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Dolphins D by any other name still excellent

They call themselves "The Brotherhood."

The Dolphins defense has given itself a nickname, handle, sobriquet, whatever you want to call it. Cameron Wake says it's the brainchild of Paul Soliai, Randy Starks, himself and others, and the players have had shirts made to celebrate the new identity.

Not everyone gets a shirt by the way.

"This is one shirt you have to earn," Wake says. "We don't give it out to everybody."

I canvassed the Dolphins locker room and found many of the defenders had a shirt such as the one Wake is modeling in the photo.Cam1

"It means you're recognized for doing something good," linebacker Dannell Ellerbe said. "It's good when you get the respect from your teammates and coaches."

That's what the shirt may mean. The "Brotherhood' means more, Wake says.

"The brotherhood is strong. It's like a fraternity. It's a family," Wake says. "You have a job to do and 10 other guys are expecting you to do your job so they can do their job. If you don't do your job, you're letting everybody down. You're letting your family down. And if you have too many letdowns, somebody else will be doing your job. You have to respect the brotherhood.

so far this season, the Dolphins defense, the brotherhood, is doing a good job where it counts most -- the scoreboard. The Dolphins are tied with the Jets and Oakland for fewest points allowed per game. They are fourth inn third down efficiency. They are sixth in interceptions percentage. They are ninth in sacks per pass.

But it is the points per game that suggests good things ahead.  

"That's the No. 1 stat on a defense," Wake says. "You want to make sure you take care of that. You want to keep it going and it's the culmination of all the other ones -- don't let them run the ball, get off the field on third down, turnovers. It all trickles down to defensive points allowed."

If the Dolphins continue to play defense at their current level (yes, everyone knows two games is a small sample size) then Ellerbe says his new teammates might start to gain a reputation similar to the one his old mates on the Baltimore defense earned.

"It's something that comes with time," he said. "We're putting in the work right now. So a couple of years down the road, it'll be something that's talked about: The Miami defense. We want to start our own thing down here."

Well, they've already nicknamed themselves.


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The Real,
the reason theyre getting so much playing time bro is bc the bills didnt have jack there before..

Jack, that's daytona ....

The Bills are better than the Dolphins right now IMO.


Sent you an email to that email address you gave me.


And the shirt Wake is wearing closely resembles the Navy Seal trident and Id be real careful not to do that. This Dolphins only proclaim to be "warriors" when the real "warriors" have given all for our freedoms,,,please don't get the two confused. These clowns on the Dolphins have no idea what that word means.

...Kind of a lame T-shirt..I don't have to wear it. And if it makes the team better..It could read New Kids On The Block 88 Summer Tour. I wouldn't care.

Somebody said this earlier. And I thought it was a great point...This is something to rally around. Something for the players to believe in. Now making a T-shirt is as cliché as the answers you get from coaches. But whatever. It shows unity. If it bonds this group. Sweet.

To the last point that I am piggy backing. Now it is time for the home crowd to start getting behind this team. I read somewhere that there were an additional 17000 tickets sold this week. So that it a good sign. Sun Life needs to become an advantage for the home team if we want to take that next step.

Posted by: THE REAL DON SOLDY ... u know | September 20, 2013

I'm sorry but that was a waste of your time. Your missing the big picture. Of course they're all starting for the Bills because the Bills suck. Hellloooooooo?

Good team don't need their rookies to immediately contribute. THEY ALREADY HAVE GOOD PLAYERS IN PLACE. The rookies are able to come along at their own pace. In turn you are able to take guys who may not immediately contribute because they aren't needed but have much better upside and are able to replace older players with biugger contracts.

You see this is how winning franchises operate. The Dolphins just got on board when Philbin was hired. Parcells molded Ireland into a piece of crap and Philbin is trying to undo the damage.

So thank you for pointing out that all of Buffalo's rookies are playing because it illustrates how far they have to go until they are good again.

What's with the guns on the back of the tshirt? Are they a gang? Are they an army? Are they going to shoot the opponents dead? I'm not understanding the connection here.

TRDS I'm interested in your reply. I'll wait.

Well, the Dolphins have sucked for years and their draft picks are all busts.

