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What Dion Jordan learned during Week One

In setting up their locker room this year, the Dolphins put first-round pick Dion Jordan next to Cameron Wake. It is not a coincidence.

Wake is a 100-mph dude. He loves to work. He loves to play. And he plays every down like it is his last. That is one reason he is the second-rated defensive end behind St. Louis end Robert Quinn after one game, according to ProFootballFocos.com. Quinn had three sacks and two forced fumbles against Arizona.

Wake got 62 snaps. And went hard 62 snaps. He had 2.5 sacks and four hurries.

That example has quickly traveled the one foot distance separating Wake and Jordan. Jordan gets it.

And after watching Wake against the Browns and have one of his more impressive games in memory, Jordan feels like he learned something in his NFL debut.

How the game should really be played ...

"Consistency," Jordan said. "That's one thing I learned, especially watching this guy Cam Wake rush. Consistency is probably the thing I learned."

What does that mean?

It means no Jadeveon Clowney act.

It means taking no plays off.

"There's no plays off because any play can change this game and Cam made some big plays last week and changed that game last weekend," Jordan said.

This is not to suggest Jordan didn't know about going full speed every play before Sunday. It's just that the game was an illustration of what can happen when you don't. And so he won't.

"I feel if I was ever to take a play off, guys would notice it, especially the guys in my room," Jordan said. "They would notice it. But that's not my menality. I have a motor so I'm going to use it."

Jordan played 17 snaps according to PFF. He had a sack and a tackle. He also had a penalty. The metrics site gave him a negative grade for the game. (Don't ask me, that's what they did).

But Jordan seemed pleased with himself.

"I feel like I played fast ... I  played a lot of special teams, I played a lot of defense. I had a pretty decent role for the team," he said.

It was a solid start.




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indy's d is under fire to get off of the field.

I ike this kid...
He may not have had a sack on the stat sheet...but he showed he has what it take to get to the QB...

this kid can...and will only get better...nice move Mr. Ireland...

Jordan > Clowney

My rationale, Jordan doesnt have a red nose that squeaks or wear big floppy shoes!

Too bad your competition isn't factored into your grade. beating Joe Thomas clean should be bonus points ...

Kris, he actually does have a sack on the stat sheet.


he does...I thought it was a face mask...

I think we will get to see more of Jordan once we start getting ahead by 10 points or more. His weakness seems to be setting the edge.

When we can force teams to pass to keep up, this kid will have monster games for us. People still sleep on his pass coverage skills.

So he does (have a sack)....

The guy is quicker than I thought...


Mark, your comment reveals an incredible amount of ignorance. The team doesn't talk to me? Bro, they're lining up to talk to me. You have no idea.
Posted by: Armando Salguero | September 11, 2013 at 10:59 AM

2 twat,

By any chance, do you own buffet pants?

I thought he played decent for his first game. Is it me or did he look like that shoulder is still a little painful? He looked like his arm was tight on his chest after the sack. Ive had shoulder issues in the past so I noticed it. Did anyone else notice that?

Kris, he actually does have a sack on the stat sheet.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 11, 2013 at 12:08 PM

I was a bit confused about the sack myself because some keep posting he was credited and call me crazy but I thought the penalty erased the play?

By the way good interaction on the last site regarding only real issue with this site. In the future I guess we'll have to learn to police it somehow ourselves by the non-response. I for one will ignore everything not posted by someone I already interact with or a new poster looking for Football chatter. I don't look to offend and have over time (not lately) seen posts by fin4life in type pad blue. If it doesn't resemble my usual chatter disregard and I will with posts that seem suspicious by the other regulars.

Now I'm done with it!


From the last log:

No question the receiving corpse had to be improved. Number one priority. I never said it didn't. What I take offence to is the fact you posted over and over again about upgrading the receiving corpse and now you're saying OL was a need. You never said that in any of your numerous posts. Ireland did his job and added Keller (even thought wanted Cook or Bennett). On top of all that he drafted Sims and sifted Egnew the year before. What else did you want him to do at TE?

Impossible to address EVERY problem in one offseason.

DJ!!! Get it going man.

