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The NFL's starting QBs ranked No. 1-32

Ryan Tannehill is four days from starting his second NFL season. And while we still cannot be certain what he will become, we know he must be better than he's been if he's to earn the trust placed on him as the face of the Dolphins franchise.

Tannehill knows Dolphins fans want, indeed, expect him to be very good this year. The team has surrounded him with a fine receivers corps. The defense is playoff caliber. This is his year to be much better.

He knows this. He hears it when people say he'll be the next great quarterback in Dolphins history.

“It’s nice but, it doesn’t matter, I still have to go out and play," Tannehill said Wednesday. "I have to go out and do the things that I want to do, that we want to do as a team.  We have high expectations for ourselves as a team.  As an offense, we want to be able to put points up.  We brought in a lot of weapons this year, and now it’s time to finally go out and play."

The Dolphins need Tannehill to become outstanding if not elite. That might happen this year. But that's not how he starts the year.

No, as we get ready to kick off the 2013 NFL season, the Dolphins have an unproven quarterback (still) that is not considered upper echelon in the NFL. Indeed, Tannehill is still among the lower third of NFL quarterbacks compared to others around the league. 

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, he's really good. He has all the tools. Ryan's awesome, man. He's got a great arm. He's a captain. He's on the leadership council. He's the man!)

Thank you, gallery. But none of that means squat. Tannehill is one of 32 NFL starting quarterbacks. That makes him special. But if there were a quarterback draft to start the 2013 season, Tannehill would not be picked early.

He probably wouldn't be picked in the middle of the pack, either.

That tells you where Tannehill begins the year in a quarterback-centric league.

I'm not making this up. Consider the Salguero rankings of the NFL's best quarterbacks 1-32. I understand that most of the readers of this blog are Dolphins fans and thus are biased. But try to put your pom-poms aside for a sec and think about what you would do if you were an NFL general manager.

Tell me what spots you would rate the QBs. Tell me where you disagree with the rankings:

1. Aaron Rogers, Green Bay  .... Great arm, smart, mobile, fine athlete, won a Super Bowl.

2. Tom Brady, New England ... Great accurate arm, burning passion to win, won three Super Bowls.

3. Peyton Manning, Denver .... Accurate, manipulates secondaries, makes all the throws, won a SB.

4. Drew Brees, New Orleans ... Height schmeight, fine deep thrower, leader, won a SB.

5. Eli Manning, NYG .... Excellent arm, has innate ability to play big at big moments, won two SBs.

6. Joe Flacco, Baltimore ... Perhaps strongest arm in NFL, blossoming, won Super Bowl in 2012-13.

7. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh ... Behemoth, great improvisation, bazooka arm, won 2 SBs.

8. Matt Ryan, Atlanta ... Smart, uses all his weapons, led team to conference title game.

9. Tony Romo, Dallas ... Great athlete, very good arm, still looking for playoff success cred.

10. Andrew Luck, Indianapolis ... The next superstar. Period.

11. Robert Griffin III, Washington .... Smart, courageous, great accuracy, runs like a deer.

12. Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco .... See RG3 only bigger, stronger.

13. Matt Schaub, Houston .... Pocket passer, plays up to surrounding talent.

14. Russell Wilson, Seattle ... More intangibles than just about any of them. Good arm. Winner.

15. Cam Newton, Carolina ... Adonis in a football uniform, gifted arm, runs well, good, getting better.

16. Jay Cutler, Chicago ... Amazing arm, gunslinger who takes risks, high risk and high reward.

17. Michael Vick, Philadelphia ... When healthy still elite running and passing, under-rated passer.

18. Phillip Rivers, San Diego ... Considered elite 2-3 years ago, has fallen off but still scares people.

19. Andy Dalton, Cincinnati ... More passer than thrower, average arm but gets results.

20. Carson Palmer, Arizona ... Once great, declining but still excellent in right system.

21. Matthew Stafford, Detroit ... Inconsistent but excellent when hot. 80 TDs and only 25 years old.

22. Sam Bradford, St. Louis ... Finally has talent around him at WR, OL. Accurate, strong arm.

23. Ryan Tannehill, Miami ... All the tools, good learner, hard worker, but still work in progress at 25.

24. Alex Smith, Kansas City ... Perhaps best game-manager in the NFL. That's good. And bad.

25. Josh Freeman, Tampa Bay ... Roller-coaster career, roller-coaster accuracy, inconsistent.

26. Brandon Weeden, Cleveland ... Same as Tannehill only five years older and surrounded by less talent.

27. Christian Ponder, Minnesota ... Smart, knows how to win, but not physically gifted like others.

28. Jake Locker, Tennessee ... Inaccurate, inconsistent, on the hot seat.

Tie 29. E.J. Manuel, Buffalo ... Unknown.

