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The NFL's starting QBs ranked No. 1-32

Ryan Tannehill is four days from starting his second NFL season. And while we still cannot be certain what he will become, we know he must be better than he's been if he's to earn the trust placed on him as the face of the Dolphins franchise.

Tannehill knows Dolphins fans want, indeed, expect him to be very good this year. The team has surrounded him with a fine receivers corps. The defense is playoff caliber. This is his year to be much better.

He knows this. He hears it when people say he'll be the next great quarterback in Dolphins history.

“It’s nice but, it doesn’t matter, I still have to go out and play," Tannehill said Wednesday. "I have to go out and do the things that I want to do, that we want to do as a team.  We have high expectations for ourselves as a team.  As an offense, we want to be able to put points up.  We brought in a lot of weapons this year, and now it’s time to finally go out and play."

The Dolphins need Tannehill to become outstanding if not elite. That might happen this year. But that's not how he starts the year.

No, as we get ready to kick off the 2013 NFL season, the Dolphins have an unproven quarterback (still) that is not considered upper echelon in the NFL. Indeed, Tannehill is still among the lower third of NFL quarterbacks compared to others around the league. 

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, he's really good. He has all the tools. Ryan's awesome, man. He's got a great arm. He's a captain. He's on the leadership council. He's the man!)

Thank you, gallery. But none of that means squat. Tannehill is one of 32 NFL starting quarterbacks. That makes him special. But if there were a quarterback draft to start the 2013 season, Tannehill would not be picked early.

He probably wouldn't be picked in the middle of the pack, either.

That tells you where Tannehill begins the year in a quarterback-centric league.

I'm not making this up. Consider the Salguero rankings of the NFL's best quarterbacks 1-32. I understand that most of the readers of this blog are Dolphins fans and thus are biased. But try to put your pom-poms aside for a sec and think about what you would do if you were an NFL general manager.

Tell me what spots you would rate the QBs. Tell me where you disagree with the rankings:

1. Aaron Rogers, Green Bay  .... Great arm, smart, mobile, fine athlete, won a Super Bowl.

2. Tom Brady, New England ... Great accurate arm, burning passion to win, won three Super Bowls.

3. Peyton Manning, Denver .... Accurate, manipulates secondaries, makes all the throws, won a SB.

4. Drew Brees, New Orleans ... Height schmeight, fine deep thrower, leader, won a SB.

5. Eli Manning, NYG .... Excellent arm, has innate ability to play big at big moments, won two SBs.

6. Joe Flacco, Baltimore ... Perhaps strongest arm in NFL, blossoming, won Super Bowl in 2012-13.

7. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh ... Behemoth, great improvisation, bazooka arm, won 2 SBs.

8. Matt Ryan, Atlanta ... Smart, uses all his weapons, led team to conference title game.

9. Tony Romo, Dallas ... Great athlete, very good arm, still looking for playoff success cred.

10. Andrew Luck, Indianapolis ... The next superstar. Period.

11. Robert Griffin III, Washington .... Smart, courageous, great accuracy, runs like a deer.

12. Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco .... See RG3 only bigger, stronger.

