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What everyone is saying about Dolphins victory

If you're wondering what I think about the Dolphins beating of Atlanta and remaining in the ranks of the undefeated, here it is in all its glorious prose. I give it to you straight -- good and bad -- and, yes, there is a twist in that combination.

If you're wondering what everyone else is thinking about the Dolphins victory over Atlanta, here it is:

Joe Philbin

OPENING STATEMENT: Obviously it was a hotly contested football game. Atlanta is a very good football team. We knew that going in. [Falcons Head Coach] Mike Smith and his staff do a great, great job. We made enough plays to win the game. It certainly wasn’t classic or text book. We told the guys at halftime that the team that had the most faith and confidence in one another had the best chance to win. We made some plays when we had to. At the end of the first half, those three points were big. The last drive was huge.

(On their work with the two-minute drill) – “It was a huge drive. We had to have it there. There was no other alternative. We had to use our two time outs. It was at that point in the game. We had to step up and make plays. I thought our protection was better on that drive. The quarterback [Ryan Tannehill] threw the ball well. We caught the ball well on that drive and we were able to get the ball in the end zone. That, and I think those three points at the end of the half were huge. We knew that Matt Ryan [QB] does a great, great job in the two minute. He had tremendous protection a year ago in the two-minute offense so the clock was in our favor in those two scenarios."

(On what today’s win says about the team) – “We’ve got a bunch of hard working guys in there that are high character individuals. They’ve been very professional and hopefully we can continue to get better, to improve.”

(On the run defense) – “We close out the half and the game very, very well. Obviously we didn’t start the game well. We deferred to them 80 yards to score a touchdown. We started the second half and gave them the ball at the 14-yard line. There’s a bunch of things to work on. Our run defense is not where it needs to be. They controlled the whole tempo of the football game, which was one of the things we really felt going in was going to be important."

(On their performance despite injuries) – “We talked last night that we may have to get contributions from guys who are sitting in these chairs who don’t necessarily think they’re going to have a big role in the football game. That’s exactly what happened. Guys stepped up, guys like [Jason] Trusnik [LB], [Jonathan] Freeney [LB], and [Dion] Jordan [DE] played more, [Vaughn] Martin [DE] played more, [Derrick] Shelby [DE] played more on the defensive side of the ball. Those guys did a nice job."

(On the play of TE Dion Sims) – “Mike [Sherman, offensive coordinator] and the staff really deserve a lot of the credit. I want to say it was 42 or 43 seconds left [:43] somewhere around there. We had great field position. I thought it was a good move by Atlanta to call time out there to save some clock for themselves. It was kind of an action pass. We figured if it wasn’t good we’d still have a down or two to get a good play off."

(On the play of QB Ryan Tannehill during the last drive) – “He was kind of getting grabbed and held and it was a make up for the sack-fumble he had on the first play of the second half."

(On protecting the quarterback) – “He had five sacks. It’s getting repetitive, you’re probably tired of hearing me say it, but the starting point in any passing game is protection. It’s tough for any defense to cover guys all across the field – it’s 53⅓  yards wide, I believe, and 120 yards long when you count the end zones – and if you can’t protect the quarterback, or if you get pressure on the quarterback, you help your pass coverage a lot and we have to do better."

(On grading the pass protection) – “How we did on the last drive? [Overall.] Not very good. Not good. You want me to give a grade scale? A, B, C, D…it just wasn’t very good. The last grade was a B-plus."

(On the play of QB Ryan Tannehill so far this season) – “It’s important. We talk all the time about how quarterbacks have to make great decisions. They have to throw the ball accurately and they have to make plays at critical times in the game. Obviously, that drive, as I mentioned before, we had to have points on that drive, and he was able to do that. Just as the gentleman who just exited [Chairman of the Board and Managing General Partner Stephen Ross] just said, you can’t do it by yourself. We caught the ball well, we gave him good protection, and he had a chance to do his job."

(On playing before 70,660 in attendance) – “The crowd was outstanding. They were a huge part of the win. We’re going to need them every single week. They were fantastic. I think it was a thrill for our guys to play in front of a crowd like that."

(On the play of the defense) – “The guys stepped up and made plays. One of the things that we had mentioned to the ball club all week was that we wanted to do a better job of building momentum and building off of one another. If the offense gets a score, let’s get a three-and-out or a takeaway. That was a great example at the end. We needed it at the end and came up with a play. You never know what can happen offensively. A guy breaks a tackle and takes it to the house…we were able to, last week, stop a team on downs, and this week get a takeaway. That’s good stuff."

