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The NFL's starting QBs ranked No. 1-32

Ryan Tannehill is four days from starting his second NFL season. And while we still cannot be certain what he will become, we know he must be better than he's been if he's to earn the trust placed on him as the face of the Dolphins franchise.

Tannehill knows Dolphins fans want, indeed, expect him to be very good this year. The team has surrounded him with a fine receivers corps. The defense is playoff caliber. This is his year to be much better.

He knows this. He hears it when people say he'll be the next great quarterback in Dolphins history.

“It’s nice but, it doesn’t matter, I still have to go out and play," Tannehill said Wednesday. "I have to go out and do the things that I want to do, that we want to do as a team.  We have high expectations for ourselves as a team.  As an offense, we want to be able to put points up.  We brought in a lot of weapons this year, and now it’s time to finally go out and play."

The Dolphins need Tannehill to become outstanding if not elite. That might happen this year. But that's not how he starts the year.

No, as we get ready to kick off the 2013 NFL season, the Dolphins have an unproven quarterback (still) that is not considered upper echelon in the NFL. Indeed, Tannehill is still among the lower third of NFL quarterbacks compared to others around the league. 

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, he's really good. He has all the tools. Ryan's awesome, man. He's got a great arm. He's a captain. He's on the leadership council. He's the man!)

Thank you, gallery. But none of that means squat. Tannehill is one of 32 NFL starting quarterbacks. That makes him special. But if there were a quarterback draft to start the 2013 season, Tannehill would not be picked early.

He probably wouldn't be picked in the middle of the pack, either.

That tells you where Tannehill begins the year in a quarterback-centric league.

I'm not making this up. Consider the Salguero rankings of the NFL's best quarterbacks 1-32. I understand that most of the readers of this blog are Dolphins fans and thus are biased. But try to put your pom-poms aside for a sec and think about what you would do if you were an NFL general manager.

Tell me what spots you would rate the QBs. Tell me where you disagree with the rankings:

1. Aaron Rogers, Green Bay  .... Great arm, smart, mobile, fine athlete, won a Super Bowl.

2. Tom Brady, New England ... Great accurate arm, burning passion to win, won three Super Bowls.

3. Peyton Manning, Denver .... Accurate, manipulates secondaries, makes all the throws, won a SB.

4. Drew Brees, New Orleans ... Height schmeight, fine deep thrower, leader, won a SB.

5. Eli Manning, NYG .... Excellent arm, has innate ability to play big at big moments, won two SBs.

6. Joe Flacco, Baltimore ... Perhaps strongest arm in NFL, blossoming, won Super Bowl in 2012-13.

7. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh ... Behemoth, great improvisation, bazooka arm, won 2 SBs.

8. Matt Ryan, Atlanta ... Smart, uses all his weapons, led team to conference title game.

9. Tony Romo, Dallas ... Great athlete, very good arm, still looking for playoff success cred.

10. Andrew Luck, Indianapolis ... The next superstar. Period.

11. Robert Griffin III, Washington .... Smart, courageous, great accuracy, runs like a deer.

12. Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco .... See RG3 only bigger, stronger.

13. Matt Schaub, Houston .... Pocket passer, plays up to surrounding talent.

14. Russell Wilson, Seattle ... More intangibles than just about any of them. Good arm. Winner.

15. Cam Newton, Carolina ... Adonis in a football uniform, gifted arm, runs well, good, getting better.

16. Jay Cutler, Chicago ... Amazing arm, gunslinger who takes risks, high risk and high reward.

17. Michael Vick, Philadelphia ... When healthy still elite running and passing, under-rated passer.

18. Phillip Rivers, San Diego ... Considered elite 2-3 years ago, has fallen off but still scares people.

19. Andy Dalton, Cincinnati ... More passer than thrower, average arm but gets results.

20. Carson Palmer, Arizona ... Once great, declining but still excellent in right system.

21. Matthew Stafford, Detroit ... Inconsistent but excellent when hot. 80 TDs and only 25 years old.

22. Sam Bradford, St. Louis ... Finally has talent around him at WR, OL. Accurate, strong arm.

23. Ryan Tannehill, Miami ... All the tools, good learner, hard worker, but still work in progress at 25.

24. Alex Smith, Kansas City ... Perhaps best game-manager in the NFL. That's good. And bad.

25. Josh Freeman, Tampa Bay ... Roller-coaster career, roller-coaster accuracy, inconsistent.

26. Brandon Weeden, Cleveland ... Same as Tannehill only five years older and surrounded by less talent.

27. Christian Ponder, Minnesota ... Smart, knows how to win, but not physically gifted like others.

28. Jake Locker, Tennessee ... Inaccurate, inconsistent, on the hot seat.

Tie 29. E.J. Manuel, Buffalo ... Unknown.

Tie 29. Blaine Gabbert, Jacksonville ... Mostly unknown, seems to play scared at times.

Tie 29. Geno Smith, NYJ ... Not ready. Just not ready.

Tie 29. Terrelle Pryor, Oakland ... Brings a spark to the huddle. But great QBs do that and pass great, too.










