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What Dion Jordan learned during Week One

In setting up their locker room this year, the Dolphins put first-round pick Dion Jordan next to Cameron Wake. It is not a coincidence.

Wake is a 100-mph dude. He loves to work. He loves to play. And he plays every down like it is his last. That is one reason he is the second-rated defensive end behind St. Louis end Robert Quinn after one game, according to ProFootballFocos.com. Quinn had three sacks and two forced fumbles against Arizona.

Wake got 62 snaps. And went hard 62 snaps. He had 2.5 sacks and four hurries.

That example has quickly traveled the one foot distance separating Wake and Jordan. Jordan gets it.

And after watching Wake against the Browns and have one of his more impressive games in memory, Jordan feels like he learned something in his NFL debut.

How the game should really be played ...

"Consistency," Jordan said. "That's one thing I learned, especially watching this guy Cam Wake rush. Consistency is probably the thing I learned."

What does that mean?

It means no Jadeveon Clowney act.

It means taking no plays off.

"There's no plays off because any play can change this game and Cam made some big plays last week and changed that game last weekend," Jordan said.

This is not to suggest Jordan didn't know about going full speed every play before Sunday. It's just that the game was an illustration of what can happen when you don't. And so he won't.

"I feel if I was ever to take a play off, guys would notice it, especially the guys in my room," Jordan said. "They would notice it. But that's not my menality. I have a motor so I'm going to use it."

Jordan played 17 snaps according to PFF. He had a sack and a tackle. He also had a penalty. The metrics site gave him a negative grade for the game. (Don't ask me, that's what they did).

But Jordan seemed pleased with himself.

"I feel like I played fast ... I  played a lot of special teams, I played a lot of defense. I had a pretty decent role for the team," he said.

It was a solid start.




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lux = 6 td's.

Ggod you're obnoxious. Ranting & raving about something someone else said about you. LMAO

If you took your kids hunting on morphine, I wouldn't be surprised in the least.

But, YET again, you have me confused with someone else & are trying to con everyone into thinking you know something you're oblivious about.

LMAO You never give up. Only babies need to have the last word, so have at it chump. I'm through with you. You've been exposed enough today.


I dont respond to the "Trolls" I do witness the things they sling at people and it is ugly. I think with someone like "17 in ur butt" or whatever his name is, drives me crazy. He will make some valid points in posts, that are insightful and spot on, then someone will make him mad and then it is followed by 40 posts of attacking people. I guess some people enjoy doing these things. I dont know, I just like talking Dolphins and making dumb inappropriate poststhat usually have poop or dong references. Oh well, how bout dem Jets!

I think as long as he plays football he will have issues with his shoulder, however I think he will still do great work even with some pain, I say see what happens. Bill

For all that is holy,

I didn't even read your post, just scrolled right on by. So please feel free to waste your time writing to me.

Same for anyone else who wants to talk about childish things that have nothing to do with football. I'm leaving now, when I do come back it will be to talk football because I'm done wasting valuable time. I will again be ignoring any childish attempts to provoke me into a sissy slap fight over the internet. Have a wonderful day.

So Phins 78,

What is your Phins prediction this week?

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Did Armando say if there were consequences of 'Daytona' not changing his name? I mean SERIOUSLY, what's the grace period on this thing? How long does it take someone to change their name.

Gets a warning.....and then what?

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Thanks Armando, all I was complaining about was his latest(Of Many)sign in names.

Other than that, I'm used to his tired old antics and daily disruptions.

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Do you ALWAYS have "To Be TOLD"?


Notice, He knows about everything we post and over the amount of time we have posted it.

To me that only means one thing. WE ARE HIS LIFE.


This must remind him of High school. Even as a Senior Citizen he doesn't realize he is to blame for being an Outcast.

Now we all know how the Geeky kid that was afraid to socialize turned out. Thanks Daytona.

And we never cross swords!