13. Matt Schaub, Houston .... Pocket passer, plays up to surrounding talent.

14. Russell Wilson, Seattle ... More intangibles than just about any of them. Good arm. Winner.

15. Cam Newton, Carolina ... Adonis in a football uniform, gifted arm, runs well, good, getting better.

16. Jay Cutler, Chicago ... Amazing arm, gunslinger who takes risks, high risk and high reward.

17. Michael Vick, Philadelphia ... When healthy still elite running and passing, under-rated passer.

18. Phillip Rivers, San Diego ... Considered elite 2-3 years ago, has fallen off but still scares people.

19. Andy Dalton, Cincinnati ... More passer than thrower, average arm but gets results.

20. Carson Palmer, Arizona ... Once great, declining but still excellent in right system.

21. Matthew Stafford, Detroit ... Inconsistent but excellent when hot. 80 TDs and only 25 years old.

22. Sam Bradford, St. Louis ... Finally has talent around him at WR, OL. Accurate, strong arm.

23. Ryan Tannehill, Miami ... All the tools, good learner, hard worker, but still work in progress at 25.

24. Alex Smith, Kansas City ... Perhaps best game-manager in the NFL. That's good. And bad.

25. Josh Freeman, Tampa Bay ... Roller-coaster career, roller-coaster accuracy, inconsistent.

26. Brandon Weeden, Cleveland ... Same as Tannehill only five years older and surrounded by less talent.

27. Christian Ponder, Minnesota ... Smart, knows how to win, but not physically gifted like others.

28. Jake Locker, Tennessee ... Inaccurate, inconsistent, on the hot seat.

Tie 29. E.J. Manuel, Buffalo ... Unknown.

Tie 29. Blaine Gabbert, Jacksonville ... Mostly unknown, seems to play scared at times.

Tie 29. Geno Smith, NYJ ... Not ready. Just not ready.

Tie 29. Terrelle Pryor, Oakland ... Brings a spark to the huddle. But great QBs do that and pass great, too.










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Brady isn't top 3 anymore

T-Hill needs to limit his mistakes for the Dolphins to finnish with a winning record.IMO his skill set resembles Bob Griese more than Dan Marino.
The era of dominant running games is past but the Dolphins do have one of the better defenses in the league
stopping the run.They have added players on defense in free agency and the draft and what they have to do is get a lot better against the pass,the NFL in 2013 is a passing league.
They also must get to the QB from all the gaps so they will not be able to double team Wake this year.With an increased pass rush will come more turnovers and IMO in the NFL it is these free possesions that lead to many points and are key turning points in almost all the games.
T-Hill and the offense must play with more precision when in the Red Zone if the Dolphins are to be a winning team this year.When the offense is in this part of the field they must score Tds instead of FGs.
I read something from Sherman regarding being able to run in the Red Zone to be more effective,but when I watch teams like the Packers and the Patriots I dont see them running that much in the Red Zone.Once they get there they seem to play a lot faster than other teams with more urgency to score a TD.I dont think it is a coincedence that these two teams have the top two QBs in your rankings.

'd move Luck ahead of Romo and drop Cutler, Vick and Palmer. I'd probably move Stafford up a few spots. I have mixed feelings about Eli. Sometimes I think of him at 4. Other times I consider him around 10.

Flacco way too high. Super Bowl is fine , but his numbers suck. More likely a lower tier QB who got paid too much.

Writers write stuff for Readers enjoyment....if they really knew how to judge talent they would be an NFL scout nuf said!

1: A Rod. 2: Brees

Absolutely Great Job on QB rankings and description

Home would have Luck just above Romo

Luck is just better, had an outstanding year in Yards and come back wins

Believe Kaep will be much better than RG3 this season

and wish somehow Matty Ice could be listed higher

Again great job
Esp in QB description


RG3 will NEVER be the same

RG3 is soon going to be, .... dead meat

Home has Tannehill finishing the season w better stats than RG3

Go Phins!

Who among those QBs has pulled the most 4th qt come from behind victories? Whichever one it is, he's my choice.

Fukkk LV!!

I wish all of this great quarterback crap would come to an end. Bottom line is you win consistently with great overall talent. Remember the playoff game where Pittsburg blew up the Colts offensive line, and the great Peyton proceeded to throw his offensive line under the bus? Dog Williams, Phil Simms, Jeff Hostetler, Mark Rypien, Joe Theisman, Jim McMahan, Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson-to name a few-all won the big one without being superbly great.

Tannehill will be top 12-15 QB by the end of the year he's not the problem. Thhe problem is this franchise has no mega stars or stars on this roster !! Very poor drafting through the generations has destroyed this franchise period !!

