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The practice report from the practice that never was

Although the Dolphins have not been practicing on Thursdays, using it as their off day, the NFL mandates teams release an injury report that day for Sunday's game. (It doesn't mandate a Tuesday injury report although the Dolphins actually do practice that day).

So today the Dolphins put out their practice report from the practice that never was.

And in that fictional injury report, cornerback Dimitri Patterson, who coaches decided not to play last week because of a groin injury, didn't practice after being limited in an actual real practice on Wednesday.

That means Patterson isn't necessarily getting better -- fictionally speaking.

S Chris Clemons (hamstring) and DT Paul Soliai (knee) would not have practiced had the Dolphins actually worked Thursday, so they were listed as not practicing on the fictional injury report. Soliai is not playing on Sunday.

And quarterback Ryan Tannehill (right throwing shoulder) continued to lead a group of six players who would have been limited in practice had the Dolphins, you know, practiced -- which they didn't. The others who would have been limited are Will Davis (toe), Pat Devlin (ankle) Koa Misi (right knee), Jamar Taylor (groin), Jimmy Wilson (groin).

Mike Wallace, who missed time in the preseason with a groin injury, apparently tweaked the thing at some point Wednesday because he appeared on the fictional injury report today. It apparently is not serious as Wallace is listed as full practice had ... the ... Dolphins ... actually ... practiced.

Which they did not.

Interesting perhaps only to me: Four Dolphins players are suffering pains in the groin.

(At least one sportwriter, also).

In the world of real practices and reports based on actual events, Falcons left tackle Sam Baker (knee/foot) and cornerback Asante Samuel (thigh) missed practice for the second time this week. WR Roddy White (ankle) is managing the injury a bit better as he was limited in practice after missing drills altogether Wednesday.

The Dolphins are back to work tomorrow and will release an injury and practice report that will reflect what happened in a real practice.

Ah, the NFL.


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I really don't care about written expressions on a blog. If people were really as sure about events as they portray temselves to be, they would not be wasting time on the internet but would instead be raising additional capital and planning excursions to Vegas or Atlantic City. I rarely(actually never) know what will definitively happen in an NFL game, but I do know that Atlanta is BEATABLE and especially outside of their building where I sit 3 or 4 times a year. I really hope the good folowers(hate the word FANatic) of the Dolphins can be rewarded with a special season. January 1973, the Watergate Hearings were getting stoked, Barrack Obama was 12, Clinton wasn't thinking about being the Governor of Arkansas, The Berlin Wall would still be standing for 15 years, The Czechs were still considered Czechs, it was only 4 years after Armstrong had walked on the moon, there was no free agency in baseball, Marino was about 12 and the Shah was still using his secret police. All in all quite a long time for a FANatic base to maintain blind loyalty to a franchise that for the most part has not been worthy of it. It's about time they are rewarded and don't accuse anyone of being a troll when then they offer an objective opinion about a weakness. The Dolphins have started 2-0, a good start but still not worthy of a coronation or a moratorium on any negativity that might be felt going forward.

With all the whining scum complaining about Ireland when the Dolphins are 2-0 I wonder what they would be saying if we were 0-2?

Probably they would be happy because they are Jets fans

"oavery", as in ovary? Why can't we just put our first names up here with an initial if there are 2 people with the same firste name? Maybe even a Dolphin Denny--those were the days---or a "Frankie Fish" if we need multiple forms of identification.

I support Ireland but we should have taken Johnson in the first round and another offensive lineman in the second round.

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