(On RB Lamar Miller’s late incomplete pass) – “We got right back to work. Mike [Sherman] just sent in another good play and off we went."

(On the team’s performance today) – “Like I said, we had a lot of confidence in those guys. They demonstrated that they love to play the game, they love to compete. They’re a team. It was a good step again in the right direction."

Tyson Clabo

(How would you describe Ryan Tannehill in that last drive) – “Flatline.  He was calm. You could tell that he expected to go down and score a touchdown.   There was no panic; nothing. He just said lets go down and score a touchdown and we did.  I don’t think there was any doubt in anyone’s mind.  Then we started moving the ball, there were big plays all over the place, it was pretty special."

(On the Atlanta Falcons) – “Good football team.   I’m sure they’ll go on and have success the rest of the season, but today, I’ll take the win."

(On if it reminded him of some of the old games with the Falcon’s, hanging in there and then pulling out the game at the end) – “Well I knew that we had to play well in the fourth quarter to beat those guys. They’re so good late and so we controlled the ball, I think we took it with over four minutes and they didn’t get it back until there was like 40 seconds left or something like that.  That was key I think, because you don’t’ want him to have time to do what he does really well.  It’s special."

Charles Clay

(On this win being a team win without anyone giving up) “There’s no doubt about it. I mean the guys did a good job sticking together. I mean even at the beginning of that last drive guys were upbeat in the huddle saying: ‘C’mon this is what great teams are made of and if you want to take the next step you got to score a touchdown.’"

(On whether there was any one play that turned the game around) “I can’t think of just one play. The guys did a great job the whole time. I mean, it was multiple times, it was an exciting game. We knew it was going to be that way coming in playing a tough Atlanta team."

(On his catch on the last drive) “I mean, it was a great move. That’s about pretty much all I can say about it. It’s a little seam route and Ryan (Tannehill) placed it in a perfect spot where I can make a play on it and no one else can."

(On the confidence of the team) “Well, I mean, this team has been working together for so long now we knew at the end of the game that if we came together, we knew that if we just played together then we can win that game."

(On how it feels to see the tight end being so involved on the last drive) “It’s big. Especially for Dion (Sims) seeing him finally get his catch."

(On Sims’ one-handed catch) “Yeah. He’s got to do it in style."

(On his catch in the fourth quarter) “I thought I was down. You know, when I got up and I heard everybody screaming, you kind of get worried, but I figured I was down."

(On whether he was the primary receiver or second or third look-off on his catch on the last drive) “It’s all based on coverage. On that play I would like to say that I was secondary, but like I said (Ryan) Tannehill did a great job with his eyes and he made a great throw."

John Denney

(On his 131st consecutive game for the Dolphins which broke Jason Taylor’s franchise record for consecutive starts) “It’s always nice and I’m more excited about the win right now. I’m more excited about being 3-0. It hasn’t happened a whole lot in my career and I’m excited to where the team is headed."

(On his fumble recovery) “It all happens real quick. I mean there was some wrestling going on down there. But what matters is when the refs finally get to the bottom of the pile that you’re the one with the majority of the ball."

(On whether he has ever recovered a fumble before) “I have once before in a regular season game and another time in a preseason game."

(On what it was like to watch Ryan Tannehill on the last drive of the game) “It’s great. It’s great to see when your quarterback has got that confidence and then he believes in himself that he can go down the field when we need it and score."

(On rookie kicker Caleb Sturgis being calm, cool and collected) “He is solid. I mean you’re getting your bang for your buck out of him for sure."

(On where this environment ranks for him) “Oh, this has got to be tops as far as the energy right now, it’s as high as I’ve ever seen it."

(On whether this is the best moment he has had as a Dolphin) “Yeah, we’ve been to the playoffs once. Right now because it’s the moment, absolutely I’d say it’s the greatest time because it’s now. We’re doing well now. We’re not living off the past. We’re making the most of the present and hopefully we can snowball that into the future."

(On what is special about this team, overcoming three turnovers and still coming out ahead) “I think because we’ve seen ourselves do it before, I think we will build that confidence to know that it is possible. We’re not heads down, giving up. We recognize the fact that we’ve done this before, we’re not out of this. There is plenty of time on the clock and we’re capable of turning it around."

Brent Grimes

(On the week leading up to the game) – “It was emotional. It was a crazy game, it came down to the home stretch and it was a great win. To win a game against a team who has been good in this league for a while now, that’s big. It was our home opener, we’re 3-0; it was just a big win. It didn’t mean that much just because it was the Atlanta Falcons."

(On QB Ryan Tannehill on the last drive) – “If you heard me on the sideline, I said I know we’re going to score. It just had that feeling. He moved the ball down the field and made some big throws, the team made some big catches and we got going."