Let me get this straight:
Hundreds of people come to this blog every single day.
Every single one of them was subjected to enormous post after post about how much better lamar Miller was than Bush.
We put up with it for 4 months.
And now no one, other than me, has anything to say about it?
How is that possible? Only 1 possibility: you and I are the only bloggers here and I have not switched names, inta-day, in over a year.



We cant say Dashi is wrong yet. It is only 1 game.Lamar looked stinky, but that doesnt mean he will continue to be stinky.

I for one expected Lamar Miller to be as good a RUNNING BACK (ie not factoring in receptions) as Bush was last year ... 900 yards as a starter isn't asking much. I'm as disappointed as anyone from his performance last week.

He's got some making up to do.

And I also did say that they should re-sign Bush and use him like Detroit is. IN open space, as a multi purpose player.


Indy favored by 3 but they are at home so it is really an even matchup.

I believe that we need to beat Indy, SD & Pitt to make postseason. All three teams can throw. We gave up 289 yards passing to Wheedon and Luck is a lot better so we have our work cut out for us.

Best case scenario:
Once again we will have to grind out this whole game and once again as long as our D can keep us close we will have a chance to win it at the end.

A Jew and A Nazi. Hitler was also this. Si ó No?

Fraud, game one sucked. Lets give it another 1 or 2 games. Bush was pretty good, but not great last year. We will see if Miller can match that or at least come close at a much cheaper cost.

Did you ever think, FOR ONE SECOND, that I haven' been banned because I am NOT YG? Or are you going with the FALSE & UNVERIFIED RUMOR you & your sissy gang of marys continue to try to push on this blog to keep your close knit gang of fairies together? LMAO

Posted by: For all that is holy | September 11, 2013 at 02:23 PM

It's only popular with the "CIRCLE-JERK ASYLUM" to call anyone disagreeing with them me.

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If you read closely, the similarities become obvious. These are the ONLY TWO POSTERS here that keep harping on Proof and False Rumors.

Then in YG's post, he forget for second and refers to all the "YG Stuff Going On".

Then last night, "Holy" calls Craig a Communist.

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"YG's" Circl Jerkers.

YG/Holy you are so played out. Dude I can't believe that you actually think you're still fooling people. It's stupid, but it's Hilarious.

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it was smart not to force passes to wallace against haden. haden proved how good he was by legally knocking wallace off course on both long throw.

the colts don't have a haden on their roster. they don't have anything close to a haden. there front seven i also not as good as the browns. the raiders, with a 1st time starters nearly beat them. i like our chances. win the turnover battle and we win the game.


Again, 289yds on 53 attempts. If we do that again this week I see no problem with that.

It wasn't 289yds on 35 Attempts. He Threw the ball 50+ Times.

And Indy doesn't have a great run game either. We are playing the same team from last year and we are much more improved.


But, YET again, you have me confused with someone else & are trying to con everyone into thinking you know something you're oblivious about.

LMAO You never give up. Only babies need to have the last word, so have at it chump. I'm through with you. You've been exposed enough today.


Posted by: For all that is holy | September 11, 2013 at 02:44 PM

One doth protest too strong.

Only 1 possibility: you and I are the only bloggers here and I have not switched names, inta-day, in over a year.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | September 11, 2013 at 02:57 PM

You got me ETF.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I man up to my posts. I still think Miller is the real deal. Well.....I guess I already made my point.

I just want to see GREAT improvement from the O-Line this weekend.

If that happens, Miller will get his and we will all be saying:



We are going to put a sound beat down on Indy! Book It!

As I stated, odinturd, always has the last word.

Keep goin babyboy!

In your last post to Armando, funny you mentioned my name insinuating we are the same YET, STILL not having the stones to have him confirm you're right!

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That's cool.
I hope it is that easy.
I see this as more of a grind out game that we have to keep close and try to win at the end but in this case I would rather be wrong than right.
If Indy is a team we can beat easily than we are better than I think we are.