Tie 29. Blaine Gabbert, Jacksonville ... Mostly unknown, seems to play scared at times.

Tie 29. Geno Smith, NYJ ... Not ready. Just not ready.

Tie 29. Terrelle Pryor, Oakland ... Brings a spark to the huddle. But great QBs do that and pass great, too.










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Moore had 8 years to prove he is no better than a back up qb. Everyone in the league knows it and it's why he stayed in Miami. Look at all of the qbs in the league and tell me which team was signing Moore to be their starter? Everyone either has a proven qb or they have a young up and coming qb they're riding with.

This debate is ridiculous. Even the season Matt Moore was ranked 12th he played inconsistently. He fumbled far too often and NOT ONCE did he beat an over .500 team. He did okay against the crap teams of the league and fell apart when their was real competition. How anyone wants to roll with this guy and not get our future started is a mystery to me.

Tannehill - Dalton, relatively identical rookie numbers despite the fact that Dalton was throwing to the likes of AJ Green.
Tannehill - Luck, Tannehill was clearly the more accurate passer, Luck getting more media hoopla due to a pass happy offense and no running game.

Tannehill's progression is on on par, if not superior to other franchise quarterbacks from the past 2 drafts. Comparisons to RGIII, Wilson, and Newton are flawed because of the style they play. Look at Vick. He came into the league on fire, but guys like that hit thier ceiling quick. There is no historical evidence to suggest otherwise. We all know Tanny can run, so why do you think Sherman didn't call any plays to take advantage of his athleticism? It's because he is teaching him to be a pocket passer first, runner second. Guys like Griffin, Wilson, and Kaepernick are fun to watch, but how long are they really gonna last in in todays NFL?
As for Luck, I really haven't seen the proof that he is that much superior to Tannehill, if at all. Maybe he will separate himself this season. Or not.

I still take Eli over anyone ... ice blood in his veins come playoff time.
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 05, 2013 at 09:34 AM

no one can argue with that. Game on the line I'll take Eli over ANYONE. The best and least talk about QB in the league, I don't get that. Plus he preserved FINS undefeated record by beating the Pats back in 07.

Hold back the development, possible break out season of our young drafted qb, WITH ALL OF HIS UPSIDE, to ride a backup qb to 9-7 and a first round playoff loss?

Please tell me there's mnore to it than that.

And did these people miss the preseason? Did Tannehill not improve every week, throw zero interceptions and post very respectable numbers?

And didn't Moore play much worse proving to the coaching and staff and the entire fan base why Tannehill is the starter? Was I dreaming all of that?

Talk to you guys later. Enjoy the game tonight.

If the team does well Tanne will get some of the credit and jeff ireland will get the rest of the credit.
If the team plays poorly or plays well and loses then Tanne will get 100% of the blame.

It's win-win for Ireland.

Kris before I go you probably read this already. But just in case you didn't I believe this is more of what you're looking for from our team.

Mike Wallace to Joe Haden, "Be ready Sunday".

Kris, Promichael,

Moore and Tannehill had two camps side by side - Tannehill had the better number both years.

Besides, promichael, how is stating that he never beat a team over .500, the fact that nobody gave him a starting job when they could've had him for nothing, and his turnover rate spinning? Those are facts.

And his money as you call it? He got what his market was as a top backup qb in the NFL. Similar to Kyle Orton money I believe.

I disagree Tanne 10 or 11

Phins78 there will always be people putting the backup QBs on a pedestal until we have a QB in the top 10, and make the playoffs.

Tannehill is getting all the reps because he should get all of them. He's the starter. If this year is a disaster then I maybe see a QB competition next year but no way was that happening this year. He needs every rep he can get and you need to build his confidence not break it down.


not sure if I would just hand the reins over to Moore...

but I can say...

I would have loved for an OPEN and HONEST QB competetion this past camp....

I mean...7-9....should Tanne's job really have been etched in stone...or anybody's for that reason...

Posted by: Kris | September 05, 2013 at 11:21 AM
I'm not suggesting that the Dolphins start using Moore. I'm just glad, as I posted, that the Dolphins gave him the contract that they did to entice him to stay and play QB if T-Hill is injured or does not produce wins.