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Kris, i don't know what got you so sour from April to now but I'm confident in my assessment. You can call it flawed but I'm 100% sure that I will be right.

Right now you're choosing to see the potential downside in everything and I see upside everywhere ...

and regarding Dansby and Marshall ... those didn't work because they got here to get paid. they weren't team guys, weren't professional. Dansby at 270 lbs?? Marshall parading with the pro bowl MVP award like he won the super bowl and telling everyone that's what he can do with a franchise QB???? really? From a pro bowl game????

Bush ... well at this point I don't see as a pure RB how Miller could be a step down.... time will tell.

2 watt, no fan smeels like sewage mix with eggs in it

browns @ the # ain't gonna be easy kris.

especially what l james did them also.


i'm gonna say it...

when the heck did Warren Sapp's word become the gospel on this blog....

I can't stand the guy myself...and unless he is talking about SACKING the QB...or what it took to get to the QB to sack him....

I tune him out...

Sapp is very knowledgeable, dont get why you guys bashing him.


hats what makes this blog what it is....

I can disagree...you can disagree...and then on Sunday...we can see who is on the side of right...

and the best part is....

nobody has insulted anybody or their momma....or has insinuated wanting to curse peopl's families...

so that is a plus...

promicheal??? seriously MM is the better QB right now? Why is his QBR and stats during the game, not practice, as they all say he's a gamer , lower against #2's and 3's?
I dont have anything against him as he is a good back up but thats what he has and will always be.. 3 different teams agree... he doesnt have a winning record as a starter... which i know Tannehill doesnt right now either.


If this blog is still up and running....

I am going to buy your ticket to the HOF induction ceremony of Marshall...just so I can see the look in your face....all expenses paid...

it will be worth it...

Hopefully Warren sapp will be getting a large payout from the concussion settlement.

its 1 PM...

I gotta do some work...

last chance for rebuttal....

Dansby was to appease the fans as he was an outside backer being converted to the middle.. The Fins over paid for him to run his mouth about how he was the greatest and could cover TE's ... Well he is on a one year contract with his original team, after that, who knows maybe retirement.. I liked the acquistion at first but when you saw his commitment to the team it was nothing more than Crowder 2.0

Matty..agree...I liked it @ the time...but it turned out to be nothing but hype...

ofcourse this year...he makes the pro-bowl...lol...

So where does Kirk Cousins belong on this list if he were a starter?

Miami vs NE on MNF to open 2011 season

Brady 550 yds
Henne 450 yds
1000 passing yds in game = NFL record

Will the record be broken tonight?

Kris, now you got me pizzed with the marshall HOF nonsense. Friggin jack off that guy is ...


You get multiple big passing plays.
Flacco + Peyton = a lot of manhood

mattybfromnc, read the stats and the rating on Moore when he was the starter with an inferior offense. I'm not going to repeat myself. Stopping a guy like Brandon Marshall was not that difficult. With Marc Colombo playing RT all other teams had to do was send a pass rush to his side and take the QB's time away. I'm done with this subject. T-Hill is the starting QB but I'm glad the Dolphins paid Moore great money to stay with the Dolphins and replace him due to injury or lack of performance.

cuz's = wilson imfo.

If it's an accurate position at 23 and he improves to, say, 13-15 in his second year I think that bodes well for the future. Don't know what this means relative to red zone success or team success this year but I'd take it.

Where is Dashi?
I've not seen him for several days.
I hope he was not in an accident but if he was then I hope he wearing clean underwear.

promichael, the offensive personnel was inferior to the one moore had. Martin was as bad at RT as Colombo was and Bush was a year younger and the WR corps was the same except for the addition of Marshall. Your analysis doesn;t make one lick of sense at all.

Prorate Moore's stats from that year 3,073 yards, 20 TDs, 22 turnovers. Less yards than Tannehill and more turnovers than Tannehill. Granted more tds, but when you consider Moore was a 5 year vet to Tannehill's rookie year well... I don't really know how you make a case for Moore being better now...

I mean if Tannehill was producing those stats 4 years from now, we all would be booing him out of town.

Anybody going to watch the game tonight?

Mr Salguero you must secretly want to have amother job in this sport as well as a lot of you on this blog.That of a sports agent.
A top ten ranking on this list or anyone else,s might help each prospective client renegoitiate their contracts or jump ship for the best offer.
Who cares T-Hill will never be in the same league as Marino as a passer although he could be as good a leader as Griese was.
Marino was great from the beginning you could see it from watching him play.T-Hill is in the NFL and is the starting QB,which is an accomplishment in itself how many are there 32 in the whole universe,who thinks he needs to be 15th 20th or even in the top ten.
He and his agent would like to occupy a top position as a QB in the NFL but if he manages the game and leads his team to a winning record I bet a lot of you on here will vote him into the top ten.
BTW one of his best attributes status quo at his age is his mobility and the Offensive coordinator is not using this advantage as much as he should IMO.

Moore started 13 games.
Henne started the first 3 and put up 900 yds and 4 TDs (plus the 2 dropped by Marshall in game 1).

