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Dolphins D by any other name still excellent

They call themselves "The Brotherhood."

The Dolphins defense has given itself a nickname, handle, sobriquet, whatever you want to call it. Cameron Wake says it's the brainchild of Paul Soliai, Randy Starks, himself and others, and the players have had shirts made to celebrate the new identity.

Not everyone gets a shirt by the way.

"This is one shirt you have to earn," Wake says. "We don't give it out to everybody."

I canvassed the Dolphins locker room and found many of the defenders had a shirt such as the one Wake is modeling in the photo.Cam1

"It means you're recognized for doing something good," linebacker Dannell Ellerbe said. "It's good when you get the respect from your teammates and coaches."

That's what the shirt may mean. The "Brotherhood' means more, Wake says.

"The brotherhood is strong. It's like a fraternity. It's a family," Wake says. "You have a job to do and 10 other guys are expecting you to do your job so they can do their job. If you don't do your job, you're letting everybody down. You're letting your family down. And if you have too many letdowns, somebody else will be doing your job. You have to respect the brotherhood.

so far this season, the Dolphins defense, the brotherhood, is doing a good job where it counts most -- the scoreboard. The Dolphins are tied with the Jets and Oakland for fewest points allowed per game. They are fourth inn third down efficiency. They are sixth in interceptions percentage. They are ninth in sacks per pass.

But it is the points per game that suggests good things ahead.  

"That's the No. 1 stat on a defense," Wake says. "You want to make sure you take care of that. You want to keep it going and it's the culmination of all the other ones -- don't let them run the ball, get off the field on third down, turnovers. It all trickles down to defensive points allowed."

If the Dolphins continue to play defense at their current level (yes, everyone knows two games is a small sample size) then Ellerbe says his new teammates might start to gain a reputation similar to the one his old mates on the Baltimore defense earned.

"It's something that comes with time," he said. "We're putting in the work right now. So a couple of years down the road, it'll be something that's talked about: The Miami defense. We want to start our own thing down here."

Well, they've already nicknamed themselves.


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SVP just made a great point...Arizona started 4-0 last year...I am as excited as everyone...BUT...we just got to breath...and not overreact when that first L does come...

i think we will need to play all our corners against the Falcons. maybe just 2 linebackers, 1 safety, 4 corners and 4 linemen with linebackers blitzing alot.

Can be proven. My Grammar sucks when I'm working and trying to post.

Has Ireland been fired yet?

Jack definitely. They're going to lose games. At LEAST 7 of them if my prediction is right. But the only people who will be freaking out will be the Jets fans that come into our blog every day. They will throw a little party in here claiming the Dolphins to be in the cellar. Laughing, making things up, predicting losses the rest of the year.

It's up to smart people to ignore them and move on.

It was Sparano that drafted Pouncey. Sparano was just given more power by Ross and Pouncey was "his guy".

That's my cue. When Zonk shows up the rest of the troll names show up and the blog goes down the toilet. I'm not contributing anything to this blog today past this post. The trolls can fill up the hit meter, I'm out.

Haha, nice try Nat

Interesting that Mike Smith says one of the keys to the games for the Falcons is not to give up big plays to the Miami Dolphins offence. He calls the 'phins offence 'explosive' and paysarticular attention to Wallace and Hartline. Slowly but surely this offence will start to earn some respect around the league.

Phins 78 says goodbye but never leaves... he lurks

Phins 78 says goodbye but never leaves... he lurks

Posted by: The Blog | September 20, 2013 at 01:21 PM

oscar said thats a sign of insecurity...

Mark said all that needs to be said on the topic of Ireland. We went 3 decades before drafting a 1st-round QB, and over a decade when that position was a carousel and the team was crap. So Ireland's effectiveness will mostly be judged on one player and one player alone, Ryan Tannehill. IF he becomes a franchise QB (which he's looking like becoming), then Ireland's time here will be validated. If not, then it probably won't.

But you don't go 2-0 for the first time in 12 years without talent. You don't judge a draft class by what the rookies do in their 1st 2 games, and you sure as H*LL don't play the "what if" game. The games will be played and the judgment stems from the outcome, not the other way around.

But you don't go 2-0 for the first time in 12 years without talent. You don't judge a draft class by what the rookies do in their 1st 2 games, and you sure as H*LL don't play the "what if" game. The games will be played and the judgment stems from the outcome, not the other way around.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | September 20, 2013 at 01:26 PM

In 2010 Henne started 2-0. DUUUUUHHHHHH! How good were we? Check your facts before you spew your nonsense on here. Out of touch out of towners = CLUELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DC Dolfan just makes up stuff to suit his agenda.

There's Zonk.. I wondered if you would be able to say anything else besides your normal 3 posts.. i guess the answer to my question has been received..
Cant even say anything about being 2-0...

