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Dolphins D by any other name still excellent

They call themselves "The Brotherhood."

The Dolphins defense has given itself a nickname, handle, sobriquet, whatever you want to call it. Cameron Wake says it's the brainchild of Paul Soliai, Randy Starks, himself and others, and the players have had shirts made to celebrate the new identity.

Not everyone gets a shirt by the way.

"This is one shirt you have to earn," Wake says. "We don't give it out to everybody."

I canvassed the Dolphins locker room and found many of the defenders had a shirt such as the one Wake is modeling in the photo.Cam1

"It means you're recognized for doing something good," linebacker Dannell Ellerbe said. "It's good when you get the respect from your teammates and coaches."

That's what the shirt may mean. The "Brotherhood' means more, Wake says.

"The brotherhood is strong. It's like a fraternity. It's a family," Wake says. "You have a job to do and 10 other guys are expecting you to do your job so they can do their job. If you don't do your job, you're letting everybody down. You're letting your family down. And if you have too many letdowns, somebody else will be doing your job. You have to respect the brotherhood.

so far this season, the Dolphins defense, the brotherhood, is doing a good job where it counts most -- the scoreboard. The Dolphins are tied with the Jets and Oakland for fewest points allowed per game. They are fourth inn third down efficiency. They are sixth in interceptions percentage. They are ninth in sacks per pass.

But it is the points per game that suggests good things ahead.  

"That's the No. 1 stat on a defense," Wake says. "You want to make sure you take care of that. You want to keep it going and it's the culmination of all the other ones -- don't let them run the ball, get off the field on third down, turnovers. It all trickles down to defensive points allowed."

If the Dolphins continue to play defense at their current level (yes, everyone knows two games is a small sample size) then Ellerbe says his new teammates might start to gain a reputation similar to the one his old mates on the Baltimore defense earned.

"It's something that comes with time," he said. "We're putting in the work right now. So a couple of years down the road, it'll be something that's talked about: The Miami defense. We want to start our own thing down here."

Well, they've already nicknamed themselves.


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er second, lol

Something is growing that has been lacking for years with this team........Team pride....I like it....Now if the fans can come up with something that rivals those terrible towels or "the 12th man"...

The terrible towel was actually ours first. But point taken...

wow positive article. im amazed.

Dion Jordan time!!!!

Fins 42 FALCONS 3

Yes we actually did start the terrible towel back n the day a lil white towel..........glad other peop recognized that .....

Nice to see team unity!!!

Let's really see it wih a win on Sunday!!

Character!!! Team!!! Coach em up!!! Accountability!!! Brotherhood!!! Success!!!

A good thing the fans could add is The Tsunami instead of the wave.

The crowd can do the "wave" but with a twist.

Three waves at the same time right behind each other in a row.

As one wave goes a quarter of the way around the other will start. Then do the same thing for the third.

What do you guys think?

The Tsunami.

On TV it would look like real waves.

I like the idea.

I hate the wave in any form.

Wow,a positive article and comments (so far). Kind of refreshing for a change. Everyone in the media were saying, when our schedule came out,that the Dolphins could very well be at 1-4 after our first five games because of our opponents. They are all singing a different tune these days. We have a quality team that is getting better each week. Go Fins!

The overall energy that is mounting around the Fins is a really good thing. Two initial road wins. Young QB showing steady improvement and success. New receiving corp being productive. Defense creating a stong identity and generating good results. It's exciting.

There was a good post last night from a fan stating just how important this game will be on Sunday. It's being rumored that the home opener might be a sell out. Many fans coming out of the wood work to support this 2-0 team. THey need to win that home opener to keep the energy and momentum going. Fans will support this team at home if they continue to win. A home win that takes the team to 3-0 will solidify that energy for the next couple of home games and the fans might make a difference this year by creatnig a true 'home field advantage.'

Great, whatever it takes to screw with your head and make you better, i get it.
This is how i look at it.... I have more hope than ever, this stadium is going to be packed with likewise people and it will be exciting to see so many hopeful people. My excitement will only grow with each game.