Was I dreaming all of that?
Posted by: Phins78 | September 05, 2013 at 11:35 AM
78, u still are dreaming,
that's what delusional homers do.


In the 2nd preseason game the Jags went with a no huddle offense from the first snap that Gabbe was in the game, they ran the no huddle the whole time Gabbe was in there.

Immediately after the jags named Gabbe the starter even though Henne outplayed him.

When a team has to use a trick offense as it's base offense to cover for the QB that is BACKDOOR football.

To make things worse Gabbe fractured his right thumb in the game but instead of putting him in a cast for 4 weeks like a man would do the Jags are pretending that he will start Sunday so that KC will have to prepare for him and Henne. That is BACKDOOR also.

Gabbe needs to get in there and take that beating and Henne needs to go somewhere else.

dolphan SF @ 11:33 said the other day that the NY Giants always have a place in my heart for beating teh Bills and the Pats twice in the SuperBOwl including the buge one you mentioned.

Mark from Toronto; in camp is not a competition that Moore lost to Tannehill. You lose your starting job on the regular playing field. Not learning an offense that the rookie T-Hill knew from college etc...T-Hill was anointed from day one. His college coach, the owner etc...that's not being outplayed when it counts; a regular season game.

if norwood ain't miss,the bills reel off 4 str8 sb's from the winners high.a tsunami of bleu cheese.
fax jax.

Phins78, see it the exact same as you. the same people screaming about mediocrity are the same crying for Matt Moore - Mr. mediocre. Sure will help you compete but you'll never be better than 6-10, 7-9.

Also, look at those amazing pass stats from those Dolphins games when Moore was the big #12 ...


Wow, now there's a guy that screams franchise to me.

If the team does well Tanne will get some of the credit and jeff ireland will get the rest of the credit.
Posted by: ExposingTheFraud

Am I alone then because I feel the need to give Ireland virtually no credit for Tannehill?

I admit it's an assumption on my part, but I look at the situation, and they brought in an offensive mind at coach. By all accounts the main decision outside internal options was between Flynn and Tannehill. Miami was in the unique position where you actually had the previous coach for each of those two guys in the room.
It's hard not to think others were more responsible for that decision...or even if it was Ireland's call...It's tough not to acknowledge he was working with information far beyond what a GM would typically have.

m m, 2 str8 fed ex air pow awards at qb 4 the phinz. fax jax.

Matt Moore was rated the #10 QB when he started.

Also, should I mention how much of Moore's passing stats left town when Marshall was traded? I know, I know I'm spinning ....

187 avg yards per game in those 6 games against craparse football teams....

Phins, I really hope they move Wallace around if Hayden is covering him. The guy is a great player. That's who I'm most worried about on defense. On offense, of course...DAVONE BESS!!!

and m m was 2nd in the entire nfl on long ball comp.
78, that means that 30 other qb's were behind m m on that stat k?

It was Steven Ross that drafted Tannehill. It was all over every sports media news. So he deserves any credit or blame for Ryan Tannehill.

On the Channing Crowder show on WQAM, Crowder said that Ricky Williams told him he smoked a bunch of weed the night before he ran for 200 plus yards against Buafflo. Legalize the bud already! Remember the celebration Ricky did when he scored he pretended he had a blunt and blew smoke in the air as if it was we ed smoke! Lol

Mark in Tornto is mary jane legalize there just out of cursoity??

dc, mw opened his mouth yday and told haden 2 look out.

Real, no it is not but it's everywhere. If you have a cool doctor, he will give you a license that allows you to carry it around and smoke it - quite a substantial amount too - also allowed to grow it - up to 7 plants from what I'm told.

only 3 wr's have been blocking down field for the phinz the past 2 decades.
1 i. fryar.
2 b. marsh.
3. m wallace.
blox that actually do something that is.

figures that they all came from some place else.wtf?

Last year...

I thought that with the new "aggressive" style "attacking" offense coupled with the weak schedule....we would get to 11-5...

I then figured that the following season (this one) Tougher schedule...and tougher "place" schedule...we would stumble a bit...and finish 7-9 or 8-8...before finally getting our footing and becoming a team of year in and year out competitiveness....


due to last years failed expectations....I believe we are further behind than I thought...

No Keller= no step UP in wins....and Lord only knows who else will go down during the curse of the season...

It breaks my heart to say it....

but I got us @...

6-10...7-9 @ best....

New QB competition...

and talking draft postion by the end of OCT...

Caching staff stays tho...but Ireland is a lame duck GM....

Interesting list - I'd put RT at 20 or 21 (does anyone wish we had Carson Palmer instead? really?), but we are all about to find out.


