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The latest from Dolphins camp right here

The Dolphins are back working and preparing for Indianapolis today and here's what's going on:

CBs Dimitri Patterson (groin) and Jamar Taylor (groin) are not practicing today. QB Pat Devlin (ankle) is not practicing today.

CB Will Davis, who missed last week's practices and game against Cleveland with a toe injury, returned to practice today. He practiced at least on a limited basis.

The Dolphins did a couple of practice squad transactions today. The club signed QB Austin Davis and cornerback Devin Smith to the practice squad. The club cut CB De'Andre Presley and DT Al Lapuaho off practice squad.

The there's this:

The Dolphins, I'm told, are not pleased with their special teams kick and punt coverage coming off the Cleveland game. The Dolphins today rank 31st in the NFL in punt return defense and they rank 25th in kick return defense.

So the club is considering some changes to the coverage teams. I'm told the team will give practice squader Jordan Kovacs, a safety, a long look on coverage teams this week and if he responds with great work in practice, he might be promoted to the regular roster to work on special teams against Indianapolis.


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Fields is sometimes too good. He outpunts the coverage.

Would be nice if Thigpen actually cought his punts cleanly too. I wince whenever they kick to him.

Patterson sat out and Davis practiced. Good news on Davis but I hope Patterson recovers quickly after that strong start.

I hope the players realize why they're sustaining these muscle injuries that jeopardize not only their playing time but their careers. They can thank their union and the cba for that one. No more two a days boys! Woo-Hoo! And no more hitting during practice on certain days! Only allowed to hit a certain amount of hours now. Yaayy!

Enjoy the muscle injuries, your bodies are no longer ready to handle the jump from half ass practices to full blown games. Thank yourselves and good luck on the stationary.

A couple of Punt returns were kinda big gains. Nothing that had me overly concerned. I do want to point out, Dion Jones was a demon, he seemed to be around the ball regularly. I think their was kick off, that came back because of a penalty that Dion Jones absolutely mugged the KO Returner

Mark I watched the game at a family member's house. 5 Dolphins fans and one Jets fan (poor girl). Every time Thigpen caught the ball we were screaming, "just go down!" or "two hands!".

So you're not alone. And I noticed it extended to other areas of the game. Wide receivers catch,,,"don't fumble it!"" QB throws, "just don't throw an int, throw it out of bounds!"

We are so traumatized as a fan base that we can barely celebrate anything good without wondering when the bad is coming.


It seems the Dolphins are being very cautious with him and this seems like they are resting him. With saying this, I am sure he is legitimately injured, but probably not injured enough to not play. I think Phins took him out of Browns game too.

Can our CB's please stop Lobstertubing so much, these injuries could derail our bid for a perfect season!

Armando is pointing out that Geno Smith and Tannehill's numbers were almost identical.

I would like to point out the obvious here.

1. The Jets were playing at home.
2. The Jets rushed for 90 yards with a 3.4 yd avg.
3. The Jets o-line was much better than the Dolphins line in both phases of the offense.

I'm sick of player comparisons in team games that have so many variables. Incredibly shortsighted.

rdubs,,,lol. And I hope you're right because I've liked Patterson since we picked him up last season. Very solid, I was talking with someone about this in July. I never had much faith in Marshall and was surprised by his starting status. I was very happy when Patterson stole the job.


I think Dmitri is pro bowl caliber, but injuries apparently will always be an issue. Danny Amendola anyone!

Phins Seventy Eight, did you see Jordans sac.?

In saying that I also realize it is the job of reporters to be critics day to day. They don't have the luxury of waiting until the end of the season to write their stories and fill their twitter account.

They react at the moment about what is going on. They take a snapshot and don't have time to paint a masterpiece. (That's why I play devils advocate ;)


Didn't J.Philbin say this was going to be an up tempo fast paced offense ? I see C.Kelly running his high octane offense vs Washington !! With the weapons #17 has at his disposal how come Philbin&Sherman aren't doing it ?

From the last blog...