(On whether it was a big win) – “I knew we have a lot of potential on this team and we’re doing some good things out there and we just want to keep it going. We’re only 3-0, we have a lot of positives, but we have a lot of work to do."

(On the DE Cameron Wake’s injury) – “We just know everybody is going to give their best effort. You never want anybody to go down, but you know it’s bound to happen in this game. You have to have people step up and we did that, everybody was talking on the sideline. We were all picking guys up telling each other to keep it going. We made a bunch of stops when we had to."

(On the feeling at halftime) – “We knew that this was the kind of game we were in for, so we didn’t panic; we knew we had to make adjustments and we had to get back to doing our fundamentals and play football how we know how to play. Then things started going our way in the second half."

(On whether this win says something about the team) – “I already knew it about my team. We got in here on April 15 and all the guys are all in. That’s what we are. We make plays when we have to and nobody doubted it.”

Brian Hartline

(On QB Ryan Tannehill’s composure on the last drive of the game) – “It was a good step. He stepped back there and put together a Ryan Tannehill kind of moment."

(On beating a championship level team) – “It was good. It was definitely a step forward. I guess high expectations usually bring out the best in you."

(On the team being 3-0 for the first time in 12 years) – “We have a special team. We have a lot of talent. We continue to progress and come together as a team on an individual basis. Offense, defense, and special teams all compliment each other. The sky’s the limit."

(On his touchdown catch) – “I had an opportunity, I saw the coverage and I knew I had an opportunity on the ball. Of course the only spot where the sun was left in the stadium decided to find the football and I couldn’t see it, so I decided to catch the black dot and it worked out pretty well. It was definitely hard to locate."

Richie Incognito

(On if it was all business in the huddle on the final drive of the game) – “All business, we were prepared to be in that situation and I think guys stuck together, it was a gutsy win and it was awesome to go down the field and get seven points."

(On if he was surprised by the play call on first and goal from the one yard line) – “You know, we have had a lot of success against our defense running that play. Obviously we do a lot of different scenarios on the goal line and we get competitive reps against the first team defense and we always have success with that play, it’s hard to defend. You have play action upfront, the tight end leaking out the back and they had it covered but he had his back turned and Dion (Sims) went up and made a play."

(On what went right on the final drive) – “We were able to pick up chunks of yards, instead of two yards and a cloud of dust, we were able to pick up six, seven, eight (yards) and consistently move the chains, keeping third down manageable and really leave our whole playbook to be called, we left ourselves some options moving the ball down the field."

Don Jones

(On if he thought Harry Douglas would be returning the punt where he tackled Douglas for the fumble after he waved off his team) – “Actually I didn’t see him wave it off because I was fighting all the way down the field trying to get my defender off. I finally found him. I looked up, and he was right where I was. I tackled him, and I looked up and he was on my shoulder. I decided to go on and dunk him. So it turned out to a pretty good play that a better team could get out and get a win."

(On if he felt the energy changing on the sideline after the play where he forced the fumble) – “Yes, most definitely. I think they gave us a lot more hope. I think it got the offense rolling a little more. Then after that, we came out and finished the game well and finished the game like Coach (Joe) Philbin had been talking about all week. We finished it out pretty good."

(On if he felt like Harry Douglas didn’t see him coming) – “He glanced at me bug-eyed. I don’t think he knew I was coming at him that fast. As soon as I got the chance, I just dived at him and caught him in my shoulders. I scooped him up and threw him down. It was a big play."

(On if he knew the ball had popped out) – “No sir, I was just so happy I was running to the sidelines celebrating. Then I looked and everyone was pointing back and I was like, ‘We just got the turnover.’  It was a big play I really needed. I just need to keep improving and listening to my coaches every week."

(On how it impacts his confidence making a big play) – “My confidence went through the roof. Now I feel like I could go down there and do that all the time, which I know I’m capable of. I just got to keep on working and keep on working, keep on getting coached up every week and after that everything will be good."

(On if he feels like he’s on the team because of special teams) – “Oh yes, most definitely. If it wasn’t for special teams I probably wouldn’t have made the 53 (man roster). I would probably be on practice squad.”

Dion Jordan

(On how it felt to get this win) – “It wasn’t just one guy, it was myself, OV (Olivier Vernon) made big plays, (Derrick) Shelby had to come in and make plays, (Randy) Starks played a lot, it’s just everybody as a collective unit.  We work out butt off throughout the week so we can play well on Sunday’s.  I’m just thankful that we prepared the way we did so that we can come out here and play well."

