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Update from practice and who is Danny Watkins?

Here's a quick update on what's going on at practice today:

The rookie cornerbacks are still not practicing. Will Davis (ankle) and Jamar Taylor (hernia) missed the second straight day of preparation for the Cleveland Browns.

Davis, in a walking boot Monday, is out of the boot today. He was walking quite gingerly. Interestingly, yesterday Davis wore the boot on his left tankle. The team complained to at least one reporter about writing which ankle was wearing the boot. Today, Davis is wearing wrapping and a sleeve on his right ankle. Pretty sly, those Dolphins.

By the way, The Herald's Adam Beasley has reported Taylor will likely not play against the Browns. Just as well. He was bad in the preseason finale and clearly not ready to compete on an NFL regular-season level.

Long snapper John Denney and quarterback Pat Devlin were also absent from drills today. No reasons for those absenses yet, although Denney's, at least, is believed to be excused for personal reasons.

Newcomer Danny Watkins was at practice today, as expected. I believe the best use for him is as guard-center swing guy. Watkins is a former first-round pick waived by Philadelphia after only two years.

Why the bust in Philly?

The media in Philadelphia questioned his passion for football and Eagles GM Howard Roseman questioned his toughness, which is never good for an offensive lineman. Or a football player.

“When you watched Danny play, the toughness, the hockey-playing aspect of him, never translated to Philadelphia, and that’s one of the things that I told him today, was that when you watched him at Baylor and when you watched him at the Senior Bowl and when you met him, he had this innate toughness about him,” Roseman told CSNPhilly.
“You felt like you were getting an enforcer, and he never let himself go here on that, and I don’t know why that was. I told him that was what I was the most confused by. Because that was something that everyone at Baylor told you about and you saw on his play on the field, and I think it all goes back to the pressure he put on himself here."

Roseman interestingly believes a change of scenary will help Watkins.
“He put a lot of pressure on himself, and he couldn’t just go out and play, and I think getting away from being Danny Watkins the first-round pick and just being Danny Watkins will really help him,” Roseman said.

Well, that takes care of Watkins' aggressiveness. But the media in Philly also questioned his dedication and passion. It is no secret Watkins' first love is firefighting. He came to the United States to become a fireman, not a football player.

From today's Philadelphia Daily News:

"That photo on the firefighting site Northeastbravest.com the Inquirer uncovered, of Danny dressed out in full Rescue 1 gear at a Northeast Philly fire last Dec. 16, carrying a motorized saw, is really all you need to know about Danny and passion. His passion was for firefighting, which is what he left idyllic Kelowna, British Columbia, to come to the United States to learn more about. He got sidetracked by football. When somebody tells you that you can win a college scholarship, and then make millions of dollars doing something professionally, you pay attention. But paying attention does not put you on the intensity same level as someone who has spent his life hungry to play the game, living it, breathing it.

The Eagles were off that day in December when Danny toted gear around for his fire department buddies. But less than two months earlier, he had left the starting lineup with an ankle problem, and then he’d lost his starting job to journeyman Jake Scott, signed off the street. You’re a recent No. 1 pick consigned to the bench. Wouldn’t you want to spend every extra minute watching tape, perfecting technique, working in the weight room to get bigger and faster?"



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Armando no longer reads here because he knows what completely clueless and paranoid crybabies reside here. Can you f-cking blame him?

Armando no longer participates in live game day blogs here. He's started a sign in live blog running parallel to that one.

This blog is pure garbage because those crying its garbage most, are its greatest landfill holders. They are either to blind are too stupid to see.

Holy = YG talking to himself again


Good post!

I would also add the progress this team has made since the end of the 2011 Season. Seems the blog & alot of the fanbase suffer from short term memory! At the end of 2011 this team had one of the most bloated CAP's in the entire NFL with hits in 2012 due to differed signing bonuses. Outside of R.Bush was one of the slowest teams in the League looking 20th Century pedestrian at WR & T.E. without mentioning the Guard Positions where we were (and still are) one of the few teams you don't really fear in the run game the real issue there that some don't seem to get is that our Guards can't pull quickly enough to neutralize the LB's destroying our RB's before the play even has a chance to develop and reason you see Center Pouncey pulling so much on run plays besides other key needs with revolving door at WR, DB & both Tackle spots as in plural! A receiving T.E. pass D LB's, in other words a real mess!