Phins78, go cry somewhere else.

I've been in this blog when Mando has been here exposing guys like phucyu etc..

So for you & your baby friends who keep laying accusations, back it up. You say he doesn't answer, I say BULLSH*T CAUSE I'VE SEEN HIM DO IT!

All you sissys do is spout the same old BS. Just as you accuse me of doing. Except, I know I'm right & you're wrong.

I don't accuse people of being someone else. You do. The LEASST you coul do, is fact check your ignorant selves to make sure you don't look like jackholes.

Too late!

Freakin Amendola. HUGE mistake by Parcells. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! He benches Welker then lets him walk in the end even though his hall of fame qb practically begged them to resign him?!

Amendola was his answer. The good thing is that Belichick is obviously losing his touch and the afc east is finally starting to open up again.

Amendola out,Vereen out,Gronk is most likely out.
The Jet's may only lose by 2 TD's this Thurs.

For all that is holy I don't believe I accused you of anything. I was just telling you how it looks to others when you write the words you do. I don't really care much. Do your thing.

I will continue to post my 3 stats that I will follow every week this season and will post the results after every game.When they have played a few games or so I will post the seasonal stats if I think there are any trends or correlations that are clear.
If you posters believe that I am good at stating the obvious,I will remind you that I started posting about this long before the regular season started.In fact I have been posting about Red Zone ratio even before Sporano was here(other sites) and you remember how much he liked Fgs.
I believe that these stats are important for the Dolphins and the strength of their team at this time and the schedule(next4 games)that is coming up.
I posted on here before the first game that I thought the running game would be adequate not good(lets see them prove me wrong)and that the defense was key to get the offense turnovers so they could have short fields and help them get points on the board.
I will continue to do this regardless of any posts that try to undermine my credibility.
If the defense plays like they did last week and the offense dosent turn the ball over I still think they can win with the running game they have.What did you expect they let R.Bush go and dont reason that he was helped by the now departed Long because Bush had good stats in his 1st game with Detroit.I wrote on this blog that Miller was unproven for an entire season +200 carries and I do believe he will play a lot better than against Cleveland.


For all that is holy I don't believe I accused you of anything. I was just telling you how it looks to others when you write the words you do. I don't really care much. Do your thing.

Posted by: Phins78 | September 10, 2013 at 03:36 PM

Nobody wants you speaking for them, believe me. Keep cryin.

C'mon, 2 watt. I haven't seen a 28-0 in a long time. I'm starting to believe that you have lost a step.

Mace, what offnese is Chip Kelly going to run if Vick gets hurt?

There's not another qb on the team who can run that offense because they don't have the skill set. So as the media praises Kelly because it's the new hip thing remember the wildcat. And keep in mind the moment Vick goes down they are going to have to drastically change what they run, maybe midseason. That's going to be a disaster so hopefully Vick stays healthy. I wouldn't bet on it because of his track record.

Also I'm interested to see (like the guys on first take pointed out) how the offensive players hold up toward the end of the season when they are playing at this pace all year. Could be a bunch of bad finishes and then everyone talking about how the Kelly offense doesn't work in the nfl because of the longer season and less rest.

Jets-24-Pats-20 love the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS this week love em !! My lock of the week JETS over PATS love em !!

Vick better stay healthy, he's all I got in fantasy.

Whatever, don't care, it's a blog and you called people highschool names like a child so I pointed out why they don't believe you. Trust me, they're perfectly fine with me talking for them, just ask them. Come on ask them if you don't believe me. You won't ask them? That means I'm right! lol

Mace good luck with that. Maybe you should head over to the Jets blog and you guys can share this delusion together. Ha

You know what happens when Brady gets pi#@ed right? Guess who pays, next weeks defense. I've seen it a million times. Rex Ryan isn't outsmarting Belichick. He needs a great defense and he really doesn't have that right now.

Good luck to your boys though, it would be nice to knock the Pats down a peg or two this season!

Rex Ryan gets a boner at the very mention of a twisted ankle.

