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The practice report from the practice that never was

Although the Dolphins have not been practicing on Thursdays, using it as their off day, the NFL mandates teams release an injury report that day for Sunday's game. (It doesn't mandate a Tuesday injury report although the Dolphins actually do practice that day).

So today the Dolphins put out their practice report from the practice that never was.

And in that fictional injury report, cornerback Dimitri Patterson, who coaches decided not to play last week because of a groin injury, didn't practice after being limited in an actual real practice on Wednesday.

That means Patterson isn't necessarily getting better -- fictionally speaking.

S Chris Clemons (hamstring) and DT Paul Soliai (knee) would not have practiced had the Dolphins actually worked Thursday, so they were listed as not practicing on the fictional injury report. Soliai is not playing on Sunday.

And quarterback Ryan Tannehill (right throwing shoulder) continued to lead a group of six players who would have been limited in practice had the Dolphins, you know, practiced -- which they didn't. The others who would have been limited are Will Davis (toe), Pat Devlin (ankle) Koa Misi (right knee), Jamar Taylor (groin), Jimmy Wilson (groin).

Mike Wallace, who missed time in the preseason with a groin injury, apparently tweaked the thing at some point Wednesday because he appeared on the fictional injury report today. It apparently is not serious as Wallace is listed as full practice had ... the ... Dolphins ... actually ... practiced.

Which they did not.

Interesting perhaps only to me: Four Dolphins players are suffering pains in the groin.

(At least one sportwriter, also).

In the world of real practices and reports based on actual events, Falcons left tackle Sam Baker (knee/foot) and cornerback Asante Samuel (thigh) missed practice for the second time this week. WR Roddy White (ankle) is managing the injury a bit better as he was limited in practice after missing drills altogether Wednesday.

The Dolphins are back to work tomorrow and will release an injury and practice report that will reflect what happened in a real practice.

Ah, the NFL.


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officially the weirdest group of comments I've seen here.....and thats saying something (not sure what.....but something)

Funny! I heard Mike Mayock rip Sean Smith's tackling & Pass D skills while a Dolphin but now thay he's in K.C. with Andy, well! Smith's a GOOOOOOOOD FOOTBALL PLAYA! Yeah, if he's going against Riley Cooper I'd take Smith as well but different story if Jeremy McClain isn't on IR!

Both the Canes and Fins should still be playing in the City of Miami on that property growing with the ever expanding Downtown area not stuck in some suburb with half the community in Dade and the other half in Broward! I really liked the idea of a new Stadium but hated moving the team to a venerable no-mans land on Countyline Rd.

Posted by: fin4life | September 19, 2013 at 08:54 PM

Ford pulled a boner like this with the Silver Dome, 35 minutes(avoiding the Jams)outside the City in the suburb of Pontiac!

Pontiac was/is also a manufacturing center so they were hit just as hard if not harder by NAFTA and the Manufacturer's Economy. In short, it's just as bad, in some areas worse, it's just smaller per capita.

They ultimately ended up at Ford Field(I think they call it this), back Downtown, so you get that Old School "Going To A Game" feel.

But still, NOTHING like going to games at the Orange Bowl(which I was blessed enough to have done MANY Times)or Old Tiger's Stadium.

Some will never understand, but I still get choked up when I think of the stadiums, the historical landmarks, the natural treasures-(LOL), that have been torn down in the name of greed, profit and Progress!

For the good of the blog, I'm going to stop right there. If I go any further, I'm going to lose what little bit of self discipline I have.......and that means long winded tangents ;)

Just played a guy on Madden picked him off 5 times and scored a pick 6 then he quit.

Posted by: Darkoak | September 19, 2013 at 09:05 PM

I would've quit too........if I sucked that bad.

** BUT I DON'T **

My second oldest Son and I grew up on Madden Football! Ok, actually he grew up, I just kind of......you know......."Do What I Do".

We play On-Line all the time(not just Madden, we do the shoot em up/War Games too).