Here's the bottom these are most important games on the schedule, @Indy-@pitt cincy balt s.diego @cle go 5-1 against those teams then you can start dreaming about the playoffs !! Go 4-2 or less then you can start thinking about a new regime in Davie, Fl !!

TanneHOPE still has work to do and is developing

Consistency and accuracy are the issue and the Dolphins QB is developing and improving

Believe Mando has Tanny listed correctly

Go Fish!

no big beefs with the list--I'd have Romo lower and Stafford and Bradford higher

1)-Rodgers-2)-Brees-3)-Wilson-4) Brady-5)-P.Manning-6)-Big Ben-7)-Matty Ice 8)-RG3-9)-Romo-10)-Luck my top 10 !!

Romo has a HOF TE, Miles Austin is back and in the groove and Dez Bryant is breaking out to have a monster year

Michael Irvin has Dez as 2013 NFL MVP

This cast of receivers certainly will help Romo shine
If Andrew Luck had these receivers, ... FORGETTABOUTIT!

and just a few years ago, it was hard to even find 32 good QBs......the QBs for the bottom third of the league were mediocre to downright bad--now some 2nd stringers are decent (Moore, Orton, etc)-but teams like SF, SEA, STL, Miami, Detroit, NYJ, OAK and others all had lousy QBs, borderline starters--the recent influx of talent has been impressive......Stafford, Bradford, Luck, RG3, Wilson, Kaepernick, Newton, Ryan, Dalton.....9 young QBs right there--Schaub and Flacco have emerged--11 relatively new good QBs--hope we can add Tannehill to that list

Not sure Tannehill could crack that top 15 anytime soon, but I dont think that would be a problem......thats a pretty good top 15--I think Miami can be successful if he's a top 20 QB initially......and then top half of the league consistently--if he's mid-pack in that group, he'd be pretty good and Miami should be too--again, look at the names.

Don't forget Weeden, he has a good arm and is smart.

Who cares how you rank THILL entering the season? Lets see how this 2nd Year QB plays THIS YEAR and then judge the kid.

Much more importantly....the injuries to the two rookie CB's are really beginning to show their overall importance and can really threaten the team's early success if they don't get back to being healthy and actually performing well.

1) Their injuries are forcing the team to carry at least one, if not two, extra D-Backs on the roster. Those spots could have been used to fill other positions of need (i.e. OLINE depth or TE depth).

2) Their injuries are forcing the team to play Carroll as the starting Nickel CB. We have all seen how poorly he plays over the past few years. He plays soft coverage too often and gets burned on the long ball. He is a 3rd down conversion and TD opportunity for whatever team we face. I fully expect teams, including the Browns, to pick on Carroll every week until he is ultimately replaced.

Our offensive line and Rb situation is the key. Yes Tanhill has to get it done, but if you cant give him time to pass and you cant run the ball. Game over.

It could all come together, but our start will depend on the O-line doing better than I think they will and our RB's are going to have to come out hot. Can they do it???

Go Dolphins!! The door has been left open in AFC EAst lets walk/ or should I say run through it.

Remember thisTuesday 9:00 p.m. on the NFL Network, the greatest coach in sports history "The Don" Don Shula will be subject on the Emmy award winning "A Football Life" !! I know I know, you ignorant dolphin fans under 35 don't wanna see or hear about the last time this sorry a** franchise was truly on top of the world 40 pathetic years and counting. But watch and learn the way it really was in the good ole days !!

pom poms = axxhole homers.

That seems about right for Tannehill.
It's also not a bad thing when you consider even his most ardent supporters (pre-draft) had the caveat that he would need a year or two to sit and learn.

This off-season I've thought about Tannehill within this "Top 32" context and realistic expectations to indicate continued growth.
After being in the bottom-third his rookie year, at the end of this year he has to be around 15-16. Right there in the middle. For him to jump into that Rivers, Cutler, Schaub type group is realistic.
After Year 3 - He should be right there knocking on the door of the "Top 10". Year 4 and beyond he should be clearly in that Top 10.

