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Dolphins D by any other name still excellent

They call themselves "The Brotherhood."

The Dolphins defense has given itself a nickname, handle, sobriquet, whatever you want to call it. Cameron Wake says it's the brainchild of Paul Soliai, Randy Starks, himself and others, and the players have had shirts made to celebrate the new identity.

Not everyone gets a shirt by the way.

"This is one shirt you have to earn," Wake says. "We don't give it out to everybody."

I canvassed the Dolphins locker room and found many of the defenders had a shirt such as the one Wake is modeling in the photo.Cam1

"It means you're recognized for doing something good," linebacker Dannell Ellerbe said. "It's good when you get the respect from your teammates and coaches."

That's what the shirt may mean. The "Brotherhood' means more, Wake says.

"The brotherhood is strong. It's like a fraternity. It's a family," Wake says. "You have a job to do and 10 other guys are expecting you to do your job so they can do their job. If you don't do your job, you're letting everybody down. You're letting your family down. And if you have too many letdowns, somebody else will be doing your job. You have to respect the brotherhood.

so far this season, the Dolphins defense, the brotherhood, is doing a good job where it counts most -- the scoreboard. The Dolphins are tied with the Jets and Oakland for fewest points allowed per game. They are fourth inn third down efficiency. They are sixth in interceptions percentage. They are ninth in sacks per pass.

But it is the points per game that suggests good things ahead.  

"That's the No. 1 stat on a defense," Wake says. "You want to make sure you take care of that. You want to keep it going and it's the culmination of all the other ones -- don't let them run the ball, get off the field on third down, turnovers. It all trickles down to defensive points allowed."

If the Dolphins continue to play defense at their current level (yes, everyone knows two games is a small sample size) then Ellerbe says his new teammates might start to gain a reputation similar to the one his old mates on the Baltimore defense earned.

"It's something that comes with time," he said. "We're putting in the work right now. So a couple of years down the road, it'll be something that's talked about: The Miami defense. We want to start our own thing down here."

Well, they've already nicknamed themselves.


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Kansas City actually did get Smith at a pretty decent price. 5.5 mil a year over 3 years with a chance for it to go up to 6 a year.

Obviously the cramps and dropping turnovers over and over were things Philbin didn't like. We'll be better off with Grimes, Patterson, Carrol, and the rookies.

NeMo, I think in time Jamar Taylor will be a better player than Sean Smith but I thought there was a role for him on this team ... depends who you like better ... Patterson or Smith. Smith is more talented but Patterson comes across as a true pro and let's face it, in one week this year produced as many turnovers as Smith is good for on an annual basis.

Guys, i was also a proponent of drafting Fisher or Johnson. You are right, neither looked very good last night. But i'd go easy on these guys right now. The Philly OL is a mess. Can't believe i was dumb enough to pick them to win last night. Both Johnson and Fisher are playing out of position right now, so i'd ease up on them a little. I think they'll both be good players. Not unhappy with the Jordan pick at all.

And for what it's worth, i don't rate KC highly either. Not a fan of that offence but their defence is decent. Their saving grace is thy have an easy schedule.

Perhaps they should call themselves the sisterhood with that sissy logo. Then again, given the fact that the logo is uber gay, maybe the name "brotherhood" is perfect. Prisons are full of gay tough guy males who call their closest closet friends "brothers." Makes perfect sense...especially considering the reality that these guys shower together...and often.

Sean Smith is a very good player. Andy Reid loves him.


You're right, Sean Smith was great against big receivers for 54 minutes of the game!

Craig M For Molester showed up lmao. Still can't handle the truth about Michael Philbin huh ? Lmao @ your week long hissy fit. They say an empty can rattles the most (you).

By the way,

Bowe last night....1 catch for 4 yards. REALLY earning that contract! Really stepped up for his team in Primetime. How come we're not reading any comments about him this morning about being upset about not getting more targets? Cause he's happy making his money.

Branden Albert, a couple of dumb penalties last night. Not sorry we didn't add this guy at the money he wanted.

I am not going to make any "bold" predictions about this upcoming game, however I do believe something positive is happening in South Florida and Miami Dolphin football. our team is becoming relevant again. In my opinion it all starts with the defense and that is pretty much set in stone at the moment. The offense is good, but could be much better and that will come with time. We have some injuries that are causing some minor adjustments in personnel, but that too will subside in time.
I believe we will walk away with this game this weekend, may not be a major blowout like allot of folks are clambering about, but I do believe this game will send a statement to the rest of the league that we are back and are a team to be feared, especially our defensive front 7.
My prediction is allot more tame than most, I predict a close game, with our defense ruling the day and our offense doing just enough to get us a win. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just efficient. Miami 27 Atlanta 17

The NFC is far superior to the AFC this year.

Terrible throw by Mike Vick off his back foot right into the hands of the X-Dolphins loser hands off stone CB with an UNEDJAMACATED GHETTO JIVE MOUTH

sean smith sucks, always has always will

Dolphins w o the nappy haired mouthy punk jive arse CB smith are now:

1st in the league on sacks

2nd in the league in INTs

Patterson the guy that took over Smith's number tied smith entire yearly production of INTs in his very 1st game this season Patterson picked off two footballs helping lead the Dolphins to victory!