(On with all the injuries today, it was a next man up scenario, was it a good team effort) – “Oh yes, it’s the NFL and you never can predict what happens and that’s why guys have to prepare like they’re going to play on Sunday.  In our case on the defensive side of the ball guys had to step up, fortunately we prepared well enough and we made plays."

(On how he can explain this team, after it looks like they’re out of a game, and they keep winning) – “We have a lot of faith in each other, that’s all it is.  We work really hard throughout the week and it’s a grind, but we understand  on Sunday’s it’s going to pay off  in this league.  These last few games it’s been down to the wire, pretty much and we’ve played against some good teams.  Thankfully we stuck together and came out big, 2 weeks in a row."

Jonathan Martin

(On how rare it is to win a game when the winning team gives up five sacks and the losing team does not give up any) – “It just shows our ability to execute in the clutch. We got the ball back with just enough time to get down the field and it showed us how together we are as a team."

Mike Pouncey

(On what the 4th quarter drive says about Ryan Tannehill) – “He’s a monster, he’s taken the next step and everyone can tell he’s been playing well for us all season. The way he conducts himself in practice, you can tell its going to relate to the game, and so he’s playing well for us. It was a total team win; we couldn’t have done anything without our defense and kicking game."

(On what was said by Tannehill in the huddle on the last drive) – “He told us on the last drive, it doesn’t matter what you have done up to this point, the only things that matters is the last drive of the game and we went down and scored a touchdown. It just goes to show his leadership and his will to win the game, and we did it."

(On where he would rank today’s atmosphere) – “Number one, it’s the best I have ever seen this stadium. The fans were into it, they helped us out a lot. When the fans are into it hurts the other team. They were all juiced up, and so were we on the sidelines."

Mike Wallace

(Think Ryan did a good job spreading the ball)- “He did a pretty good job spreading the ball, getting it to everyone. He is doing the things a quarterback needs to do to take that next step."

(Tannehill’s poise down the stretch)- “He is just showing us everything we see in practice. He does this everyday. He makes plays. We making strides, he going down the right path to be a great quarterback."

(On Ryan being sacked five times, your team not recording a sack)- “No, but we have a team that overcomes it. It was a team win, everyone contributed. Big play by Don (Jones), turned the game around. Donny got the hit that caused the fumble and (John) Denney recovered it. We won in all three phases of the game to win it."

(On being outplayed, nothing going your way, but still finding a way to win the game)- “You think we got outplayed, I feel like we played the best. First half maybe, I will give you that, but the 2nd half, that’s where it really counts. It’s a team, everyone contributed in all three phases of the game."

(On the Special Teams tackle by Don Jones which caused a fumble)- “Biggest play of the whole game, we were driving but we had to punt the ball, but we got the ball back and scored on the drive."

(Never quitting on the game)- “60 minutes in the game, I’ve seen so much crazy stuff happen in the  football game, teams comeback down from 20,21, 28 points. Until the last second goes off on the clock you just need to have faith and believe you can win."

Falcons coach Mike Smith

(Opening remarks) –This was a game that we had a ton of opportunities to have chances to win the game. We just didn’t make the plays when they were presented to us. We’ve got to be a lot more efficient the red zone. We cannot leave out of there without scoring touchdowns. We’ve got to get the ball in the end zone. I thought that we played well in spurts. We’re not going to win whole lot of games in the National Football League when you lose the turnover battle, which we did today. But we’re going to keep working to make the improvements that we need to make as a football team."

(On the Dolphins’ game-winning drive) – “Obviously we did not get enough pressure. We didn’t play tight-enough coverage. And they made the plays and we didn’t. You’ve got to make those plays at the end of the ballgame."

(On when he felt the game was getting away from the Falcons) – “The game got away when (the Dolphins) went ahead, there, at the end when we had two timeouts and we’re in a situation where we have to score a touchdown. And when it really got away from us was on that last interception. Our guys fought to the very last play."

(On deciding to attempt a field goal late in the game based on the spot of the ball) – “I thought it was too far (to go for the first down). If it was going to be a half a yard or less, we had determined we would go for it. When they brought the chains out it was a good yard, yard and a half. And that’s very difficult in those situations to know until they unwind and bring the chains out it was definitely more than one yard."

(On the performance of the Falcons’ second-string players) – “Ee had a lot of guys that played … it was good to see those young guys step up. It’ll be interesting to watch the film. Paul Worrilow got a number of snaps in the ballgame today. (Joplo) Bartu continued to play … so, those guys, we knew would be able to step up and go out and compete. And I thought that they did a nice job standing on the sideline. We just didn’t get the outcome that we wanted today."