In 2012 the new Coaching staff was supposedly evaluating there roster (nice way of stating we were purging CAP issues and paying dead money) in order to not lose more Season ticket holders. Team needs increased jettisoning Marshall and his contract from roster (relieving locker room cancer) as well as Vontae Davis (a slacker yes but still best DB team had) The outlook seemed bleak I for one didn't think it humanly possible to address needs much less upgrade.

In 2013 Off-Season team (with healthier CAP) addressed all it's needs impressively in more than serviceable manner without mortgaging their future once again outside of the Wallace deal. Do we have depth issues, yes! But you weren't going to get 100% of it fixed with the amount of needs we had either! Team has come a very long way in a very short time! The whole experiment fails if Tannehill can't produce he's the wild card in all of this and my real concern/focus this Yr. If he can at least be steady and produce 24 points a game this team will be relevant in Dec. a nice change after so many Yrs. of simply playing spoiler late in Season.

By the ay, YG asked Armando if he signs in as anyone else.

Mando said no

YG later said he did and it's more than obvious he does.

Yeah, asking Armando is a fruitful exercise.

By the ay, it's only 2:30,a nother half hour until Mando exits the buffet.

Is it true espn is ranking Phins winning division 10-6? pats 9-7

btw, you or mouth could email Armando to verify if yg & I or anyone else is the same.
Instead you rant & rave & get your panties all twisted in hre in a huge circle jerk of blog brotherhood.
You clowns are pathetic.

Posted by: For all that is holy | September 03, 2013 at 02:18 PM


These guys aren't looking for the TRUTH. It would get in the way of their TRUE INTENT. That true intent is to be TOTAL IDIOTS.

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What is Breaking Bad about?

I can't help but laugh to myself. That people actually take a blog this seriously that they become conspiracy theorists.

You know what they say? DONT QUIT YOUR DAY JOBS!

gotta be an upgrade over a clearly overmatched Samuda, and thats all that matters.....improve the roster, the dude coming in is better than the guy on the way out--yeah, there is alot to question about Watkins but the numerous starts he's had counts for alot just on its own (vs Samuda)--and he wasnt Miami's 1st rd pick, so expectations should be low.

Holy = YG talking to himself again

Posted by: . | September 03, 2013 at 02:26 PM

I bet you think strippers like you to. That's how gullible you are. LOL!

bet if I typed this way

ppl would think im 2watt

What's all this Queen's English and who's trolling have to do with winning the Season opener?

And more importantly, what's a knuckleduster (I heard of a knuckledragger, but not duster)?

Also, the best way to get back at your blog enemies is to beat them in Fantasy. That's why creating a league with posters here might be one of the 3 best ideas of the Century!

DC, I used the term.

Let me first say, Miami will win. They have to as losing that game on this schedule is not game you can afford to lose if you have hopes o doing anything this ear.

Knuckle duster is also known as early man.

Uncivilized. Uncultured. Ignorant...essentially a caveman.

I have a fantasy league & have a kunundrem with my 2nd flex position.

Steve Smith, Darren McFadden or Kenbrell Thompkins.

Any thoughts?

Truth, how long do you have? No, a quick synopsis is a high school chemistry teacher finds out he has cancer. And also is expecting a baby (and has a special needs son too). Obviously, teaching doesn't pay enough, and he's sick of his 2nd job (as a car wash attendant). He comes to find out he can make tons of money cooking meth. And thus the story ensues (he's trying to hide his "career" from his family, ESPECIALLY his brother-in-law who is a DEA agent).

Great show. I have yet to talk to a single individual who's seen an episode and then says they just couldn't get into the show.

holy, thought that's what it meant, just another iteration of the previous "knuckle-dragger."

On the flex, I would go with Smith (I don't trust McFadden, and I think their first game is on the East Coast, so doubt Oakland does much).

the irony

Thanks DC, I'll probably check it out on Netflik like everyone seems to do. Seems like a very interesting concept

Teachers up here make 50-70k a year plus benefits we in the private sector would die for. No need for second jobs for $$, no need to become meth dealer.