I only hope that it's our fans.

Being that Atlanta is so close their fans could easily crash the party.

I can feel the difference with this team and coaching staff

All hail Ireland

It's been awful humid around here as it has been raining a lot. And hot. Our advantage.

Man, Clemons and Dmitri both probably being out, makes me nervous. I will have to re evaluate my game predicition a little

Miami 87

Atlanta 9

Need to re-sign Grimes immediately.

folks the dolphins neer had a terrible towel.......they had what was called the "horrible hanki"

although we did steal the Houston Oiler's theme song.

Holy crap! The stupid little foreigner wrote a positive article!

Rdubs, I'm right there with you man. No starting Safety vs. Roddy White and Julio Jones (or is White out)? Either way, T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

On another matter, I'm getting ticked at the the STUPID Waiver wire in our fantasy league. For the THIRD time, I didn't get a player. Waivers are supposed to end Wed. After that it's first come first serve. But no, the sorry saps at the bottom of the barrel can sit around and watch what I DO and snatch my pickups (and act like it was their smart idea all along). HORSESH*T!

To the Dolphins in Depth Fantasy League: KEEP YOUR HANDS OUTTA MY POCKET!

Ha! rdubs, nice one!!!

Seriously though the depltion of the secondary is worrisome.

I was a big proponent of Lane Johnson going into the draft and though he would be a good pick but despite his awesome athleticism - he is jut not ready to be a full time NFL OT right now. He would not have made any difference to the line this year. Less amunition for the people that wanted o line over Dion Jordan group.

DC I like Julius Thomas,,, still upset nfl.com wouldn't let me name the league the Armando Salguero Memorial League...

Really, they didn't let you use that name? Why?

Lane Johnson and Eric Fisher didn't look great yesterday. These two obviously weren't plug and play linemen at least from the start of the year at a high level. Glad we took Dion.

Awesome story about the Defense Mando. Our secondary is banged up, but so is Roddy White. Hopefully Clemons can play. We might see Will Davis get decent time at corner. Will be interesting to see how it unfolds. I think we are primed for a win Sunday.

Of course one has to love the idea of "Brotherhood" and "family" in football, or any sport. The icon football players often use are connected with war (guns, ect.). While I understand that football is violent, using war themes was silly when I play H.S. football and college. It's a game, just a game. I actually smiled when I saw the icon they chose because the two have nothing to do with each other.

No SB win in 41 years.....and counting..

DC, I don't know why ... maybe Salguero is a patented trademark and we can't use it without his permission?? Hahaha

The defense has 3 stats that they want to excel at which aint bad in my book, simple is better in this endeavor, while it might not be wise to do this at NASA, in the NFL it is more about executing the plan.If the plan is too complex it probably wont work in professional football.
IMO I only want the Dolphins defense to be in the top 5 in two categories turnovers, and the points the defense surrenders on its offensive or special teams turnovers.
In todays game the offense has to be able to take advantage of these free possesions and turn them into points.The current era is of the QB and the pass and the top teams score a lot of points.

Remember when idiot Saban said Alabama losing to Auburn was worse than 9/11?

I know its been mentioned but Lane Johnson was not impressive last night.....Philly fans are concerned and venting on talk radio--also, Miami's best chance to make the playoffs at this point is to win the division......KC is already in good shape for a WC at 3-0 and with games against SD and OAK.....so a bunch of other good teams may battle for 1 other WC spot--Balt, Indy, Cin, Pitt....maybe Tenn--1 of those will win the AFCN and Pitt looks vulnerable, but its still a tough road against those others.

If Patterson can't go..which it looks to be a game time decision...we may be seeing how one of these rookies performs on the field Sunday...

ASML!!! HA!!! Is that anything like the NSMB???