(On if he felt like the Falcons played well enough to win) – “The scoreboard says that we didn’t. There’s certain indicators in a football game that have a more high probability for winning. For losing. When you lose the turnover battle, the way we lost the turnover battle today, that’s probably the biggest one. Then our red zone efficiency on both sides of the ball wasn’t as efficient as we needed it to be. Those are probably two of the biggest indicators of whether you’re going to win the game or not."

(On if despite the loss, if he was happy with his team’s performance) - “Again, we didn’t win the ballgame. I liked the effort. I liked the resolve that we showed in terms of running the football. We wanted to run the football. We came in and I thought we did it. I thought that both Jason Snelling and Jacquizz Rodgers did a very good job. The offensive line controlled the defensive front. I thought that we applied pressure on the quarterback; we had five sacks on our side. And again, you look at the indicators that I had mentioned and that’s really the difference in the ballgame. The red zone efficiency on both sides of the ball for the Falcons and losing the turnover battle."


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What I'm sayin'''....go Fins..beat the Saits!!!!!

...that's SAINTS !!!


Awesome column Mando. Glad the Dolphins have made a believer out of you and I agree. 3-0!

Monday will be a test, but the team will prevail again.

What Jonathan Martin said is remarkable...in other words he said "We all know I am a poor LT but the team is able to compensate it"

Post was so long,I'm going to be late for work.

haha, Don Jones comments above are just priceless...

I tackled him, and I looked up and he was on my shoulder. I decided to go on and dunk him

He glanced at me bug-eyed. I don’t think he knew I was coming at him that fast. As soon as I got the chance, I just dived at him and caught him in my shoulders. I scooped him up and threw him down

This guys has an awesome size: speed ratio and that's why he was drafted adn that's why he is such a demon on special teams. he has the physical tools and he has the right mentality ... he just doesn't give a f***.

It's nice to see the people backing the Dolphins. Miami always going to be a Football City.

martin has been far from the problem on this o line... the most worrisome pressure has coem from up the middle. Those sacks charged to the tackles look like tannehill just holds on too long sometimes which is ok ... he will fix that in time... We need better interior play. These guys are not providing a consistent push in the run game or protecting in the pass game.

By the way, Trent Green was on the local sports talk radio and when asked about Tannehill referred to him as a game manager .. uhm, what?? This guy has carried the offense all year and has the team averaging in the mid 20s in points... no you're the game manager Trent ... not Ryan ... he's a budding star.

Don't look now but Tannehill is #11 in pass yards and #9 in rating ... dangerous!!

What a great win! NOW I can say that we haven't been 3-0 in over a decade (which is what I tried saying last week but meant it at 3-0).

Also, I know we can't have sacks like this all year, but I think this game goes to what me (and others) have been saying for a long time. Oline is very important, but you don't solidify your oline to the detriment of the skill positions. It's been proven (here) you can't win with an oline and nothing else. But this year we're winning with everything else (and an average at best oline). Very little run game, giving up sacks and pressures. But our skill guys are good enough to overcome it (all starts with the QB).

I have full faith in Joe Philbin. Finally we have a HC I can get behind!

Even Rishard Mathews was clutch.

Not that I think it will happen, but if Tannehill continues on this trend...2 TD's 1 INT per game....then he would finish the season with 32 TD's and 16 INT's, would you, as a Dolphin fan, be happy with that?

That being said, if he also keeps up the trend of holding on to the ball too long, I don't think he'll last the whole season for us to find out if the 1st trend comes to pass, lol.

Great Win for our fins!

Not like anyone will read my suggestion, but I'll make it anyway. I thought Atlanta did an excellent job of protecting it's QB, not only through good pass blocking, but because the offensive coordinator helped the o-line protect the QB by mixing in some deceptive plays. This prevents the D-line from just pinning it's collective ears back and going full boar after the QB in passing situations. They ran several well timed WR, TE, and center screens, draws etc. to counteract our pressure. The 1st touchdown run was an excellent bit of deception as well.

On our offense, it seems like if we don't have the running game working to protect our QB from hits, we don't try anything else to keep the defensive pass rush off balance. Every time we are in the shotgun it is nearly always the classic pocket, with four players going down field. If you cannot protect the QB you cannot expect to consistently win. I'm certain the plays we run are predicated off of what the coaches see in the box, but it would be nice to see a few more, not trick but deceptive plays to keep the defensive pass rush thinking a bit. Like a couple more roll outs, 2-3 more screens (WR, TE, or HB, a fake pitch and draw, etc. I realize you cannot win with a game plan of only deceptive plays, but when you cannot run the ball consistently, sprinkling them in helps keep our QB upright. Even if the play only goes for 3-5 yards. Keeping the QB upright allows you to pass down field and greatly helps prevent ints and fumbles.