Dolphins DC OC did not even ant to resign sean smith for 12 cents

Some morons from Canada think sean smith is a star


Thank God those cheap Canadians w o any real football knowledge remain living on the frozen earth and

have a HAARPy day and Go Phins !

Punk jive arse.....new fantasy football team name!

Daytona, were you close with many brothers while you were in jail? Did they make you wear dresses and put on bright pink lipstick?

Craig, yeah, both Fisher and johnson will be good players in time - they both have way too much physical ability to fail but my point was that there are some who have posted continuosly that if we drafed Johnson instead of a "luxury" pick in Jordan, the OL would be a lot better. yesterday was exhibit A showing that line of thinking to be at least flawed if not wrong.

SS was ok....I'm hard on him probably because I felt the team and media built him up too much early on, raving about his size and the fact that he "looked the part" (even remember several stupid comments like "adonis-like" and "stud-like" build, etc....some man crushes down there I think)--so the expectations they set for him were super high....so it was frustrating when he didnt play up to that--head scratchingly bad hands for a CB---splitting hairs maybe, but I'll go with "decent, with potential" over "good"

Funny to read Willie Colon's comments about the Jets. He's convinced they can win the division. Whatever pal......obviously too many concussions.

Yeah, I'm a moron and then you prety much lift the points I made in an earlier post....

Home, no worries I'm going to send you a Celine Dion and Justin Bieber collaboration tape and together we can celebrate the American people makign two of the least talented Canadians rich beyond their wildest dreams ...

Actually Canadian Bacon...M is for Molester.

That's why this Craig M d-bag got his panties in a wad when I barely mentioned the FACT that Joe Philbin's son who died was a convicted rapist. This Craig M retard went absolutely ape s h * t for days. Effin hilarious like nothing I've ever been a part of on the internet. Poor guy must have had a rough childhood and I brought back some unpleasant memories. Now he molests Beagles...blames society.

Canadian's have the audacity to comment on our great American football team

USA marines need to kick some sissy's from up north,s arse's


Go Marines

Go Dolphins

Screw Canaduh !

from what I've seen, I'll take Patterson over Smith....paying him less plus he's tougher, more physical, seems more comptetive, more of a gamer, more willing to tackle.....and already has 2 INTs, so looks like he has better hands (cant have much worse)--and one of Patterson's INTs was a very tough catch....no way S Smith holds onto that

Also interesting to read Mike Holmgren's comments about the trading of Trent Richardson. 'How do you make your team better by trading your best player?'

While we can debate whether or not he was Cleveland's best player, his premise is correct. It's a sad-sack organization. Too bad we couldn't move them to our division. They're PATHETIC!! Constantly spinning their wheels. Constantly looking for their 'franchise' QB. They'll end up screwing that up too. Just watch!

"Yeah, I'm a moron"

Correct Mark u sissy

Finally u got it right

Words right out off your pole sucking lill mouth

Enuf said

Go Phins !

I liked R.J.Francis, but I am sure glad they decided to keep 11 DB's. After all the injuries we suffered last year at CB, it was the smart thing to do. When you think about it, a 185 lb. DB tackling a 260 lb. TE. does have the potential for injury. Another great job by these coaches.

It is bad/good to know that one dumb/unlucky thing can be the difference in winning and losing a game. I think we have a better team, but it is close enough that it won't take much to tilt it either way.

It is surely nice to be able to honestly think we are in the same league with Atlanta. They have been the team that exposed us a couple of times. It ain't happening this year!!

Go Fins


I know you all want to know what Home looks like ... well I just found out ...

Craig M also likes to use the word pal. Lmao, says a lot about how old and out of touch the guy is...no one except Don Johnson used the word pal after 1984. No wonder The Molester spends so much of his time on here. Look here, pal. Pal this. Pal that. What a tool.

Canadiens trying to talk Miami football?

Fire, thats a swell post.....really bitchin'

Daytona didn't answer my question. Guess he was the belle of the ball in state prison ...

Its funny the vast knowledge that some people have about prison time and what people in prisons call each other... experience???????

benz, I thought it was really rad myself...

belle of the ball he was, Matty ....

Hey Mando, please ban that Swedish a-hole. No room on this blog for jagoffs like that.

Benz is right...pal and bitchin are 80's terms...and early to mid 80's at that. This Craig M guy wouldn't be anymore ridiculous if he said "Be Cool" or "Bummer".

Alec Baldwin still said "pal" in some of his 90's movies.

You have to give it to trolls..They are persistent

Word up, Fire! (this is kind of stupid....kind of fun)

Holy crap! The stupid little foreigner wrote a positive article!

Posted by: Swedish Zoom | September 20, 2013 at 09:09 AM

Friend of yours Armando?

Looks like Daytona got hisself a new computer.

We will have to put up with him until Mando can get this one blocked.
Ruining the day on this blog is getting expensive huh? Daytona.

hahaa, benz ... you're mocking that fool and he doesn't even realize it ...

