will never ever understand that. TOO DUMB.

Big Alfy,

Cheers man. Thanks for the good advice. Be safe!

Thanks Odin,
I laughed when I heard Irsay was on twitter. He is scared to death his golden boy will get hurt this week. That pass rush is relentless. It's gonna have all the NFL QB's worried.Swarming they are this year..Thirsty for sacks....Damn impressive

Neither Jordan's or Taylor's injuries were considered career threatening. Injuries are part of football. So again, I'm at a loss for what you are trying to say.

Posted by: Craig M | September 11, 2013 at 07:16 PM

I with you Craig, I'm not getting the point.

Especially the comments on Jordan. The Kid played all of 17 snaps and already has a sack and a Tckl. Despite lining up against and beating Pro Bowler Joe Thomas like a DRUM!

I know about 31 other teams that HOPE LIKE HELL their DE's(Rookies or not)can pull in a sack every 17 snaps. Jordan played pretty well all things considered.

Throwing a football is a skill just like driving a car. Marino was no athlete, he was an extraordinary passer.

Race car drivers require a higher skill and they are risking their life much more than an NFL player.

Hockey is way easier than soccer. The field is much smaller and it requires far less energy to skate than to run.

Anyone remotely observant would realize these things.


Maradonna was always up on some good dope.

Only a fool would succumb to taking anything Irsay says seriously. He is working the media. He is playing you.

God are some of you naive.

Are you Pele, Dashi? Are you Dashi, Pele. YG??


FYI, you are supposed to wipe afterwards, NOT before.

Make a note of it.

Pele.....did you really just say "Marino was no athlete"?--seriously?--do you have any idea what you're talking about?

How far can you throw a Football? How Accurate?

Now, How fast Can you drive a Car?

Yeah, exactly the same thing.

Hockey is way harder than Soccer. Way way harder.

Now if you like Men taking their shirts off and Kissing each other after they score. Then go right ahead. Soccer is your game.

Why do you think you can't substitute players in soccer? Cause it is not that hard.

Soccer is a Major part of the Sissifying of America. Mothers that are afraid of their kids getting hurt playing real sports, let their kids play a game like soccer.

Is Usain Bolt an athlete? After all, all he does is run, fast. Uff, millions of examples of what an Athlete is.


Let me humor your limited reading and comprehension skills.

Marino threw a ball better than 99% of the population. He couldn't run. He couldn't block. He had one skil and was great at it.

The analogy if you were paying attention was to race car drivers. Yes, they are athletes too no matter what some clueless sissy says. QB's only need to worry about taking a tough hit. Drivers worry about dying every millisecond of the race.

Hey, Oscar.

Dashi is Dashi.

Now are you YG?

I always suspected a Dr.Jekyll Ms.Hyde thing with you 2. Who is Who?

Since you 2 always tell each other to stop before it goes to far. Or better said You telling YG to stop. And YG actually stopping.

Debating whether soccer is really a sport is like debating whether the Space program is really Science.

Pele.....Marino was drafted in the the 4th round of the MLB draft (so coulda played baseball for a living).....and is a scratch golfer.....and one of the greatest QBs ever--and he's "no athlete", according to you?--whose "limited comprehension skills" exactly?

Pele.....do those sound like "1 skill"?

These 2 posters here + Armando cranking up the hits. I don't care, it's interesting conversation for us Sports Fans.



Gp back and get your GED without cheating or without the help of your Mom spreading to buy a grade. Then come back. You are not fit for debate.

go ahead.....take a few minutes to flounder around with a dumb and clever response....we'll wait, flounder away

We can all see who will be waiting in line when that movie Rush Comes out.

Race cars are super safe nowadays. When was the last time you watched a Race.

Marino was a choker, quitter, and cheater.....

Speaking of Marino,

Undoubtedly the most incompetant sports analyst on tv, and maybe the dumbest player to ever make the HOF. Great QB. Awesome, but he is god awful stupid.


It came on sunday afternoon and Monday night.
That was all and it was enough.
Now we have to watch Thurs night, Sunday afternoon, Sunday night and then Monday night.
It is no longer fun.
Now it is work and I'm tired of it already.

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