Great win!

Thanks Armando for putting all of these quotes together. Seriously, gets you pumped up all over again following a great win. Realize it wasn't a dominant performance, but we FOUGHT and won another game that in the past we've typically failed to make the plays to win. Doing that back to back weeks is special.

I can comment on a ton of different things, but one thing that I want to make sure hasn't gone unnoticed- CALEB STURGIS. Seriously, that dude's not only making kicks, but he's hitting them dead center every time. How many games did we lose last year (3-4?) b/c Carpenter barely missed a key FG? People undervalue this position, but I don't think I'd trade him for any kicker in the league right now.

Key moment this year- Kicking two back-to-back 54 yarders into the net after the Colts called a timeout to freeze him last week. Best use of a 5th round pick that I can remember.


Krillian @ 10:05, I AGREE 100 PERCENT!!! Besides Tannehill, my choice for Most Notable Player on the Team is CALEB STURGIS! Can't remember last rookie I've loved this much. The kid is automatic, and has a tree trunk for a leg.

Morning folks...super busy today...but wanted to stop in to say I was at the game yesterday and it's been years since I had so much fun at that stadium. It was just awesome to watch Sims' one handed catch in the end-zone for the game winner.

Crap blog post.

Copy and pasting quotes.


DC, it's true - the way they built this team is very intelligent... it may get ugly at times but one thing is for certain, that if it's a one score game, we have the players in all the skill positions to snatch the game away as they did yesterday.

And mase, regarding Tannehill, I quoted those stats above - he's killing it. Heard some dude say no young Qb has impressed him as much as Luck but one guy from that young class has been head and shoulders to Luck. No it's not Kaep, not RG3, it's been Tannehill. he's not only putting up volume in terms of yards, he's doing it in a very intelligent manner as evidenced by his sparking 94+ QBR. Sure the measureable has it's flaws but when you couple a high # of yards plus a good rating - you're doing something. Looks right now like Rusell Wilson and Ryan Tannehill are indeed the best of the young Qbs in the moment.

FFB, yeah the WR screen or bubble to Wallace needs to be used a lot more often to slow down the pass rush - can't keep leaving these overmatched interior linemen against a full bore pass rush.

Hahaa, there he is .. GO BUFFALO!!!

It looks like we are 11th in points scored and 9th in points allowed. Combine this with a +2 turnover ratio and thats playoff football. This all came against good teams too.

Everyone seemed to chip in a bit on the final drive. Sims with the TD catch, Gibson with big catches, Rishard Matthews came up clutch. Hartline got the other TD and I'm sure Wallace drew lots of coverage from Samuel and probably a safety all game.

Hell, even Egnew had catch on the last drive.

My biggest concern like everyone else's is pass protection. As great as Tannehill is playing we got to find a way to protect him better. A few other posters and I have talked about play calls and philosophy changes that could do that like using roll outs and screens etc.

Sherman needs to work in plays that defend Tannehill IMO.

NeMo, Tannehill doesn't discriminate which shows that the game is really slowing down for him. he sees the whole field - takes what's there and moves the chains...

I think we all saw Ryan Tannehill take tht step yesterday. He's grown up right before our eyes. That last drive was 'grace under pressure'. I feel confident that we hve our QB. Kris, hopefully you now feel the same way.

Poizen, not sure if you're around or not but looks like i pulled the upset this week. Chicago defence was huge for me last night. Canadien Bacon off the snide!

Craig, that's a bigger upset than Carolina NYG!!!

yadday yadda yadda,


One of the sacks on Jonathan Martin wasn't his fault. He fronted Osi and actually pushed him about 2 feet backwards, but Tannehill got pushed forward in the pocket due to other pressure which was fortunate for Osi b/c it game him a straight unprotected line to our qb.

I'm not sure if he got beat on the other one, but the majority of the sacks came from missed blitz pickups. One was from an ILB blitz and another was from DB blitz. What I remember vividly is that our tailbacks missed their blocks. These are hopefully issues in the blocking schemes that we can tidy up. It's good to get wins while making these mistakes...we can learn from them.

Craig remember when I said to have faith we could win this one. Mind you none of the factors I stated for a win actually played out but none the less ya got to have faith!


Here's how I know things are changing: Sports radio up here disrespects Miami like you wouldn't believe. They ALWAYS trash the team, the uniforms, the HC, Owner, everything Dolphins. No respect EVER.