It's a tough call. Thompkins might be big. He is starting & lit it up in preseason as the starting WR.

McFadden plays a soft indy D on turf & smith is a dynamic guy, even at his age, but, he's playing seattle & those DB's.

It's McFadden or Thompkins. Leaning Thompkins since Gronk shouldn't play...

Other starters are brees, Chris Johnson, Doug Martin, V. Jackson, Cruz, Jordy nelson & Frank Gore.

With pryor starting, McFadden will see a lot of action. Which is great for fantasy production but,also terrifying since he's made of glass.

The only "Must Win" games Miami will play this year are AFC East divisional rivals. And the chances of running the table on them is slim just based on the "Rivalry" factor. Winning ones division is the simplest and least resistant way to the playoffs.
In levels of importance after our own divisional games, AFC Conference games are next. Followed by NFC teams with better records and then NFC bottom dwellers. MUST WINS can also come late in a season in the event several teams are clogging up the 9-7 to 10-6 threshold. 11-5 and up is the "Auto-Play" version of playoffs.

I think Ireland did the right thing with Signing Watkins and cutting Samuda. Watkins does have upside, and the money was right. Samuda will likely be there if Miami has to "Break Glass in Case of Emergency"... but I think he needs another year developing in a training facility alongside other linemen and former players who are teaching. Samuda is tough, but has glaring deficiencies in technique and footwork. I don't think he's a washout, so long as he doesn't take any time off and goes right into training. But I don't think he's anywhere near ready for NFL action (CFL--???)... Makes you miss the European League... that was some of the best AAA ball the NFL could get. The CFL is just different enough to cause evaluation issues for all but the very best scouts.


Rookie or not, gotta put a Brady receiver on your fantasy. With Hernandez/Welker gone, as long as there's a Tom Brady, you still have an offense tha'll put up close to 30ppg.

Especially since Brady's oline(pass protection)is well intact. Rumors of a Pat demise are but tunnel visions of meaningless grandeur.

Brady throws 40tds this season to prove the naysayers wrong. Bet on it!

Him being a rookie don't scare me at all. The only thing I'm torn on is McFadden will get fed ALLOT with Pryor starting. More than Thomokins.

I would like to use Msfadden once before he goes on his annual trip to the injury report!


All 16gms are "MUST WIN" games. I would hate to root for a team tat didn't think so......

Very great chance a team that didn't think "ALL 16GMS" are must wins. Are the teams that will be picking top 10 in the 2014 draft.


Brady will hang 40pts on the Bills opening day. No fewer than 30. I would bet Vegas on it......

MassD, how does 50-70 get you by in life? Pretty hard here I must imagine. You can forget home ownership for a start. A basic two bedroom home anywhere near the city starts at $500k and we get taxed to death at a rate of almost 60% when you factor in sales tax. Any household in this city making less than $200k a year gross must count every dollar.

You must face the fact that there are some People that take the Road less travelled by regarding the values System in this Country. Those People I talk about put earning lots of $$$$ BEHIND other values of their own. For instance, this guard Danny Watkins that we just acquired has all the talent in the World to be a pro-Bowl tackle, however what he most desires is to be a firefighter. Probably the same with Tannehill, what he most desires is to become a Surgeon, but you can imagine lots of $$$ and family pressure are holding him back. btw, those individual signs are a sign of great progress in our Society.

Brady will use 1st gm against Bills as his:

MAKE A STATEMENT GAME.............................

Just saying....

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As long as gronk don't play week 1, I'll start thompkins.

If he pans out, he would be the steal of my leagues draft.

Also stashed on the bench and drafted very late were LeVeon Bell & Justin Blackmon.

we get taxed to death at a rate of almost 60% when you factor in sales tax. Any household in this city making less than $200k a year gross must count every dollar.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 03, 2013 at 03:04 PM

Not our fault Canadians are still late to the "BOSTON TEA PARTY". 1776 and still counting.................

You have no American shoulders to cry on....

You sound pretty dumb & bored.

Get a hobby kiddo. Or, hey! Ask Armando to confirm your suspicions.

You might be what most of us know you to be, WRONG.

Go ahead, lemme know how it works out for ya!

2 watt, I have to chose my battles when it comes to the Pats lol.

