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Wake out of game with knee injury

The Dolphins and Falcons are locked in something of a shootout and perhaps one reason is the Dolphins have been without defensive end Cameron Wake for most of the first half.

Wake, Miami's sack leader, injured his knee on the Falcons first possession of the game. He tried to return the second possession but had to leave again and even went into the tunnel that leads to the locker room and X-ray machine at Sun Life Stadium.

The Dolphins officially have Wake as questionable to return.

The team initially substituted Vaughn Martin in for Wake. Then left end Olivier Vernon moved to right end while Derrick Shelby came in at left end.

The most effective substitution, however, was when Dion Jordan came in the game at Wake's spot. Although coaches are concerned about Jordan's run-stopping, he was allowed to play several early downs and even made a key third down stop on a run at Miami's own 3 yard line.

That stop forced the Falcons, who have 15 first downs, to settle for a field goal instead of score a TD.

Wake, meanwhile, has been prowling the Miami sideline trying to stay loose and obviously hoping to return in the second half.


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Ryan Tannehill is a better QB than Matt Ryan

What you trolls got to say now???

That injury report is going to be brutal this week.


Will Wallace be upset after this game. They barely threw the ball to him.

I guess who cares, fins win and this is Tannehill's team.

awesome game...and Indy is taking SF to the shed. puts that W in a whole new light....This team is for real

Oh yes and all the trolls can suck it

Hell Yeah! That was the best biggest Phins win in a long time.

That was a great win in the development of the team. Now come the Saints.

I'm sorry to the dolphins and the dolphins nation I do believe now. I'm drinking the kool-ade!!! HELL YEAH. ANYROOM LEFT ON THE BANDWAGON?? LOL!!

Wallace will be fine. It's team game and as long as we win the big ones there's no controversy

Dolphins win...Oh HELL YEAH!!!

Lmao Dolphins are the real deal.

This is why I tell you people you're idiots.

They were lucky today.


The team clearly has issues.

...and now they have injuries piking up lol.

No Soliai, no Wake.

O-Line blows.

Ireland's LB's can't cover again.

Phins winning means Ireland gets to stay...

Enjoy perpetual mediocrity.

Pulled together as a team. Dolphins win! What an ending!!!!!

Team showed character. Got the stuffing beat out of them first half with defenders out and offense kept it close. Kept getting hit but offense held it close and pulled it out. This is the sort of game that keeps people playing hard for the whole game.

Atlanta is an excellent team. So are the Dolphins. And with experience and people healing up we will become better. I see an AFC Championship this year!

What a win !!! 3-0 !!! Tannehill is for REAL !!!

There's plenty of room, Dolphin Ray. Just don't hop after the first loss or you won't be let back on!

Come from behind victory just like I said it would be days ago. Somebody call our trolls a wahhhmbulance. They are probably suicidal right now, reach out Dolphin fans and don't rub it in too much.

How bout them Dolphins!!!!!!

BlackBirds, blow me !
Go back to you fagot nest where you belong.

Fire Ross you're are a moron, but I'm sure you know that by now. Go troll somewhere else

Tannehill led the team to victory at the best possible. That was an awesome pass with a great catch by Sims.

Been reading most of the afternoon and can't see how there are so many people that need attention.

Posting, during the the game, is a ridiculous exercise. These people are neither fans or have any interest in football. They simply want to call attention to themselves. There must be a way to set up their own post so they don't waste the time or interest or others.

Its nice to see its almost unbelievable!!! I hope no more serious injury. This win is a BIG boast of confidence to go into New Orleans and play hard and beat the

My God that is what the game of football is all about! This was a exciting game and I am glad we obtained the victory in such a hard fought battle. Tannehill is showing progress even though it was not the cleanest performance he was able to get the win and limit his errors on the final drive. I hope they make Lamar Miller catch a million balls in practice this week!!! That drop would have went for the game winner. Congrats to coach Philbin and Mr. Sherman. You guys coached one hell of a game against one of the top teams in the league.

Fire Ross, youre as stupid as Ross. You and black birds go back to the shithole you belong to, and sodomize each other !

How sweet was that one handed grab by Sims? Kid made it look so easy with the defender holding him. Dion's face was: this is easy




Great win today. Tannehill played his best ball when it mattered. That's what you always want to see!