When(or "If" is probably more like it)you get good enough to beat my Kid, I'll Tromp you Up and Down the field until you can't take it anymore.

Fair Warning ;)

heard the same thing about Sean Smith fr Mayock fin.....cracks me up.....said it with some emphasis.....how about a "decent but so far underachieving.....and frustrating.....and inconsistent.....football player.....who cant catch"--isnt that a better description (sidenote.....Smith was again doing the exaggerated incomplete motion after breaking up a whopping 9 yard pass....sound familiar?)

not always a fan, but good article from Cote on Tannehill

Marcus Vick went to college at VT where I live and where my daughter goes.

The word 'sad' does not describe what happened to Marcus.

Marcus's place on the team, at the college, in the NCAA and the NFL evaporated with three incidents in quick succession: speeding ticket, posession of mj, drunk driving; it was something like that. Or maybe he was arrested as a passenger in a stolen car or a car with a weapon or something.

He never stole a car or sold drugs or carried weapons; he just happened to get caught with people that did do those things.

And he was considered to be a better athlete than Michael.


Don't keep Sean Smith. KC needed him to be their best defensive back. Miami had plenty of injured players to draft and keep on the roster instead. Long wasn't going to stay, no matter what he was offered. Where was all that great depth? Oh, traded away, on injury report, or just cut. Fireland!!

fin4 @ 9:24

I was watching with the sound off and I was thinking:
KC has Smith and Fasano and they look like the Dolphins of previous years.

As far as Smith goes I've read reports that criticized some teams for not signing Smith in the offseason.

If you grade out in the top 64 of CBs in the NFL you're qualified to start.

odin is a real deekhead.

Posted by: pointofview | September 19, 2013 at 09:24 PM

And I thought this was the NEW, IMPROVED: Kinder, Gentler Miami Dolphin's Blog!

What did I ever do to you?

(PS: Hey, if THAT was your Babe last Saturday Night, I didn't know. She told me you were her Brother Man)

(PSS: When you hear her crying out: "ODIN".....NEXT Saturday Night, it won't be because she praying!)


Punkin,Are you enjoying talking about football again?
Some were coming here to speak of other things.
Have you noticed that Mando cleaned up the blog?

that means long winded tangents ;)

Posted by: odinseye | September 19, 2013 at 09:26 PM

I completely understand given my post on the subject was a very intentional rant!


His demise was so sudden and so absolute that I went on the local espn station and said, "...why didn't he hire security to protect himself from getting in trouble...?".

Had Marcus Vick not fallen he would be on his 2nd NFL contract now, probably had made $20 or 30 million by now.

Wow Lane Johnson looks bad tonight.

Nice to see Donnie Avery all the way back from that knee injury in that Pre-Season game a couple of Yrs. back were Bradford,Amendola and Avery were shredding the Patriots 1st team in Foxboro only to see Avery carted off with a devastating knee injury.

As far as Smith goes I've read reports that criticized some teams for not signing Smith in the offseason.

If you grade out in the top 64 of CBs in the NFL you're qualified to start.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | September 19, 2013 at 09:46 PM

I wouldn't have minded re-signed Smith for the 6 Mil average K.C. gave him, I was being SARCASTIC about the poetic waxing Mayock was giving him now as a Chief as opposed to the rips he gave him last Yr. on NFL Net's A.M. show while a Dolphin, you catch how he dropped in that the other 2-0 team Miami was getting a gimpy Atlanta on Sunday?

Armando is the best Dolphin reporter on the planet. He gets timely info and has great insight. Thats why he has the best blog. You guys should appreciate his work before ESPN or Yahoo Sports grab him away.

fin4 @ 10:08

I've coming to this blog for 6 years and it's always the same: a player is a hall-of-famer or a bust.

I've said a lot of times in this blog that Ireland could have retained Long & Smith AND STILL MADE all of the acquisitions that he did.