Along with RG3, Wilson and Kappe who are also the greatest QB of all time.

Now I find out the truth on this blog: Luck isn't shht and neither are the Colts.

Someone please tell the experts so they can shut the up.

YG/Holy you are so played out. Dude I can't believe that you actually think you're still fooling people. It's stupid, but it's Hilarious.

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Posted by: odinseye | September 11, 2013 at 03:13 PM

Only morons laugh in a blog via buwahaha. What a girl.

Notice, I have never once posted about anyone being a Nazi or a communist. That is NOT a similarity I share with YG's posts but, odindumb would never say that.

I refer to Craig M as Moron because that's how he comes off.

I've been calling you and your ilk here WOMEN cause that's what you act like. It totally contradicts your phrasing match game you're doing. What a wasted life to keep track of sayings & phrases people use to look for simlrities.

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Only babies need to have the last word, so have at it chump. I'm through with you. You've been exposed enough today.


Posted by: For all that is holy | September 11, 2013 at 02:44 PM
As I stated, odinturd, always has the last word.

Keep goin babyboy!

We're supposed to take you are word for it WHAT A JOKE!

Posted by: For all that is holy | September 11, 2013 at 03:24 PM

I don't think you understand the meaning of the phrase having the last word. While we're at it you also don't know what it means to be "through with you".

To carve out thier places in NFL history.
All Luck, RG3, Wilson and Kappe had to do to leapfrog those guys was show up.

If 4 time super bowl winner Terry Bradshaw were 25 years olg again he would need to go to a place like Jville where he may get a start or two due to injury.

Posted by: For all that is holy | September 11, 2013 at 03:30 PM

Nice try but no one's buying it Daytona

Posted by: For all that is holy | September 11, 2013 at 03:30 PM

If I scream really loud and wave my arms around no one will be the wiser! Lots of CAPITALIZED WORDS and exclamations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That will distract everyone from the fact that odin is 100% correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey odinoblivious, why don't you put your money where your big mouth is?

Why not wager me your trailer(home) if you're so confident I'm YG? Back up all those assumptions / accusations. I'd love to shut your ignorant as* up in front of EVERYONE!

Sorry but, there are MANY here who feel you to be as annoying, childish & as feminine as I do. Are you afraid to have Armando verify that for you? I Would be too sissy!

Take all that time of studying YG's language habits & put it to the test! Put it to the test BIG MOUTH!

confused. I left for over an HOUR & odinbaby was whining about me the whole time. Check the time stamps idiot!

Yea, confusion aint your problem, it's retardation.

Thanks for the info Phins, glad you're still here. I liked you as NYScott so good to see you didn't let the trolls win. I guess I tend to glide by the silly posts so I don't waste time (since I'm at work) and therefore miss a lot of the back and forth.

My troll (DC Dullfin, Dullard, etc.) I think was Home, or who knows who, might have gotten tired since I basically shut down any responses to names I don't recognize. So I guess they all found others to irritate. It's hard, but the discipline pays off when you can just post about football and not have to argue with the ignoramouses).

I don't care who said what or who is who.


This was a great blog this morning when Armando was monitoring it. As soon as he turns his back, you childish punks start with the crap.

We have a good team to talk about. Let's talk football.

Yea, now I'm Daytona?


You sallys are SUCKERS!

How easily fooled you are!

I got some nice ocean view property in New Orleans I'd like to sell ya!

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Oh, what was Mando talking about with the Herald changes to the live blog?

Who here hates Irsay as much as I do?

Seriously, this guy is a huge prick who thinks he deserves everything and is always on a huge power trip.

The only sports owner I can't stand more is J.Gloria owner of the Marlins.

I like A.Luck as a Player, but since he plays for the Colts and Irsay is the owner I hope he never wins a Superbowl in Indy.

WHY GEE....or Holy....or whatever name you come up with next...

please shut up....

WE KNOW...we no longer care....your busted....end of story...

for all this is holy...PLEASE shut-up....