Hahaha Guy, the only one crying in here is you. Have you seen your posts about being accused of being another poster? lol wah

Phins78 N.Foles is a good QB, they'll be fine if Vick goes down, as for a boring offense he has the weapons let #17 play fast break offense. He knows the playbook better than anyone. Just unleash the kid and roll with it !! Love the JETS over the PATS my lock of the week 24-20 love the JETS this week !!

I think Rexy likes it a little south of the ankle Neil's ghost. He probably gets pretty excited about turf toe or better yet, planters fasciitis.

YG, Didn't you say earlier that you were going away? What was that? Maybe 30 min ago? I'm guessing thats the same amount of time it take's someone to wheel your @zz to the crapper, you taking a push, having someone wipe you, and wheeling your but back to library computer.

Yeah Foles is pretty good (great college career)but he's not a rushing qb and the offense Kelly runs uses a lot of option reads. That's not Foles game, he's a pocket passer. Whole offense changes.

Jets have a shot to beat the Pats this week...a shot for sure.

Last year we sucked on special teams as well...what the heck is going on here?

Posted by: rage ,,,lol

For your information phins78, I've been a dolphin fan since 70 bro !! I'm not a jets fan or a biased sic dolphins fan. I call it as I see it when it comes to the dolphins, unlike most of these sorry a** regulars with no lives on this blog lol !!


Just booked the flight, car, hotel and tix for Indy.

Really excited to be there to see Tannehill insert his name into the discussion with Luck.

Here's to two road wins to start the season!


I don't like J.Ireland I do like J.Philbin #17-#91-#51-#21-#82-#21-#94-#9-#2-#96 those guys are good. The rest of this team seriously seriously blows God the rest of this team sucks !!

NH we were middle of the pack on special teams last year. Actually the team got better as the season went on. Remember that Jets game? Special teams was the reason we won. Also the most important stat, punt returns, the Dolphins ranked 8th in the league. Carpenter really brought our other numbers down. Lets go Sturgis!

Mace, I thought you were a Jets fan after the JETS JETS JETS chant. But I have to realize not every Phin fan hates the Jets as much as I do so typing those words in excitement wouldn't cause you to lose any sleep like they would for me. ha Kind of figured it out after your second post though.

Mace, a little patience.....I know,patience is something that is not easy for Fin fans. But if Miami wins 3 games before the Bye week, it's smooth sailing afterward.

go finsssssssssssss beat those colts

Tuesday hangover day for the blog, talk to everyone later. Have a great night people and make someone smile!

Wilson will beat Kaepernick twice this year Wilson=Super Bowl 48 M.V.P. yes he's so HOTT !!

78, Agreed. I hate the Rottin Stinkin Jet's with every fiber of my being.

Get ready to have our weaknesses exposed this weekend

Rage if they win this game I guarantee everyone in this blog, the Dolphins will be 4-1 going into the break i guarantee it !!

ericatl, are you a Colt's fan?

The Patriots are not that good.

cant you tell? keystone cops out there!

If the Fin's go 4-1,I reset my season win total from 10-6 to 12-4.

mace, u deserve to be chastised for doing a Jets chant on this blog ... for shame. You fart in church too?

Patriots may not have enough player's to field a team. They are dropping like flies.

mace, noticed #11 isn't on your list ... intentional ommission?

Is anybody else concerned about the middle of the field they have to clean it up communition fails in the middle can't have tight ends torching us each game I expected better from Jones/Clemons

Fellas I live in the Bronx, Ny, I hate the JETS=ignorant football fans under 35 FU** the JETS and their fans. Hate the Giants Yankees Mets Knicks Rangers Nets can't stand the women up here also !! Love my Dolphins I live and die with my Dolphins fellas !!

ericatl isn't a colts fan, he's YG

THE DOLPHINS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE DOLPHINS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

welcome back,YG. You ready for another beat down?

I think its safe to say that Wallace hates TanneBust MORE than Marshall hated HenneBust lol

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