Our OL could be Long-Incogs-Pouncey-Martin-Clabo with John Jerry as the first off the bench. The CBs could be Grimes-Smith with Davis/Taylor/Carroll/Patterson.

Instead everyone has to leave if they didn't make pro bowl after thier rookie year

ETF, there's big turnover because Ireland drafts 90% busts.

You all are a bunch of grumpy old men that sit around getting drunk writing about the Dolphins,either that or you are Miami Herald employees that Salguero pays or just help him post a bunch of nonsense on here because it benefits them in their pay or otherwise.
Im sure what you write on here is so important that you gotta stick around for hours writing the same crap.
If the Miami Herald canned Salguero and Cote and they took your alcohol(baby bottle)away the truck would be sent to where you live to put the white jacket on you and take you away.
You serial posters love the Dolphins so much I bet NONE of you go to the games.Posting makes you feel important.

You just broke me down sir.

I wouldnt waste my money on a Dolphin game unless they were in the playoffs.

Vick should've kept it on that Read Option!

He had all kinds of real estate in front!

ETF looks like you're ahead in fantasy, Vick is looking like the old Vick today.


I remember Marcus Vick's time at VT because I'm a Canes lifer and we're rivals going back to the original Big East. He had the D.U.I. with possession but it was his friends from Newport News Virginia who were living at his off-Campus Apartment Big Bro Mike was paying for up in Blacksburg were the Cops had to pay a few visits that did him in that and Marcus wasn't the nicest kid, same crew from the Old School that did Mike in as well, great crowd! Allen Iverson also from Newport News is back in that hood these days with a crack pipe in his mouth from the Police reports ect... I remember the incident were Marcus stepped on a Defenders back planting his cleat purposely (again his attitude hurt him plenty) Even after all that though the Dolphins and Saban had him on the team making a cool 500K for basically doing nothing during a couple of Seasons.

ETF Exposing the Fraud lets see if you really appreciate the truth how many of these people get paid to post how many dont have anything better to do If Salguero left this job and the blog was discontinued and their playgound was closed permanently what would happen to the regulars on here.Answer truthfully now anyone can change their screen name their ip address and have multiple e-mails but to tell the truth is very difficult for most.

FBI Profiler | September 19, 2013 at 10:48 PM

I know what I'd do and that's drag a few on here with me to this site, these freakin guys are hilarious! They just only post on Friday and gameday but those Refugees from this blog could change that making them King Dolphins blog!

Fins Nation: A Miami Dolphins Blog With Dick Jokes
Oh, what big, fat guy that doesn't score touchdowns await us...

who couldve predicted Taylor and Davis would get hurt?--neither had a real history of injuries.....its the NFL.....guys get hurt

fin4life why are you answering for ETF is he part of you as in another screen name that you use.Being an FBI Profiler at least on Salgueros playground makes me very skeptical of anything and anyone on here.
I have heard of finnation in fact I remember when it was part of Yahoo sports,I guess its a money issue no.

Don't know how good the Eagles D-Line is, but KC's O-Line is doing a number on them.

Not taking anything away from Charles, he's Great, but Lamar Miller **AND** Daniel Thomas both could rack up the yardage with that kind of blocking.

PS: KC looks a little different with Alex Smith leading the Charge!

Chefs polishing off this game.

fin4life why are you answering for ETF is he part of you as in another screen name that you use.Being an FBI Profiler at least on Salgueros playground makes me very skeptical of anything and anyone on here.
I have heard of finnation in fact I remember when it was part of Yahoo sports,I guess its a money issue no.

Posted by: FBI Profiler | September 19, 2013 at 11:10 PM

I've NEVER been a party to posting under any other name. I apologize for engaging a convo that seems to have history attached. I was simply answering a question I interpreted as open-ended.

Odin, the Chefs just needed a competent QB again. Very similar to the Trent Green days minus the Gonzo factor.

PS: KC looks a little different with Alex Smith leading the Charge!

Posted by: odinseye | September 19, 2013 at 11:10 PM

The Eagles DL and unit as a whole is that BAD!

