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The NFL's starting QBs ranked No. 1-32

Ryan Tannehill is four days from starting his second NFL season. And while we still cannot be certain what he will become, we know he must be better than he's been if he's to earn the trust placed on him as the face of the Dolphins franchise.

Tannehill knows Dolphins fans want, indeed, expect him to be very good this year. The team has surrounded him with a fine receivers corps. The defense is playoff caliber. This is his year to be much better.

He knows this. He hears it when people say he'll be the next great quarterback in Dolphins history.

“It’s nice but, it doesn’t matter, I still have to go out and play," Tannehill said Wednesday. "I have to go out and do the things that I want to do, that we want to do as a team.  We have high expectations for ourselves as a team.  As an offense, we want to be able to put points up.  We brought in a lot of weapons this year, and now it’s time to finally go out and play."

The Dolphins need Tannehill to become outstanding if not elite. That might happen this year. But that's not how he starts the year.

No, as we get ready to kick off the 2013 NFL season, the Dolphins have an unproven quarterback (still) that is not considered upper echelon in the NFL. Indeed, Tannehill is still among the lower third of NFL quarterbacks compared to others around the league. 

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, he's really good. He has all the tools. Ryan's awesome, man. He's got a great arm. He's a captain. He's on the leadership council. He's the man!)

Thank you, gallery. But none of that means squat. Tannehill is one of 32 NFL starting quarterbacks. That makes him special. But if there were a quarterback draft to start the 2013 season, Tannehill would not be picked early.

He probably wouldn't be picked in the middle of the pack, either.

That tells you where Tannehill begins the year in a quarterback-centric league.

I'm not making this up. Consider the Salguero rankings of the NFL's best quarterbacks 1-32. I understand that most of the readers of this blog are Dolphins fans and thus are biased. But try to put your pom-poms aside for a sec and think about what you would do if you were an NFL general manager.

Tell me what spots you would rate the QBs. Tell me where you disagree with the rankings:

1. Aaron Rogers, Green Bay  .... Great arm, smart, mobile, fine athlete, won a Super Bowl.

2. Tom Brady, New England ... Great accurate arm, burning passion to win, won three Super Bowls.

3. Peyton Manning, Denver .... Accurate, manipulates secondaries, makes all the throws, won a SB.

4. Drew Brees, New Orleans ... Height schmeight, fine deep thrower, leader, won a SB.

5. Eli Manning, NYG .... Excellent arm, has innate ability to play big at big moments, won two SBs.

6. Joe Flacco, Baltimore ... Perhaps strongest arm in NFL, blossoming, won Super Bowl in 2012-13.

7. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh ... Behemoth, great improvisation, bazooka arm, won 2 SBs.

8. Matt Ryan, Atlanta ... Smart, uses all his weapons, led team to conference title game.

9. Tony Romo, Dallas ... Great athlete, very good arm, still looking for playoff success cred.

10. Andrew Luck, Indianapolis ... The next superstar. Period.

11. Robert Griffin III, Washington .... Smart, courageous, great accuracy, runs like a deer.

12. Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco .... See RG3 only bigger, stronger.

