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Dolphins (struggling vs. TEs) must contain Gonzalez

Tony Gonzalez is good. He's Hall of Fame-bound good. Well, so far this season he hasn't been that good, but that's probably a result of him taking much of training camp off after striking a deal with the Falcons that allowed him to do so.

But the guy is generally good.

And that's not the best news for the Dolphins because tight ends have been something of a concern for Miami this year. Now, let me define "something of a concern:"

ooooh crud, here we go again.

“Let’s see, the Cleveland game Cameron (Jordan) had a big game," coach Joe Philbin said Tuesday, recalling the Dolphins efforts against tight ends so far this year. "He was very, very productive. Last week they obviously hit (Coby) Fleener down the seam on a big play, but I think we have the capability of doing a good job against the tight ends."

The Dolphins probably do have the capability of playing better against tight ends. But they have to clean up the issues of the past two weeks to do it.

In the Cleveland game, for example, the Dolphins gave up 10 completions for 117 yards and a touchdown to Browns tight ends. In the Indianapolis game, the Dolphins gave up 5 completions for 82 yards and a touchdown to Colts tight ends.

Opposing teams have targeted their tight ends 24 times vs. Miami so far this season and come away with 15 completions -- that's a 62.5 percent success rate every time the opposing team throws to the tight end.

Compare that to the 50 percent success rate (36 of 72) on targets to all other players, including easy, short throws to running backs and fullbacks and you see that Miami has work to do on limiting tight ends.

This is nothing new, by the way. Long-time Dolphins fans know the team has for some reason struggled covering tight ends for years and years. (No idea why).

But as the Dolphins actively tried to improve their pass coverage this year -- including the signing Phillip Wheeler -- so the hope remains the team can improve on tight end coverage as the season unfolds.

One variable that should buoy the Dolphins is that in Sunday's game, the Falcons won't bring the best tight end in the league to the game. Yes, Gonzalez has been in the past. But he's 37 years old now. He's off to a slow start with only seven receptions for 69 yards. And he's averaging a modest. 9.9 yards per catch, which is over two yards less than his career average per catch.

Despite this apparent decline the Dolphins respect Gonzalez and know he can hurt them.

 "He’s outstanding," Philbin said. "He just knows he has so much route skills. He’s just a tough guy to defend, no doubt about it. He knows how to get open. He’s got extremely good hands. It will be a challenge, but I think we are capable."


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KC??? How can anyone fear a team with that offense???

Bobby12 had it right: Gotta lay the wood on TEs

hahahaa, @ 2:19, post of the year!!!

Julio Jones is awfully strong and if you don't wrap up on him he is gone for a long gain. Gonzalez, a first ballot HOF, will get his catches, no matter what. Roddy White has lost his 4.2 speed, he now runs a 4.4. In all, we can expect the Falcons to hang up 25-30 points on us. Can we surpass that and win the Game? LV super computers say yes.


I disagree your post at 2:27 is better. It is very punny

Bobby12 had it right: Gotta lay the wood on the Tight Ends

Posted by: cocoajoe | September 18, 2013 at 02:27 PM

LOL, I meant cocoajoe

always lay the wood on tight ends!!!

And for the record, I can make a sex joke about anything. I am so talented and disturbed LOL

Like when people say Aaron hernandez is going into jail a tight end and coming out a wide receiver?


He will just have to be careful when he farts!

Like Otto in the new season of Sons of Anarchy ... rough treatment

RT. 4th best QB in the league brothers. Best of the class of 2012.

Including overrated 54% man Luck.

What do come from behind victories mean? They mean you're always playing from behind and never winning big. Use ur brains. Ignore mainstream media.


the phinz r 2-0 and this blog is asleep 'cuz u homers got the rogues banned.

rookie so probably overmatched or just not ready yet, but Jelani Jenkins' biggest strength was supposed to be his coverage skills?--so chuck him out there and let the kid cover.

Looks like no Big Paul this week. Starks, Odrick, and Martin should be able to hold down the DT spot. Still, we will miss the big man. Ireland looking a little smarter for franchising Starks right now despite the cost.

Clemons being out might be a problem. We have very little safety depth. I guess that means Jimmy Wilson will be playing safety if Clemons can't go?

No Clemons, Taylor, Davis, or Patterson? Some of these guys better come back or Ryan will be looking at RJ Sanford on every down...

Mark, it looks like to me right now like Clemons, Taylor, Davis, and Patterson are questionable.

Taylor, Davis, and Patterson have been able to practice in at least a limited role so far this week though, so that is a good sign.

NeMo--probably not terrible that we'll get to see how the D line holds up without Soliai....unlikely I think that they re-sign both Starks and Soliai, or that they can afford to anyway, so lets see how things might look without one of them--hopefully good.

Gonzo will probably need to help out their tackles a lot. That probably explains his lack of production more than age, the guy is amazing and a first ballot HOF player. He can't bust the seam like he used to but in the red zone he's money.

Jordan's shoulder being an issue AGAIN, why is in on special teams? Surely, we must 1 guy not starting who has the stones to do that dirty gig.
I wish I didn't have the feeling that Jordan will have ANOTHER surgery by mid season.
Sherman HAS to let Tanny scramble, or he's going to get BOTH shoulders mangled.

Our D has to play lights out this game, as if Tanny ain't 100% it could be not so good.
Hopefully, the former JRS will be packed as it was for my Canes. That crowd HAD top make a difference. How long has it been since the Fins had a home field advantage? Ya gotta win for that to happen, at least in Miami.
Alllllll-right MIAMI!!

Should be a better game for the D, their RB is hurt but still gotta COVER THE WR'S & TE!!! Take advantage of the Falcons injurys now!!! PEDAL TO THE METAL 7 DON'T STOP!!! GO FINS!!!

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