Was hoping the Eagles could win this. They made too many dumb turnover mistakes. Chiefs are probably gonna be 10-6 because of their easy schedule.

I swear some of you folks on this blog need to take some Prozac. I have only been back to blogging here for less than two weeks and I have never seen so many highs and lows in my life..lol One minute the team is great and pretty much playoff bound and the next it is Ireland sucks and he should have done this, instead of that...sheesh give it a rest already. The team is doing just fine right now and we should be enjoying it instead of lamenting about some other team that made sorta something out of our castoffs. We have a good team for once and I just think everyone is in shock about our early success. It has been a mercilessly long drought and I understand that, but I believe in this team and this coaching staff , not so much the FO, but be as that may I still have a very good feeling that something special is going to happen to this team this year, something we haven't seen in a very, very long time.

Most of the negative stuff is from trolls trying to stir up crap. They have a series of push button topics they always harp on. Don't mistake those social deviants for actual fans.

I don't even want to think about Tannehill being injured!

I have confidence in Moore and think more highly od Devlin than most. But that's not really the point.

Last year and this year to an extent have all been about installing a winning system and DEVELOPING Players. Tannehill being the most important in my opinion.

So Moore could come in and probably play at a pretty high level. Even win a bunch of game with this crew. But all of it would be detrimental to the team looking at it from a long term point of view.

I don't even want to think about it, but I have been. I even posted about how many hits he's been taking before his shoulder was announced and a day and a half before Mando posted on it.

So we won both games, that's fine and dandy. But I don't think anybody has survived long when they're taking that kind of abuse.

I said all that to ask this:

1. Are we going to do anything about it.

2. If so, WHAT?

Other than throwing Garner in for Jerry or Clabo, I don't know what else we can do. FWIW-I watched Garner play all up and down the Line. To me, this is just my opinion, but he seems best suited for Right Guard.

I try to grade our guys out OVERALL. It's useless, but it's something I like to do. Anyways, Garner is peculiar. Overall, he's looked best at Right Guard, then Left Tackle and after that Right Tackle.

He still struggles when he's left out in space. Plays quite a bit better when he has a Tackle and Center protecting him.

So, that's the big contingency plan. Tannehill's taking a beating and his shoulders hit. So I;m asking, "At what point do we start making changes?"

Odin, the Chefs just needed a competent QB again. Very similar to the Trent Green days minus the Gonzo factor.

Posted by: Darkoak | September 19, 2013 at 11:21 PM

I agree. Their having injury issues just like everybody else. But they have a pretty solid nucleous of players.

The FO and the past two Coaching staffs did as much bad as good. Thankfully for them and their fans, their roster is in great shape.

I think Cassell proved that he was a product of Bellicheats system(Remember how much Bellicheat got for Cassell? OMG - I hate the Pats Grrrrrr...) Anyway, he's hardly been average since leaving New England.

So the Coaching staff blew chunks right along with Cassell. But apparently Pioli(and the other guy)amassed some talent. Smith has them at 3-0 and improving weekly!

(Why am I posting about KC? I hate KC too!)

Was hoping the Eagles could win this. They made too many dumb turnover mistakes. Chiefs are probably gonna be 10-6 because of their easy schedule.

Posted by: NeMo | September 19, 2013 at 11:42 PM

I know, I **ALWAYS-ALWAYS** root against AFC teams when they play NFC teams. When it's two AFC Teams I always root for the team with the worst record.

This way I'm always rooting for an edge and keeping an eye towards a Wildcard Spot!

What uniforms will we be wearing this Sunday.
Let me guess?

White tops, White pants?
What new right?


This way I'm always rooting for an edge and keeping an eye towards a Wildcard Spot!

Ahhh Yes,a "Wildcard" Berth,What drunks usually hope for.

Personally, I'm not going to find fault with the way any of us Dolphin Fans are acting. Maybe some need psychotropic help. Maybe some good liquor. I say who cares? So what? Big Deal!