Rush YPG: as dismal as the dolphins have been Atlanta has only 1.5 more ypg than we do, now S.J. is hurt. Let the big boys do their job, load up on whatever healthy DB's we have and please, PLEASE, put a spy on Jacquizz as a receiver out of the backfield! Tony G gets a little love, but congestion keeps Julio, Harry, and Roddy from big plays. 23-16 Miami, N.O. won't be nearly as easy.


can't do the wave, don't think it's a good idea. Cuz Sherman & Tannehill are from A&M and back when they where there the administration banned it. Reportably "The Wave" caused 3 Aggies to drown, it's been banned ever since. Bad memories for them.

Are you dense?

We traded UP the last few years for picks that dont SEE THE FIELD.

Daniel Thomas - traded UP in the second to get him.. he cant even play more than half the snaps... he's a bust compared to where he was drafted.

Dio Jordan - YOU GAVE UP A PREMIUM DRAFT PICK to move up to get him. With that extra second rounder we could have traded for the PFF THIRD BEST rated LT in football in Albert. Or drafted a playmaker.

I take that back, we would not have drafted a playmaker because our GM has shown TIME AND TIME again that he CANNOT DRAFT.

TAYLOR AND DAVIS are injury prone... not to mention JORDAN. DALLAS THOMAS cant block a paper bag!

Great teams are BUILT THROUGH THE DRAFT. When we had a dominant defense we DRAFTED Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor, Surtain, Madison.

Constantly we draft CRAP. And worst of all this year. THIRD OVERALL PICK and you want him to NOT START and go at his own pace? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

This is not a 5th round pick.. its a freaking TOP THREE OVERALL.

Philbin should break out Wannys lobster traps, Camerons fail forward fast books, and Sparano's sun glasses and then place them all in the NSMB and burn the whole place to the ground.

Out with the old! That would motivate the hell out of me. And we can get rid of the bubble that is turning our players into pansies during games in weather.

That scares me more than anything this weekend. How are they going to play in the rain? They've been practicing in the cozy bubble. Do the Falcons have any kind of indoor practice facility for rain?

Craig, sent u a reply.

..I don't think for a second that the Bills are better then the Dolphins right now. I do think it is starting to look like these two teams will be fighting to take the passing of the division baton from the Pats. They have some similar pieces. You could argue that they are better at running back, they have a better offensive line. Their secondary is probably a bit better.

Where I think the Phins have the advantage is at Quarterback, receiver, linebacker. And by a hair, and defensive line..I'm sure Bills fans would debate this. But by a hair..We are a bit better right now.

So it comes down to how they develop EJ Manuel. He will be the wildcard. Yes if you look at the early returns from this years draft..By a landslide you have to say the Bills had a better draft. Luckily. Drafts aren't judged by 2 weeks. So this makes this point..Well pointless.

Both teams are young. Both teams have bright futures. Perhaps this will become new rivalry on the East coast that the Niners-Seahawks has become..That would be great.

Okay apparently they practice indoors as well when it rains. I'm not trying to be a hard a$% but the NFL is getting really soft.

wow, so the third over all pick, has a shoulder injury that they are brining him back slowly on and youre pissed bc they didnt throw him in right from the beginning? So bringing him in to ensure th shoulder is fully healed doesnt make sense?
Ive had the same shoulder injury as he had an it sucks.. getting hit the wrong way tweaks it and just weakens it..
i know you want a high draft pick to start, fully on the same page but being smart about it out wieghs the want...

Yeah, can't draft ...

Pouncey, martin, Jerry, tannehill, Miller, hartline, Clay, Soliai, Vernon, odrick, Jones, Clemons, Misi,and Sturgis are all starters that were what??

Oh yeah, drafted ...

Dion Jordan = Damaged Goods

Oh so now we're talking about Jeff Ireland? I thought we were talking about how great the Bills are according to you. It's hard to keep up if you're going to change subjects.

But yeah, Jeff Ireland is a middle of the pack GM right now. But here's what's ridiculous. Anyone pointing out gm mistakes without recognizing that 90% of the gms in the league do the same thing.

Go look at what the other gms have done the past three years with draft picks and you will have to stop your witch hunt. Start with Ozzie Newsome and the guy in New England. Pittsburgh hasn't done well either. Stop already.

Wasnt Odick a 1st rd Ireland draftee and he missed his entire 1st year?


Guess you must have missed the fact that this team is 2-0. Let that sink in for a minute.....

Phins78 is correct.....the good teams don't need their rookies to start right way. They have talent on their team and they can bring them along slowly. We're getting that way too.