You know what sucks?





Mark....I'm actually not....just messing around.

FIRE ROSS thank you for continuing to use the same names when you post. I would only ask that maybe you could capitalize any new name you come up with? I love when you post under FIRE ROSS because it sticks out. I'm able to scroll right by your post and not have to waste my time reading in a line or two. Right away you see the name and go, 'yep, worthless, scroll on by'. I suspect you are doing this on purpose for those of us not interested in reading your incredibly ignorant posts and I want to thank you for that.

Talk about out of touch. These trolls are hating on an undefeated team. Joke's on you jack!

we can celebrate the American people makign two of the least talented Canadians rich beyond their wildest dreams ...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto |


Words right out off your pole sucking lill mouth

Enuf said

Go Phins !

Posted by: Home on the Phins | September 20, 2013 at 10:43 AM


Words right out off your pole sucking lill mouth

Enuf said

Go Phins !

Posted by: Home on the Phins | September 20, 2013 at 10:43 AM


Words right out off your pole sucking lill mouth

Enuf said

Go Phins !

Posted by: Home on the Phins | September 20, 2013 at 10:43 AM


Posted by: Phins78 | September 20, 2013 at 11:09 AM

Dashe has said worse than that 1000 times and he never got banned.

Heeeyyyy...What'd I do!?!?

Maybe because dashi's main concern is talking football and only acts out when personally attacked...

Daytona or Home or both tho, just internet tough guys...

Did anyone see my post from Tuesday about the Dolphins needing to score 28 on Sunday? Omar started reporting the same thing yesterday (stole my point!) so now I'm starting to believe I may be wrong about that. If Omar thinks they need 28 they probably only need 21.

and only acts out when personally attacked...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 20, 2013 at 11:16 AM


Who is Omar?

I love that most of the reporters down there were killing the Dolphins through training camp and now they're all picking them to win.

The beat guys only watch the Dolphins practice. And then they write stories about it and tell us how bad/good they are.

Here's the problem. Who are they comparing them with if they aren't watching any other training camps around the NFL? How is their bar set? They aren't coaches or talent evaluators so wtf? It's easy to pile on when a team is bad but the fact that very few reporters recognized any playmakers in Miami before the season started is pretty telling in my opinion.


Oar said the key for this game is for the 'Phins to get a running game going, i don't believe that. While i think it's important, i believe the real key is to not let Matt Ryan beat us. If he's given too much time he'll pick our secondary apart. If we can get in his face all day and force him to make throws he doesn't want to make, we can win this game.

Holy COW...an ALoco sighting...someone get the plaster for the footprint molds...

Are there examples of Dashi saying worse? Please point them out and I will say the same to him about respecting the blog and others in it. I'm barely ever here at night so if it's going on then maybe you should point it out to the blog administrator. Unless it doesn't bother you in which case I guess this discussion would be a waste of time.

Armando, you should have the routine down for blocking this guy. It shouldn't take that long.

Be back later when he is out of here. I do not enjoy reading filth and responding to ignorance.

I have a BOLD prediction of my own......rainy and muddy.......phons win it in the slop!!!GO PHINS!!!

As a parting shot, here's a glance at the Bills' rookies and their participation through the first two weeks:

QB EJ Manuel (first round)
Starts: 2 of 2 games
Offensive snaps: 138 of 138

WR Robert Woods (second round)
Offensive snaps: 132 of 138
Special-teams snaps: 10 of 64

LB Kiko Alonso (second round)
Defensive snaps: 170 of 170
Special-teams snaps: 11 of 64

WR Marquise Goodwin (third round)
Offensive snaps: 9 of 138
Special-teams snaps: 6 of 64
Did not play Week 2 (fractured hand)

S Duke Williams (fourth round)
Defensive snaps: 6 of 170
Special-teams snaps: 36 of 64

S Jonathan Meeks (fifth round)
Defensive snaps: 0 of 170
Special teams snaps: 34 of 64

K Dustin Hopkins (sixth round)
Has not played (right groin strain)

TE Chris Gragg (seventh round)
Healthy inactive Weeks 1 and 2

CB Nickell Robey (undrafted)
Defensive snaps: 110 of 170
Special-teams snaps: 2 of 64

QB Jeff Tuel (undrafted)
Active but has not played



Posted by: Craig M | September 20, 2013 at 11:22 AM

Craig that will definitely help. Obviously stopping Ryan is first and foremost. And as much as I like to disagree with Omar I can see his point on this one. The only way the Falcons can hurt us is when Matt Ryan is out there. If we can run the ball and control time of possession it will make the defenses job easier when trying to stop him. They will be better rested. I think a Sparano approach would be a good one for this game but only in between the 20's! Have to score once you get in the red, something Tony's teams could not do.

Al just brought something up Craig. It's supposed to rain Sunday I believe so that means it's going to be tough on the qbs and wrs. This game very well COULD come down to who runs the ball most effectively.

Id be extremely carefull when calling myself and others a "brotherhood" Theres another Muslim brotherhood that murders people and is supported by our Kind Obama.

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