Dude I think you left out some of the facts:
-Henne told team to phuc off
-Orton told team to phuc off
-Peyton told team to phuc off
-Flynn told team to phuc off
-GARRARD NOT TANNE won the starting job

While that was going on:
-Harbaugh told the team to phuc off
-Cowher told the team to phuc off
-Gruden told the team to phuc off
-Fisher told the team to phuc off
-Then Philbin came in and impressed Ireland with his package

I like Tanne.
He's a cool guy.
He's young.
He's a millionaire
He's getting the most out of life
I think he is a below average NFL QB

ETF, your one negative dude..

marino didn't start t'll game 4.
bg only threw 8 x's a game. and?



I understand what you are saying....but EVERYTHING is about context imo...

In todays NFL...its dam near impossible to NOT to throw for a crap load of yards QB...

Baseball had a slogan in the 90's...."chicks dig the long ball"....

the NFL's slogan should be..."Chuck it deep"....cause the rules make it nea impossible to defend a WR....

even by making your comparison...it seems like there is a paralell between Tanne and Marino...heck...one might say that the favors slightly tip in Tanne's direction....

I say...(chad Johnson) "chile' please"...

remember when 5,083 was untouchable....

well...it was SHATTERED in 2011 by 2 QBs...

and again in 2012....while two other QBs threw for just a shade under with well over 4,900 yards...


Tannehills draft class is out playing all the QB's in the league. RG3 is good as any.

2 watt stop making silly comments regarding 3rd down.

You know we had the worst receivers in the league last year.

I'm not trying to be negative.
TheRyanFlaherty posted that the team was tring to decide between Flynn and Tanne.
The truth is that the team made Flynn an offer and he went to Seattle instead because it was a better situation.
Had Flynn accepted Ireland's offewr then Tanne would not have been drafted here.
But like I said I like Tanne. I have nothing against him I just don't think we need revisionist history.

molly cyrus @12:25

Worst WRs in the league last year?

Hartline out produced Wallace
Bess out produced Gibson
Fasano outproduced Keller

It's time for football. I'm briefly dropping all criticism of Ireland, Tannehill, the offensive line, and just going to be a mindless fan until 4pm on Sunday.


that is probably the best mind set to be in....

whish I was there....

Wallace averages 8 TD's a year. How many did Hartline have???

Leave it to ETF to be the dummy of the week.

We have a better QB, better receivers, better linebackers, better DTs, better secondary, better pass rush, 2nd year in the system but we will win fewer games?

Something does not equate.

ETF, he didn't go to Seattle because it was a better situation, it was because everyne including Matt Flynn and Armando thought Ireland gave him a low ball offer.

Guess what? ireland actually overvalued him because he offered him a better contract than he gave Moore this past offseason. I'm not a big Matt Moore fan but I would acknowledge that he is more accomplished than Matt Flynn.





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2 watt rogue, sapp smox more than ricky.

NFL NETWORK is saying to drop Josh Gordon from your Fantasy this week.

HaHa, it just keeps getting better...


Its Tanne's 5th year in the "system"...

means nothing...

and yes...

that is my opinion....

Got a question for you....I LOVED the DANSBY signing...thought we were getting the best in the buisness...a real "parcells guy"....

how many winning season's did that get us....

OH...I loved the Marshall signing too...and coudn't have been happier that Bush chose to come here for a stop in his career....

Among other lower profile hires i liked as well...

4 years in the "system"....

how many winning seasons did that add up to....

my point...it doesn't "equate"...because your formula is flawed...

kris, i'll be stoned all weekend starting at noon 2mrw. canes/gators.

c'mon kris. i'll even be ^ 4 the 1pm k/o on sun.
but my pom poms will be made of glaxx.

what's on ya'lls' menu at game time?
at the 2 watt household we are eating 78 food. i mean lasagne.

Its like the episode of BREAKING BAD....when they coudn't "cook" because the fly was in the room...

fear of contamination....in this case...the QB....

I farted in my cubicle and it stinks, hope no one walks into my area.

Thats fine if he if he doesn't break the record.

The fact that people think he can is up lifting.

get a fan and point it at the next cubicle.


2 watt...

from 1-4...I'm all for the FINS....but it doesn't feel like last year to me...

and maybe thats a good thing...cause last year sucked...

maybe my FIN RADAR is broken..

in any case...we should be the browns....

I hate to be the realist on the blog again...but the BROWNS game only matters...if we lose....

When we win...it should be buisness as usual...

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