Miami has surprised EVERYONE. Fans and Haters alike. And the most Hilarious, The Fair Weather Fan-LOL. Them poor fools are flabbergasted(and it serves them right-LOL).

It's a conundrum and people are struggling to figure out ways to deal with it. The Homer's(like me)are struggling to not go overboard. The Skept's(the largest segment IMO)want to be "Homer-Like" but have been burned too many times. The Fair Weather Fans are just idiots and they're just now hearing the news. For now, they're happy just reading about victories on Monday Morning. Then the Hater's and the Trolls. They're pissed because they had all their negative crap lined up and ready to BLOW! Their stuck, scrambling to find new material(CRAP).

I understand it and at this point, Don't Care. Everybody is befuddled because they're winning, but they haven't won enough to start puffing the chest out....YET(But They Will). We're 2-0 and a loss wouldn't be the end of the world. But it would be a heavy dose of the same old Dolphins. Had a chance to really make a statement and blew it!

However, if we win? A 3 game win streak, with 2 road games, against two tough playoff teams? Are you Kidding Me? If we win, we're 3-0, in the drivers seat and Finally.........FINALLY proving it to the doubters, to the Haters, to the Media/Analysts/Pundits!

This is just how I like it. The Under dogs! Tannehill, the Offense and everyone not named Wallace gets the bare minimum lip service from those that bring us the news on a national level!

They didn't hear us knocking and now it's too late. We're Kicking The God Damned Door DOWN!!!!

I don't care about the Falcon's and their Stars. I'm not afraid either! Matty Ice? Big Deal, we have Wake, Derrick Shelby, Dion Jordan and Oliver Vernon. They can ALL get after Matty and RUIN his day!

We got Dannell Ellerbe and ESPECIALLY Phillip Wheeler who can also get after Matty. ESPECIALLY Wheeler because some railed on Ireland for paying this Kid! PFF says he's the 2nd best pass rushing 4-3 OLB in the league. I think they're right! He's getting sacks, hits, knocking down balls and generally wreaking havoc! He's won me over and I want his jersey, but with so much talent developing all over the roster, it's going to be a tough decision.

Back to Matty being under EXTREME pressure all day. As he's running for his life, Grimes is going to be waiting with a "BIG CHUNK" on his shoulder. He's smart and wily enough to not go talking smack. He won't give them any chalk board material. Nope, but you know he's thinking it and you know he's using it to prepare for his game. Matty also has to deal with Patterson whose coming off a great game where he snagged two INT's. I know, the injury right? Forget about it, they kept him out as a precaution. He was borderline. Another full weak of basics and he's READY! He WILL PLAY! Book IT!

I don't care how fans are reacting and I'm **NOT AFRAID** of Matty and these Falcons. Coyle and the Defense are going to stuff Atlanta's offense and rough them up worse than anybody has in a LONG TIME!

Tannehill's going to score enough to win and the defense is going to Reinforce the efforts! Even the O-Line! I've been railing on them like nobody's business. But deep down, I know they're going to play their best game to date and dominate!

You read it here FIRST! We are going to STUFF the Falcons! I predict a full and dominating performance from our Defense and Offensive Line! I also predict that Tannehill and Sherman are finally going to run some ultra effective Running Back Screens! There going to do some of these plays because of the O-Line. But the O-Line is going to be clicking in what is going to amount to our best all around game of the year-So Far!!!!

Stuffed Turkey Bird for dinner Sunday Night!

2-0 Baby and Cranking!!!!

(Sorry about the length, if you don't like it, BITE ME!)

Bark, Bark, how are you?

Is it true? Did you REALLY leave ALoco because he ran out of Peanut Butter?

Oh, you're a Bad Dog aren't you? BAD DOG!

Sit Boo-Boo! SIT!