I think I would start thompkins against Bufflo too, He's Brady's #2 receiver ,and I like starting WR'as my flex. I don't like Smith against Seattle and I don't like the raiders against anyone especially when they have to come very far east. Just my opinion .

Al, we're pretty much in agreement. I just like the fact that McFadden will get a lot of work with Pryor as the QB.

There's Kris................................

The guy of 1 million aliases pretending to be fiend and foe to all.

Good job Kris, "THE GULLIBLES" have bought in hook, line, and sinker.....

Dc, Mark, and Craig M....

Cinematography is probably the right word...and is why i like the show as well...really tells a story...and the fore-shadowing really keeps your mind in gear trying to figure out how they got to that point...

Looking forward to the final season....kind of...and like you DC...I put in "marathon work" this weekend to catch up....

For all that is holy, I would play McFadden. Colts D not great, they will run a lot, pray he doesn't get hurt. Smith is good though and Thompkins is a nice sleeper. Good luck.

pretty desperate for conversation...huh WHY GEE...

you won't get it from me...

just make up a few more names to talk to yourself with...that should suffice...

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Nemo, I love Mcfadden this week on turf against a bad run d in Indy but just worry that the Raiders will be down so much so early that McFadden is a non issue. Even though he is a threat to catch the ball.

The raiders oline is so poor though. He was the only viable RB left after my friend selected his always injured counterpart in Ryan Matthews. I'm leaning Thompkins for week 1.

Thanks for all your insight!

Soiled Bottom....

from the last blog....

great line about Kevin Costner....and you know what...

After Saul Goodman said it...I noticed he kind of looked like Kevin Costner....

Kris, I'm looking for conversation with you? LMAO That's f'in funny! Considering I'm talking to everyone else about my fantasy team except you & you're the only one conspiracy theorizing.

Who's desperate for convo? LMAO You're the one accusing people trying to get into the convo. Beat it, scrub!

You're a loser. I have no interest to talk to you unless it's to mock you for being incredibly lame. So please, don't flatter yourself.

Plus, I'm not YG so keep talking to the wrong guy if you must. LMAO

Krissy who am I? YG? Buuuuwaaahahahahaha

We know @ 3:18...

"ask Armando"...right?

Wonder were we have ALL heard that before....

No worries YG, I'm not one of those crying. I know the economic system I live in and my family income is way north of $50-70k. Thanks for your concern though.


Ask him. Why don't you? WHAT ARE OU ALL AFRAID OF? Oh, I know...THE REAL TRUTH!

Why do you want to keep looking like an A*S in here when he can verify it for you & your blog sisters?

Do you think if you keep repeating the same nonsense over & over it will be true?

You're sucker. Armando can veify it for you. Since you don't believe me, then YEA! Ask him!

Will you believe him? LMAO Prolly not when he tells you what a putz you are. LMAO

Be gone scrub.

I agree with DC nothing but good things ahead with the change of the under achieving players to going back to the original aqua and orange and with the blessings from the great Shula great things are about to happen in Miami! All u so called negative dolphin fans are not wanted or needed so there are 31 other teams go find one and be happy.ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!!!!

Hopefully, and I believe it is bound happen in this Society, more and more of the children and grandchildren of most who write here will say when asked, Pop, I know I'm good at that and I can earn millions of dollars at it, but, I'm also good at this which is what I really like.

Kris, since you're into wasting your time theorizing aliases....can you tell us who was on the grassy knoll?

MassD, how does 50-70 get you by in life? Pretty hard here I must imagine. You can forget home ownership for a start. A basic two bedroom home anywhere near the city starts at $500k and we get taxed to death at a rate of almost 60% when you factor in sales tax. Any household in this city making less than $200k a year gross must count every dollar.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 03, 2013 at 03:04 PM

Mark In Toronto is a liar,


2010 Medium household earning for Toronto Canada:

Population 5,583,000

Medium Household Income $68,110

I guess in 3 short years, medium Toronto income rose from $68,000 to $200,000 a year. Damn, now thats some helluva inflation there buddy!

Yup, have to check behind these liars in here, they never expect it. ROTFLMAO......

Here's the link to see Mark In Torono's great lie for yourselves:


lol @ 3:25...

nothing pisses you off like the TRUTH...huh WHY GEE....

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