What a great story Wake is. Why in the heck does this guy get ignored by the national media. What does he have to do to get some real love? The guys a beast!!!! Top end in the league and he barely gets a mention.

Maybe if we came up with a cute little nickname for him he will get as much attention as JJ "Swatt"? Pffftttt
Or if he grew his hair as long as the girl in Green Bay (Can't remember her name).

Impossible to address EVERY problem in one offseason.

Posted by: Craig M | September 11, 2013 at 12:18 PM

This is what too many "reactionary" posters need to realize. I don't think I've read a more factually true statement on here ever.

Interesting to hear some of Jim Irsay's comments on Twitter today:

'We need to do a better job of protecting number 12. I DEMAND it'.

I think the Colts are worried about this game. I don't believe they have an answer for our awesome pass rush. The missing answers in this game? How Will our running game fare? How will Wallace make out in the passing game and can Tannehill do not another good job protecting the ball?

Dion Jordan's sack,

Guys Im with you but after much research a facemask is not a dead ball foul therefore doesn't negate the sack. He got a sack but in ended in positive yardage because of the facemask lol.

Confusing is right! If say Lamar Miller rushed for 10 yards and was hit with a facemask this week by Laron Landry then Miller gets' the yardage credited to his stats and Landry gets the tackle to his but the penalty results in 15 yards and automatic first down.

Actually Mark was right. Armando has done his fair share of complaining that the team won't talk to them about injuries and other private matters regarding the players.

Fine, he's well within his right as a reporter, info is how he makes a living. But I was confused by the "people are lining up to talk to me" thing after he himself has told us the opposite.

So in the end it was a misunderstanding between the two. I'm not surprised that T watt didn't understand, he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Not concerned at all. This offense will continue to improve and click. Wallace will get his catches, Lamar Miller and the running game will improve. It is waaaay to early to be worrying. No one should think Pouncey, Incognito and Clabo will be this ineffective all year. To top it off, we are no doubt a top 3 defense. I believe these next 4 games will show this team is going to compete with the big boys this year.

Posted by: Rdubs | September 11, 2013 at 12:07 PM


wow Dion Jordan (260 LB) is heavier than Cam Wake (258LB) all that concern that he is too lite to play against tackels.




Very true and the preseason games as well were always pass, pass, pass. I guess it should be no surprise that it struggled.

Andy NJ @ 12:27..

Good post...thanks for that....i didn't know...

Kris, he actually does have a sack on the stat sheet.
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 11, 2013 at 12:08 PM

he does...I thought it was a face mask...
Posted by: Kris | September 11, 2013 at 12:11 PM

Ok, I have seen some people debating about this or be confused about the play and/or does he or does he not have a sack. He does have a sack even though he committed the facemask penalty. The penalty of 15 yards is assessed from the spot at the end of the play. This means the play happens whether it is positive or negative. It is no different than a face mask penalty on a tackle of a running back who gains 10 yards. In which case, the penalty is tacked on at the end of the run. I hope this adds clarity to those who may be confused.

wallyfin I was thinking the same exact thing yesterday. I saw a picture of him going up against an o-linemen, prob Thomas, and he looked huge. His legs need some conditioning but his upper body is jacked. What was all the worry about the kids size about? He almost went #2 in the draft!!!

Colts CB Vontae Davis is rated as the 89th best CB after week one. Four of the 5 passes thrown his way were completed last week.



it does...and thanks....

and as I think about it further...it makes sense....I would assume they start walking of the 15 from the spot of the foul...instead of the LOS...

Posted by: finsunderworld |

This could be true but you should ask Armando because he could give us some insight.

When i looked at our schedule i felt the Cleveland game was 'must win'. I thought we'd be in good shape if we were 2-3. Now i look ahead and i'm not scared of the teams we play. Seriously,who are afraid of? We'll have to play well this week to win but cant you say that about any team? Not afraid of Atlanta, not afraid of the Saints and the Ravens have shown they are human.

If this defence can stay healthy we have a chance. To win every week. Look out Mr. Tom Brady. We're coming for you......

Is his shoulder ok?