Odin, Like you said I'am one of those "FANS"that have been Bitten to much, I think this and the New Orleans game are a must win(Not really the New Orleans game) But I'd start turning if the fins win Sunday, My Big worry is the Depth of the team and that O-Line, I hope Mrs Tennehill has a good life insurance policy for her spouse.(She might need it.)
BTW, Your post was WAY TO LONG.

Way To Long?

Well, I didn't think anybody was here. I could break it down into about 10 separate posts-LOL?

Anyways, SERIOUSLY, you and the others that have been bitten, like I said in my post, I don't blame YOU/anyone. These guys have got our hopes up and then the bottom falls out. Tons of examples, so I don't blame anyone.

But you're right, whether it's fair or not, whether it's accurate or not, NONE of THAT matters. It IS what it IS!

If we lose, it's 2009 all over again. I think it was 2009, we started 2-0 and beat what was thought to be a Good Vikings Team!

That's just how it's going to be looked at and NOTHING's going to change that, EXCEPT a WIN!

Which, I think we get on the strength of the Defense and because of Sherman's Game Plan and Play Calling. Sherman's going to have them prepared and he's going deep into the playbook in anticipation of our O-Line Struggling.

I'm predicting a Perfect Storm of our O-Line improving and Sherman's "Contingency Game Plan". I'm predicting that Sherman's contingency and altered Play Calling surprises EVERYONE, including himself.

You heard it here FIRST! I'm predicting a smothering, dominating Defensive Performance, backed up by Tannehill, Sherman and the Offenses BEST SHOWING since Philbin was Hired!

It's a Perfect Storm, it's time for some Roasted Duck.........or Falcon in this instance!

Matty and the Falcons are going down Bark, Bark and there's NOTHING anyone can do about it!

(I felt like Billy Jack typing that last line....)

Odin, Your right about the year( They Beat Green Bay too), Like I said, They stay Healthy there in for a great season, Injury's...... OHH BOY it'll be Deja-Vu all over again.

These next two games are key in my opinion.

You just can't compete with a bunch of young talented kids, when they win on the road, beat playoff teams and **MAINLY** when they not only start having confidence in themselves, but when they start PLAYING with CONFIDENCE!

Some are saying, if we're coming out of the break at THIS or THAT or if our record is THIS or THAT at this time or another. Yeah, OK, that's all fine and dandy!

But the TRUTH is, we have to play the teams that they put in front of us one at a time. We have to beat them, week in and week out.

So we have a winning record at a certain point in our season, but we beat all the Cleveland's and Jacksonville's and lose to the good teams? That ain't going to cut it. This is the information age and these players nowadays, they KNOW! If you and I know it, THEY KNOW IT!

So, YEP! This game is **IT**. This game might as well be our Super Bowl! Coyle's going to be on point and his Players are going to be on POINT! Thus, we're keeping the Falcons down all afternoon.

This Offense is going to play so well, it won't matter. But the D is going to keep the score down so low, it's going to make for an easier Victory!

I'm telling you! I'm psychic and I can FEEL IT! That's my Prediction and I'm sticking to it!

You heard it HERE, First! Book It!

(PS: You might as well make you some money Mike, bet on the Phins and bet the Under! You can Thank Me later when you're counting up your Money! Your Welcome!))

I think the Dolphins are only good enough right now to absorb 1 injured starter on each unit. But to possibly be missing Soliai which will greatly affect the run defence, Patterson and Clemons in the secondary will be devastating. Throw in the face that 3 rookie Defenders are still nicked up is tough to overcome. Then the thought of Tannehill or Wallace not being 100% makes me cringe. The fins need to hire a better trainer or team doctor!!

WOW I tried to follow Fat Albert (#76) the LT for the Chjiefs and it looked like he was responsible for some of the biggest sacks that the Eagles had - The Chiefs were at theitr own 5 yard line and it was second and ten and Albert got bullrushed and the DE sacked the QB making it third and ten - Smith was lucky he connected on an 11 yard pass on third and ten
then a few plays later again 76 was beat by a much faster DE and QB had to throw it away
I counted several not just 3 or 4 but possibly ten times that albert was beaten badly
I guess he makes Martin look good in comparison
I was shocked it was the first time I saw him play and he sure does not look like a 9 million dollar a year LT to me. I am sure glad we did not trade for him - we would have benched him already anyway
Yes he did push the DE on a couple of runs and made a hole for the RB but he sure cannot protect the pass plays I saw the TE on third downs line up next to Albert and stay in to help protect against the rush
Did anyone else see that also ??

