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Wake out of game with knee injury

The Dolphins and Falcons are locked in something of a shootout and perhaps one reason is the Dolphins have been without defensive end Cameron Wake for most of the first half.

Wake, Miami's sack leader, injured his knee on the Falcons first possession of the game. He tried to return the second possession but had to leave again and even went into the tunnel that leads to the locker room and X-ray machine at Sun Life Stadium.

The Dolphins officially have Wake as questionable to return.

The team initially substituted Vaughn Martin in for Wake. Then left end Olivier Vernon moved to right end while Derrick Shelby came in at left end.

The most effective substitution, however, was when Dion Jordan came in the game at Wake's spot. Although coaches are concerned about Jordan's run-stopping, he was allowed to play several early downs and even made a key third down stop on a run at Miami's own 3 yard line.

That stop forced the Falcons, who have 15 first downs, to settle for a field goal instead of score a TD.

Wake, meanwhile, has been prowling the Miami sideline trying to stay loose and obviously hoping to return in the second half.


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Wheeler out last 2 defensive series. Why? Replaced poorly by Jelani Jenkins.

The injury bug has been biting the fins this year. It is going to be tough to beat the Falcons today if the fins can't put any pressure on Ryan. He has been kept clean all game.

Dolphins will get the ball first in the second half. They could actually take the lead.

No excuses, all of these guys get professional contracts. Subs or not, get out there and earn your damn money.

Hey trolls,

Are you going to run off and hide, as you do after every Dolphin victory, or are you going to man-up and stick around for once and take your medicine at the end of the game?

Bunch of tough crybabies, who like to hide behind their computers when things are going well and then run like little kids when the team plays well.


AS: Is Wheeler injured? Jelani Jenkins is awful...played 10+ plays in his place. Why was Trusnick in 2 plays for Misi? Knee?

Classic fish stench. Stadium looked about 1/3 full after the half. Guess the fans with a brain decided to head for the beaches.

I think the Falcons have found Nolan Carroll. That's not good.

Ok I saw the replay. And I seriously question that interference call.. It looked like white had his arm around Carroll. Not the other way around.

Same clowns who were making the comments last week, 'game over' BS'.......and the RAN like babies when the team won.

Tell me again. How these guys are fans of this team?



Tanny fumbles nearly every time he is sacked. Whats up with that?

Looks like game, set, match has arrived for the Dolphins.

How much worse can we look against a premium nfl team. Our saving grace today maybe that the Falcons are a little banged up too. The wheels are beginning to fall off on both sides of the ball for our team.

Falcons just scored a TD after a fumble recovery. Players I surely hope will be gone next season: Nolan Caroll, Jimmy Wilson, Tyson Clabo, John Jerry, Dimitri Patterson, and the list will continue as this game continues.



Game announcers been saying same thing I've been saying:


Caleb Sturgis rocks. Meanwhile Dolphins' OLine is a living nightmare.

Lets hope our D stops atlanta's drive before a FG is possible, we still can win this game.

No Cameron Wake.Still

Sherman at some point has to begin incorporating roll out passes into offense for Tannehill. Oline protection and lack of pocket awareness is going to get Tannehill killed.



Cameron Wake out for the year lmao.

Touchdown here for the dirty birds and Sea World is closed.

3rd and 13 baby...



LMOA -- incomplete pass...

Throw the flag, no catch

Great play calling by old retared Sherman. Idiot!! Sucks balls. No creativity so predictable now I told you guys T-hill is not a good scrambler like the guys picked ahead and in front of him...great athlete Tannehill? I don't think so! Funny this team will make the playoffs. Not to fast guys let's wait to the 8th game to see if this team is any good

Bandwagoners all disappeared today, give'm a min they'll be back after that TD... LOL


Gotta get back to the run...

Where is that great defense? Falcon hurt also on the OL and RB and they just ran the ball down the defense throat!!! Defense has a problem stopping the run even with soliai at NT.

Come on offense line. Please protect Tanny because he can't scramble or run to save
His life!

Sherman loser sucks doesn't roll out tannehill doesn't run screens no this falcon defense is not very good!!!!

Taneehill a former WR?? Lol haaa

Early down playcalling is stupid and stubborn, the worst coaching combination there is.

We have to be able to stop them here to have a chance.

Ireland should be fired for not drafting Matt Ryan. This guy is definitely one of the best QBs in the NFL. SMH.

I don't know how we can win this game. Our defense cannot stop them.

Nolan Carroll is getting completely schooled. Do we have no one to replace him with? GET SOME PRESSURE ON THE QB D-LINE

Only a miracle from God will the phins win this game if Falcons score again..
Ryan hasn't been sack harrass hurried hit...not a very good DL. Remember falcons missing OL starter and RB. And have s RB that soak and wet weight 180 pounds
TD coming up! Goodnite Goodnite

It's over for Sea World if the Falcons score.

Burning a T/O, bad coaching.

Defense tired goodnite. 2-2 after next week.

This game is totally depressing. :(

Fellas Tannehill couldn't move away from a blitzing QB even if he seen the guy coming from a mile away.


finally some luck. bryant sucks as a roadkill eater.

Dolphins Ray,

Which god ?

There is that miracle
From God! Hey you!!
You know who you are yeah you look at your money what it says in God we trust! That God!! I know you praying now huh!

Wow, we may steal this game!

Hey Blackbird, how do you like us now. Falcons Suck!!!

Tannehill with the Kill!!

T-Sizzle has arrived!!

This is it guys. Now the vultures get back to their loved roadkill and left football for the real pros, just as expected.

How about them DOLPHINS!!!



All you Trolls can suck the big one!




Dolphins are the real DEAL!


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