13. Matt Schaub, Houston .... Pocket passer, plays up to surrounding talent.

14. Russell Wilson, Seattle ... More intangibles than just about any of them. Good arm. Winner.

15. Cam Newton, Carolina ... Adonis in a football uniform, gifted arm, runs well, good, getting better.

16. Jay Cutler, Chicago ... Amazing arm, gunslinger who takes risks, high risk and high reward.

17. Michael Vick, Philadelphia ... When healthy still elite running and passing, under-rated passer.

18. Phillip Rivers, San Diego ... Considered elite 2-3 years ago, has fallen off but still scares people.

19. Andy Dalton, Cincinnati ... More passer than thrower, average arm but gets results.

20. Carson Palmer, Arizona ... Once great, declining but still excellent in right system.

21. Matthew Stafford, Detroit ... Inconsistent but excellent when hot. 80 TDs and only 25 years old.

22. Sam Bradford, St. Louis ... Finally has talent around him at WR, OL. Accurate, strong arm.

23. Ryan Tannehill, Miami ... All the tools, good learner, hard worker, but still work in progress at 25.

24. Alex Smith, Kansas City ... Perhaps best game-manager in the NFL. That's good. And bad.

25. Josh Freeman, Tampa Bay ... Roller-coaster career, roller-coaster accuracy, inconsistent.

26. Brandon Weeden, Cleveland ... Same as Tannehill only five years older and surrounded by less talent.

27. Christian Ponder, Minnesota ... Smart, knows how to win, but not physically gifted like others.

28. Jake Locker, Tennessee ... Inaccurate, inconsistent, on the hot seat.

Tie 29. E.J. Manuel, Buffalo ... Unknown.

Tie 29. Blaine Gabbert, Jacksonville ... Mostly unknown, seems to play scared at times.

Tie 29. Geno Smith, NYJ ... Not ready. Just not ready.

Tie 29. Terrelle Pryor, Oakland ... Brings a spark to the huddle. But great QBs do that and pass great, too.










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when u'r 32nd on 3rd downs that's where u belong.

I see that Home is around ...

I'd say thill up 4-5 spots now. Vick way too high. Turnover city. Guys right above thill have proven nothing and may be at ceiling where thill has shown much better flashes.

Alright Tannehill time to PROVE you are worth the pick I know you are!!! All the "experts" don't think the Fins will do squat... prove it!!! GO FINS!!! 11-5

I could care less how high T-hill is on this list he is like Greise more than Marino.How high would have Griese been in his day as opposed to one of the greatest passers ever Marino.
If you thought T-hill was gonna be in the top 10 in his 2nd year, Griese wasnt considered that good until he had a defense that was good and a running game to help keep the opposing defense guessing.In case you didnt know back in Griese's era he only passed about 15 times a game,much different than today.I dont think the 2013 Dolphins running game will be that good, adequate yes but not even in the same stratosphere as Csonka,Kiick and Morris who complemented each other better than any Hollywood script writer could come up with.
The Dolphins do have a improving defense and what T-hill has to do is limit his mistakes and be more precise in the Red Zone.

Kris, following up on Mark's point, I don't mind comparisons, but is Flacco a Top 3 (or even 5) QB to you in this league? That's my point. He won a SB, so who cares where he's ranked. Peyton's Top 3 every year, how many SBs does he have?

Yes, the better the QB, the more "likely" it is that you're team will go further, but 32 team's goal is the SB, and only 2 make it every year (and it's hardly ever the best 2 QBs teams that make it. So while I want Tannehill to be more than "meh", I want the ENTIRE TEAM to be more than "meh." If he's fine and the people around him aren't catching his perfect spirals, then I won't blame him solely for not being a Top 10 QB (not saying that's why he's not). There's an overall evaluation that's being overlooked in a lot of these lists (including Mando's). And that's W and L. For all the criticism Vince Young got, he was a + .500 QB. Ditto Tebow. Doesn't mean they are effective, or even should get starting gigs. But it just means there's more than statistics that go into winning a football game.

Didnt you just know that Ireland would bring us another Chad Henne at QB?

WAAYYY too high for ROMO!

Stafford, Dalton too low.
Rothlisberger, Ryan, Romo, Luck, Kaepernick, Rivers and Palmer too high.

yeah, I think the Romo ranking is the real shocker here.

Guy is pure fool's gold.

..DC..How does your fantasy team look. Thanks for taking my spot in the league. Good post too @ 9:59.
I had a similar opinon. You articulated it much better.

Mark please dude quit writing checks your a s s cant cash! Rodgers is a guy with swag who plays cool under pressure, by your contrast you shouldnt like him! You remind me of Mr Rodgers a dull boring person.. bet if a QB dares says anything out of line you dont want him on your team anymore huh? Loosen up that tie from around your neck buddy, let me guess Kap has too many tattoos so he's a douche! SMH

DD, thanks. We'll see starting today, but I think we're respectable. Some highlights are Marshawn "The Beast" Lynch, Pierre Garcon, Gronk, Randall Cobb. I'm dedicating the Season to you and your Pops, so hope I can do you proud bro.