They had Hartline and Gibson as the main receivers VS the Browns, Last sunday it was Wallace and Clay(Yes Charles Clay)I wonder who's gonna step up this week?

WE have a very good Defense and we will hold Atlanta to 17 points or less which will give us a very good chance of wining - Wake is primed to have a HOF day this Sunday against their back up RT
Also we will probably hold them to 60 yds. rushing or less which means that they have to pass 70 to 75% of the time and we will be ready for that
I think this might be our biggest win this year (The point spread)
Our D will target Tony and limit him to less than 100 yds most on 5 to 10 yards each catch. Our LB are fast and know that the #1 target is Tony Gonzales so they will be ready
Go Dolphins

Then the thought of Tannehill or Wallace not being 100% makes me cringe. The fins need to hire a better trainer or team doctor!!

Posted by: FinFanFoster | September 20, 2013 at 03:37 AM

We're definitely paper thin in terms of quality depth. And that's almost across the board.

I still have to give Ireland and Philbin credit. They've come a long way in a short amount of time. They filled a lot of holes, yet managed to sign younger players who didn't "Cap Strap" us.

It sucks for those that are impatient(ME-LOL!). But looking to next years draft and free agency, we'll be in a truly unique situation.

We can draft an O-Lineman(or two)and sign at least one starting caliber, Big Name type O-Lineman.

The same goes for any and all positions. The unique part is that we'll **MAINLY** be **UPGRADING** our roster. Then, whoever is left over(Hopefully Last Years Starters)becomes our quality depth.

We're getting very close in terms of having the Right Players, mixed with the Right Play makers. With our current roster and one more off season Free Agency and Draft, we should be set and ready to compete for years.

It sucks and it seems like we've been saying it forever. But I believe that this time, were there. It's not all wishful and hopeful feelings. We're getting real, tangible results and were finally to the point where every addition equals an upgrade, a Play maker and/or Solid, Quality Depth!

I personally believe that we're probably in the best shape we've been in since Shula. I know Jimmy built a good team, but it all stalled when he turned it over to the Stache. Having said that, if we haven't already, I KNOW we'll soon surpass the BEST of the Jimmy Johnson Era!

We're going to Stuff the Falcon's!!!!

So Dion "Glass" Jordan can stay on the field at our only position of strength, meanwhile Lane Johnson number is the #1 rated OT in the league.

An overnight posting session for some of you screen names
and the rest of the overnight screen names are the same people writing their Dolphin tales as imposters.
Salguero has to pay you overnighters or maybe you all are Salguero himself or his friends.
Confess to your digressions you think Miamimians are fooled by this.


Did you make a few typos there or are you on the verge of being completely incoherent?

No offense or disrespect Sir, actually I was wondering if there's somebody you might want us to call? You know, somebody that can come over and keep you from swallowing your tongue or make sure you don't go into seizure?

Just trying to Help Brother-LOL!

Dear Mr. FBI,

I'm always here all night, so I'm sure I'm not a person of interest regarding your investigation.

Oh yeah, and the night those Banks got robbed up there in: You Know Where, I was at my Sisters House all night.

PS: Yeah.......ah.........we were smoking Pot Too, so I can't really remember ANY DETAILS between Aug. of 02 and Sept of 2013.

Hope this helps clear those few things up you were talking about.

Good Night!

That is way too funny odinseye. Which part? All of it. Carry on.

Odinseye thank you for stepping up to the lineup voluntarily because I see your screen name all over this blog all night.
How many screen names do you use on overnight sessions on Salgueros playground?

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