It looked like he was favoring it at times. I have no doubt about his talent, I just hope he is durable.


Good stat. Where's all those who were crying when we traded 'one of the best young corners in the game'. Looks like nothing has changed for Vontae.

Phins78, I've pointed out he Dolphins preseason injury policy because it is different than what most teams do. It is more secretive to the point they won't say who is not playing on game days in the preseason. I could go through the list of reasons, but I don't have the time.

I point this out because my job is to get people information. And many fans, the majority I would believe, want the information.

That you don't care about it is your right. But you don't speak for everyone.

Also, Joe Philbin makes it his mission to say nothing of value or insight. That's his right. But I'm trying to get insight for ... who?

The fans.

I find it interesting that some, like you, prefer to know LESS than more about your team.

Example: Philbin was asked why the team kept 4 WRs. His answer was because he felt that was best for the team. Now, a drone would be happy with that answer but it provides no reasoning or insight. Maybe you're good with that. I am not.

Meanwhile, I am very comfortable with my sources. I am very comfortable with the many, many, many conversations with people I have that color and shape the things I write about. You don't know about these convos because they are off the record or on background. But they happen every day.

Craig M what you just wrote is irrational. Read it over again and this time try and make some sense. Spin it the way you want to create an absurdity. The TE Sims seems like a good pick but there were other directions that could have been explored. Moreover the most important need was the OL which is becoming quite evident. You create; 'posted numerous times' that's you creating an absurdity to make your point. Stop making things up. The Dolphins needed to upgrade at WR and I never said that Keller was not acceptable. Stop making stuff up. You seem like a 3rd grader in high school debate class.

Gotta go again. Please, folks, be kind to one another.

Debate? Yes.

But with respect.

Also, Daytona (you know who you are) please change your screen name. It's not cool.

P78, that's where I was lead to believe that the team doesn't talk to Mando - from his own words and mouth.

Now he says he has this overabundance of people to "talk" to? Yeah, doesn't add up to me.

Mike Wallace was sure glad to talk to him on Sunday too...

recently from mando ...

Can I walk with you, I asked?
"I don't feel like talking," Wallace grumbled.
Can you talk about the game?
"I don't want to talk," he answered

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/09/dolphins-win-but-wallace-upset.html#storylink=cpy

Yeah, lining up.


Could Jordan's shoulder be similar to how Griffin looked like he was unsure of his knee, when he got hit? You know , get comfortable or trusting an injury that has hampered them for months, even though it's probably healed enough to play.

The bottom line Craig M is the I have read many times over you and Yesterday's Gone going at each other with nonsense!
You both need some help! Take a break, it will be considered your rehab!

I really really really hope Will Davis plays this week. I want to see this kid thrown in a real game. Luck is good, but he can be picked off

What do you guys think of the whole WR thing. Do you think they are waiting for the young CB's to get healthy and then will cut someone like RJ Sanford and move Mcnutt to the 53?

Fair enough Armando. I'm sure there are many things I WOULD want to hear about that they won't tell you. Obviously I'm not around the team so you would know, not me.

There are times though and we could break it down (but it really isn't that important) that some of the info you complain about not having isn't that big of a deal. Yes to me, I can't speak for everyone and I realize there are mindless idiots who need to know why Wake was wearing different colored shoes in a game. It is your job to get that info to said idiots. I get it, but I still don't like it. Hahaha

I do prefer to know less, but only in regards to players feelings and attitudes. I don't feel that the stuff that extends past the game is interesting. That's just me but thank you for your explanation and I will take it down a notch in my criticisms on that matter. I know you have a job to do and I respect and appreciate the extra time you put in for us.

So Mando, shouldn't be picking on phins78 because I put this out there to begin with. So if may deduce objectively .. you seem to not have good dialogue with Philbin. I believe, but please confirm whether your realtionship with ireland is similar because that is what I am led to believe.

I don't doubt that you have your sources within the organization as you are a venerable reporter.

if you do not think you have great dialogue with Philbin or Ireland or both, do you think it is because they just are not media friendly?

Yeah Andy and DMBFINS thanks for the lesson. Learned something new about the rules.