Marc, and others....yeah, I know its been decades since a SB win and I know thats the "ultimate goal", according to everybodys company line (and should be)....but I could pretty much care less about SBs at this point, and havent for awhile--you can have a winning team and be successful consistently, and most fans (in most cities) would be happy with that--yes, eventually will want to win a championship but I basically want to be competitive and relevant, and a playoff team, year in and year out--SBs are way off my radar....it would take far less than a SB to make me happy, as a fan--maybe thats not good, but I bet most other Dolphin fans would agree

Nathan22, the Oilers stole OUR theme song. The song was written by Lee Ofman before the 1972 season and was written for the Dolphins only. The Oilers stole the song around 1978 and used it as theirs but in the end it will always be Miami's song, so get your facts stright next time before you post.

Am I the only one that has this gut feeling that Reshad Jones is gonna step up!


Reshad Jones with 2 ints!!

Anyone else have a legitimate bold prediction?

Benz, you are right the Chiefs have a really easy schedule. I don't think they are very good at all though and hope they collapse.

I'm gonna wait until at least the bye week until I think about playoffs for the team though. All it is right now is a great start.

My bold prediction is that The Brotherhood better get to Ryan early...of often...or we could be seeing way more of Jones than we care to...it's going to be a battle...

***and often***

When did Sean Smith start catching Ints?

I agree NeMo, just making that comment because of all the recent playoff talk after the nice start......premature, to say the least--I think the Chiefs are better than you think though....not great but they have some talent--much better QB than last year, good RB and WR, TE/Fasano is solid....good DBs, Poe a good young NT--Reid is a good coach...I think they're a team on the rise, and play OAK and SD 4 times

LOL Rdubs... I was thinking the same thing...but he is good for 2 every year...With Reid at HC and Smith leading the offense...KC has the potential to be in the playoffs this year...they could be challenging for one of the WC spots...

Another thing...what's up with Wakes backwards widows peak???

I agree their defense is really good Benz. I don't like the offense at all though. Can't throw it more than 10 yards downfield we shall see though.

Also, HILARIOUS that Sean Smith got a pick. I'll take Grimes and Patterson all day.

The best part about there team is the defense no doubt. SS, the S from Tennesse, and Brandon Flowers give them a legit secondary. The LB with Johnson whos a pro bowler good as well. The offense revolves around Jamal Charles, Smith is still a dink and dunk QB, i dont see them putting enough points up.

benz, SD > KC

I was very ready to move on from Sean Smith, very frustrating player to me....he's ok but alot of unfulfilled potential; I'd rather have an overachiever any day---BUT, his durability shouldnt be underestimated....thats a major positive strength of his, as we're finding out with our dinged secondary--not saying I'd want him back at 6 mill/yr, but you do have to be on the field to help your team--I'll give him that, and its not a small issue.

Jack, that's exactly why i wanted to call the league that - because Mando named the practice bubble after Saban...

Chiefs cant score in the endzone

Alex Smith doesnt throw anything longer than 15 yards.

They need to improve those 2 things or they are paper contenders!

Chiefs!! You had 5 turnovers and all you can do is score 26 points, gonna have to do better than that!!!

then again, if Smith ever tackled anybody, maybe he'd get dinged now and then too

rdubs, yeah, he caught an INT but a few mins afterwards he was cramped up on the ebnch and I was like yeah that's happened before.

Maybe he was on the Big Paul red bull diet before this prime time encounter again?


Its been proven, when you guzzle too much seamen (I know its spelled wrong) before a football game, you will cramp up badly! Its wayyyy to much salt!

rdubs, exactly right and 7 of those point were scored directly by the defense .. not going to be a true factor in this league with your offense scoring below 20 every year ... I mean, haven't we all seen this movie far too often in the recent past?

SS is a good player.. He does well against the bigger receivers and struggles against the smaller quicker guys. Wallace would kill SA. He just has stone hands and doesnt have that dog in him.

EWWWWWWWWWW!!! @ 1013...

ah, he was on THAT diet!!

I liked Sean Smith ... i know I was in the minority but against bigger WRs, he always seemed to wipe them out. The TY Hiltons of the world though made him look like a rank amateur.

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