Tannehill was ranked 29th last year. How did he move up?

Haha, ur a clown. I mention I don't like Manziel or kaap and because I don't like them, I shouldn't like Rodgers or RG3 or Russel or anyone else.

And what does that cheque writing line have to do with this conversation? Totally out of context. Ur obviously mentally challenged or at least very limited. My fault for even addressing you. just forget it man ... carry on. I'm in no mood for internet fights or keyboard feats of strength just because I insulted the good name of Colin Kaepernick and his pretty pictures pasted on his upper body.

Too Early to be worrying about how Tannehill will be ranked"Who Cares' all that matters is how he will perform this year as far as wins go. Tannehill wins 10 plus games this year I would not care if he was ranked 30th. However this would not be possible with the level of competition he will face on there schedule. Barring any major injuries this team will win 10 games and if they win there majority of there AFC games they could make the playoffs!! That's Right! Playoffs!! Go 5-1 in division,beat sd, beat an old Pittsbugh team,Cleveland,indy, then out of these games no,tb,atl,carolina and ravens simply win 2 games and this equals out to 11 wins and that will not only put the fins in the playoffs but I guarantee Tannehill"s ranking will move up big time.!!

....I think that if the defense is as good as I believe it will be. Tannehill only has to be better then just OK..And this team should be pretty good. Now this could be dangerous territory. We have seen how teams with dominating defenses can hide their deficiencies at quarterback. Sometimes these teams win playoff games. Ideally the quarterback is the focal point of the team, and everything else goes as far as he does. But maybe this year, maybe this team is one of those teams that is pretty good, and the quarterback..Still questions.

..DC thanks bro..Time to get on the plane!

Mando's rankings??
Sorry Mano but its very hard to take you seriously about tannehill or anything else with the order of this QBs according to you!!

Carson Palmer above stafford. Invalidates the whole thing. Did you make this list only looking at the prime of each QB? Palmers prime is long gone.

Where is Sanchez? Yes he sucks but compared to geno he looks good.

I live in pittsburgh, and while I'm no fan of the steelers I certainly think their reporters are light years better than the dolphins group. It's like you guys not only dislike the team you cover, it's like you don't ever watch the sport you cover. I'm shocked you didn't put tebow on the list because you hear his name a lot. Romo is as inconsistent a QB as the NFL has ever seen. 5 TDs one week 4 INTs the next he is not top ten, even by default. He has been surrounded by talent his whole career and has squat to show for it!! RG3. Until he learns how to protect himself he is more potential than reality. We all love to say, wow, look hard hard he fights out there. But he isn't helping himself or his team if he sustains 2 or 3 serious injuries a season. I doubt the knee injury has changed anything. But we shall see. I'm betting he is concussed or worse by game 6. I'm not rooting for it, it's just how he plays.

The closest things mando got right are the top 4 and the bottom 5. Everything in between is pure horse-doo-doo!!

mark, save it 4 sun.

mark, the talking heads r wrong every season,it's ^ 2 the player 2 shut evry1 ^,
incl. me.

This is by no means being biased but Palmer ahead of Tannehill, Stafford, and Smith? Based on what his awesome tenure in Oakland?


Warren Sapp whom if im not mistaken bashed the Fins for picking Tannehill last year makes a bold predicition that he Tannehill will beat Marino's single season passing record like he did his rookie record last year.

Winning cures all ills. If the Fins win more games than they lose this year, Tannehill will be perceived as improving and will move up in rankings. However, if he is considered responsible for the losses eh---maybe not.

Haha, matty, sound slike Warren Sapp is enjoying retirement. Just says random things every day depending on his mood. He's the shaq of football.

2 watt, ur absolutely right.