The 2-0 under Henne we won by low, low scoring games agains teh Bills and Vikes. The fact that we've put up 20+ points on the road using primarily the passing game, coupled with a tough defense is dizzying heights compared to what we are used to.

Game one Hartline 100+ yards. Game two Wallace 100+ yards. Clay had a big play down field last week. Miller is getting better. Here is a message for Coach Smith. Go ahead plan on stopping Wallace and Hartline but be prepared to watch Gibson have a big game along with our TE's and RB's. My optimism is overpowering my pessimism.

Mark & Phins78...and other True FINS,

Just reading the various blogs here each day and you can see who are the true FINS FANS. We know we finally got it right, the full package...FO, HC & Co. (OC, DC, ST), and an Owner in Boss Ross that will do just about anything to Win.

Also remember one thing, this truly is Ross's team. He didn't pick Sporano, he just went with it, cuz of what Fat Tuna put in place. I'm sure the first time Ross spoke to Sporano (probably got a headache) he knew he would be getting rid of him and his (& parcells) out dated philosophy of running a team.

I think Ross is learning how to own a professional franchise the right way and we are turning the corner, if it's not constructive criticism focused on being positive on our storied franchise, I don't bother with it.

Ross has built a winner before our eyes, let's enjoy the ride!

FINS 24 - Falcons 17
Matty Ice melts in beautiful MIA.

@ 1:45, Clay also had 100+ yards in week 2 .. more fuel for the optimist. Anyone remember the lat time we had two 100+ yard receivers in one game. Without looking it up, I feel like it was in the Don Shula days.

The schedule makers have it out towards the dolphins. They have even tried to neutralize our 1 home field advantage(the heat). It sucks we don't play division games early.

But we will still find a way to win. Good game this Sunday against one of the top teams in the NFC. Beat the Falcons and we are a legitimate team to be reckoned with this season.

At worst we are 3-2 going into the Bye week.

I don't know why we argue with the trolls.

It is probably a good thing that Taylor and Davis are not starting now. We have won without them and they will be fresher at the end of the season. Crunch time.

There are a lot of veteran, starting DE's in this league who have not gotten a sack and we are complaining about Jordan? At some point common sense has to take over.

Oh yeah, I tend to erase the Henne years from my memory. Regardless, that team had talent. Refs stole the Steelers game and Thigpen was QB for the Bears game, so they could have easily gone 9-7.

Either way, as always, trolls pick on the minor details, when the point of that post was that Ireland will be judged on how good Tannehill becomes.

So go home Home!

Dashi, I said PreSeason that if we went 3-2 by the Bye week, I'd be very happy with the team. I'd be even happier if we go 4-1.

We are going to have to play as good or better Game than we did last week in order to beat Atlanta. Those guys can put 30+ points on anybody

Dion Jordan let one sack get away or we would have 10.

No Babineaux for the Falcons according to the practice/injury report. Glad to see Taylor and Davis are good to go.

It was Ross that drafted Tannehill. Nothing to do with Ireland whether he makes it or not.

If the rookie CBs see action expect Ryan to test them...early and often...I hope they are ready!!!

Didn't the Bills give Beardy McInterception (Ryan Fitzpatrick) an embarrasing contract extension a couple of years ago after they pulled out a fluke win against the Patriots, and had all of Western New York convinced the Bills were "back?" Good job Buffalo. You're a pass interference penalty against Carolina from being 0-2.

oscar said thats a sign of insecurity...
Posted by: 516 | September 20, 2013 at 01:24 PM

Posting under multiple names is a sign if insecurity, just saying


WOW these guys are millionaires and are still dumb as dirt.

That shirt is a NAVY SEAL Shirt.

Why can't they just come up with something of their own and make a shirt out of it instead of stealing a NAVY SEAL ICON.

None of these guys could come close or compare to a SEAL.

4th in NFL in interceptions....

Last year T/O's was a weakness....

This year a strength...

Sean Smith and Dansby never caused turn overs, bye...

New Fins = turn over machine

Good job to the coaches and players!!!


Bingo on ur comment!

Getting rid of the selfish non-team players,

either you fit the system or ur gone. Hence Dansby, Long (he didn't want to be here), etc...

It's the Philbin Way or the highway.

Maybe the reason Bushy is gone also. You will probably NEVER see another Joey Porter, Channing Crowder on this team, AND that's a good thing!


38 - 10 DOLPHINS

This team ain't winning nothing unless they come together.

Thank god for brothers...blood, sweat and tears...

Teddy Brusci pick the Dolphins!!!

Keep in mind not starting Taylor and Davis could be a good thing. They need to learn the NFL. Arguably the best corners the modern day Dolphins had; Madison and Surtain, both sat and learned on the sideline for at least 8 games. The rest is history.

We can only hope that Taylor and Davis can measure up to those legends.

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