FIRE ROSS, find something better to do with your time please.

Let's not make this about the trolls they dumb and always wrong. These players put on a heck of game for us today. We won and are 3-0...!

The locker room has to be going nuts right now. Where's the fake Falcons fan? Hiding like a stupid coward.

Looks like we've found a QB.



Great game! Had me a bit worried in the third, but of course our guys pull it out...I couldn't have said that last year! Injuries are getting concerning and we sorely missed Soliai today, but our defense did enough to get us the win. We really need to clean up our secondary though, that is a major, glaring issue. THill did a great job of managing the game, although I would prefer he either roll out more often or take off with the ball, he had some serious running lanes on several of those sack plays. He is holding the ball way to long and if he is not getting the blocking up front those long developing routs down field are going to get him killed. Rant over...lol

Now time to celebrate 3-0 !!

Progolf the comments section during games used to be packed. No one comes in anymore and you can see why.

You are right FIRE ROSS, Tannehill is a QB god and he made it happen!

Gibson with his catch and effort on the goal line saved the day for the Dolphins. We didn't look good today on both sides of the ball. Daniel Thomas is a turn
stile and Miller is overrated. But a victory is a victory. Go Dolphins!

Don Soldy, the only thing that sucks round here is your mother at the local truck stop..

How on Earth did we win this Game today??

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | September 22, 2013 at 07:04 PM

That Was Manly!

How on Earth did we win this Game today??
Posted by: oscar canosa | September 22, 2013 at 07:23 PM

We're a well coached, talented team, with a gear young QB, that has learned how to win. Get used to it Oscar.

This is a huge win. We just beat a SB favorite for some people. Tannehill came through with the game on the line and on top of that put up slightly better numbers than Matty Ice. Sweeeeeeeeeeet

Great Plays at the Right Moment, that's how.

I think Darkoak just said it all...

My Falcons fan buddy , just razzing me all game, so satisfying to see the realization appear before him. Luck it was luck he says....lol. I said no it wasn't, we beat him last week.

"Game one Hartline 100+ yards. Game two Wallace 100+ yards. Clay had a big play down field last week. Miller is getting better. Here is a message for Coach Smith. Go ahead plan on stopping Wallace and Hartline but be prepared to watch Gibson have a big game along with our TE's and RB's. My optimism is overpowering my pessimism."

This is my post from Friday.Enough said.

I had it handed to me today. My butt hole is sore because my boyfriend stuck it to me good.

Did you notice that Indy beat SF today? And that we beat Indy last week? Hmm...

Very satisfying game!!! Can enjoy this for today but we need to heal quickly and get that O-line to work together.

Very Good Win!

The fact is there are 8 or 10 teams that not much separates them. The Dolphins now have the talent and the coaching and system to play with them. On top of that the great thing is we are only gonna get better.

Huge win!!!! GO FINS!!!!

I don't know if we should just offer dat first rounder to the brownies in exchange for Joe Thomas and see if they bite. I would use it to draft an OT anyway. Cheers!

That was an unbelievable throw from T-hill and an outstanding one hand catch by Sims. Where's all the people that said we'd be lucky to go 1-4 the first five games?

Armando bet the under.

Run away little trolls......

3-0 baby!!........suck it trolls!


Go Fish

Tell me again how not picking Matt Ryan was 'one the biggest mistakes in franchise history'.


Winning Ugly !! is better than looking really good and but losing in the end......

Mando picked against the Phins. The only writer in town to do so that I am aware of...well they proved it on the field Mando.

Great win for the dolphins. Tannehill won this game and is proving that he is the real deal. We had no business winning this game. Matt Ryan was hot, 4 starters out on defense (including Wake and Soliai pro bowl players) and Tannehill still got it done. Congrats Dolphins!

Let's become believers. Instead of trashing "OUR" team, lets elate them. We have already beat two play off teams from last year. I bet all week long all the negativity will surface of how can we improve and how certain players sucked etc. etc. etc. We are 3 and 0. What else do we want after three weeks??????????

Any questions??? Tannehill has certainly grown, what a great drive...

D was great in 2nd half as well, TD was certainly not their fault

Up next New Orleans, tough assignment, especially on MNF, but I'm starting to believe...

Great Win, been a long time coming!!

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