Yet today, the show I listen to driving to work, the guys are saying, "we always talk about the young QBs (RG3, Luck, Wilson, Kaepernick). You know who we need to start adding to that conversation? RYAN TANNEHILL!" And they ALL agreed (there's 4 guys, the Sports Junkies). They are ALL opening their eyes to Tannehill.

This team is different. Stars are emerging. We are at the cusp of becoming relevant in this league again. It's MORNING IN DOLPHINS COUNTRY!

DC, I'm of the mind none of these "experts" have seen Miami play this year. heck even yesterday, there were like 53 different cable stations showing NFL football and all of the 4pm games were just showing Andrew Luck and the douche who can't play without the read option in San Fran. Nobody, I mean nobody saw this Miami thing coming except for us and only now the hardcore fans are just now starting to wake up ... the mainstreamers still have no clue. Putting in a good show Monday will change everything. However the team does look spent ... this schedule was just retarded. However after the bye, I think Miami will be favoured in every game except for the one they play in NE... things should get easier.

Saints got out of their game relatively unscathed injury wise. The next big step in this teams evolution. A road game against a hit well coached team with arguably a top 3 QB in their house on Monday night.

Hopefully we can get back some of our wounded before Monday.

Today Tannehill is RT3. Today RG3 is RG 0-3. Today I choose RT3-0.

Great day to be a dolfan.

He is just Bob ...

Crap on the national media. We'll get our respect the old fashioned way. We'll earn it.

Big Easy here we come!

Great article in the paper by Armando. I can't see anyone complaining about negativity in that one.Also,

(On where he would rank today’s atmosphere) – “Number one, it’s the best I have ever seen this stadium. The fans were into it, they helped us out a lot. When the fans are into it hurts the other team. They were all juiced up, and so were we on the sidelines."

I just want to point this out. So many times I brought this up in the past few years. That being, Miami Dolphins fans are too bandwagon. They don't support the team through tough times and make tons of excuses for why they don't do so.

But let me tell you something. The crowd had a HUGE effect on the game yesterday. It was loud, it confused the Falcons at times and it pumped our team up and gave them that extra incentive to make those big plays. It's symbiotic.

I wonder if we may have been able to win a couple more games last year and sneak into the playoffs had the fans actually bothered to show up. But no fears,,,,BEEP, BEEP, the bandwagon is here! Good luck getting a seat because it's filling up fast. But no worries for some of us, we already ride on the team bus!

Posted by: Fin Fan Buck | September 23, 2013 at 10:05 AM

Posted by: DC Dolfan | September 23, 2013 at 10:00 AM

i agree with both posts. This team is off to a great start. We as fans should all be excited.

We go into New Orleans and our banged up defense is going to give up points to the high powered New Orleans offense. It's just something we need to epect - 24 - 30 points scored against Miami this week. OK fine...

So, we need our Offense to put up more than 30 points against the Saints. If they are going to do that the team needs to better protect THILL.

I agree that Ireland didn't need to overpay Long or Albert. The OLINE as it is now is "fine" and will serve OK for the balance of the year. But they can't risk THILL getting hurt.

So, Sherman needs to call some more plays to help protect THILL. Screens, draws, quick slants to Wallace (to keep him involved in EVERY game), etc.

This OLINE is not great but it will serve fine. The coaching staff is as much accountable to protectig THILL as the OLINE is.


Yea Craig, I am here. Congrats, I will take the FF loss if we can get a win like this! AMAZING!

DC Dolfan,

Dude, I live up in Northern VA and missed that part of the Junkies morning show where they talked about Tannehill! I only heard them talking about Andrew Luck and how he was the crown jewel of all of the young qbs. They might be right, but our qb did head into Indy and held his own...no question.

Luck has a little bit better pocket presence, but I'm not sure I'd give him the nod over Tannehill this season when it comes to going through his progressions and making the right deciions. If Tannehill gets a little more fluid with moving within the pocket to buy more time he's gonna be a ridiculously good qb. His potential is exciting.

Also, seems like Tannehill is now ahead of Kaepernick and RG3. The NFL is catching up to the read option just like we thought. Can they adjust now?

Funny to see the guys on the NFL Network yesterday morning. Not ONE of those guys picked Miami to win the game yesterday. Not ONE. In fact Kurt Warner said, 'I don't know how Miami is 2-0. Eh, Kurt.......did you take one too many hits to the head? We're 2-0 becausewe're playing clutch football and winning the turnover battle. But keep picking against us. We prefer it that way.