Lets hope this is the last year of the Ryan Tannehill experiment. Lets get Johnny Manziel "Mr. Football", the real deal!!!

Palmer is so high because in Mando's mind trading for him a couple years back was a good idea.

One of the best moves the Dolphins made in the off season was to sign Matt Moore. Right now he is the better quarterback. I understand the greater potential and stronger arm is with Tannehill. However teams do not make the playoffs and win games with a QB's potential. Attempted progression through regression has been the Dolphins Personnel M.O. for many years now. I think the move may work out for the better but right now that's not the case. Matt Moore was ranked number 12 in the NFL when he started for the Dolphins.

Dolphins leadership council this year...

Ryan Tannehill
Mike Pouncey
Cameron Wake
Dannell Ellerbe
Paul Soliai
Richie Incognito

Am I reading too much into it that Big Paul is on the council but Randy Starks is not?

Miami Dolphins, franchise without a face.

Matt Moore was only ranked #12 that year because half the teams he was playing were fighting for the Andrew Luck and RG3 draft picks. Also that #12 rating doesn't factor in fumbles for some reason.

Matt Moore averages > 1 turnover per game in his career. Can't win with a guy like that ... ever.

Its a good thing you work for the herald , no way you could get a job with the nfl, You have Tannehill about 6to8 spots to low . I do not think you really think he is that bad. You are the typical news guy writing something that is not good so you csn get a response.

1.Aaron Rodgers- Mobility gives him the top spot
2.Tom Brady- Will he dominate with no supporting cast...Again.
3.Drew Brees- Just as many SB wins as Manning, Younger, Record Setter
4.Peyton Manning- Can't play forever
5.Joe Flacco- Best deep ball in the league. Consistant
6.Eli Manning- Play's his best when game is on the line.
7.Robert Griffin III- Hardest QB to gameplan against Must Stay healthy
8.Matt Schaub- Underrated, Exteremly Accurate
9.Ben Rothliesberger- Overrated due to multiple superbowl wins with a dominate defense
10.Matt Ryan-great numbers with arguably the best WR corps in the league; needs to win the big one, team underachieves
11.Matthew Stafford-padded numbers throwing to megatron, top 5 in the league when on, inconsistant
12.Andy Dalton- Underrated, possesses all the tools to be a dominate pocket passer
13.Cam Newton-Developing well; physically imposing, unlimited ceiling
14.Russell Wilson-Hard working winner; great athlete
15.Andrew Luck-high pass volume contributed to low comp %. Excells in the 4th quarter
16.Tony Romo- big stat guy, needs to put up when it counts;multiple early playoff exits with stellar teams
17.Colin Kaepernick
18.Sam Bradford-has been mediocre with no supporting cast to speak of
19.Ryan Tannehill-see Dalton, minus 1 year, and extremely mobile
20.Michael Vick-too old to play the style of football he accels at
21.Philip Rivers- as talent fled from San Diego, so did the mirage that was Rivers, franchise QB
22.Jay Cutler-too many mistakes, not enough payoff. Injury prone. Ego-maniac
23.Alex Smith- benifitted from playing with a dominate defense and plenty of weapons, a la Kaepernick. Will struggle in KC, a la Cassel
24.Josh Freeman- would be looking over his shoulder, if someone other than Glennon was back there
25.Carson Palmer- no longer starter quality
The rest
Christian Ponder-drafting him was a mistake; AP's production has allowed Vik's to stand pat
Jake Locker-waiting for the light to come on
Blaine Gabbert-one of the bigger busts in recent history, inferior player to Chad Henne
Terrell Pryor-may run for more yards than he passes for with these Raiders, not a good thing. Stopgap until Oak can fix the OL.
EJ Manual- unknown, slow to develop in college, smarts questioned
Geno Smith- if there was ever a "franchise QB by default", smith would fit into that catagory. We'll see.

ESPN.com power ranking have Miami @ #14. People are starting to pay attention.

^sorry missed Weeden I would put him right before Palmer.