I'll let you continue to cheer for Buffalo and their rookies. The reality is that neither you nor anyone knows right now what Buffalo or anyone has from the draft in April. But keep telling yourself something different.

Odrice I think only played 2 games his first year before breaking his leg I think. Looks like pretty decent value for pick #28 overall.

Looks like a better draft than I thought it was. It got us Odrick, Misi, Jerry, Reshad Jones, and Carrol

I think the Dolphins fans we need to call ourseleves the "13 level"

..To end this once and for all...No picks, or free agents before the 2011 draft are "Ireland" guys..Sorry. To many blame Parcells for the bad up to the time he left(Sept 2010) and give Ireland the pass on everything..Irelands first draft was 2011..So any player move after Sept 2010 Ireland..Any draft pick from 2011..Ireland... That is where it has to start. We can't conveniently blame Parcells for all the bad. And just give Ireland a pass during that time to make a point...

The Bills was an example of how struggling teams get better - by drafting well.

And to the guy that put MARTIN, JERRY, ODRICK in there... is that a joke!?!?!

Anyone can hit on multiple first round picks like Pouncey, etc.

But lets not put lipstick on a pig here and call it a supermodel... Jeffy sucks at drafting.

Dion Jordan was HURT BEFORE THE DRAFT. Taylor too. Davis too.


he thinks he can outsmart the league, and he is a dingleberry.

Winning franchises draft well. Over the last 10 years, the Fins are losers. Professional losers.

Its all due to the drafts.

I have dubbed this the official Cameron Wake theme song. Every super hero needs a theme!


Memo to Don Soldy, the BILLS haven't made the playoffs in 13 freaking years ... the ost inept team in the NFL during that span... now they are the model?? Holy crap ....

DD, I don't absolve Ireland for anything during the time with parcells but I also credit him for the good during that time...

It's just some IDIOT who's mouthing off because this team is 2-0 right now and he can't handle it. He's just trying to stir the pot, don't fall for it guys.

The reality is that the Bills eeked played a couple of close games at home and are 1-1. I'll take our two road wins instead. Thank you very much.

You know I kind of forgot why I hated the Bills and their fans during their heyday ... I mean for over a generation they were pathetic and sad now all fo a sudden they win one game and sport a .500 record despite playing both games at home and now people want to crown em...

ha! This is a team where their franchise player doesn't even want to play for anymore...

GMs generally hit on a ridiculously low number of their draft picks. That's the reality of the NFL.

There are around 3500 players in the draft pool. About 245 get drafted, (roughly 7%). Of those 245 players teams generally cut around 40%. Ireland is in the middle.

If his team makes the playoffs he deserves to keep building with Philbin.

If they don't he's fired.

Why are you continuing to talk about this when there is nothing that can be done? Those are the facts, win and he stays, lose and he's fired.

So this discussion and never ending and pointless Ireland talk is over now?

Hey CAM I think i deserve a size XXL brotherhood ive ben a Long time Dolphins every since like 1972 I was five cause im Dolphan4lyfe..PhinsUp!!..PhinsSTRONG!!!



...I sound like devils advocate here.. We are all excited about the start..Phins78 point about good teams and their rookies not having to play right away is a good one. So far we look like we haven't needed to rush these guys back, even needed them. (except Sturgis..he has been ice so far)

But what happens if this starts to fall apart? What happens if the secondary gets exposed, there is an injury on the defensive line, or worse both? Now what. Could you make the argument if you were on the side that this draft for the Phins was a poor one(IMO a ridiculous claim, but whos to say that opinion is not valid?)..Would we need some of those rookies to perform if our depth was compromised, or a unit exposed?

I hope, and do not believe this will happen. I think this is a good team, and the rookies will be brought along at a speed that is beneficial to them and the team. But if the worst case scenario plays out. Those who question this draft may have made their point.

P78, stop trying to interject logic. This is the place where 3rd to 6th round picks are routinely expected to become Hall of Famers or our GM is incompetent ...

It all comes down to the QB ... and the offense. if they can moe the ball, score points, and keep turnovers to a minimum ... you have a chance ...a ll this analysis of rookie 3rd round picks being impact players in their 2nd professional games is so inconsequential...

3rd to 6th round?


We took ZERO. Count them - ZERO starters in the Top 3 rounds.

Not HOF. Not impact players. STARTERS

And that includes the THIRD PICK OVERALL.