Miami was my pick this week (one of the few I got right this week). But i didn't feel great about it as the week went along. I think we were outplayed yesterday but like the Pats in week one, good times just find a way to win games they ave no business winning.

Here's the quote that should be getting the most attention today:

“We can play with anybody now,” center Mike Pouncey said Sunday.

Yes indeed. Also, how pathetically in the back pocket of the Patriots is the NFL. They got a cake schedule, and people still have the NERVE to put them as a Top 10 team. I don't CARE about Brady. If they played OUR schedule, they'd be 1-2, maybe 0-3. If we can win 1-of-the-next-2, I seriously see us winning 11 or 12 games this year. The world is our oyster gentlemen, no other fan base deserves it more.

Tannehill's greatest issue right now is pocket awareness. Sure the oline protection isn't the greatest, but nearly half of Tannehill's sacks are on Tannehill himself.

At times he's holding the ball too long, and at times he has zero anticipation of the pass rush.













Meanwhile in St. Louis....The 1-3 Rams benched Jake Long yesterday!! Lol

Krillian, it was after the huge argument between JP and EB (where they go around the league and talk about other NFL teams). Around 7:45am. I couldn't believe it. As much as they dog the Dolphins, didn't think they could say 1 good thing about the team.

Believe me, they didn't want to. WE MADE THEM DO IT. That's what's most satisfying. We are shutting up the naysayers (including the trolls on this blog). They can talk all they want, but look at the standings. Nitpick anything. In the end, a win is a win is a win.


Seriously? I didn't hear that. You sure? I'd heard he was playing well. What gives?

LMAO!! Dion Jordan produced very little??!! The brain damaged little girl is out again.
All that matters is the final score

The Pats schedule is a joke so far. They play almost the same teams as us. New England now has @ Atlanta @ Cincy and home to New Orleans. They could be 3-3 losing 3 in a row.

The rest of the offense can overcome the O-line issues. Pick up a couple cheap ones in next years draft and go from there.

Tannehill is looking really good though, now if only the networks would cover him a bit instead of RG3's struggles...

Posted by: Sam I Am | September 23, 2013 at 10:40 AM

Yes, its tanehills fault they are 3-0

Difference between Tannehill and Henne:

Games like Atlanta and Indy, Henne doesn't answer opponents scores. Tannehill does. The defense usually collapsed after seeing our offense collapse. They knew there was no hope.

Tannehil has given this team and defense new hope. Today they should feel, no matter how bad Tannehill plays over short stretches, They still have chance to win. Atlanta and Indy games show, Ryan Tannehill, does have a CLUTCH GENE.

LOL Bobby, I didn't see that, very informative.

Sam I Am, actually, that's the one negative I have on Tannehill now. Holds on to the ball forever, can't feel pressure. He's got to work on that. If this is the line that's going to block for him all year (and I agree with JPAO Sherman needs to roll him out and get more quick passes in there) Tannehill needs to understand he can't just sit back there like a statue and hold on to the ball for 10 seconds.

With that said, the kid is tough. Hurt shoulder and all, he just took everything they had and shrugged it off.

P78, I think with all due respect to Andrew Luck, Tannehill has outperformed him too. More volume, higher rating...

the one guy who has been as good as Tannehill if not better thus far is Wilson ... but then again Wilson has the presence of marshawn Lynch and Christine Michael to alleviate some pressure...




DON SOLDY, maybe if oyu find a bigger font and maybe bold, people will care about what you say ... eat some chicken wings, loser ....








bobby, is that right? Long rides the pine?? If so I think it looks very good on him -- **k him and f**k Don Soldy too..

That 4th qtr game winning drive was a thing of rare beauty. The kind of thing that can make one get used to calling Ryan Tannehill, "Mr. Clutch".


Not sure i agree with you on Tannehill holding onto the ball too long. Not saying it doesn't happen but i watched Brady yesterday and same thing. I think there are times where taking the sack is the right call. You have to wait for the plays to develop and protect the ball. The exception here was the fumble. Really bad way to start the half. But for the most part he's doing a really good job.

He can't stand back there now because of the o-line, correct and I agree with you guys there.

But Tom Brady built a hall of fame career doing his best impression of a statue. The Pats saw what they had and they made sure to get him protected. His pocket was awesome yesterday.

This offseason should be about improving the defensive backfield and protecting Tannehill and then we're in business. But the number one thing is to figure out how to protect your qb better. If the RBs don't pick it up we will need an upgrade. Hate to say it about Miller because he runs fast but that's not all he's expected to do as a #1 back. And if he can't do the job then it's time to make him a 3rd down or special situation guy and get someone who can do the WHOLE job.

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