DC and Mark....

You guys both stated and defened your postiton well...and I don't have any issues with either of your post...

"total teams win Championships"....i get that...

my issue is with your perspective....

To this point (imo)...Tanne does not look deserving of the # 8 pick in the draft...I wasn't impressed when they called his name on draft day...and if anything...I am LESS impressed today...then I was then...

Were talking about a guy who's head coach thought he should be playing WR....If you think you have the NEXT "golden arm" on your bench...do you EVER play him ar WR...i would think not...

That is why the pick is so baffaling....Ireland must love him...he passes the Bill Parcells "a qb has to be smart" block on the check list....but let's be clear...Manziel is already 10 times the QB in college that Tanne ever was....and he hasn't taken a SNAP @ WR....

i'm off topic...

In the case of Tanne....i'm from the "show me" state (BTW...will be spending 6 weeks up there after mid-september...have to go to a school)....

Tanne counter-parts have shown....and what we saw was BONUS football...January Football....

QBs are utimtely judged by not only wins and losses...but by PLAYOFF WINS and losses....

His couter-parts have already demonstrated the ability to play play-off football....I just want to see the same from Tanne....

Matt Moore was only ranked #12 that year because half the teams he was playing were fighting for the Andrew Luck and RG3 draft picks. Also that #12 rating doesn't factor in fumbles for some reason.

Matt Moore averages > 1 turnover per game in his career. Can't win with a guy like that ... ever.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 05, 2013 at 10:43 Am
Your comments are delusional at best. The Dolphins did not have much of an offense then but Moore had them competing until the final minute of both games against the Super Bowl participants that year; NY Giants and NE Patriots

Which game this weekend is a bigger snoozefest Cleveland vs Dolphins or Kansas City vs Jacksonville?

@Mark, Soliai has been the guy on the DL as fas a leadership is concerned. Apparently, he's the glue. I took a guess on the council prior to reading the article, and Guessed Pouncey and Soliai.

No free passes for players just becaus it's week one and we are all giddy....

this team is on the verge of a 5th....i say again...5TH consecutive losing season....and the schedule is no cake walk like last year....

We concede the division to the PATS...and PRAY for a Wild Card spot....please....

this mentality has to go...."please get old Tom Brady"....


We need to TAKE IT...and we start that process by EXPECTING that our players play well....not giving them passes....

Tanne has only started "blah-blah" games...


this regime drafted him....after he only started "blah-blah" games...

If Tanne is no better than 8-8 this year....than I fully expect to see his replacement on the roster next April...or sooner...

If Tanne is no better than 8-8 this year....than I fully expect to see his replacement on the roster next April...or sooner...

Posted by: Kris | September 05, 2013 at 11:03 AM
His replacement may already be on the roster > Matt Moore

Can't wait for football to start tonight. Sick to death of predictions and lists and talking about the moves GMs have or haven't made.

Kris, nothing I can tell you can change your mind. Only thing I can say is watch teh games. If the Tannehill that I saw in preseason shows up - then we're gold and would be well worth the #8 pick. Otherwise, you'll be right .. let's see

promichael? No offense? I beleive Reggie Bush had 1,000 yards rushing (almost all during Moore's starts) and Marshall went to the pro bowl. And how is my point delusional about turnovers. Look it up - Moore is horrible at protecting the ball. And his wins that year? Buffalo *2, KC, Wash, Oakland, Jets. Those teams combined record 34-46. he's never beat a winning team. And he did this orgnaization the biggest disservice ever by winning those games by beating teams going nowhere when we were firmly situated in teh RG3 draft slot at the time.

If Matt Moore was truly better than Tannehill, shouldn't Arizona have signed him in the offseason instead of the fading Carson Palmer? KC to have him for free instead of paying two 2nd picks for Alex Smith? Brought into Tennessee or Minnesota to possibly replace the doubtful Locker or Ponder?

No he stayed here with no chance at all to start in 2013. he knows he's a backup - so should you.