That is not bad luck. Thats ineptitude.

What a joke.

2-0 is great. My point is that we have no talent stockpiled. We cant sustain any success with PISS POOR DRAFTING.

Since Ireland came, we have gotten SQUAT from most draft picks. INCLUDING high round picks.

This is where you are wrong and are making yourself sound incredibly stupid. Right? Now listen and you have to admit you sound like a know nothing blah blah blah guy. You have to see that here.

"Dion Jordan was HURT BEFORE THE DRAFT. Taylor too. Davis too."

So what? Are you saying these guys will never have good careers because they had minor injuries to start? They are going to recover correct? YES.

And you have never even seen Taylor play so you have no idea how good he may be. You have heard about Davis's interceptions and knack for the ball but he's a low round pick and not expected to immediately contribute because there are guys in front of him (how do you not get this?) and Jordan has already contributed a sack. If he ends with 8 on the season he will be up for rookie of the year because of his limited status on a VERY DEEP DEFENSIVE LINE.

You don't even understand what you're talking about. You say his draft sucked because the players aren't playing and I'm telling you he took very good players that aren't needed to contribute right away. That's a sign you have a good team.

If we were going "OH NO!!!!!!!!! Taylor, Jordan, and Davis are limited and we really need them out there right now!" then you MAY have some kind of point but that'[s not the case. And you have no clue how good these players will be.

So exactly what is your point?

Days of Thunder???


You and I have had this discussion before. You don't make a decision if it was a good or bad draft until at least three years down the road. Hopefully most of these guys contribute some this year but if they don't do enough it doesn't mean they were bad picks.

The light didn't go on for Clemmons, Jones, Misi or Odrick right away. They are all good contributors now. So to make a judgement on them now or at the end of the year makes no sense.


Nice try pal......you don't have a leg to stand on. You're sounding like an uneducated football fool.

Unfortunate that some are biting but it's obvious you have no clue what you're talking about.

If Irescum had half a brain we'd have Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall, and Mike Wallace.

..Craig M..I'm not making a call on this class. But I certainly understand those who would doubt it. I'm not saying it is right, I'm not saying that I agree. But folks have every right to question Dion Jordan, or Jamar Taylor. We are assuming that they will be fine, they will contribute, and eventually help the team get better. I hope they do. But there are some out there that disagree. I don't think those opinions should be discarded just because they are unpopular, or even seen as rush judgements.

We have all done it..Think about how we were laughing at the Bills for the Mario Williams deal last year? Well so far so good this year. What he had 5 sacks last week? Even Tannehill..Many of us started to turn on him a bit last year when the going got rough. It wasn't a full mutiny. But be honest..There was a time when you questioned the pick just a bit midway through the year.

We are free to have our opinions. Those who think that Jordan..whoever were poor picks are welcome to theirs. Again..It seems foolish to do so without having any proof, and yes to me it makes little sense. But so does discounting their opinions. They aren't the only ones who think we whiffed on this one.

Hahaha, no talent stockpiled??? What do you call Taylor, Davis, Thomas, and Jordan waiting in the wings?

Not a starter in game 2 means very little...

Sorry man, I couldn't agreeless with you on the assessment of our draft...

Between the FO/Coaches, they have put a good system in place. Baring major injuries this team should do well this year.

Ireland is going to draft & trade for the best talent he can fine ACCORDING to what Philbins wants. Philbin has made it very clear, in interviews he wants SPEED on both sides of the ball.

If you compare and contrast the past drafts under Sporano versus Philbin, they are totally different. When Ireland was under the Fat Tuna & Sporano, he drafted his prototype of players - large and ssssssllllllllooooooowwwww.

Ireland isn't going nowhere, Ireland's player moves are predicated to what Philbin (with imput from Sherman, Coyle,Other Coaches) wants. The BIGGER thing here, the team work and trust Ireland & Philbin have developed. Philbin brought a VERY different type of coaching philosophy to Miami based on athleticism, speed, speed, speed and smarts.

First public interview with Sporano and I was thinking, WTF? The guy sounds like a high school football coach, totally clueless....OK.

First public interview with Phlibin and he spoke with intelligence, night & day from Sproano, you could tell the difference immediately.

My point is that NO GM hits on every player, but Ireland is smart enough to change from the old 80's style of play (parcells) to a much more modern day (philbin) player approach and Ireland has proved he can get the groceries that Ross wants Philbin to cook.