Obviously it would be great to reach those levels sooner, but if he reaches those goals as stated, the team should be on the right track.

That is true what shula71 says. All other 3 AFC East division Teams have weakened while we, despite having #rous new Players, I believe have better talent this year as compared to last. The Division is there for the taking.

Wow, Denver by almost 8 over Baltimore. We'll see tonight how accurate LV is in the first Games of the Season.

Other than the fact that I'm not sure what Sam Bradford has done that makes him better - and that's only a 1 position upgrade, if there - you're probably right for how they sit today. The hope ... expectation? ... is that by the end of the year he'll be somewhat higher up the scale: mid-level, or just above.

Mando, this is a great history lesson, but what really does it prove? Tannehill needs to step up in Year 2 (wow, stay up all night to come up with that nugget)? I mean, you have a rookie, playing on a mediocre team, with very little talent around him, and he basically had a typical rookie year (sub .500, just as many INTs as TDs). He shined at times and struggled at times.

But again, that's the past. Tannehill has 1 year of great experience under his belt. He has way more talent around him than last year. He knows the system, he's injury-free. Comparing him to what Luck, RG3, even Wilson did last year is pointless (by the way, any of them win the SB?). I compare Tannehill to what he does and the team does and how he either helps or hurts the goal of making the Playoffs.

10-6? At this particular moment nobody knows for sure, Jack! Could easily be 6-10.

Agree on Carroll

Soooo overrated

Political connection - his mom was the second most powerful person in Florida, ... util the scandal

Carroll is weak link

Need the rookies to get healthy and step up, this is Carrolls last year as a Fin

Carson Palmer has been absolutely horrible the last 3 years! What puts Sam Bradford ahead of Tannehill? Sam Bradford had better weapons than Tannehill last year and was last in the league avg yards per pass. Mike Vick at 17? That is laughable. He was in jeopardy of not even being a starting QB in the league and you have him at 17!

Obviously, if he came out after his Mother, Nolan is very smart and should anticipate the play that's coming. I have not seen this either. Maybe he came out after his Father.

LOL @ oscar canosa


Great fodder for discussion. Agree on tannehill - have to start him right about there but by the end of the year, we should eb discussing him at about 15 if the season goes well.

By the way, Eli > Peyton

Romo is only a top 10 QB on Mr. Roarke's fantasy island. This is one instance where stats are a bloody lie.

Kaepernick should be top 10 easy; 1 play away from having a ring. He'll blow right by RG3 and wilson this year and be top 5 even without a WR corp. to bad we missed that one.

go dolphins! go canes!

Fair evaluation Mando. Hoping for a 5 to 10 spot jump up in 2013.

dolphanSF, or that's what ESPN and NFL Network would like you to believe ...

This guy is a little too Hollywood for my taste. If he becomes top 5, he would be the first "Hollywood" guy to do so ... he'd be as Craig says the Jamie Foxx character in Any Given Sunday.

I still take Eli over anyone ... ice blood in his veins come playoff time.

Also, Romo has won a playoff game. Beat McNabb and the Eagles once.

... and he makes funny commercials with his less accomplished brother

dolfanSF, I like Kap too (he's on my fantasy team). But I'm predicting that the option offenses will be diminished this year because defenses are going to pin their ears back and hit those QBs any time they do anything besides pocket passing. Clay Matthews already said as much. The only question is are these guys (Kap, RG3) athletic enough to escape the Cam Wakes of the world.

Stafford is to low. He should be at least top 15 if not higher. Underrated.

I don't get why you can't compare QB class's...especially if they were taken in the SAME RD...or heaven forbid...a later RD...and ae excelling (Wilson)..

it only makes sense to me...

even the night crew (last night) still debating the Long over Ryan....which ultimately leads to Henne...