So the passing QB dept put up 4000 yds in 2011.


I would drop Schaib out of the 13th slot and move Wilson up there, then put tannehill at 14. Schaub is out of top 20, he has had chances for years and we know what he is. T-hill has way more potential. the rest of the top 12 is debatable of course , but right on most accounts.

Romo, Cutler, Rivers need to come out of the top 20.
Especially Cutler.

Wow I mostly read this blog and only sometimes comment, but I must have missed something, why are there so many comments today about M. Moore being better than Tannehill? Just wondering if I missed something, cause I'm fine with the lineup right now, glad that Moore is the backup, he's a good one to have, I think Thill will do well this year and grow into his position and just get better. BTW I was wondering where Dashi has been too, I like reading his opinions and I'm sure he would be all over this discussion today.

ETF, not so fast. i said I extrapolated the Matt Moore #s over a full season. Moore did not pass for 3,000 yards .., he would've if he started all 16 games based on what he did in 13.

Guys should know better than to question my #s by now. I'm the capologist in standing after Dawn Aponte becomes president of the club.

That's right Al. We all know how big of a Moore fan Dashi is, haha

When all the clowns remove their make-up and the show is over, this list if printed out will be crumpled up and used to wipe before heading down the comode on its long journey first thru PVC pipes to the sewer plant.
Ditto for all these opinions from bloggers using multiple screen names to talk to themselves and tell themselves how smart THEY THINK THEY ARE.

I missed that part about the extrapolation.
BTW Henne has thrown for 3000 yards and 20 Tds in his last 10 starts, that extrapolates out to 4800 yds 32 Tds.
And he is an UFA after the season so if the phins phail this season then JI, philbin, Tanne etc will beout and Henne will return to phulphill the prophecy of Stephen Ross: 'Chad Henne will be the greatest Dolphins QB ever'.

"Smart people talk about ideas. Common people talk about things. Mediocre people talk about people".

which description does WHY GEE fit @ 2:13...you decide....and we are REALY streching the meaning of mediocre....

Jules Romains

and with that...

i'm out...

ETF, very clever, I see what you did there ...

I don't think we will see henne again. Now if Tannehill fails ... which I give less than a 1% chance of happening ... it will be a QB from the draft we see ... they will not repeat the mistake of 2011 and put in Matt Moore to mess up the draft. They will let him sink us right down into drafting Teddy Bridgewater, Tajh Boyd or dare I even say it Douchey Manziel.

Aaron Rogers gets sacked too much (holds ball), costs his team yards. But def in top 3-4.

Shaub. U kidding? Might lose his job to Keenum this year. Drop em' much further down. If Texans had serious QB they'd be in the Super Bowl.

Dalton higher, Newton and Vick lower (they've proven nothing, and done nothing).

Sorry Promichael but 3 teams that see him day to day lean towards with what im saying by placing him as a back up...
Im glad he resigned again bc he is a good back up

Good debate between James Walker and Matt Williamson over Sunday's Game. Both believe that the Game will be won or lost in the battle in the trenches. Williamson believes that Miami will not be able to run the ball on Cleveland and Walker says the same about Trent Richardson vs our front seven. Walker=Dolphins by 3. Williamson=Browns by 3.

I guess stats don't matter at all, because RG3 has alot of doubters. I know stats don't tell the whole story but some use them conveniently to make their case and at other times totally dismiss them. Tannyhill ranked about right where I think he is and I hope he can climb this list this year. Matt Ryan is sorrounded with elite talent and I believe he is over rated. The list overall was very good!

Vick at 17? Really? That scumbag needs a flea bath. Every dog has his day...

Rodgers , Brady , Bress , Manning top tier
Ryan Kaepernick ,Luck and Stradford should be little higher and Flacco and Eli little lower

Tannehill has potential and soon will be in the top 15 or 12

I predict by the end of the year you'll have Tannehill listed above these 7 guys and possibly 1 or 2 more.
Cam Newton
Jay Cutler
Michael Vick
Andy Dalton
Carson Palmer
Matthew Stafford
Sam Bradford

I'd say you have Big Ben too high - great QB, but I'm thinking injuries have started taking their toll. I'd replace him in the top 10 with Kaepernick - great arm and a future which seems to be boundless. Someone had mentioned that your list shows how much this has become a QB league: you can find a lot of positives about all but the bottom few. I also think you have T-Hill about right - and bunched with Stafford and Bradford, two other QBs with a lot of potential but not much on their NFL resumes.

It doesn't matter where you start, it's where you finish. If T-Hill has a great season, he moves up the list. If not, we may be looking at 6-10.

This QB ranking appears to be one person opinion. Pro Football Focus ranked QB performance during the 2012 regular season. Tannehill was ranked #13 ahead of Flaco, Luck and Dalton. The difference between PFF ranking and regular QB rating is that PFF takes a lookk and grades every play and takes into account dropped passes, whether people were open, the amount of pressure etc. I am hoping that with Wallace, Gibson and an additional year Tannehill will be a top 10 QB this year.

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