Preposterous to compare T-hill with the QB-SB winners. Those guys have been around for years, while this is just the sophomore for T-hill.
Rather compare the inept Ireland who's been there for centuries with other much more efficient GM. Then you will understand why the Dolphins are in such a bad shape.
This is the last call for this moron.

Deez, if you read my posts, you'll know Big Paul is one of my favourite Dolphins ever. Tough as nails, true pro, had every reason to quit and many counted him out and turned himself into a 2 * pro bowler. Love Big Paul and want to see him play here until he retires.

Kris, I would agree. Time for coddling of this franchise is over. We are sufficiently talented to play with anyone now. No back seats, no praying for wildcards and no games are granted losses. Go out there and be men!

Kris bro you'll definitely will have his replacement next year on the roster with a new regime dude definitely will start off 1-4-0-5 dude it's called reality dude !!

"(Peanut gallery: But Mando, he's really good. He has all the tools. Ryan's awesome, man. He's got a great arm. He's a captain. He's on the leadership council. He's the man!)"

You're loyal readers are smarter than that. I don't see many in here that have ever said anything even remotely resembling this. Everyone knows where Ryan is at. He hasn't proven anything yet and I would argue that a couple on that are lower on that list, based on past performance, probably deserve to be ahead of Ryan at this point.

This is his year to take the next step. That's what I'm expecting. If he becomes a top 10 qb this season than great but if he doesn't his career isn't over. We need to see steady improvement each year, that's all you can ask. Hope is different, lets hope he becomes elite but if he doesn't and only improves lay off the kids sack people.

Mark in Toronto, I said the Dolphins did not have much of an offense. Yet they competed with the two Super Bowl contenders that year until the final minute. Look it up! you can not spin what the facts are. # 12 and competed against the best two in the league without a lot of help. Stop the spin game, you can not distort the facts.

The same idiots that liked Henne like Tannehill. Its laughable.

DC I'm 100% with you on this one. I was talking about that a week ago in here. Elite would be great. But it doesn't take elite to win a Super Bowl and that's the ultimate goal right? Or is the goal to be able to brag about our qb being top 3? Haha

Phins 78...

the goal is to bragg about your QB being top 3....

isn't that what we FIN FANS do with Marino all the time...

that ALL we have....Marino being top 3....and 1972....


Jaison keep in mind the list is of the STARTING qbs for week one. Therefore Sanchez and Tebow would be left off.

Kris/Mark, agree with both of you. I'm "hopeful" Tannehill is the guy, but he has to do a lot more to prove it. And I don't have Henne-time to give him. If he can't take the team to the next level, then they need to get the next guy in here quick.


not sure if I would just hand the reins over to Moore...

but I can say...

I would have loved for an OPEN and HONEST QB competetion this past camp....

I mean...7-9....should Tanne's job really have been etched in stone...or anybody's for that reason...

I think Tannehill and Smith belong at 13 and 14.

My reasoning is value. I would not trade Tanne for anyone over 12 on your list. Some of those guys might have played better last year but will they be playing better at the end of this year? I think not.

Cam Newton? would you actually rate him better than Tannehill? Michael Vick won't be in the league in 2 years.

Vick 17? How exactly? If there was a QB battle between Tannehill and Vick Tannehill would win hands down lol

Mark in Toronto, The Dolphins will be looking to replace T-Hill if he is not winning very early in the season. Why do you thinks they paid Moore the contract they gave him? Forget it you will just spin, distort and make an absurd comment that is delusional. What you wrote is delusional because the facts and numbers do not back up what you posted. You are trying to support your original premise which is incorrect and not backed up. Due to Matt Moore's rating and the teams ability to compete with the best in the league at the time.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 05, 2013 at 10:41 AM

I don't think you are! Starks is gone after this season with the emergence of Odrick. If Odrick stays healthy and keeps mauling he's our new dt opposite Solai. They will keep younger,cheaper, more upside every day Philbin is here imo. Total change from Sporano and his over the hill vets.

Kris, lol

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