Sure you debate QB against QB....and if we had the BEST of the bunch...we would ALL be rubbing it in the jet trolls face (and the league) about how smart our GM was to sit tight @ # 8...and pick HIS QB...without giving up SQUAT...

but alas....

that is not the case....so we say..."why compare"....

I wrote a piece on Ohio's blog(when it was up)...that Tanne...even LAST preseason was just...meh....nothing special...no great throws...no real flashes of suprior accuracy....and I didn't see and BLAZING speed that made him a serious outside the pocket threat...just meh....I expect a lot from a 1st RD QB taken in the top 10...I didn't get what I was hoping for...

So this year...here's hoping Tanne is more EH?! (as in...I need to see that repay again...or how did he dodge that sack and still complete a pass for positive yards....or even...just once...that PERFECT over the shoulder throw...just once....

but for now...to me...he is...meh...

Why is it any guy who has a personality guys dont like?? Do you guys want eveyone to be a square like Peyton Mannings? Give me a Johnny Football, Cam Newton, Jay Cutler who has swag and wins whether it's college or pros.

Im tired of you d i c k in the booty dudes who wants all your players to act like robots

Not a peep from any Herald columnist about Ms. Ross' $200 MILLION donation. Those same columnists couldn't get on their knees fast enough to lick his butt when he was begging for public funding.
Notice that Ross is VERY public about his big donation. Humility ain't in his vocabulary.
Lets have another Tim Tebow day at JOE ROBBIE STADIUM!

The Dolphins will win the Super Bowl, eh?

The QB will throw many TD'S, eh?

The Dolphins can go 19-0, eh?

Kris, who cares how he performs vs his class? Lie this year, does it matter who's better between EJ Manuel and Geno Smith? This both will stink and pay their dues.

Now does the QB give you a chance to win each Sunday? Is the team built to win each Sunday?

I'm a big Qb guy but there are times when your QB needs to be good enough with a great surrounding cast and given how Ireland and Aponte are rolling forward cap dollars at an astronomical rate and the owner writing cheques at a furious rate - the Dolphins should be able to surround Tannehill with a great cast for years to come. We won't have a Baltimore or NYJ situation here ...


Brandon Weeden and Josh Freeman are bothe better than Tannehill.

Tannehill is at the bottom of his draft class.

cheap ross will be happy,
the stadium will be sold out at noon on sat. 4 once.

As usual Mondo, you guys in the sports media just dont understand the offensive line and as you say "what it brings to the table", No tickie no washie. No OL ? No runnie the football, no paseee the ball no winnie the football game.
6-10,,the defense can only do so much, they cant play the entire game!! I feel with 123, kick Tannehill the defense will have to play at superman strength for 16 games and might, actually win 2 games. It takes twice the energy to play defense as it does offense. If Im wrong then why does the defense coach have relays or two different defensive lines that is shuffled back and forth into the game? The only time the Dolphins have defeated Buffalo, New England, JETs is during the fall months in so fla where its still high 90s on the field in Oct. Bruse Smith D/L for the Bills would actually melt in the noonday sun,,,was great. Mr Ross go back to 1/pm kick offs.

Real, why do you care who I like? Did I besmirch the good name of your boyfriend or a guy you want to be like?

By the way Peyton is plenty funny - so is Aaron Rodgers. Those commercials are gold. Differnce between having personality and just being a douche. RG3 has personality but is a leader, Russel too. Kaep is a douche, manziel is a douche ... heck maybe you just like douches.

And Neil, Armando did tweet that it was hypocritical of Ross to donate to Michigan but needs public money for the stadium yesterday. Just because he doesn't say it on a blog doesn't mean he didn't say it.

There, I stood up for Mando - told you I'm fair regarding him and I'm not a "hater" as I was called a few weeks back. Peace out, yo!

sooooo,thenne's qb co. are 3 guys who have never played a snap in a reg game huh?

Even Henne was ranked higher than Tannehill.

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