Whoever you are, I'm betting that Armando blocked your home computer and he will catch up with whatever you are on now.

So you are NFL or Not For Long

78, sherlock columbus, he'll discover who?

later FIN FANS....

if you were dumb enough to read over the days bloggin (like I was)....

your head probably hurts too....

You know what is funny.

The same clown comes on here every once in a while and claims he isn't YG. Yet, he acts just the same.

The only thing worst than being YG is being that clown that everyone else thinks is YG.

Must be sad you aren't even good enough to be YG, by your own admission. So for all that is Holy, give it a break. With your non important self. We could care less who you are.

To anyone here the Term YG=Troll. So anybody that is trolling will get called YG since you aren't even important enough to be referred to by your own name.

No dashidiot, what is worse is given 2 shi*ts who anybody here is.

That's how pathetic your lives are that you even care this much.


I think we should ban the letters "YG" from this site. that way we can't argue who he is. That way maybe he will stay away.


Everyone who acts like an Idiot is referred as YG.

Like I said, the only thing worst than YG is the guy who comes on here and tries to act like him.

I will feel embarrassed if I was that person. Nobody is even remotely interested in who you really are and people just refer to you as the biggest Troll here. You are Insignificant.

And to the Clown, we don't care who people here are. We care about the Fins and try and talk Football before someone like you comes and tries to insult people.

Haven't posted in a long time, but got an idea about the uniforms. I'm not crazy about the new ones, but it's growing on me (winning the first game really helped).

What do you all think about petitioning Ross & his people about...

Using the new uniforms on Away Games and keeping the uniforms we changed from as the Home uniforms?

In essenes, we make everyone happy and both logo' and colors stay relevant.

What do you all think?

I think your idea is a joke. For real.

Dashi good point on wheedon throwing 50+ times that kind of slipped past me too. Also in my opinion this years team (especially the defense) is very much improved. I think the o-line will step it up this week and just get better,and The rb's will improve tremendously this week, Luck will get hit but he will also make some plays with guys like Wayne and TY its going to happen, I just think that THill will make more, I predict another victory for the Phins this week........34-28 phins win!!!!

It takes an OL a long time to gell as a unit, my main concern are injures which will happen. Wish we could build some depth on the OL like we did on the DL, but that's going to take time. Really hard to cover so many positions and not blow the cap, the best teams manage the cap wisely. I think we are going in the right direction, although I was NOT happy letting Bush go. We needed a vet RB and Thomas hasn't shown much, potential nothing more. Also wish we signed Leach, that would have been another great addition and vet.

Dashi & Al, great points and totally agree about the 50+ throws. Luck will do the same, but I think we can contain him to 300 yds. with this defense. I'm hoping he see's a lot of green, as in artificial turf.

what does it say about chuckstrong if the owner has to tweet something to motivate his playas???

suck on that one for a bit and tell me what the fins lack.

Key to playoffs is win in Indy.

Colts 59 Sea World 2

Can't wait to read the comments after the Colts trample the Sperm Wales.

Th sperm whale looks like a frikken flower behind their ears.

The Dolphins should get only one point for a TD since their uniforms are so gay.

Folks, up top page one I saw mention of your user name in blue. What is that significance? I log in with Facebook, and pay the princely sum of $6.95 a month for the privilege of being right about 30% of the time!
BTW, apologies for the slight correction of CraigM's calling our receivers a "receiving CORPSE!"
I believe they are actually alive and well, and in fact played a very fine game Sunday.
Craigo, you CAN'T tell me that's the Canadian way they spell "Corps."
Actually, our president referred to our military 4 times in a speech using the word Corp, but pronouncing "corpS," with the s.

FR, you're not funny. Damn some of u in here are annoying as hell. As far as our next game, as long as we take care of the football we should be able to get this win. I just hope we start a lot faster than against Cleveland. That first half was pretty brutal.

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