Thanks for your concern. I wouldn't worry about me. Try worrying about the bigger issues in life......like getting your tennis students ready for their next tournament.


Lamar Miller
10 carries
3 yards
20% reduction in career ypc

Ha ha ha ha ha

How come I didn't know Phins78 was NYScott/LouD? How do people make these connections (is it a late night thing)? I was wondering where those guys went.


1 year 'partnership' costs $27 for the whole year


From the last blog,

I will have to check on the RB from Toledo.

Mark Davis is a stud. He was pretty good last year when Lattimore went down and is even better this season.

Gillislee is a 3rd down back in my book. He has everything you need in a back, he is just to slow to be an every down guy. Picture K.Faulk or T.Minor.

Dolphins by 3 vs Colts

remember last year we lost by 3 points and late in that game we forced Indy to punt and Thigpen returned the ball across mid field into Colt territory with under 2 minutes to play. the refs called a horrible holding penalty on a dolphin player who actually did nothing on the play and was pulled down by a Colt player. think we could have won that game.


'The most important need was OL'. HUH? BS BUD!!! Did you bump your head or suffer from amnesia or something? You just spent ALL offseason telling us the team had to upgrade the WR position because 'Hartline and Bess were 3rd or 4th WR at best'. You ranted on about how they 'dont cut fast enough to be top end receivers'. NOW you're going to tell us 'Ol was the biggest offeseason need'.

You're a God dam flip- flopper just like your bud YG. In fact, you may even be YG.

Now tell me again I' 'making things up'. I DARE YA.....

I posted a long response to this

Posted by: CeeJay | September 11, 2013 at 12:24 PM

But it was deleted.

I basically said the list I made included EVERYONE in the blog except him. He conveniently leaves that out or maybe he was too drunk to notice. That was the joke, because most of us despise this poster and would rather not have to deal with his insane rantings. But he compared me to Hitler so I felt like explaining for anyone new.

We only want this one person gone because he is disrespectful to EVERY single person in here and purposely tries to provoke strangers into internet tough guy matches. There is no place for this person in here as is evidenced by everyone either ignoring him or getting dragged down the sewer along side him. He is a blog cancer and not one person disagrees. If you are new, he will be attacking you soon enough, buckle up.

The moderator does nothing about it so this guy is free to attack our religions,our ethnicities, our families, and anything else that one would hold sacred.

You know what I wish Armando would talk to us about this because it's the main problem in here. We could provide pages of irrefutable evidence of this guy breaking every rule known to man. Why does it go ignored?

Trent Richardson's stats 13 carries 47 yards 3.6 ypc. That is not good and hasnt been mentioned enough!! Dolphins D-line baby


10 carries
3 yards
20% reduction in career ypc

wow ,no wonder jets fans call fins fans wimps.

ok, which 1 of u cyber sissies cried 2 armando.?

Jordan seems to get it and with his Physical Tools and with Wake mentoring he will be great.

Look at how much Vernon has improved.

I believe the biggest mistake we made with V.Davis and S.Smith was not having a veteran around at the beginning to mentor them on doing things the right way.

I expect the same thing with Grimes and the CBs.

Phins78, Solomon Wilcox is reporting we barely ran the ball in practice.

Plus we have a rookie O LINE coach from Texas A&M. Go figure, lol

And Pouncey may have a leg injury.



The guy actually had the gall to claim yesterday, '85 per cent of the filth in here isnecause of the guys in the CJ club'.

The guy has NO clue.

a college ol coach teaching pros huh?
there's u'r prob.

Iknow we're getting WAY ahead. Of ourselves here but i've been saying for a long tim now that the way you beat Brady is to get in his face. Both the Jets and Giants have shown us that. The Bills did it lat week and almost beat them. We have the horses to do that now. If only these guys can stay healthy we hace a chance.

Incidentally, i know the Jets are BRUTAL but anyone else think the line on the Pats/Jets game tomorrow is a bit high? I'm thinking of starting my new pick up Edelman. Thats about all Brady's got for tomorrow night.

I thought we were the Ice Boyz?

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