The system is in place and it an't changing.


People can think whatever they want. It's a free country. I put no stock in anyone's opinion who wants to right off these kids after two weeks, as this bozo wants to. It's also my right to feel that way. I think general consensus is you don't fully know what you have in a player for three full years. If people want to rush to judgement on a player much quicker than that then o be it,but in most cases they will look foolish, as we've seen in the likes of Brees, Eli Manning, Wake and even Jimmy Graham.

TRDS nice to see you spent some time at espn today because that was their top story.

"Rookies giving Bills a big boost"
September, 20, 2013
SEP 20

When three rookies trot out as opening-day starters for an NFL team, the reactions can vary wildly.

Anything from "Wow, look at all that young talent!" to "Yikes, they didn't have anyone else, huh?" might capture the situation accurately.

After all, the Bills, with 440 snaps played by rookie draft selections, were trailed by four teams (the Jets, Jaguars, Rams and Redskins) with a combined record of 2-6 through the first two weeks. In other words, if the 1-1 Bills are going to have those teams as company, they'd better be the class of the party.

Of those league-leading 440 snaps, the vast majority has gone to three players, who were also the team's top three selections in April's draft: quarterback EJ Manuel, receiver Robert Woods and linebacker Kiko Alonso.

It's true that the Bills entered the draft with holes at all three of those positions, so entering training camp, the top three picks were all favored to start or at least see significant time. ((((((( ISN'T THAT WHAT IVE BEEN SAYING?))))))))))

Even so, this much has been clear: All have earned their jobs. Manuel would have won the starting job with or without Kevin Kolb suffering a season-ending concussion.

oOOOOHHHH The Bills beat the Panthers! What a juggernaut, how did they ever accomplish such a monumental task? AT HOME? Lets crown them the new afc east champs.


"The 13 Level"

I like it, sounds great...

You could probably get a major endorsement from Marino! Have him ware the shirt with a great logo design, etc...thing would go flying off the shelves.

You see? It's the same thing we used to hear from Miami Dolphins.com when they were the worst in the league. Blah, blah, blah, rookies, blah blah, untapped talent,,blah blah, really going to turn some heads, blah blah, FIGHTING NOT TO BE LAST IN THE DIVISION.

Lets settle this right now. All these people with different opinions and stuff bothers me. Why do people feel like they should have their own opinion?

So everyone should just agree with me.This way all the fighting can end and we can just all be happy and enjoy the Phins. We shall call it a Dubocracy!

Daryll imo if it falls apart this year it will be more on the players who are on the field then the first year rookies who aren't playing. And it will still be Ireland's fault. So that's why I don't understand why this is talked about so much. As if we can make a change mid-season or something.

"Irelanddddddddddd, you've ruined our livvveeeesssssss!!!!" lol freakin idiots.


Hahahaha Ya know what Don? You're right, Ireland sucks, worst gm in the league. You win, now on to something that actually matters like the game Sunday.

We have depth on the D-Line. Our starting Linebackers are much better, and a lot faster, than their predecessors. The O-line is beginning to gel, although Tanny is getting hit way too often still. Miller WILL emerge as a starting RB, Wallace just might make the Pro-Bowl!

2008 was the product of a weak schedule. This team will match that, and take the AFC East away from the Pats. I see our guys buying into Coach Philbin's philosophy.

Miami 27 Atl 13. Phins Up!!!

madfin, we can pay Matrino in cooch ... easy on the wallet....

Solid post Madfin, good points.


Dion Jordan was a steal...did you see how many pick Cleveland gave up to move from 4 to 3 to draft Richardson last year..

See what happens when you get rid of the Selfish players. A team begins to form.

Craig he's debating football. And I think that's what we all want here. Whether he's being ignorant on purpose or not he is talking football. That's been my only complaint.

It's okay with me if people have differing opinions on the team because it allows us to debate and learn. If he's faking that opinion then that's on him not me. He hasn't been overly disrespectful and he's not hating on the team, he has actually brought up a few good points although some might not want to hear it or agree because it's not good for the team. Ireland can get better at drafting, that's a fact and can be proved by where he sits on the gm pole.

But I also believe he will get better and is keeping some of Parcells teachings but also learning from Philbin. He may turn out to be one hell of a gm but he needs a winning record this season or we won't be the ones who benefit.

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